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_ The Home Front         

The Jews and their lackeys are going for broke.  Senator Carl Levin has produced in secret, behind closed doors in league with war lovers John McCain and Lindsey Graham, a new law called the National Defense Authorization Act.  This law will allow the military to wage war against us here at home.  It will allow us to be arrested by the military and disappeared into indefinite military detention.  This is known as martial law.

I realize this is only fair, since we have allowed the US military and the Israeli military to wage war against others in their homes overseas.  But I think we really ought to try to put a stop to this Jewish madness now that their plans have become crystal-clear.

The Jewish war against the world is about to become the Jewish war against America.  It’s a full-spectrum war with the Jewish financial war against us by Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve, the Jewish medical war by the FDA, the Jewish war against health by Monsanto, Jewish propaganda by the news cartel plus Jewish entertainment and the Jewish governmental attacks by Levin, Lieberman, Feinstein, Schumer, et al, such as Lieberman’s plan to shut down the Internet and all the Jewish attempts at gun control.  It never ends and never will end until we start our own program, here on the home front.

The deadliest aspect of Jewish full-spectrum dominance is America’s war of aggression against Israel’s Moslem enemies in the Middle East and western Asia.  Since 1991, probably four million or more Arabs have been slaughtered with unimaginable numbers of wounded and displaced and now suffering from lethal DU poisoning.  The Jews are dementedly taking us to war against Syria and Iran.

The only political opposition to Levin’s NDA Act is an amendment by Mark Udall that would require “an orderly Congressional review of detention power.”  The two parties are in complete agreement that they want detention, which means prison without due process (neither trial nor prosecution nor defense nor conviction nor appeal).  No, there would be no due process. 

This means total war against us, as if it weren’t already total war with Obama’s White House death squad deciding which American enemies of Israel should be assassinated, Jane Harman’s Homegrown Terrorism Act, plus all the treason passed by Bush and his Jews.

It’s a purely Jewish thing.  Any argument with that?  Can anyone reading this deny that every single aspect of the 9/11 attack was Jewish, both American and Israeli?

We are in a desperate situation, a mindless Jewish war against humanity.  It is so desperate that Russia has stationed warships off Syria and supplied Syria with the latest anti-aircraft missiles to prevent the Jewish/Yankee act of war called a “no-fly zone.”  American Jews and Yankees known as “neo-cons” have aggressive missiles threatening Russia herself which now declares those missile sites to be Russian targets.  The Jews have us on the brink of war with Russia.

Personally, I’m on Russia’s side.  The Russians have struggled for decades to recover from the Jewish destruction of their country (imposed on them by our government in 1917) and of so many neighboring countries that made up the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union.  They have worked and scrimped and saved and now are the world’s leading exporter of oil and natural gas.  They don’t need Mid East oil and gas but they do need a calm market.  They don’t need Israel and America destabilizing the world with their insane threats to nuke first Syria and then Iran.  It appears that Russia is prepared to save the world from Judeo-American destruction.

Fortunately for us, Russia cannot do this alone.  Russia can handle the insane Jewish/Yankee warmongers in the Middle East but it can do nothing about the ones here in Washington, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, among all the other Jewish urban pestholes.  They are our responsibility.  The home front is our responsibility.  We should be grateful for this opportunity to regain our manhood, with the women’s help, of course.

As pointed out above, the Jews are waging full-spectrum war against us.  They will try to make everything we do and think and say illegal and the Supreme Court will back them up.  When has it not?  The Jews want the TSA to control our movement on the highways as it does in the airports.  The Jews want the army to treat us like Palestinians with this new NDA Act.  They want to paralyze us so that we can’t move against them. 

It is up to us to do our part.  The Jewish war against humanity must be countered with a total war against Judaism.

Analysis of Jewish ways is no longer required.  It is best not to study Judaism too closely, as you can easily prove by reading the Jewish Protocols.  It will make you sick after two or three chapters – few can read all twenty-four.  We know enough about them.  Just the new Jewish laws cited above are all we need to know. 

