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American Communism   

Obama didn’t veto the NDA Act.  What does this mean?

Well, it means that the House of Representatives voted to put us under military rule, or martial law, making us all subject to arrest with no charge and disappearance with no trace.   

It means that the US Senate voted to put us under military rule, or martial law, with the same malice toward us as the House demonstrated.

It means that the President of the US is a totalitarian dictator who also claims the power to have any person, American or foreigner, assassinated.  Indeed, he has already used his power on an adult and a child, both Americans.  This is in addition to the thousands of innocent people he has murdered with his CIA Predator drones.

We see all kinds of nonsense comparisons of Obama with Adolf Hitler.  Hitler forbade political assassination despite constant and endless attempts by the British and Americans and Jews to assassinate him. 

So, it all means that our government is our deadly enemy and is officially at war with us.  There is nowhere to turn for protection.  There may be some sheriffs and some police who do not approve of martial law or being instructed by the Jews in the ADL to consider normal Americans as the enemy.  That’s good and they should be encouraged.

But we Americans are now on notice that there is no legal protection from unwarranted search and seizure of our property or ourselves or our families or friends.  Most police, as we see in the Occupy confrontations, more than most, do what they’re told to do by their treacherous, weak bosses.  They torture peaceful protestors and sexually abuse their female victims.  We must consider them to be state terrorists and treated thus.  Renegade cops have no authority and, due to their being armed and proven dangerous, must now, with the passage of this vile new law, be designated as enemy forces.  What choice have the House, Senate and president given us?  How else can we respond to an act of war by our own federal government?

American civilians were always the ultimate targets of the Jews, who train the police to consider any aware American to be a “terrorist.”  Now, it is plain for all to see:  we are the designated enemies of the federal government, which has rewarded us for supporting it with money and votes by placing us under martial law, subject to summary execution or disappearance, torture and secret execution. 

When I started the modern militia in the late ‘80s, I proposed a program of attacking and wiping out the secret, invisible government known as the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, at 58 E. 68th Street.  I also proposed that the visible, federal government’s elected representatives be left alone.  Not that I wanted them protected but because I felt that American sensibilities would recoil at the idea of executing elected politicians.  So I tried to discriminate between the secret, unelected leaders and the more exposed elected ones.

Today, however, with the unbelievable treachery by both houses of Congress and the president, this distinction can no longer be made.  Only a total revolution against the federal government and all the traitors in it is realistic.

I propose total revolution and the total reduction of the anti-American federal government to nothingness.  There is now no need for treason trials or any sort of legalistic proceedings.  Who would prosecute them, the Justice Department?  Who would conduct them, the federal courts?  We are in the hands of traitors and thieves who are desperate to shut us up and arrest us and kill us. 

The Congress and president have given notice that we shall receive no quarter, meaning no mercy.  Any American designated by Obama’s White House death squad is to be killed at the earliest possibility.  In the shocking case of Anwar al-Awlaki and his young son, the death warrants were drawn up by two Jewish lawyers, David Barron and Martin Lederman, who found no problem with murdering an American who didn’t even have a parking ticket, not to mention his teenage American son two weeks later, along with several other innocent non-Americans.  Mr. al-Awlaki didn’t happen to like American Communist soldiers invading other countries, a position I happen to share.

The Jews have put us in an outrageous position. 

Our outrageous position is this:  We cannot allow any uniformed highwayman to stop us at a “roadblock” and question us and search us.  Two weeks ago, yes.  We could have allowed it, before the congressional traitors in two thousand dollar suits sold us out.  Now, a roadblock by militarized cops is a potential death trap.  We know about the red lists, the blue lists and the black lists.  Hell, we know very well about the White House black list, which reportedly contains dozens of Americans who are to be assassinated.  We know that a couple of Jews already signed the death warrants of two of us with a lot of “collateral damage.” 

