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Police Terrorism


Police Terrorism

The issue facing us today is police terrorism.  Two basic forms:  home invasions and internal checkpoints for ID/drug smuggling.  Two forms of home invasion:  knock and no-knock.  The knock form would presumably include a warrant to search, which you would, today, probably allow. 

The no-knock form means the door crashing in at three AM with ten armed, screaming hop-heads eager to blow you away after they’ve slaughtered your dog.  Flying buckshot from your automatic shotgun is the only possible response you should use for a no-knock invasion.

I had to be a cop for about six months in Rhodesia in order to get into Support Unit, the police anti-terror squad.  The agreement between me and the British South Africa Police was that I needed to learn about Africans, how to talk to them and deal with them, since I would be leading nine or ten of them in the Unit.  The average American has no idea how this is done. 

For all our terrible reputation for racism, I can say with some authority that there was virtually no instance of white police brutality against Africans.  Captured terrorists were prosecuted as criminal defendants, some executed if involved in murders, most put in prison.  The terrorist leaders, Mugabe and Nkomo and their lieutenants, were comfortably detained rather than prosecuted.  All terrorist prisoners and detainees were released after the black takeover.

Support Unit was, before the terror war started, the riot squad.  African rioters had been dealt with in typical African fashion in the turbulent ‘60s and the black Support Unit constables and their sergeants got a little carried away by the violence and the unit retired to Tomlinson Depot to avoid more criticism.  However, in the early ‘70s, it redeemed itself after its conversion with much training to a full-time paramilitary force against the Chinese- and Soviet-backed sadists sent in to murder and torture people and destroy Rhodesia, all in accord with the American and British blueprint to steal minerals.  By far, most victims of Capitalist/Communist terror were Africans.

Support Unit was, during my time there, about forty white section officers and inspectors leading around three hundred African constables and their sergeants in six or seven troops.  Our time was split between tracking and ambushing terrorists and acting as guards for the police CID and Special Branch in their investigations of terrorist attacks.

My only experience with police brutality was in being charged with that offence by my boss, the member-in-charge at Mt. Darwin, after I had pistol-whipped a drunken African detective sergeant in Special Branch who had attempted to attack me.  This incident, after which I was exonerated by the Officer Commanding Mashonaland Province, confirmed the suspicion of my fellow cops that I really was a Chicago gangster.  It was something an American rather than a Rhodesian would do, since in those days I was the only one in the British South Africa Police who openly carried a pistol! 

Seventeen years later, I was living in Los Angeles when the video emerged of LA’s finest beating the tar out of Rodney King.  Up till that time, it was the most repulsive and cowardly thing I’d seen on tape, since there wasn’t much taping going on in the early ‘90s.  With all the taped and digitized atrocities we’ve seen lately, it’s pretty tame.  But it showed Americans the gangster side of police work.  It and its green-lighting by the Simi Valley jury were shocking enough to trigger the worst riots in US history, even if most of the destruction (six thousand buildings burned down) was committed by George Bush’s CIA.  LAPD Chief Daryl Gates was a CIA operative so maybe the whole thing was contrived, but it did reveal a frightening look at police work in America.  Such cowardice and gang behavior by police was inconceivable in “racist white Rhodesia.”  The Rodney King beating was a mild (non-lethal) version of African terrorism itself!

Now, of course, things are much worse for everyone.  Cops are regularly executing Americans on the street.  They kill us with guns and tasers and sometimes beat us to death.  They pull people out of wheelchairs and slam them headfirst to the concrete.  They shoot people for traffic violations.  They steal money, drugs, vehicles, property and whatever they can find and call it “jeopardy seizures,” using the stolen loot for whatever they want.  There is no legal recourse to these cop crimes, since judges and prosecutors will take no action against them.  So I figure that the cops are doing what they’re told to do by their bosses.

I asked a question of one of the Lew Rockwell libertarians the other day.  He’d written a think-piece about the American police state.  I said, how do you plan to deal with roadblocks and home invasions? 

“We still,” I wrote him, “have the means to prevent martial law if we can overcome the conditioning and mind control designed to disarm us mentally and physically.  A new resistance movement without a leader must be encouraged.  

“We've reached the end of the peaceful phase of the plotters' campaign against us.  We're moving into the violent phase.  Americans must now start the payback for all the financial, political, military and police crimes against us and against foreigners in our name.  A manifesto is needed to energize Americans and release them from artificial and religious restraints imposed on us to prevent self-defense.

“LRC needs to get out of the theory and into the practice of maintaining liberty.”

His response:

“I agree with what you believe will happen, but you are wrong about LRC. LRC has done more than any and all libertarian and liberty fighting organizations to change the minds of many. In order to gain freedom back, peaceful means are necessary. All violent revolution has ended in as bad or even worse abuses by the state, especially when military rule is the result.

“Education one mind at a time is necessary to achieve any situation that would result in a society based in freedom. It really doesn’t take that many, given that there are nearly 300 million of us. The problem now is that the sheep in this country are fully dependent on government and the property of others taken by force, and the apathy due to state indoctrination has arrived at such a place as to consume most.

