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Kill the Killers


Kill the Killers

What other choice do we have?  It’s either kill the killers or submit to them.  If we do that they’ll kill us in very unpleasant ways, as they’ve shown over and over with people who have done us no harm.

We need to kill all of our oppressors, the ones in government and their bosses above the government.  That’s all we have to do now.  I don’t know about you, but it will do me a lot of good.  We’ve been pushed around by these jerks for the whole of our lives and now they’ve destroyed us.

The CIA runs everything for the CFR.  Bill Colby bragged decades ago that the CIA owned everyone of importance in the news media, which is how we were kept in the dark about everything before the rise of the Internet.  Colby ran the Phoenix murder program in Vietnam and he was CIA director.

According to the German computer analyst, Ralph Langner, the Stuxnet worm that destroyed Fukushima was created by the CIA and the Mossad.  Right there is all the reason we need to kill every CIA agent and every Mossad agent we can identify.  According to Victor Ostrovsky, every American Jew can be counted on by Mossad to work for it when called upon, regardless of the nature of the demand. 

The Jews foisted nuclear energy on us after they invented and dropped the Jewish hell bombs on two Japanese cities.  Their homicidal stooge, Eisenhower, ushered in their hyper-lucrative “peaceful use of atomic energy” in the 1950s.  We were never told how many thousands of Navajo uranium miners died of radiation sickness, or that they were even doing the work.  The uranium should never have been brought out of the ground.  Radiation is the Jewish gift that keeps on giving.

There are lots of killers who need killing.  As I’ve said before and will say again, any Israeli agent of any kind in this country should be shot on sight.  Every one of them represents our subjugation to the Jewish money power and spends his/her every waking hour plotting our imprisonment and death.

The CIA is not an intelligence agency – it’s a gang of murderers and saboteurs and was from the beginning.   The CIA was a mutation of the OSS, a bunch of pro-Communist bankers and lawyers.  There’s no perfume available that can hide their smell of death.  There is also no legal way to deal with these guys since they have Rockefeller money behind them to buy off all the judges in America. 

The FBI is a CIA front that needs to be wiped out.  It’s some kind of fake corporation and all we need to know about it happened in 1993 when “the Bureau” arranged with its Egyptian informant to build the bomb that exploded in the parking garage of the World Trade Center, along with its murderous assault on the innocent children, women and men in the Waco church after sadistically tormenting them for fifty-one days.  Why is this terrorist organization still in business?

The ATF and Justice Department used TARP money to buy thousands of military-grade rifles and provided them to the Mexican drug cartels in an attempt to eliminate American gun ownership.  Many hundreds of Mexican citizens and several Americans were murdered with these guns, which was the whole idea.  ATF agents executed the murderous raid on the Waco church in ’93 and had to be replaced by the even more murderous FBI. 

The less said about the Secret Service the better.  All we need to know about this treacherous, lecherous gang can be seen in the Zapruder film.  Don’t watch JFK getting his brains blown out.  Observe the Secret Service driver, Bill Greer, slowing almost to a stop after the first gunshots hit Kennedy, one in the throat and one in the back.   Observe Greer twist around and watch Kennedy until the explosive head shot is made, and then turn back to the front and accelerate away.  In the front passenger seat is Roy Kellerman, head of the Secret Service protection team, ducking down, looking straight ahead instead of jumping in the back seat to cover JFK with his body, as was his ballyhooed duty.  His only concern is not being hit by the nine or so bullets that were being fired from several directions – none of them from the sixth floor corner window of the Depository Building.  Why wasn’t Greer prosecuted and executed for being an accessory to the shooters, for making it easy to hit Kennedy?  Was his treachery so blatant that it couldn’t be discussed?  Why is the Secret Service still in existence?

These criminal agencies are pretty easy to criticize.  It’s easy to justify killing any and all of their members, all of whom are our deadly enemies.

Our state and local police are just as deadly as the feds and even more likely to kill us for no particular reason, as we see over and over, day after day.  We must be ready to defend ourselves from these steroid-addicts, dog-killers and hop-headed revenuers at the first sign of aggression.  There is only one way to make them behave.  I’m plowing old ground here but this is the revolutionary message I intend to get across.  The police serve and protect the bankers, the ones with the money.  To get to the bankers, we’ll have to shoot our way through their bodyguards.

The bankers are the ones who have ruined us.  Not just the international bankers in the population centers but also the little userers on Main Street.  These creeps “lend” money into existence on their computers but we have to repay them in cash.  The current mortgage and foreclosure fraud scandals are only hinting at the true devastation of our savings that these pirates have been conducting since the beginning of time.  The Wall Street monsters bundled, sliced and diced the mortgages and pawned them off on credulous foreigners but the mortgages themselves have been fraudulent ever since 1913, when other foreigners seized total control of our banking system through fraud and corruption in the Congress.

The bankers’ depredations were and are made possible by their agents in the Congress.  Our senators and congressmen have betrayed us and must pay the penalty.  Revolution means overthrowing the existing political system and replacing it with something else, just as our founders did in 1776.  They drafted the Articles of Confederation that year and ran the Revolution under them.  They were finally ratified by all thirteen new states in 1781 and lasted until 1789, when they were replaced, fraudulently, by the Constitution.

