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Radio Show

Invited to speak on the Mike Harris show today on the Republic Broadcasting Network, presumably owned by John Stadtmiller, I made the remarks below.  The show reportedly had the highest ratings ever, a record, said Harris later.  Despite this, I received a telephone call from Stadtmiller in which he said that he didn’t know how I got on his station but no matter who invited me in the future, I would not be allowed on any program of RBN.

I responded, “That’s what I would expect from you,” and hung up. 

1.   The government has revealed that it is at war with us.  It needs to be destroyed.  The damage the government has done to this country and to the rest of the world can never be gauged or measured.  Our lives are now in deadly danger, with no exaggeration.

2.   Two entire branches of the government, the Executive and the Legislative, have declared war on us with the Disappearance Laws and the Murder Laws and the Take Away Our Citizenship Laws.  They have put us under military rule, same as the Iraqis were, same as the Afghans still are.  No difference.  Millions of Americans are in dungeons today, people who hurt no one except maybe themselves, cruelly put in cages with murderers and rapists.  That alone is cause for destroying every vestige of this government.  Millions of shattered lives of prisoners and their families.

3.    The terrorist collection agency, the IRS, has destroyed countless lives and destroyed countless families, stolen our savings, our homes and our freedom.  The IRS collects for the Jewish loan sharks who run the Federal Reserve Company, the actual engine of our destruction.

4.   If we had been a politically mature people we’d have killed every member of the secret police, meaning CIA and FBI, which we could identify back in 1964, after the shock of Dallas wore off.  If we had been a politically mature people, we’d have killed every Israeli in Washington and all their American Jewish helpers in 1967, following their attack on the USS Liberty.  If we’d been aware of the background of 9/11, we’d have killed every member of the PNAC gang that designed the magic massacre.  I could say the same for a dozen outrages since 1963, especially the Vietnam and Moslem wars.

5.   Many Americans are not able to see the similarity between programmable vote machines and programmable slot machines, so they keep voting, expecting to change things in that manner, exactly as they keep feeding dollars into the slots in casinos across the country, expecting a different outcome. 

6.   It’s true that most Americans don’t vote now, some being aware but most being apathetic.  But apathy is better than compliance, so that’s a good sign.  The way to turn that apathy into interest and then into action is what we are looking for.  The way to do it is by attacking the tyrants who are planning to imprison us, disappear us, torture us and kill us, to do it at every opportunity they give us.  This will become a trend that will catch on, America being what it is.

7.   As the Japanese general is said to have remarked after Pearl Harbor, America is a sleeping giant that will be filled with a terrible resolve.  Almost eleven million guns were bought last year, three million during Christmas – another very good sign.  My mission is to bring as many of those new guns and the scores of millions of others into action against the tyrants.  That’s what the guns are for.

8.   Some maybe well-meaning pundits are encouraging Americans to leave the country.  Why?  And go somewhere you can’t own guns?  And miss out on the opportunity to kill tyrants here at home?  This is unbelievable to me.  We are about to change history.  We have all the guns we need.  All we do need are the guts and brains to use them to kill tyrants.  Not harmless people, tyrants.  Anybody who forces you to do what you don’t want to do.  Nobody can do this when you’re armed and ready.

9.   This is the winning mindset.  Never say that you’re ready to die for this or that.  That’s Christian defeatism.  You must be ready to kill in defense of yourself, your loved ones, your friends and your dignity.  Dignity is very important, which is why the TSA makes you take off your shoes at the airport.  Taking off your shoes in public robs you of your dignity and makes you feel weak.  Hell, you must be ready to kill in defense of your pets, your vehicle, whatever.  Forget legalities.  The government doesn’t care about legalities, neither do we.  The government is getting ready to kill us.  This is the new law – the law of survival -- and the defense of our dignity. 

10.  It’s probably going to happen this year.  The government knows something that we don’t; otherwise it wouldn’t have rushed the Treason Acts through Congress the way it did, with the Crackhead signing them by the last day of the year.  So we’re on notice that the crackdown is about to occur.  We can hope it doesn’t but that’s a forlorn hope. 

11.  The army and marines are trained to kill on demand.  Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill – as one ashamed veteran has recently described the training.  It’s possible that some of these guys won’t go along, but the Jewish training we saw at Abu Ghraib and still see in Guantanamo has made many thousands of these young people into serial killers.  The spectacle of marines urinating on their dead victims indicates the sort of training they received and are receiving today.  The psychopathic behavior of helicopter pilots and drone operators must be noted, along with the trophy hunters who collect body parts.  Note also the degenerate personality of the big American sniper who cheerfully lied about sucker-punching Jesse Ventura.  No doubt he lied about his body count also but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous or less deserving of being shot on sight.  He deserves exactly what he did to his victims. 

12.  Once the roadblocks and home invasions start, all offenders and potential offenders must be shot on sight, either close up or from a distance – your choice.  We can’t take any prisoners because we don’t need them for anything.  We don’t want to feed and care for them.  So we must shoot them immediately.  There can be no mercy shown to anyone who would be willing to harm us, our families and friends.  They don’t intend to show us any mercy. 

13.  Enemy policy-makers should be captured if possible or killed if capture is not possible.  At some point, enemy policy-makers will be captured and interrogated.  When we are satisfied with their information, they will receive the same treatment they, the chicken-hawks, arranged for Saddam Hussein, their loyal stooge.

14.  I am suggesting a reward system for killing or capturing members of the Council on Foreign Relations, with a minimum of $100,000 for any member up to $1,000,000 for high-value types.  I am proposing that this be paid by the governments of the CFR’s victims overseas, mainly to prevent war and the continuing annihilation of their people.  As we know, the CFR recently announced that it was time to attack Iran.  The only way to prevent this latest CFR-ordered catastrophe is to wipe out the CFR.  Their horrific and bloody history and network of power preclude any attempt to bring them to legalistic justice, since they own the justice system.  The CFR has given us no other way to stop its sadistic megalomania and lust for total power.

15.  All Israelis in America are hostile enemy aliens and must be shot on sight.  This also applies to their American Jewish helpers, the sayanim.  The Israelis and American Jews are behind the crackdown that is planned for us, just as they were behind 9/11 and the attack on the Liberty.

16.  The resistance, therefore, has two basic goals, one local and one national.  The local goal is to cleanse the local area, wherever in America that is, of tyrants who would be involved in martial law, i.e., state terrorism against us.  Police in uniforms and plain clothes must make it very clear to us that they will in no way cooperate with FEMA, Homeland Security, FBI, etc.  Any police who would cooperate with the federal tyrants gets the same treatment.  As we know, the police departments of the major cities are cooperating with CIA and the Mossad, so the executives of these corrupt departments must receive executive action.  This will be the responsibility of local civilians. 

The national goal is to cleanse the federal government of tyrants, most of which are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The war lords must be exterminated before they kill us all.  Our lives and the lives of millions depend on the actions of the resistance to tyranny.