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_ Let's Fight!

Just about all the writing today, even well-meant, just about all the warnings of what’s coming, is working against us. 

This is pretty much all you hear and read now.  The I-net is full of scare stories about what’s coming.  Lots of writers and speakers complaining and warning about what the government is planning for us.  And it’s virtually all true.  But that sort of writing and speaking and warning and scaring doesn’t do us any good. 

Is this the only website that deals in self-defense?  In overwhelming violence against federal, state and local aggressors?  Please direct me to another one so I can get some good advice.  Personally, I don’t want to read or hear any more warnings of what the dictators have planned for us.

I can only tell you what I plan to do later today, this week, next month – whenever some jerk tries to drop the hammer on me.  There is no doubt that it’s going to happen, only question is when.

The Iranian Internet television service, Press TV, was cautioned by a friendly American being interviewed that Iran must do nothing to the American navy lest it trigger a war by playing into the hands of the Zionists.  This well-meaning American must think that Iran can stay on America’s good side by being a good sport!  This is after Mosaddegh, the Shah, the USS Vincennes shooting down the Airbus, having Saddam attack Iran and Stuxnet!  This is after America has encircled Iran with the stated intent to annihilate the Iranian people with nuclear weapons, in league with the Jewish state. 

When will it be time for Iran to sink the US Navy in the Persian Gulf?  I would say the time is pretty soon.  Oh, of course, Iran has to wait for an attack, like Marshal Dillon at the opening of “Gunsmoke.”   I would close the straits now and entrap the remaining US fleet and hold it hostage, just for openers.  Too bad the Stennis got away.  Then we would see how serious the Zionist combination is about sanctions and threats to nuke the Iranian people.

America has to learn that sending warships to threaten and bully other countries is very bad behavior that can no longer be tolerated by anyone, including Americans.  After all – we’re next on the list.

The president and Congress and presumably the Supreme Court have designated us Americans as enemies to be rounded up at any time with no legal recourse. 

The police are renegades who show us every day, somewhere nearby, that they are ready to kill us for no apparent reason.  They take delight in causing pain and terror.  Anyone who gets arrested faces permanent nerve damage from sharp-edged handcuffs clamped down too tightly, which the cops always do.  Plastic ties can do the same thing.  Female victims just naturally get sexually abused. 

We are also learning that our military men don’t treat their female colleagues very tenderly.  We learn that females are considered sex-slaves by their degenerate male colleagues and also by their superior officers, who pretty much don’t offer any aid when sexual abuse charges are reluctantly, timidly made against the young and not-so-young animals.  Can we civilians expect decent treatment by these people when they can’t keep their hands off their own colleagues?  (The ATF had similar sex-problems in the months leading up to their murderous assault on the church in Waco; the assault was designed to obstruct an investigation of sex-crimes against female agents.)

The yellow dogs in “the press” don’t say a word.  They just watch and give us the government’s version of everything.

Nobody in the three branches of government or the yellow, lying fourth branch of stenographers is on our side.  There’s never going to be an excuse for fighting back, as far as our enemies are concerned. 

So, the question is, when is it okay to fight back?  The American method has always been the same:  provoke the victim to exasperation and fury, make him attack.  If he won’t attack, then just make up a lie and say he did.  With the yellow dogs in “the press” protecting them, a lie is as good as the real thing.  Fort Sumter was a good example.  So was the battleship Maine.  The Lusitania.  Pearl Harbor, of course.  Gulf of Tonkin.  

The USS Liberty was in a class of its own, a refinement of the Lavon plot and other Jewish terrorism against us and against everyone nearby.  It was done jointly by the US government and the Israelis in a coordinated plan to sink the ship and blame the Egyptians, then nuke them and let Israel invade the entire Mid-East.

This has been the method ever since, with the FBI trying to blow up the World Trade Center in ’93 and the OKC massacre in ’95 and then the incredible magic show of 9/11, which was a refinement of the Liberty plot, i.e., a joint US/Israeli operation. 

Hollywood plays its part, too.  No movies about Americans fighting back against government thugs.  The only characters that can carry guns in the movies are cops, agents and criminals.  American civilians do not carry guns in contemporary Hollywood movies.  Why do we suppose that is?

And what do our wonderful churches have to say about self-defense against the government?  Why, they don’t say a word.

So anyway, when do you fight back against tyrants, bullies and thugs?  I say, at the drop of a hat.  Let’s quit dicking around.  When we put up with threats and assaults and murder, we only encourage them to do more. 

Iran’s in the same position.  They told the US, don’t come back to the Gulf with your big-assed boats and nuke-armed planes, threatening to annihilate us all.  The American Zionists said they’ll come back anytime they feel like it. 