The Jewish takeover of Russia was all we needed to know, except it was concealed from us by the Jewish New York Times, as was the Jewish genocide of Palestinians by the same paper of record.  The “anti-Communist” John Birch Society did the same thing.  Jewish crimes were totally concealed and would still be concealed if it weren’t for the Internet.  We must take advantage of the transmission belt of truth while we can.

All Jewish organizations must be taken down.  This calls for all-out war on the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress, AIPAC, the Zionist Organization, B’nai B’rith and all the rest.  As pointed out many times, the Council on Foreign Relations is a Jewish organization and easily the most destructive in human history.

This has never been done before.  The Germans, of course, never had such a program but merely tried to exclude Jews from influential positions and then round them up and deport them out of Germany – an unsuccessful program because of American interference.  If Germany had had an extermination program, as my late friend Heinz Weichardt used to say, all it would have needed was the understanding that there was an open season on Jews and the several hundreds of thousands of them still in Germany would have been quietly and efficiently dispatched.  But there was no such understanding and the result was about four and a half million Jewish demands for reparation payments after the war.  This is called Jewish arithmetic.

In America, if we intend to survive, there must be this understanding.  The understanding must be based on what Jews have already done to millions of victims in our name!  It must be based on our knowledge of what they plan to do not only to foreigners but to us, as the above-mentioned laws prove.

America must become a no-fly zone, a no-go zone, for Jews.  Whatever they have done to others and caused to be done to others in our name must be done to them.

As I wrote in The Military Solution, it would be great to have elements of the US military on our side.  It is essential for the neutralization of Israel.  But here on the home front, it is not essential.  Of the 313 million Americans, roughly one and a half million are on active duty.  Another one and a half million on active reserve.  Almost three million currently available for running Operation Garden Plot for FEMA/DHS.  But lots of them are now overseas, in Germany, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and in about one hundred thirty countries, on nine hundred bases. 

Then we have the casualty figures from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The DVA reported in October, 2010 that almost 74,000 servicemen (not the reported 4,800) had been killed in Iraq alone since Bush started that war in ‘03.  In addition to that amazing figure, total disability claims were over one million six hundred twenty thousand.  Out of less than three million active and reserve people, over half were wounded and killed as of a year ago.  That does not include wounded and killed from Afghanistan, which has been going on now for ten years.

The DVA says that the percentage of disabled combat troops, just from Iraq, was 36%.  Many more, if not most, are on anti-depressant drugs, not to mention illegal drugs.

So it’s fair to say that Garden Plot is not going to have a lot of trained and fit professional soldiers at the roadblocks, especially now that more of them will be going back to the Persian Gulf and Syria, with reserves for the Iranian assault, even if it’s a bluff.  Blackwater-type contractors, the kind seen in New Orleans and overseas, are mercenaries and should be shot on sight.  It may be difficult to distinguish them from federalized cops, which will be too bad for the cops.

The roadblock and round-up troops for the new Levin Law will have to be federalized cops.  Cops, as we see in the Occupy confrontations, can be pretty nasty.  But they are also pretty gutless, and I think they will not be a big factor.  The big factor will be the resistance.  Us.

Out of the 313 million Americans, over 145 million are what the military calls “available manpower.”  Of them, about 120 million of them are “fit for service.”  The weaker ones may join the military for room and board.  I would estimate that over 100 million men will not join the military and will be considered potential domestic enemies by the Jewish-run government.  Long story short, there’s a big shortage of occupation troops compared with the armed population.

While the Internet is still available to us, we must use it to create awareness of current Jewish crimes against humanity and Jewish plans for us but more importantly our plans for them.  We don’t need the history of the Jews but just reminders that the new crackdown laws all have well-known Jews behind them.  The Wall Street rip-off is strictly Jewish.  The collapse of our currency and crippling high prices are caused by Jews.  The drug trafficking, the prostitution and adult and child pornography trafficking, the trade in human organs taken by force from impoverished “donors” are all strictly Jewish rackets.  The US/Israeli Stuxnet virus was behind the destruction of Fukushima, which may eventually wipe us all out.