The Constitution is the engine of our destruction, creating as it did the central federal government.  The average American would have no idea that for the first thirteen years of our history in both rebellion and as a sovereign nation we had no president or supreme court, only a congress.  The bankers hated this lack of a central taxing authority and their agents put us under bank control with the Constitution.  You can’t have a central privately-owned bank without the power of a central government behind it.  You can’t lend money to the government if it doesn’t have the power to tax the people to pay the interest, which is the main purpose of Jewish lending.  Interest and control of the government through lending.

Our elected representatives have always and today represent the money power, not the people.  The money power has always been and today remains in Jewish hands.  AIPAC represents Jewish power over the US government, not Israeli power.  Israel is a euphemism for Jewry and Jewry finds its real power in America.

A real American revolution would mean the overthrow of the Jews.  To save America we must kill the Jews, for once and for all.   This writer is not interested in the benevolent nature of the reader’s Jewish friend.  Most Americans are unable to understand Jewish ways, or to discern their dual nature.  Virtually no American is familiar with the Kol Nidre oath which absolves Jews of keeping their word to us.

The Kol Nidre oath is the death warrant for the Jews.  Anyone who considers a synagogue-issued license to lie, cheat and steal to be holy must be killed. 

America itself has lived by the Kol Nidre and the Old Testament from the very early years of the European invasion.  The US government made hundreds of promises, called treaties, with the American Indians.  Virtually every one of these promises was deliberately, sardonically broken by the white man.  The Israeli method of exterminating the Palestinians was and is based on the American method of exterminating the Indians.  The Christian attitude towards Indians, both in America and in Canada, is based on the Old Testament tales of extermination of “the enemies of Yahweh.”  Throughout those poisonous books we read of whole peoples being slaughtered for no particular reason.  It’s the same today.  We’ve slaughtered millions of Moslems since 1991 because they are enemies of Yahweh, or the Jewish people.  Jews consider themselves to be Yahweh.  There is only one way to deal with such criminal insanity.

America cannot survive and does not deserve to survive under Judeo-Christian control.  Anyone who worships an invisible, tyrannical deity or, worse yet, claims to be that deity, cannot be allowed to rule us.  Either way, it is sheer insanity.  George W. Bush went so far as to claim that God spoke to him and instructed him to go to war against Iraq.  This little drunken monster must one day be put to death for crimes against humanity.  His proven insanity will be no defense.

The coming American revolution must wipe out the criminal political class of Washington DC and the fifty state governments.  The American political system is based on vote fraud and murder, as we clearly saw in 2000, 2004 and 2008.  In the most recent election we were presented with a CIA-generated creature with no personal history.  His pedigree, his identification and his records are classified as state secrets.  His identification papers are now proven to be fraudulent.  Despite the compounded nature of his illegitimacy he has signed the most draconian laws and waged the most sadistic and cowardly warfare against friendly people whom the Jews hate.  For such lethal fraud this creature must pay the ultimate penalty, after which all his “laws” shall be declared null and void, along with virtually all federal law, just for openers.  The law is a Jewish plot, devised and controlled by Jews out of all proportion to their population, which itself is a myth.

Bankers are our deadliest and most merciless enemies and must be given no quarter, just as they have impoverished us and billions of other victims around the world with their debt-based currencies and usury.  All currency must be debt-free with no interest paid to lenders.  It must be illegal for government to borrow from private lenders, be they banks or individuals.  It must be illegal, with the death penalty, to charge interest on loans.

Banking depends on a corrupt government to enforce its usury and fraudulent practices, such as the lending of credit.  Credit is a nice word for nothing.  The banks actually lend nothing and pretend that we owe them for this and we ignorantly go along and put ourselves into hopeless, unpayable debt to them forever.

The IRS of course must be destroyed.  This vicious terrorist outfit now plans, with the Congress as an enabler, to seize our passports and our guns if the terrorists claim that we owe them $50,000 or more.  This will be the death warrant for everyone involved, executives, agents and the politicians who voted to give the terrorists this fantastic, illegitimate power.

There are now more than fifty government agencies and private businesses which have applied to use US Air Force drones to spy on us, as if we were Pakistani, Yemeni or Iranian enemies (who also did nothing to deserve such aggression). 

Another group of Americans who must be killed are the pilots and crews of the tanker jets that are poisoning us with chemtrails.   We now know that the CIA’s front company, Evergreen Air, is the main perpetrator of this death from above.  Evergreen also deals in human renditions (kidnapping for torture and murder) and transporting vast quantities of cocaine and heroin in their aircraft.  Evergreen is one of many such corrupt CIA front companies.

I fear that as crucial as this action is, the twin environmental catastrophes committed by the CIA and big business, namely the BP blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico and the CIA/Mossad destruction of the Fukushima reactors, have left us little time to act.  We can hope that there will be some cosmic sort of rescue since neither catastrophe can be humanly solved, according to the most reliable reporters.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has admitted that they have a forty billion dollar budget for a depopulation program for the Gulf region, to convert the Gulf coast into a purely industrial zone and probable algae farm.  The deliberate BP blowout was the first step for this program.

Did the CIA and Mossad monsters know that their Stuxnet sabotage would produce a life-extinguishing event for the Northern Hemisphere?  Who cares – they did it on purpose.  Our humanity and the need for balance, even if we are doomed, require the killing of every member of the criminal organizations named above, and the rest, that we can find, from the top to the bottom.  Even if we should survive somehow, millions are going to die at their hands.



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