The American Zionists don’t care that the Iranians have some of the most devastating anti-ship missiles in creation and can put the entire US fleet on the bottom in minutes.  The American Zionists hope that that is what happens because they won’t be in danger, sitting as they are in Washington and New York.  They would like to see thousands of sailors blown up and sent to the bottom of the Gulf, just as their predecessors wanted for the sailors on the Liberty in ’67.  In their twisted little Jewish minds, in their twisted little Christian minds, a nuclear catastrophe in the Middle East is their big religious dream.

But we shouldn’t care that they don’t care.  We shouldn’t care if cops want us to fight back and give them an excuse to hurt and kill us.  They actually want us to resist just a little, not a lot.  The Iranians need to respond and we need to do the same thing, whether it’s cops trying to push us around or FEMA thugs planning to round us up and put us in secret prisons.  At this point, it doesn’t matter.  Either one can get you killed.

At this point, we’re on the verge of disappearing from the pages of history.  If we go quietly it will be as if we were never here.  Our lives will have been a total waste of time. 

At some point coming up, if we want to count, cops are going to have to become shit-scared of us.  They will get this way by all the reports of thug-cops being blown away by their intended victims.  Cops are going to change their ways.  They’re either going to become polite and deferential until we figure that we don’t need them anymore, or they’re going to find other work or they’re going to die. 

I travel a lot for a living.  I drive all over the country and am expecting some bogus roadblock at any time, now that our elected representatives have officially sold us out to, well – who’d they sell us out to exactly?  The boogeyman?  The Jews?  FEMA?  The CIA?  I mean, who’s in charge?

I’ll tell you again who’s in charge:  the Council on Foreign Relations.  Sure, there are rich men above the CFR who like meet and greet and devise plans in big resorts who also need to have their throats cut but they can’t do anything without the power structure, the chain of command, beneath them.  The CFR can’t do anything without cops and soldiers beneath them but the critical area is the CFR itself.  The CFR is where policy gets made and whence policy is issued.  This brain of the monster is extremely vulnerable and unprotected.  Its four thousand members are easily found thanks to the miracle of the search engine.  The Internet was made for destroying dictators, which is why they want to turn it off.

We’ve got all kinds of bad guys to deal with.  Some in pin-striped suits, some in camouflage fatigues, some in blue uniforms, some in khaki uniforms, some dressed just like us, working for the federal government and the banks.  It will be our job to deal with them all.

The reason it’s gotten so bad is because of us.  We have not accepted responsibility for our so-called employees, the thugs who claim to work for us.  It’s because we believed in voting, which is for dumb-ass cowards.  Anyone who votes deserves to have his vote stolen for the fool he is.  We can’t vote our gang into power so it can steal money and labor and time from people who don’t agree with us.  We certainly can’t put up with their gang stealing from us, especially when the two gangs are secretly in cahoots.  We don’t need the gangs.

But this website is about action, not voting.  Action at the roadblocks, not playing politics in the voting booth, which is how we got here today, worrying about roadblocks.  That’s where “democracy” always gets us, eventually. 

We’re on official notice that our lives aren’t worth a can of beans to the Congress, the president or the toads wearing body armor and carrying guns and driving around in cars supplied by us.  The main reason the cops aren’t on our side is because they’re not afraid of us.  That goes for the whores in Washington and everywhere else.  In this cold, cruel world the only way you get the parasite class to leave you alone or tell you they love you is to keep them in stark, raving fear of you.  They’re not at present, and that’s why we have trouble.

All the while I was getting the militia going, supplying machine guns to the Montana crowd, doing radio shows warning that we would be shooting down bothersome helicopters (which resulted in no more helicopters), I was left strictly alone by the FBI, the ATF, the Marshals and the cops.  Now why do you suppose that was?  I’ll tell you:  they were shit-scared of me and my guys.  They knew we were looking for trouble.  We had nothing better to do than to kill as many of them as wanted to come.  Whaddya know?  Nobody came.  I even supplied a German MG-3 and a thousand rounds of belted ammunition to one of their stooges, John Trochmann, and a Sten gun to his brother and an MG-34 to his nephew.  John Trochmann was reporting to both the FBI and the ATF.  When I realized this, I of course took back the guns.  But the only time the FBI ever came to see me was to ask how I was doing with my scrap tire franchise, and they couldn’t keep from stammering. 

They knew quite well that in those days, the late ‘90s, I was still the most dangerous son of a bitch in the country, ready to blow them away.

