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_ Jewish Policy 

We need a new Jewish policy because the Jews are taking us to war once again. 

This is nothing new.  The Jews took us to war in 1917.  Chaim Weizmann and his cronies in America (Frankfurter, Brandeis, Baruch and Untermayer) blackmailed Woodrow Wilson into a declaration of war against Germany and almost got us into their League of Nations.  Over ten million people died.

Those same Jews along with Jacob Schiff used the American president to wage total war on the Russian people by sending Trotsky-Bronstein to St. Petersburg to join forces with Lenin-Ulyanov to destroy Russia.  Scores of millions of people died. 

FDR and his Jews (Frankfurter, Baruch, Untermayer, Rosenman and Morgenthau) maneuvered us into World War II and into their United Nations, after sixty million people died.  Truman’s Jews (Feinberg, Jacobson and Blaustein) persuaded him to create a Jewish war state and declare a UN war against Korea, where we now learn that millions of Koreans died. 

It continued downhill from there.  Johnson and his Jews (Feinberg, Krim, Goldberg, Fortas, the Rostows and many others) took us to war in Vietnam, with millions killed.  They also opened the Treasury Department and the US arsenal to Israel.  Our last few presidents have been taken over by Jews who call themselves Neo-Cons and have put us at war with Islam, with millions killed and still being killed and many more to be killed.

Behind every American war is a bunch of Jews profiting in some big way.  War is good for the Jews because it gets millions of people killed and Jewish banks make big war loans to the government.  The loans can never be repaid and this puts the government even further under Jewish control.  Judaism is a cult of death and profit, the proper order difficult to say.

The Jews have us at war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya with more coming against Yemen, Syria and of course, Iran, their ultimate Moslem target because that’s where so much more oil is. 

Now the Jews are outdoing themselves with a new bill in the Congress that would outlaw US government contact with Iran!  The bill, HR 1905, introduced by a Florida Jewess, would require Jewish permission for any American from the president down to make contact with the Iranian government. 

“The clearest evidence that war is the intention of the bill's supporters comes in Section 601:

(c) RESTRICTION ON CONTACT - No person employed with the United States Government may contact in an official or unofficial capacity any person that -
(1) is an agent, instrumentality, or official of, is affiliated with, or is serving as a representative of the Government of Iran; and

(2) presents a threat to the United States or is affiliated with terrorist organizations.

(d) WAIVER - The president may waive the requirements of subsection (c) if the president determines and so reports to the appropriate congressional committees 15 days prior to the exercise of waiver authority that failure to exercise such waiver authority would pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the vital national security interests of the United States.”  (Al Jazeera, MJ Rosenberg)

Can you believe it?  If the Jews can’t actually force us to attack Iran, which the military doesn’t want to do, they can rub our noses in their power by forbidding us to speak without permission!

We need a new Jewish policy.  Here is mine:  Save America – Kill the Jews.

Alll Jews?  Only the ones who do harm.  I can’t say how many of those there are, since Jews are by nature harmful.  But Bobby Fischer had it right:  Hundreds of thousands of harmful Jews must be killed.  What I call the rabbinical class must be wiped out.  The rabbis are the commissars who keep the little Jews in line.  Maybe some of these Jews would like to break free and be harmless.

Banking Jews, advisor Jews, entertainment Jews, education Jews, medicine Jews, lawyer Jews, judge Jews, policy Jews, journalist Jews, religion Jews, government Jews, publisher Jews, news Jews.  These are the harmful ones, the ones in control of every aspect of our lives. 

During the war between the Germans and the Soviets, the Red Army was controlled by Jewish commissars whose jobs were to shoot soldiers from behind if they didn’t show enough zeal against the Germans.  It is of course a sad commentary that Russians armed with rifles and submachine guns didn’t turn around and slaughter those treacherous vermin.  Why didn’t they?  Probably for the same reason that we Americans have not yet wiped out our Jewish controllers.  What is the common factor between us and the Russians that has protected the Jews?  The factor is Christianity.

The Russians were neutralized by a combination of Jewish terror and Jewish Christianity.  The faithful are instructed to submit and await salvation in the sweet bye-and-bye, meaning not in this life.  Self-defense is not in the Christian instruction manual.  Jesus forbade self-defense when attacked in the garden of Gethsemane.  Jesus ruled out survival during his interview by Pilate.  What the hell was he thinking, if we can credit the legend?

I will say it over and over:  Christianity does not have a program for victory over the Jews, despite its alleged opposition to Judaism, despite its main character’s Jewish-directed execution and those of his early followers all of whom were Jewish rebels.  No, it glories in the symbol of Jesus’ execution, the cross!  How insane is that?  The cross represents the ultimate Jewish victory over their enemies, the Christians.  The cross represents the death penalty for believing in Jesus.  It represents surrender to the Jews.  That is why I consider Christianity to be our deadliest enemy, deadlier than the Jews themselves. 

Christianity represents surrender to any potential killer such as Stalin, Mao or some uniformed dope at a roadblock.  Christianity is what holds us in check when our instinct is to defend ourselves with deadly force.  The damage done to humanity by Christianity is difficult to gauge, considering also the mass murdering of humanity by Christianity itself, back in its gory glory days.  An estimated four million women were burned, hanged or drowned by Catholic priests who accused them of being witches.  Protestant witch-doctors did the same thing in Massachusetts and Connecticut right up to the 18th Century.

The great gory glory days of the faith were those when the Christian crusaders invaded the Middle East for a hundred and ninety years and killed and were killed, the death toll maybe five million.  For what?  Peace and love?  No, to put Jerusalem under Christian rule.

To eliminate the cancer of Judaism we must eradicate the cancer of the intellect which is Christianity, which is merely Judaism for Gentiles.  How can a Christian resist one of “God’s chosen people” bent on destroying him/her?  How can “God’s chosen people” hate the “son of God?”  Christians don’t ask themselves these obvious questions.

Christianity is a mass of contradictions and confusion – the perfect mind-scrambler.  Merely the belief in an invisible god is a sign of insanity.  What good did Jesus do, besides getting himself and all his people killed? 

Christians should understand the depth of deception involved in their belief system.   Jews hate Gentiles, not Christianity.  Christianity is the trap they set for good-hearted Gentiles who want to do good works.  It’s also a refuge for cowards.

Christianity is how their hated enemy is disarmed and rendered safe for Jewish plundering.  Those whom the Jews destroy they first make Christian!  It is the perfect scheme for taking power because it involves mind control.  The Christian supplicant is the most harmless sheep, ready for shearing or slaughter, whichever is needed.

The first step toward de-Judaizing America is the total rejection of all religion, specifically Christianity, by those who will do the hard work against the Jews.  The Christian fundamentalist racketeers have given the Jews tremendous help for decades and must take equal responsibility and punishment as their Khazar masters.  They turned the entire Bible Belt into a Jewish zone of psychological occupation.

What must happen in America to the Jews and their helpers is the same as they did to the Russian people after 1917.  What we see the Jews doing to the helpless Moslems under their control must be done to them.  Jews slaughter humanitarians trying to help the helpless.  This is what must be done to Jews, not one of whom objected to those murders.

Judaism is a catastrophic plague on humanity.  The plague must be wiped out in totality. 

The first step is to speak the unspeakable and plant the seed of rebellion against the Jews.  That’s what this is, a suggestion for a new Jewish policy.