Yesterday, Press TV in Tehran called for a comment on the night raids by Americans in Afghanistan.  Of course, the American Communist raiders call themselves “NATO.”  As if it’s okay if NATO does it.  It’s not naked American Communist aggression if NATO does it.  Well, NATO is a CIA front, just like everything else.  Here is what I said:

“A night raid against a private home is the symbol of tyranny and totalitarian dictatorship.

“A night raid is intended to create terror; whoever uses it is a terrorist.  Why else raid private homes at night, when it is known not only how terroristic it is, but how deadly?  Hundreds upon hundreds of innocent victims have been slaughtered by the American Communists in their night raids.

“America is now revealed as the most vicious and sadistic totalitarian dictatorship in world history, starting with the Civil War and the Philippine War right up to today with our mass kidnappings, renditions, tortures, murders and disappearances of totally innocent people.

“Americans don’t realize what their government is doing to innocent people all over the world, but they are going to realize it probably next year, when the Levin/Obama dictatorship starts making night raids here.  Renditions, detentions and disappearances are now legal here.

“Night raids are now authorized for Americans, which is only fair. 

“Americans can only, in our ignorance and arrogance, find out how terrible night raids are when we begin to experience the terror of the front and back doors crashing in at three in the morning.

“The Afghan people must answer American night raids with sustained bursts of gunfire.  Wait for the American Communists to crash in and then give them everything you’ve got.  The night raids will come to a halt.

“Karzai must do what Maliki did – he must demand that the American Communists leave the country.”

That’s the defensive version of what we all must be prepared to do.  Whether we live in Afghanistan or Alabama, we’re in the same boat – we’re confronted by vicious American Communists who intend to kill us all.  Realize that this is the American way and has always been the American way.  It’s just that the American press has always been the public relations firm for the government, which is why it is referred to as the fourth branch of government. 

The US government started out as a death squad against the American natives, whom I failed to mention in my brief comments to the Iranians.  But this was the prototype genocide program used first by American totalitarians and then the Soviets and then the Chinese and then the Israelis and throughout the two centuries by the Americans, who exterminated millions of Indians, over a million Filipinos and many millions of Germans during and after the two world wars.  America exterminated millions of Koreans and millions of Vietnamese and are now exterminating millions of Moslems in several countries.

The Jewish genocide of Russians and the Chinese genocide run by Mao were American policies, since the Bolsheviks and the Chicoms were put in place by the American government, just as were the Communist dictators of North Korea and North Vietnam.

These ugly facts must be borne in mind constantly by Americans, who might be reluctant to defend themselves under the delusion that surely the American government is not capable of bestial behavior and mass murder.  That’s really all the American government has ever done, from the very beginning of the country, and has never stopped doing it.

The American government must be destroyed, or we will all die very unpleasant deaths.  It’s either them or us.  The only way the American Communists can avoid prison and hanging for war crimes and crimes against humanity is to attack and kill millions of Americans as soon as possible.  That’s why the traitors in Congress and the White House are in such a hurry to start the round-ups of Americans and put us in concentration camps.  That shows how guilty they are, and how afraid of us they are.

We live under American Communism.  Red fascism, same thing.  Don’t be fooled by Jewish-paid tricksters into comparing it with Nazi Germany.  Only ignorant people could buy this.  The Germans of the 1930s and ‘40s were under attack from the same Jewish aggressors as we are today.  They fought back, so stop criticizing them for defending themselves from our Jewish-controlled war criminals.

When Jews are in control, it’s Communism.  There was no Communism until the Jewish-controlled American government of Woodrow Wilson sent Bronstein/Trotsky and his Jewish gangsters from New York to St. Petersburg in 1917.  The Jewish-controlled American government of Harry Truman put Ho Chi Minh in power in 1945, David Ben Gurion and Kim Il-sung in power in 1948 and Mao Tse-tung in power in 1949.  So it was inevitable that the Jews would put a Communist such as Barack Obama in power in 2008.  Just three years later, we are formally under a Communist police state that allows disappearance and assassination and concentration camps.