I’m still ready.  We all have to be ready to shoot anyone who threatens us.  Today in January, 2012, we are in a hell of a lot more danger than we were fourteen years ago.  I was in a lot of danger back then, but today we’re all in danger.  Today, there is no innocent roadblock.  Back then, yeah, looking for drunks.  Today they’re looking for us, or we must assume this.  What choice do we have?  Pretend Section 1021 of the NDA Act doesn’t say what it says?

I’m going to avoid roadblocks if possible because I’m not suicidal.  There are apps that warn of police roadblocks, which means I’m going to have to get a smart phone.  Let’s put our technology to work to keep us alive and give us a fighting chance. 

Okay, let’s say there’s a police roadblock at a chokepoint that we really can’t get around.  Let’s say it’s local, just to show us who’s boss.  Can’t get to the grocery store without going through it.  Well, that’s too damn bad for the jerks who are running it.  All roadblocks now are public health hazards and must be eradicated.  This can be done two ways.  First way, a decent hunter can pick off the roadblockers from a safe distance.  Second way, drive up with three or four guys with shotguns and rifles.  Or a combination of each.

Anyone who would man a roadblock now, since the passage of the Treason Acts, is a traitor.  The penalty for treason is death.

The Jews have done this to us, just as they did to Germany in the 1930s.  Anyone who feels sorry for the Jews in tolerant pre-war Germany needs to live with American roadblocks for a year or so.  He needs to stand in line to get into the grocery store or a soup line.  This is what the Wall Street Jews and the Federal Reserve Jews have done to us, with much worse to come.  And your friend Hyman Ginsburg down the street contributed with Israel bonds, giving to the United Jewish Appeal and a hundred other enabling acts for the past thirty years.  Your Christian friend contributed by never criticizing the Judaization of America, letting Jews guide his church’s policy on “anti-Semitism” and Israel and interfaith cooperation all these years. 

The cops are especially guilty, allowing themselves to be “trained” by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, taking free junkets to Israel to see how to deal with victims.  That’s why they are killing people on the streets.  The cops have asked for what’s coming.

Personally, I respect the Occupy crowd.  I wouldn’t do what they do, subjecting myself to being beat up and arrested.  But they’re doing what they can to bring discredit to the Wall Street rip-off specialists.  I would now recommend that they retire from the scene and become more militant.  They’ve shown the cops for what they are – paycheck whores and thugs in service to plutocrats who hate cops as much as they hate us.  You just can’t do the Ghandi thing in America.  The only thing that works in America is guns.  I realize the Occupy people are probably not gun people at this time, but that is going to have to change.

About three million guns were bought over the Christmas period, a very healthy sign.  The next step is for the guns to be used in self-defense against the thugs, which is really the only reason for the guns.  And for them to be used in offensive operations against the Rothschild/Rockefeller Group.

We are at the stage in American history, still to be written, that the people rise up against the ruling class.  The ruling class is protected by the police and military so we need to go around the police and military when possible to get at the rulers, who are mostly Jews.  Not all, of course, but mostly.  Especially the policy-makers.  Some of the police and military are going to jump ship and join with us and that’s fine but they will have to be watched very carefully.  Anyone who would join the police or military at this point has got some blind spots and some weak spots, to put it mildly.  But so have we all.

In everything I write and say, I’m going to call for the destruction of the CFR.  This is not empty rhetoric.  The only way for nuclear war to be prevented, the only way for the slaughter of millions of people here and overseas to be prevented, the only way to survive and win, is to destroy the Council on Foreign Relations and every one of its members.

There are many videos of cops abusing Americans.  These cops should be identified and punished by the resistance.  There are many videos of US military thugs abusing and killing people for sport and thrills, laughing about it.  These thugs need to be identified and punished by the resistance. 

Judges and prosecutors who have abused their positions and committed malicious prosecution must be identified and punished by the resistance.

It is now time to take this country away from the criminals who have usurped authority under something they call the American Bar Association.  What does “Bar” stand for?  Why should we pay any attention to it?  It is time to abandon this control mechanism over us.  Law should be like commercial diving – if you can get the job done, you’re a lawyer, just like the old days.  What has the legal system gotten us other than misery and judicial tyranny and loss of control over our lives through the corrupt practice of “case law?”

Everything that keeps us under government control must be overthrown.  What are we, wild animals who can’t be trusted without a lion tamer in charge?  Hardly.  We are the ones who pay the bills.  That makes us the boss.  Let’s start acting like the boss.  When the boss finds something wrong, he makes changes.

