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Preventing Jewish Rule

What happens when only Jews have guns?   Raw Judaism happens.  Sadism and dictatorship happen.  Suffering and degradation happen.  Torture and murder happen.  We’ve got several examples to go by.  We’ve got the Soviet Union.  We’ve got Germany.  We’ve got Ukraine.  We’ve got Hungary and we’ve got Israel.  Different places, different victims, identical results. 

Jews really can’t help themselves.  They are only doing what comes naturally to them.  The Jewish nature is constant and can never change.  This is a fact of life that we must recognize and master.

Jews are the most sadistic people on Earth.  They are totally without mercy when they have the upper hand.  When they don’t have the power, they whine and cry and complain that they are not being treated fairly, that they are being defamed.  They do this to weaken us, to deceive us into giving them the power over us that they crave.    

What is the situation in the United States?  Virtually every aspect of our lives is controlled by Jews.  The military is attacking and killing people whom the Jews want attacked and killed.  The police are trained by Israelis and mind-controlled by the Anti-Defamation League (same thing).  The law is dominated by Jewish lawyers and Jewish judges.  New York news and Hollywood entertainment, which are now indistinguishable, are controlled by Jews.  Banking and finance and the American housing market have collapsed under the Jewish corruption of Goldman-Sachs, most notoriously with their “mortgage-backed securities.”  A “mortgage-backed security” is truly something only a Jew could dream up.  That any sophisticated investor could buy from a Jew a “sliced and diced portion of a bundle” of mortgages with no chain of ownership and consider it “a security” is mind-boggling.

Jews pretend that they are special, that the law doesn’t apply to them.  The law about nuclear weapons, for example.  The law about murdering humanitarians.  The law about defamation (lying).  Israel is licensed to kill enemies on US soil.  The US government is controlled by AIPAC – no elected person in government will refuse an order from AIPAC, which is licensed to destroy politicians.

We are under attack in a Jewish war of annihilation and don’t even know who is attacking us.  I could go on and on and have been known to do so but this website is about solutions, not analysis.

How do we avoid Jewish Rule, or the complete takeover of America by Jews to the extent that guns are illegal for non-Jews?  Jewish Rule means disarmed dissidents such as we and our loved ones and friends being arrested and taken by force to the Jewish gulag to be tortured and killed.  Who has a proven history of such atrocities?  Well, the Jews have this history.  This is what they did to non-Jews in Russia and the satellite countries when they took over in 1917. 

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn took the trouble to identify all the gulag commanders in his second book on his experience as a political prisoner for telling a joke about Stalin, Gulag Archipelago II, and show their pictures.  Every one of them was a Jew.  Torturing prisoners is a Jewish specialty.

It’s what they did in parts of Germany a couple of years later during the Jewish revolution after WWI.  It’s what they did in Eastern Europe after WWII.  It’s what they did in Palestine after they took over in 1948, following their slaughter of thousands of Palestinians to terrorize the rest into fleeing to Jordan and elsewhere.  They’re still doing it, most notably in the giant concentration camp called Gaza.  The Jews periodically invade the unarmed camp with American jets, helicopters, tanks and rockets and use outlawed munitions such as white phosphorus.  Any idea what white phosphorus does to you?

Who else has this proven history, besides Red China?  Well, the United States has this history, going way back.  In fact, the United States originated this sort of thing.  The first and longest-enduring mass extermination, ethnic cleansing program was run by the US Army against American Indians and is still being run against them by US government agencies such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service.  American Indians are still isolated in concentration camps called “reservations.”  How can an American criticize Israel?

I want to examine briefly the American way of treating people, in case someone is reading this who hasn’t seen the earlier material.  Wedged in among the atrocities against the Indians was the War of Northern Aggression, waged by a hideously ugly lawyer named Lincoln.  This monster arrested anyone in the Northern States who objected to his warmongering, including hundreds of editors and publishers!  No habeas corpus, no trials – just disappeared into dungeons for the duration!  New revised death figures for Lincoln’s War:  over 800,000.

Then came the Spanish-American War in which our wonderful boys slaughtered a million or more Filipinos, mostly by starvation and disease in our concentration camps.  That was where and when America first used water-boarding with a twist:  they filled the prisoner’s stomach with water and then jumped on it, bursting his guts. 

The Greatest Generation, led by Dwight Eisenhower, slaughtered over a million surrendered German prisoners of war from May to December, 1945.  This was in accord with the Morgenthau Plan for Germany, named for our Jewish Treasury Secretary and devised by a Jew named Harry Weiss and Eisenhower.  The slaughter was done in the best Jewish fashion by withholding food and water from the prisoners, who were forced to eat grass and bugs until they died out in the open.  Eisenhower also forbade them  shelter of any kind, kept in open fields.  This was just the beginning of German suffering at Eisenhower’s bloody hands.  His wonderful boys, in league with our allies, the Soviet Communists, participated in the deaths of between nine and twelve million German civilians by 1948. 

While all this was going on, we Americans ran a kangaroo court they called the Nuremberg Tribunals and hanged a number of German leaders for starting the war and for losing the war.  In this country, ex post facto laws are illegal but that’s what we ran at Nuremberg.  That is, we hanged men for breaking laws that weren’t laws before we won.  Only after we made some up.  We hanged men falsely for exterminating Jews while we were actually exterminating Germans.  During this very time, Eisenhower was also running something he called Operation Keelhaul.  He ordered the roundup and turnover of roughly five million Russians and Cossacks who’d escaped Soviet Communism during the war, many as captured prisoners of the Germans who volunteered to fight the Red Army.  Stalin wanted them back for execution and Eisenhower complied with Stalin’s wishes.  Ike’s wonderful boys forced men, women and children into box cars and sent them to Hungary, where many were shot at the station, and the rest into the Gulag Archipelago, where they were quickly worked to death.  Operation Keelhaul and the British version called Operation East Wind, both under Eisenhower’s orders, lasted until 1947.

