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The FBI is America’s number one terrorist organization and always has been since it was taken over by the insane homosexual cross-dressing mama’s boy, J. Edgar Hoover, in 1924.  Based on what the FBI has done both historically and lately, we are justified in shooting any and all federal agents on sight.  They’re all the same.  ATF agents and DOJ lawyers supplied thousands of military-grade rifles to the murdering Mexican cartels.  CIA agents have kidnapped and tortured and murdered thousands of decent men, women and children all over the world.  

The CIA created Mossad in 1951 to provide Jews with an official, recognized and subsidized terror organization.  The FBI has cooperated with Mossad ever since despite repeated acts of terror by the Jewish agency against America.  The FBI and scores of American police departments go to Israel for Jewish training, which guarantees that Israelis are seldom arrested here for their crimes against us.  The FBI is the number one Jewish weapon of control in America.

There are several types of Americans.  The worst and most dangerous are American government agents – doesn’t matter which government.  Anyone in any American government agency at any level is our deadly enemy.  Local police are federalized and eager to cooperate with their federal cousins.  Some local police departments even have alternate federal uniforms to wear at the right times.

But the FBI really takes the cake – the terrorism blue ribbon.  Those insane bastards won it in 1993 at the World Trade Center where they supplied the massive bomb that blew up in the parking area, did five hundred million dollars in damage, injured a thousand people and killed six.  If the bomb-van had been parked against the central column of the tower it could have, in theory, broken it enough to tip the tower into the other tower.  That was the sort of damage and mass death the FBI was willing to create for political purposes – the very definition of terrorism.

The ’93 WTC bombing made it appear that Israel’s war against Islam must also be our war, which it finally did become on 9/11/01.

This is the sort of treachery with which we must deal.  How do we deal with it?

Who gave the order to “lock down” the entire city of Boston due to a wounded kid on the run?  Nothing like this has ever been done, anywhere.  Who gave the order to invade hundreds of private homes and force residents out at gunpoint with their hands up?  Nothing like this has ever been done in America.

Here is where it gets ugly:  the residents complied.  In Boston, of all places.  Boston was where the American Revolution started in 1775.

Okay, so they got taken by surprise after the Marathon Massacre.  But let’s face it:  the home-made IEDs didn’t really do that much damage compared with any one of the hundreds of attacks by Hellfire missiles fired from Bush's or Obama's drones since 2004.  And now we are confronted again by the specter of Crisis Actors on the scene, as we were at Sandy Hook, so we really don’t know who got hurt and who didn’t.  For example, of the dozen or so members of Craft, International on the scene, was any one of them hurt?  The Craft mercenaries apparently placed the bombs, so presumably not. 

The two Tsarnaev brothers were both in good shape when they were arrested but one died gruesomely right after he was arrested and the other suffered a near-fatal throat wound after he was arrested.  Right there is the reason we must never be arrested.  Always, always, always fight it out and kill everyone who wants to arrest you, even if it means your own death.  Arrest means sadistic torture and horrifying death at the hands of monsters.

Craft, International was created by the lying, mass-murdering psychopath, Chris Kyle, four years ago.  Kyle was credited with one hundred fifty long-range murders as a sniper in Iraq but claimed privately that the number was much higher.  He was proud of every murder.  Alex Jones says that Kyle was actually a pretty good guy, because he supported the 2nd Amendment.  That’s odd considering that Kyle claimed that he’d sucker-punched Jones’ pal, Jesse Ventura, in a Coronado bar and ran away to avoid arrest.  Ventura sued and was on the way to a big win and payoff from Kyle’s publisher when Kyle was himself murdered by a fellow SEAL.  Kyle hadn’t done very well on the witness stand and made it obvious that he had lied.  I wrote a couple of months earlier that Kyle should have been shot on sight, but for his mass murders overseas.  Snipers are mostly cowardly rats with that coveted license to kill.  Alex Jones’ respectful appraisal of Kyle tells us a lot about Jones.

Craft is probably a spinoff of Blackwater, which is a CIA proprietary, like Evergreen and Air America.  There are dozens of these murder-for-hire outfits now.  There they all were, in their Craft uniforms, at the Marathon finish line, some carrying backpacks.

As the reader knows by now, this website does not analyze except as an excuse to make recommendations.  The recommendations are always the same:  kill the aggressors.

For example, what should have been the Boston response to the announced “lock-down” of the city?  (“Lock-down” is what happens when inmates act up in prison.)  They should have ignored the order and gone about their business.  Have you ever HEARD of such a domesticated, docile bunch of ninnies?  Seven hundred thousand of them buffaloed by a few hundred uniforms! 

What should have happened when para-military and military cops started going door to door, ordering residents out at gunpoint with their hands up?  The same thing that happened at Waco on February 28, 1993.  Withering gunfire from inside is the only language these guys understand.  At Waco, the BATFags put their hands up and begged to be allowed to retrieve their dead and wounded.

Once the Bostonians realized what was happening, each household with men in it should have detailed one or more to wait from cover outside and put the thugs in a crossfire.  (“When they start pounding on the door – that’s our signal to open up from inside and outside.  Try not to hit each other.”)  A half-dozen of these debacles would have ended the police state in America for good.  Boston would once again have distinguished itself as the spear point of freedom.  But Boston wasn’t ready for that this time.  For the time being, Boston has gone down in disgrace.  Boston can redeem itself, but to do so will require a lot of spilled blood, which is what happens every time you don’t respond properly at the critical moment.