There is no need for another manifesto or declaration of independence.  We have, at least for a while, the means to communicate with each other.  If Jews such as Lieberman are able to shut off the Internet we shall have to go back to shortwave and CB and marine band radios.

The federal enclave known as Washington DC must be cut off from society.  People living there must evacuate.  The parasites who work there must be starved out.  There can be no more recognition of this criminal regime.  Americans must encourage foreign governments to withdraw diplomats. 

The DC Communists are going to try to capture and kill the vigilant people first, to shut us up and terrorize the rest into compliance.  This will be done through shock and awe actions at roadblocks and home invasions, probably starting after the New Year.  Please refer to the screenplays found elsewhere on this website for the methods of dealing with shock and awe roadblocks.

Again, roadblocks are potential death traps and must be treated as such. 

Federal agents of any department are now to be considered enemy forces and dealt with as such, with no quarter asked or given.  The aggression by Congress and the White House leave us no other choice.

The DC Communists are mobilizing thousands of battle-hardened American and foreign troops for anti-American operations.  They will be concentrated at choke-points, which we must attempt to avoid at all costs.  Resistance members will have to form flying squads to wipe out the choke-points. 

Other resistance members must destroy the brain of the dictatorship, the Council on Foreign Relations located at 58 E. 68th Street in Manhattan.  This is at the corner of Park Avenue and 68th Street.  You can’t miss it.

There are many other lesser policy-making organizations but none with the proven track record or membership list as the CFR.  When this malignant group is wiped out, the dictatorship will collapse, simply because the members make up the dictatorship.

There is a modern precedent for this prophylactic action:  Budapest 1956.  The Hungarians had suffered under a Jewish dictatorship for a terrible decade.  By October, 1956, they’d had enough.  Freedom fighters stormed the offices of the dictatorship and secret police and dragged all the Jews out and either shot or hanged them in the streets.  (Uprising – David Irving)

This is not going to be a quick fight and then back to our former way of life.  Life as we have known it is over now, thanks to the treachery of the Congress and the White House, both under some mysterious control by Jews.  We are in for hard, dangerous years of struggle against American Communism, for which we ourselves are responsible for allowing it to happen and for wiping out. 

The secret to our success is our accepting full responsibility for ending this most terrible imperialism in world history.  We have to be the adults, the life-savers.  We cannot any longer allow creepy Jews to dominate this massive country in which we live.  Americans are the sorriest laughingstock in the world with our vain ideas of exceptionalism while we do the bidding of alien Jews who now reveal their plans to wipe us out.  We have slaughtered, for the Jews, millions of innocent foreigners for many decades.  We’re slaughtering them right now and the American Communists plan to slaughter millions more very soon. 

We must not allow them to slaughter any more people.  We must not let them slaughter us, as they are now openly planning to do.

American Communists, whether we find them at roadblocks, at our front and back doors, or in Communist headquarter buildings, must be wiped out.  They are controlled by Jews, just as the Communist war criminal Bush was, because Communism is Jewish.  The genocidal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were only possible due to Jewish lies about both countries, dreamed up years earlier by the Jewish Project for a New American Century.

To save America and the rest of the world from Jewish Communism, the Jews and their Communist assassins must be annihilated.  There is no other way to save ourselves from a very nasty death. 

Save America – Kill the American Communists.  Before they kill us.

The Communists are renegade police, FEMA, DHS, TSA, FBI, Border Patrol, IRS, CIA, NSA, NRO (et al) and the military.  The Communists are the Jews who make policy for the above agencies and organizations.  The Communists are the traitors in Congress and the White House who have betrayed us so utterly. 

Communism has always been a function of the US government, used on other people.  Now Communism is going to be used on us.  Prepare to defend yourself and your family and friends from the Communists.  When it comes to self-defense, anything goes.



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