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[This is not new except that few people have seen it.  Here is the mindset we must have to win the coming struggle for power.]

If Bush attacks Iran it might trigger two other things.  The first one would be a declaration of a national emergency and with it the arrests of political dissidents under what FEMA calls Operation Garden Plot.  We can all imagine what our lives would become under martial law, even for those of us who are not immediately arrested.  There would be shortages and deprivations and great difficulty in movement, mainly due to the high cost of fuel, but also because of military/police roadblocks.  We would have to justify our driving and even walking around, the way Palestinians and Iraqis do now, and to the same people – Judeo-American cops and soldiers.

If American soldiers could turn into torturing, murdering sadists virtually overnight in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba and elsewhere it was because they were carefully conditioned to hate Moslems before they were even sent overseas.  Looking at the un-look-able pictures of Abu Ghraib can’t help but shock and awe Americans and make us wonder how those young people could be turned into monsters so early in the invasion of Iraq.  How could such hate and sadism be generated so quickly?  Moslems are anything but hateful or hate-able people – just the opposite.  They are quite gentle and likeable.  We can figure who conditioned our soldiers to hate, torture and murder some of the most harmless people on this Earth.  Now that we see the big list of American police and military departments that undergo training and conditioning by the Anti-Defamation League, it is quite obvious.  Hollywood has always played an important part in conditioning us to hate and kill the designated enemy, and it continues to do so.  Same with bloody video games.

The second thing that might be triggered by the US invasion of Iran is that George Bush would not retire from the presidency.  This is probably the only way he and his cronies can avoid being indicted for war crimes by some agency, either American or foreign.  The FBI, what I used to call America’s number one terrorist organization, is now indicating that it was shocked by the evil behavior of CIA and military personnel in the various American torture centers around the world.  The emerging word is that all torture and murder guidelines were formulated in Bush’s Oval Office, based entirely on the Israeli method .  The War Crimes Act of 1996 requires the death penalty for war crimes that resulted in the death of one person.  Bush is a passed master in the art of executing prisoners, both in Texas and in Iraq, so he knows that he could literally be hoist on his own petard.  Alberto Gonzales, a few years ago, spent some desperate days asking GOP legislators for exemptions for the Bush gang when they are formally accused of war crimes.  

Anyway, these events would probably trigger the declaration of martial law.  As frightening as that sounds, it doesn’t mean that it would work.  It is a dream of our natural enemies to have rednecks acting as their enforcers and killers and somehow keeping those rednecks from turning on them, which is their recurring nightmare.  So they want their rednecks to be Christians, doesn’t matter which brand.  Our enemies know that we would want to trust our own kind, same as their program to use preachers, ministers and other holy Joes to persuade the faithful to cooperate and go quietly to the camps – the Halliburton Hiltons.

So all this essay is is what I will do if martial law is declared.  I’m an extreme case but as good as any.  I’m obviously at the top of the “red list” and probably the “black list,” if one sensational account by a US marine is true, and I’m not sure it is.  But it will probably become true as time goes by, due to the basically sadistic nature of our wonderful boys (and girls) in uniform.  They’ve become unbelievably hardened and callous by their Moslem adventures and their brainwashers won’t have a hard time switching their hatred to American civilians who’ve shown no appreciation that they’ve been in Iraq, etc., fighting for our freedom.  See the very unpleasant movie, FULL METAL JACKET, if you can stand it, to see how young recruits are turned into killers of anyone in no time.

Let’s say the television news reports that the Department of Homeland Security announces that emergency measures are necessary because of the collapse of the currency, the shortage of rice, the high price of gas, the threat of an Iranian invasion or whatever.  We are ordered to remain in our homes and off the streets until further notice.  Due to (fake) reports of looting and rioting, which we can’t actually see because the power has been browning out, violators of the new curfew will be shot.  Pretty soon, limited daylight travel will be allowed, which may require travel permits and other documents.  All people will be encouraged by some very bad experiences to congregate at their churches, where the tame preachers will keep them under hypnotic mind control and try to keep soothing the ones prone to violence. 

Checkpoints and roadblocks will only be enforceable in urban areas.  City people are too dependent on grocery stores.  Suburban people are pretty dependent, too, but there aren’t enough cops and soldiers to deal with the sprawling suburbs.  They need choke points.  Country people are somewhat better at growing food and using guns and will be much harder to control at first, before the widespread starvation begins.  Wherever you encounter roadblocks, they will be based on bluff and instant and merciless violence to make the bluff work.  It’s called Terrorism.  There’s no other word for it.  Picture Israel and yourself as a Palestinian, showing your papers and trying to get through the checkpoint alive – every day of the rest of your miserable life.