“If all had to be self-reliant, things would change immediately, but if this self-reliance comes due to economic collapse, which is what I think will happen, then violence will be the result. We will all lose if this happens.”

I still wanted to know what he would do personally against police terrorism.

“I get what you're saying and appreciate what LRC has done, and that it is getting tougher every month.  But the question now is what do you do when confronted with a criminal cop or six?  Our education must now become practical rather than philosophical.  What are you going to do?  What should you do?  When is it correct to kill cops and feds?  It doesn't matter that ‘this is playing into their hands,’ which is the excuse to submit - where do we draw the line regarding assault and battery on us by our employees?

“As you can imagine from my background, I am in the federal crosshairs and have been for a long time.  But I have made it clear in radio shows and the essays that I welcome a visit and that they should bring all the ambulances they can find.  Thanks entirely to the Waco martyrs, this sort of rhetoric is a black flag for them, so far.  They do not want another Waco, especially the first part.  That atrocity grew the militia into the millions and could only be stopped by killing a bunch of their own workers and children in Oklahoma.

“They are capable of anything.  What are we capable of?”

This sort of talk makes the libertarians uneasy. 

“First, there is no reason to talk of violence as a solution, as violence can only be justified in real self defense.  My belief is that any and all peaceful dissent should be practiced at all times. Anything other than a non-violent approach will always end in disaster as it has always has. In the case of America, there are close to 300 million of us, so it wouldn’t take much to turn the tide.

“The obvious problem is that approximately 95% of the population (or more) is dependent in one way or another on the government. In addition, most have been fully indoctrinated into this horrible system, which means that most are completely apathetic. My belief is that this will only change when the money stops flowing, and people are forced to take care for themselves. I think an economic collapse or worse will have to happen before this scenario can become evident.

“I am more than able to take care of myself and my family, but I am just one guy. Going after those in the system as an individual, unless not given a choice, is foolish, and could turn out to be dangerous to those we hold dear. In my case, there are many things I would never submit to, but I will not act overtly stupid either. I will of course always be willing to protect my family in any way possible when confronted with any dangerous situation.

“As to the state gendarmes being our employees, nothing could be further from the truth. That has never been, nor will it ever be. The state can only operate by force, so there is never a partnership or trust, only aggressive behavior on those “governed” by others.

“You are also correct that the state is capable of absolutely anything, so long as they have the consent of the governed, which they most certainly now do.

“All my best to you, and watch your back!”

He wants to keep it on theoretical ground.

“Okay, we're still in the theoretical.  Peaceful dissent, fine fine.  Philosophical stuff, fine fine.

“What about the real world?  What about roadblocks and unwarranted searches?  What if the cops bust in your door ‘by mistake?’  I suggest you look at Alex Jones' video from the other day which records his being pulled over 98 miles north of the Mexican border by Border Patrol.  Drug dog, but they weren't looking for drugs.  Looking for narcotics, which must be some fine kind of distinction to them.  Citizenship checks and searches are now authorized by the Supremes a hundred miles from any US border all around the country, which is a big chunk of the territory and a couple hundred million people.  So it's all ‘legal.’  What are you going to do?  That's a rhetorical question but one you've probably considered.  I don't require a response.

“Jones, for whom I have some grudging respect, told them to go to hell and wouldn't let them bring their drug dog into his RV.  He blasted them verbally for running drugs and guns and taking bribes.  They left him alone.  That's why I'm bringing this up.  He had the guts to say no and they didn't have the guts to deal with him the way they were dealing with all the boobs in line who let them run the dog in all their cars.  So far, it's all bluff.  But the bosses are going to demand some blood to keep us in line.  Then what?  Just think about it and get out of the philosophical thing, because that's just talk.

“The only way to prevent a crackdown is to advertise that we're not only willing to kill them but welcome the opportunity.  They don't care for that. This is America, after all.  There is no safe way to deal with official terrorists. Once they get the green light to hurt us and terrorize us, they have to be hit hard.

“The thing I don't like about the LRC philosophy is that it's just philosophy, trying to play it safe.  Stop assuring the bad guys that you mean them no harm.  They love to hear that.”

Intellectuals think they can reason their way out of anything and they get a little defensive when called on it.

“I’m sorry, but you know absolutely nothing about me, and should not assume anything. I do know for certain that your way will fail miserably, and if it succeeded, we would end up with military rule. At that point, all would be resigned to force and violence, and there would be no winners, and no freedom.

“As an aside, I have never once assured any ‘bad guys’ in government anything!”

I let it go.  But of course he is assuring the government killers that he won’t resort to violence, no matter what they do.  His statement (“First, there is no reason to talk of violence as a solution, as violence can only be justified in real self defense.  My belief is that any and all peaceful dissent should be practiced at all times. Anything other than a non-violent approach will always end in disaster as it has always has. In the case of America, there are close to 300 million of us, so it wouldn’t take much to turn the tide.”) shows confusion and fear.

“Real self defense” against killer cops is what we’re talking about!  Dog, do you expect to live forever?  Peaceful dissent at all times?  What disgraceful thinking.  How un-American!  How does this egghead think that America became a country?  Everything is based on violence, or on the readiness to use violence.