The crossfire is set up with designated firing spots, so that the inside guys don’t hit the outside guys and vice versa.  The shooters must be careful to focus their gunfire on the gathering spot in front of the entry place and not be directly opposite each other with the bad guys in the middle.  Be ninety degrees or a little more from the other shooters, respective to the targets, and be sure your rounds don’t hit the neighbors also.  It will only last a few seconds if you do it right.  Shoot low and when the bad guys are down, keep shooting until they are all dead.  Don’t leave any wounded.  Then get ready for dealing with reinforcements.  Go up the street both ways and get the drop on them before they reach your house.  No mercy, no prisoners – these are the most dangerous scum in America who will show you absolutely no mercy, as we just saw with the Tsarnaev brothers, who probably had no part in the massacre except as designated patsies. 

The people who were actually killed and wounded at the finish line were shown no mercy by Craft, International.  All such killers must be killed at every opportunity.

The Tsarnaevs’ mother was herself a prosecutor in Russia and has said that the older brother was controlled by the FBI for several years.  So there you go. 

Let’s face it:  anyone who would barge into your home at gunpoint, drag you out for no reason, needs to be killed.  Is there any disagreement with that position?   For a good examination of this subject, see Larken Rose’s video, When Should You Shoot A Cop?.

Police brutality has become so common in America that the answer is, before he has the chance to shoot you.

We must abandon the little-kid idea that cops are good guys.  Events have proven that they are not.  Cops have a license to kill us for any reason or for no reason at all.  Anyone who would accept such a license is no good – regardless of how much he likes the Red Sox or how nicely his shoes are shined.  The cop’s license to kill makes him a bad guy by definition. 

When I see a cop I’m thinking of the best way to kill him before he gets the drop on me.  It shouldn’t be a fast-draw contest:  if a cop approaches you in a possibly aggressive manner, your gun should be in your hand, cocked and ready to fire, finger on the trigger.  You’re not at the range now – this is life and death.

If the cop does get the drop on you, you’re behind the eight-ball but there is a drill.  Drop and roll to your right, producing your gun and firing at him or them until the threat is over or till you need to reload.  Going to your right makes him follow you to his left, which is more difficult for a right-hander.  Surrender is simply not an option today, as the Tsarnaev brothers have demonstrated.

Ambushes are going to feature large in our lives.  Ours and theirs.  The only possible escape from a good ambush is immediate return fire and charging the ambushers until you are past them and out of the kill zone.  I said immediate, not a few seconds later.  As a section officer in the anti-terrorist unit of the Rhodesian police, I changed policy for our semi-automatic FN rifles.  The only machine guns we in Support Unit had were Bren guns we’d captured from terrorists and there were only three of them.  So our FNs were all converted by me to select-fire, which means semi and full auto – your choice.  Usually full-auto is not a good thing, especially in African hands, as it results in ammo-all-gone in a few seconds.  The one exception was counter-ambush.  If we were in a known or likely ambush area, all rifles were switched to full auto and fingers were on triggers, rifles leveled at the expected ambush.  The new practice resulted in fewer ambush casualties and actually fewer ambushes once the word got around.  Ordinarily, though, the rifles were switched to semi-auto.  In addition, security force regulations prohibited the use of slings.  The rifles were always to be in our hands for safety and survival.  It was a good policy.

Regarding our ambushes, again, they must always be prepared with kill zones that offer no cover or concealment when the shooting starts.  The JFK killing is a good teaching tool for a vehicle ambush.

If there had been a professional shooter in the sixth floor window of the depository, would he have waited until the limo, coming directly at him on Houston Street, turned left beneath him on Elm Street and started going away so his only shot was from a complex angle with the target dropping elevation downhill, having to shoot through a leafy tree?  Hell no. 

The professional shooter in the sixth floor depository window had an unmissible, beautiful, perfect shot at Kennedy as the limo came slowly toward him on Houston Street.  The reason this didn’t happen was because there was no professional shooter in that window, looking down like God on the limo.  All the professional shooters were waiting at the bottom of Elm Street, where the kill zone was.  Even they were counting on Bill Greer, the treacherous Secret Service driver, to come to a virtual halt while they got their sights on Kennedy.  Greer and Roy Kellerman turned around to watch until the two explosive head shots were made before it was time to pretend they were surprised and take off for Parkland Hospital.

I must admit, despite the catastrophic results of the assassination, that it was an interesting if complex ambush.  If Greer had not come to a stop but had followed procedure, the head shots would have been very problematic.  But if procedure had been followed, the parade would never have turned right on Houston and left on Elm, which was criminally insane on every level.  It would have gone zipping straight down Main Street with no one hurt.

But this is the way you have to think now, regarding ambushes.  The target vehicle must be coming at you and slowing down for a sharp turn.  If you are in a target vehicle coming to a sharp turn, have your finger on the trigger with the rifle aimed where you would be as an ambusher.  Think, think, think all the time.  The instant you hear gunfire, start shooting where you think it is coming from.  If you’re on foot, don’t drop down in a kill zone because you’ll be dead.  Start shooting at the ambushers and run toward them, not away.  This has proven to have a big psychological effect on them, since it is difficult to keep shooting when someone is charging and shooting back at you.  Think about this, too, if you’re doing the ambushing.  Be prepared for a counter-ambush and don’t stop until everyone’s dead. 

From now on, it’s kill or get killed.  Deal with that while you consider what just happened and didn’t happen in Boston.



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