There’s only one way to deal with Terrorism and that is Counter-Terrorism. There is only one method of dealing with whoever’s running the checkpoint or the roadblock.  Anyone who would do such a thing needs to be killed.  How is this done?

The deadliest weapon you have is your car.  In the beginning of martial law, the roadblocks won’t be that tough.  A few self-conscious jerks in camouflage will be standing around with their rifles, not knowing exactly what to do with them.  If you think you can get through the checkpoint peacefully this time, try it.  If you think your number’s up, then steer for the biggest bunch of jerks you can hit in one shot.  Hit them hard, kill as many as possible, and keep going,  This will only work in the opening stage of the crackdown because there will quickly develop shortages of food and fuel and there won’t be that much driving around anymore.  The country will become like Palestine.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s instructive.  The Rhodesian farmers became unable to drive into the villages of Mt. Darwin, Bindura, Centenary and others after dark due to ambushes.  Their happy lifestyle that they tried to maintain despite truly terrifying terror tactics ground to a halt when the sun went down.  So we in the security forces began to organize a convoy for each of the three routes out of Mt. Darwin, in my case, to protect the farmers so they could get back home after dark.  It wasn’t a big deal, just a Ferret or a truck with a machine gun on it somewhere in the little line of cars.  There was never an attack on one of these convoys because the terrorists knew we were prepared to fight.  I found that merely sticking your rifle out the window of the car was enough to prevent an ambush.  One day, a town-cop from Bulawayo who’d been doing his one-month-per-year bush duty asked me to drive him down to Salisbury, which required a risky and speedy drive between Mt. Darwin and Bindura, south of which it became relatively safe.  He kept remarking how frightened he’d been for the past month and was terrified of being ambushed.  I suggested that he stick his FN rifle out the passenger window and that way we probably wouldn’t be ambushed.  He wouldn’t do it.  He was so frightened that he just sat there.  I repeated my suggestion but he was paralyzed with fear and seemingly didn’t want to offend the terrorists by brandishing his weapon.  So I stuck my rifle out the driver’s window, which was a little awkward, just to show him what I meant.  He just looked straight ahead for thirty terrified miles.  I never forgot that, since I’d gone to Rhodesia looking for a fight, and I found paradise.  This guy had just wanted a peaceful cop job in a sleepy little city and wound up  in hell. 

A lot of what I’m talking about, regarding America, is also mental.  We have to develop the right state of mind for what’s coming; we have to make it clear to the cops, to the soldier-boys and the CFR and ADL that we welcome this fight and have been anticipating it for many years.  Now is our chance to clear our names, to make being an American an honorable thing for the first time in a couple of hundred years.  Let’s put them on notice that they will be the first ones to be destroyed when they make the final decision to betray us.

We’ve got to nip this in the bud.  We can do this by making them more afraid of us than we are of them, right from the start, as soon as they announce their “new deal.”  The worst thing that ever happened, from the federal viewpoint, maybe for all time, was the Waco debacle on April 19, 1993.  A bunch of eccentric gun owners was sneak-attacked and shot up with lots of casualties.  But they rallied and shot back, killing four ATFs and wounding a couple of dozen.   The ATFs quickly asked for a cease-fire, so they could drag out their dead and wounded!  The eccentric gun-owners foolishly allowed this, in a show of “good faith.”  A fat lot of good it did them, fifty-one days later.  You don’t let these guys up once you hit them.  You don’t ask, “Now are you going to behave?”  If you show them any mercy they will kill you.  Actually, we now know that they will first torture you and then kill you.  They like it.  It comes from the Oval Office and it comes from Israel, just like 9-11.

If we hit back hard at the first sign of trouble, we can knock the wheels off this thing, this attempt at a FEMA-DHS dictatorship.  But we’ll have to fight it out, with the possibility that you, yourself, may not survive this first encounter.  But you can survive it if you have the right attitude and make the right moves.  Waco proved that resistance in America frightens these guys.  Resistance in Iraq doesn’t mean a damn to them, because they don’t live in Iraq.  But the idea of Americans actually getting even and maybe looking for them and setting up ambushes and all the things that we can do really terrifies these guys.  They were punks when they were kids and they’re still punks in $3,000 suits, being driven around in limos.  That’s going to have to end because limos are going to get shot up.  So are police cars and Humvees and anything that looks like The Man.