Let’s get that straight in our minds.  Violence such as we’ve never seen here is coming.  Violence against us and our loved ones and our friends and against people we don’t know and will never know.  As long as it keeps happening to the ones we don’t know, the eggheads and cowards will stay in their ivory towers, spouting philosophy.

At this point, Alex Jones and anyone else with guts can stop a dirty search and seizure attack at roadblocks by just saying “No.”  Jones may be quiet about the Jews but there is no denying his ability to deal verbally with the police gangsters on their own turf and back them down.  That was an important thing he did and certainly wasn’t expected by the Border Patrol gangsters. 

Even Ron Paul is angry at the TSA taking over highways in Tennessee, where they are running a pilot test program of random searches against American motorists, gauging our reactions.  Tennessee, the home of Davy Crockett!

So, what would Davy Crockett do?  He’d be whacking cop heads with his Pennsylvania rifle.

How about Louisiana’s Jim Bowie?  Now there was the toughest, wildest son of a bitch in American history.  Not much doubt how he’d respond to these highwaymen.  He’d stick his big knife in their guts.

All of this could be avoided with the destruction of the Council on Foreign Relations, the private outfit calling all the shots.  As soon as that den of iniquity is leveled, the police state will collapse.  But, in the meantime, we’re going to be confronted with cop gangsters at roadblocks.  This is where the rubber will meet the road.

As I wrote in Code of Conduct, at first we’re going to play nice with these hoods and try to get through without any grief.  A cursory trip on YouTube today reveals that they’re already giving us grief with no probable cause, all around the country.  So, whose country is it? Is it theirs?

No, it’s ours.  We pay the bills.  The cops live off us and our stupid generosity and tolerance of their bad behavior.

The LRC guy above said that violence is never a solution.  Really?  I’ve found violence to be the only solution in some cases.  It’s always the solution when violence is used against you first.  You must counter immediately with overwhelming violence to keep from getting hurt or killed.  You must be ready to get violent at the first sign of a threat.  So anyone who says that violence is never a solution is a coward or a liar or without any life experience.

We’re in the age of the most cowardly weapon in the CIA’s arsenal, the drone.  These flying murder machines are operated by desk-bound cowards in air conditioned offices thousands of miles away from their unsuspecting victims.  It is a matter of time until cowardly police begin using drones, merged as they frequently are with the CIA and “trained” by the Anti-Defamation League.

But that’s down the road.  Today, we are confronted with an increasingly malevolent gang of terrorists who call themselves policemen.  We are also confronted with an anonymous death squad operating in the White House that has been given the authority to designate certain Americans for assassination, with several dozens of us on their black list.  It’s the 21st Century version of the CIA’s Phoenix Program in Vietnam, so it’s not as if our government hasn’t done this before.  The black list, now reportedly designating dozens of candidates, will grow to include thousands of us.  The ultimate enemy of the Council on Foreign Relations is the normal American.  We can be sure of one thing:  the death squad is a bunch of creeps from the CFR and ADL. 

It might interest the reader to look at a screenplay found on this website (under “More” and then “Media.”)  DEATH VALLEY was written in 1983.  It describes what is about to happen here, including the White House death squad and the Marine Corps joining forces with the people against the army.

With the combination of the White House death squad and sadistic hop-heads in the police, we are in deadly danger.  The logical method will be for police to arrest and kill us.  That method would put us before and after death in the criminal class, and would keep the sheep calm.  They’d figure, hmm, must have been some kind of criminal.  We must gear up mentally to use deadly force against police terrorists because they will be exploited by the CFR to capture and kill us.

But this essay is meant to deal with the more mundane aspects of police roadblocks and “identity checks” that we are seeing now.  For now, the minimum response by us is to refuse any and all searches without probable cause.  “No, you need a warrant,” is the answer we give when the smiling cop asks sweetly if he can do a “routine search.”  When the smile disappears and he says, “Why, you got something to hide?,” you reply, “Nope, nothing to hide.  But you’re going to need a search warrant.  If you violate my rights, you’re going to need a lawyer because I’m going to sue your personal ass.  What’s your full name?”

“The Supreme Court says I can search you without a warrant.”

“Is the Supreme Court going to provide you with a lawyer?  Because you’re going to be in court as a defendant if you violate my rights.  Give me your full name.”

That’s about as far as I can go with the peaceful response to an attempted illegal search.  I recommend an e-book on dealing with cops on the street at


It has some very good advice for ten dollars, things your lawyer would probably not tell you or even know himself.

Still, this essay is online extremism, and the message is that at some point in our near future, we’re not going to be able to talk our way out of trouble at a paramilitary police roadblock, which may have the White House black list hanging on the wall.  As I said in Code of Conduct, if things get as bad as indicated, take as many of the traitors with you as you can.  You are authorized to defend yourself against unwarranted deadly force with your own deadly force against all terrorists, no matter what clothes they’ve got on.  Use your car, your truck or whatever you’ve got on you.

These guys took an oath to defend us from all domestic enemies.  If they won’t do it, we’ll have to do it, because they’ll have joined our domestic enemies.