This whole NDA Act dictatorship thing depends on our fear.  No fear, no dictatorship.  The way to show no fear is to be ready, at the drop of a hat, to kill anyone claiming “authority” who wants to push you around.  That’s the only way.  We can’t talk our way out of this.  We can’t wave the Bill of Rights at them.  The Bill of Rights is dead.  The Constitution itself, the first seven articles, is no help and never was. 

The Constitution is just a program, based on Masonic lodge rules of procedure, for running the government.  The Bill of Rights was added by good guys to protect us from the Constitution!  From the central bank/central government types such as Hamilton, Washington and Madison.  George Washington, by the way, was not our friend.  Read a little about the Whiskey Rebellion.  Read about the way he converted the volunteers of the Revolution into a march-or-die Prussian-style army with severe punishments for minor infractions that made the Americans angry and demoralized just when they should have been encouraged to fight as free men, not Washington’s slave-army.  Our history needs serious revision since it was written by a bunch of liars.

Back to the present:  The only way to prevent martial law, under which we technically find ourselves, is to use our guns.  We cannot expect a seventy-six year old doctor/congressman to save us.  It ain’t gonna happen.  We can’t vote our way out of dictatorship.  Voting got us into dictatorship.  We have to shoot our way out.  That’s what the guns are for.  We must bring down the dictatorship and everyone who is a part of it.  Everyone.

This country, extremely flawed as it has always been, based in the first place on conquest and land theft and broken agreements and treaties (despite its pious claim that treaties are the highest laws of the land), did have a strong spirit of adventure and self-reliance.  This was not what was wanted by Rothschild agents such as Alexander Hamilton and his banker buddies.   These elitists devised ways to keep us down, mainly through a contrived “debt” to them in the form of interest on our currency and then a “civil war” followed by foreign wars, all for the profit of the Rothschild money machine.

The police state is the fruit of the central bank.  You don’t get one without the other.  You can’t get rid of one without getting rid of both.

Every aspect of the police state must be wiped out and naturally this means the Federal Reserve must be destroyed, both literally and figuratively.  All twelve “banks” must be demolished and the crooks inside brought out and hanged or shot.  This will be an object lesson to future crooks, just as the 1956 Hungarian Revolt was a lesson to totalitarian Jews who tormented, tortured and terrorized the people for a decade until they were dragged out into the streets of Budapest and executed on the spot.  Kind of like what America has been doing to the Moslems since 1991.

America has made a lot of trouble for the world, with our sanctimonious ideas of benign coercion, the belief that we can club other people over the head to do it our way.  We’ve got a lot of self-correction to do with our ideas of forced democracy, which is pure Judaism backed by Christian muscle.  American Democracy itself is rule by a certain minority, masquerading as Majority Rule.  That’s why the politicians crave that “Jewish vote.”  Lying, smearing, cheating and stealing elections is the “Jewish vote.”  When those things fail, the Jews kill you.  That’s why the “Jewish vote” is so critical to lying vote-mongers.  That’s why we’re treated to the spectacle of supplicants vying for who’s the biggest Jewish ass-kisser this year.

Bringing down the police state depends on each of us doing our part to dismantle every aspect of it, everywhere it is encountered.  If you see cops abusing people, don’t take pictures for YouTube – shoot them.  If you are stopped at a surprise roadblock which can’t be avoided, run your car into as many as you can get and then open fire on the rest.  If cops and/or military come to your house, there’s not going to be a happy ending, so let them have it.

I don’t recommend a gunfight inside your home, although if the door crashes in at three AM, you have no choice.  If you have an idea that they might be coming and running away is not an option, then set up an ambush outside.  Wait out there all night if you have to and get them from behind.  That will be a great lesson for the local tyrants.  This is how we will take our country back.

Another thing I did in LA was to get involved in Neighborhood Watch.  That way, with a magnetized sign on the truck, I could motor around the neighborhood at all hours and spot anyone who might be getting ready to do something and the neighbors were grateful.  Waiting in your house for something to happen isn’t the right way to go and leads to frayed nerves.  It’s always better to get outside and look around.  Usually, of course, nothing is going to happen.  But now, things have changed. 

I would ask that anyone writing or speaking about the dictatorship refrain from scaring and demoralizing his audience by not including a counter-plan to neutralize the threat.  It’s fine to detail the dastardly goals of FEMA and the military and the rest of the rotten government.  But you can’t just leave it there.  It takes guts to call for action, but that’s what is needed now.  At some point, the town criers are going to be considered agents of disinformation and morale-busters if they do not call for resistance to the tyrants as they describe the latest assault on our lives.  Because most of what we’re up against is psychological warfare, designed to make us surrender without firing a shot. 

That’s something we just cannot allow.