Do not waste time with meaningless attacks on synagogues, cemeteries and schools.  This will only generate negative propaganda, which is why Jews frequently attack their own places.  Now that the Jewish rulers are putting the US government against us, their big agencies and headquarters must be reduced to nothing.  Search engines will give us everything we need.

Be effective and be smart.  Do not get arrested under any circumstances.  Plan the getaway before the operation.  If there is not a good getaway, forget it.  Suicide missions are not needed or wanted.  Go to the next target on your list.  There is no shortage of targets.  Once this anti-Jewish program begins, it will never end.  Keep the targets strictly Jewish and this will force Americans to chose sides. 

You’re either with us or you’re with the Jews. 

The Jews and their Yankee mercenaries aren’t worried about collateral damage but we must be.  They will do anything, as we saw in Oklahoma City, to create scorn and revulsion for us, including killing their own children, to make us look bad.  The militia was not mentally prepared for this tactic and it fell apart literally overnight from the sheer horror of that massacre.  So our propaganda people must get ready to create support for the action people as long as they follow the rules of engagement. 

These two wings of the resistance must have no open contact with each other.  Secret leaders of each wing should meet and coordinate action and propaganda but must maintain the highest security.

The resistance will be fighting at first for survival and eventually to maintain liberty.  Security from police, federal and Jewish agents will have the highest priority.  A resistance organization has only one way to punish treachery and treason, since we have no jails and don’t even believe in jails. 

The prisons and jails need to be immediately emptied of all victimless “criminals.”  There are, in addition, so many people who have been convicted based on faked evidence by the police and FBI that it would be better to release everyone and start a new system of justice based on restitution.  If a defendant refuses to make restitution after conviction, or if there is no way to make it, as in the cases of rape and murder, then the convict would have no rights and would be subject to street justice with no legal recourse.  The violent criminal class would be reduced quite rapidly.  Non-violent predators who fail to make restitution after conviction would also have no legal rights until an agreement to make restitution is made.

Our legal system, the so-called justice system, is so corrupt that it must be shut down and abandoned.  Contracts must continue to be honored after scrutiny by resistance paralegals.  The American Bar Association would be abolished with no monopoly on the practice of law allowed.

The American Medical Association and similar organizations would also be abolished with no monopoly allowed on the practice of health care. 

The monopoly power to control any aspect of society, of life in general, would be abolished.  Monopoly can only be granted by government and this will not be allowed.  Any attempt to reinstate a monopoly would receive the harshest penalty.

All future measures will be based on ensuring liberty and freedom by removing all Jewish influence and racketeering.  The resistance movement will take responsibility for maintaining liberty and freedom.  Any abuses by tyrants, Jew or human, masquerading as resistance members will be punished harshly. 

Americans will be expected to provide for their own self-defense by keeping and bearing personal weapons.  They will also be free not to do so, at their own risk.  But it will be generally assumed that each person is safely armed and able to defend him or herself from any form of intimidation, which of course shall not be condoned.

Jews traditionally deal in force and fraud, which is treated on this website in an essay by that title.  The object of the resistance will be to eliminate force and fraud and all forms of intimidation – physical, psychological or intellectual – which are the typical methods of Jewish gangsters.  Just as the Jews have operated on all levels of society, so shall the resistance. 

The Jews have not been able until recently to declare their goals openly and have operated under the most devious forms of deception.  This will not be a problem for the resistance, which will gain strength and support from an open declaration of intent and plans to take this country away from the Jews. 

Millions of Americans are fed up with Jewish rule and the Jews know it.  This is why Carl Levin and his Jews have prepared their National Defense Authorization Act, to try to use the military to defend themselves from us, whom they slander as “Homegrown Terrorists.”