I mention these American atrocities by the Greatest Generation as a warning of the type of treatment we can expect from the Worst Generation, the American war criminals from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

In this country, Jews with guns are not much of a threat.  Jews are only tough when their victims are unarmed, which isn’t the case here.  Jewish control of the American military and police is the greatest threat we face.  Ignorant, amoral young soldiers and marines and corrupt cops doing what the Jews tell them to do are the problems we must deal with.

Someone in the army has just leaked a two-year-old field manual, FM 3-39.40, for rounding us up, transporting us to concentration camps and “indoctrinating” us to “express support for US policy.”   Nothing new here, except now it’s official.  What’re you gonna do when they come for you?

Here’s what we do:   If you saw the photo of armed National Guards marching in combat formation through a peaceful neighborhood in Crookston, Minnesota the other day, it might remind you of a similar raid in Northfield, Minnesota in 1876.  The James-Younger gang tried to rob the First National Bank but the people ambushed the gang before they could get away.  The people intended not to get robbed by some guys from Missouri, which was reasonable.  They shot the hell out of the gang, unlike the usual Hollywood propaganda that gives us weak and helpless townfolk and tough gunfighters.  The reality was that anyone with a Colt revolver or Winchester carbine was just as dangerous as any other guy.  That’s how it is when everyone is armed.  It gets downright polite.

Back to Crookston.  Let’s take a lesson from this outrage, now that we’re on notice as to what’s coming.  If we see men in camouflage fatigues carrying weapons marching through our neighborhood, we lay into them just as the good people of Northfield laid into the James gang.  Because that’s what all these guys are – criminals.  There is no excuse for the army wearing camouflage and carrying weapons in this country.  And the National Guard is not the militia – on this subject I am an authority.  Its actual name is the Army National Guard of the United States.  The National Guard is the US Army, pretending to be under state control.  Does Nebraska send its Guard soldiers to Afghanistan, or does the Pentagon?

Carrying firearms by the US military against Americans must carry an automatic and immediate death penalty.

I am offended by camouflage fatigues.  Camouflage means “I’m going to conceal my presence so that I can kill you without the risk of your seeing me first and killing me in self-defense.”  The wearing of camouflage clothing is a de facto threat of death.  That’s why hunters wear it when they’re trying to kill an animal and that’s why soldiers wear it when they’re trying to kill an enemy.  It should be illegal for US government employees to wear camouflage in this country, as it is meant only as intimidation when not for actual tactical use, i.e., killing someone.

Camouflage clothing is fully justified in self-defense.  In other words, we can wear it to defend ourselves from US military aggression.  In self-defense, anything is permissible.  If they wear camouflage – death penalty. 

So, it must be automatic:  armed soldiers and marines in America must be shot on sight.  We cannot allow the armed forces to be used against us, which is now revealed as official policy, according to Army Field Manual 3-39.40.  We are officially, if only due to a leak, on notice that we are considered the enemy by the US armed forces.  Disagree?

Armed soldiers and marines in America will be ordered, perhaps this year, to begin military operations against us which they have been practicing in Iraq and Afghanistan for over ten years.  Hundreds of thousands of them have returned with grievous wounds and psychiatric problems.  The army admits that 110,000 of them are on prescription anti-depressant medications which, as we have learned, can produce psychotic and homicidal behavior.  The seriously wounded guys will probably not be involved in operations against us.  In fact, many disillusioned veterans will probably join the resistance movement due to their realization that they, in their ignorance, were exploited to murder the enemies of the Jews in Iraq, Afghanistan and many secret war zones around the world.

The hardened psychos in the military, many on amphetamines, will be only too happy to round up and kill Americans, now that we have been identified as “more dangerous than al-Qaeda.”  We must realize that there just aren’t enough hardened psychos to do what the Jewish overlords want done to us.  Too many psychos have been damaged beyond repair by the Jews’ wars. 

The Jews have dreamed and planned a crackdown for us but it cannot succeed.  They dreamed and planned a famous victory in Iraq and Afghanistan also.  There is no denying that the Jews specialize in destruction and those two tragic countries have been totally destroyed, so that is a victory of sorts, such as it is.  But the Jews cannot occupy Iraq and create Great Israel.  Hell, they can’t even occupy Gaza, let alone Lebanon.  They tried to occupy part of Lebanon and got their asses handed to them.  They can’t do anything that requires ability in anything other than ripping people off.  Notice what a great job they did in trying to sink an old re-fitted American freighter in 1967 with their combined navy and air force – with US help.  The attack on the USS Liberty was a total, abject failure that destroyed their holiest dream – the nuking of Cairo and the US occupation of the Mid-East with them in control of the occupation.  It would take thirty-four years and a much more ambitious plan to do it again, which occurred on 9/11/01.  Same result:  complete failure. 

The Jews are totally inept because they are allergic to work.  They are cursed because they get other people to do the work.  Jews buy and sell things that other people make.  They think they can get things done by remote control and it just doesn’t work that way in real life.  This is not to say that a Jew couldn’t buy some worn-out skyscrapers and put a multi-billion dollar policy on them for “terrorist attacks” and make a killing.  But that’s not what I call “work.”  It’s what I call a racket.  Rackets are Jewish enterprises.

So we have to jack up our ideas about Jews and the military.  Cops, too.  If cops want to play soldiers, they will get shot, just like the soldiers.  If cops want to push us around, they will get shot. What else can we do?  Let them push us around and pay them? 

I don’t think so.