Now, I can say these things and the feds know I’m serious, because of my record.  If you’re not serious, then don’t say anything until you get serious, and then there’s no need to say anything even then.  Somebody has to say the hard truth at this point, just to plant the idea of serious, violent resistance to State Terror.  This was how I started the militia movement, such as it was.  Don’t try to tell me that it didn’t amount to a hill of beans because I already know that.  I knew it then.  However, it did result in several million men adjusting their attitudes toward the government, buying millions of guns and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition and the government was taken totally by surprise, even if no one except me threatened anyone.  It took several years for the government to devise a way to associate the word “militia” with scorn and revulsion, as Lenin used to say.  That way was Oklahoma City.  So, I’m not trying to revive the militia.  I only used that word instead of “the Resistance” because of the ridiculous wording of the 2nd Amendment and the way that judges have always used it to deny us our 2nd Amendment right to the best self-defense.  If a certain gun, such as a Thompson submachine gun or a sawed-off shotgun, didn’t conform with a judge’s idea of the sort of gun that would be used by “the militia,” then he declared it illegal and sent the owner to prison for many years.  That’s how the 2nd Amendment has served us since the 1840s.  The really useful guns, the kinds you need to overthrow the government, were outlawed with the help of the 2nd Amendment and those DC stooges, the National Rifle Association, which helped the government formulate every single piece of anti-gun legislation since Gun Control started under Franklin Roosevelt.

Here’s all you need to know:  Gun Control is Treason.  Anyone involved in Gun Control needs to be brought under control by a gun.  He or she needs to be shot with a gun because that traitor has declared war on you and me and on everything we hold dear, and because that’s what guns are for.  Guns are for protecting yourself from bad guys.  Am I wrong?  Who are the worst bad guys in America?  That’s who the guns are for.  And these bad guys have a whole lot of bad cops protecting them, and bad GIs and marines.  Most of the GIs and marines are severely disabled from various physical and mental problems incurred while Fighting For Our Freedom.  I really don’t think they’re up for enforcing a crackdown here at home.  Some of them, sure.  But there’s not enough of them to matter in a country of 300 million people.  There aren’t enough cops, either.

The main thing is to develop a very aggressive state of mind when it comes to being told what to do.  Get in the habit of ignoring people who want to give you orders.  This requires carrying a gun, just to give you the authority to act tough.  If you’ve never done this, you’ll be surprised how strong and dignified you become.  Of course, you need to become proficient with the gun and extremely familiar with every aspect of it.  And you need to observe the most extreme form of gun safety, every second of every day.  You don’t pull the gun to make a point – only to kill someone who is trying to kill you.  You might not wish to make a lot of noise and the gun may be used only to let you get away quietly, but the idea is only to produce it when it’s time to shoot someone, loud noise or not.

A lot of people reading this have never fired a gun.  I was given my first gun, an S&W Chief’s Special, when I was nine years old.  But for two years before that I’d been rather strenuously schooled in firearms safety.  My father would frequently try to walk in front of the muzzle of my weapon, even my cap gun.  When he was satisfied that I would never let the gun point at anyone, he gave me the snub-nose .38 and I carried it at night when I walked the dog .  We lived near where the Grimes sisters were murdered and he didn’t want me to join them, since the murderer wasn’t found.  Anyway, I started out early and twenty years later became a hired gun in Africa for a couple of years, which is obviously unusual.  So I have always known a lot about guns.  He sent me to Wyoming in 1959 when I was twelve to be trained by the renowned rifleman, Les Bowman, who every morning had me hand-load six rounds of .30-’06 ammunition, fire them through a chronograph and keep a record of the velocity and accuracy of each bullet – before I fed the forty horses he had for his big-game hunters.  I was also the horse wrangler for the hunting expeditions.  To me, as a kid, guns represented safety, manhood and dignity.  Only very useless people had no guns, for what could you do against outlaws without guns?  All Americans were supposed to have guns and be good with them!   Good guys, bad guys - no exceptions!  You expect bad guys to have guns so you had to be good enough to deal with them. 

Guns are a fact of life in America, regardless of your opinion of them.  That’s one thing about this country that will never change.  You don’t need to be Deadeye Dick or Annie Oakley – you’re just going to need to be willing to shoot the right people at the right time.  It’s pretty easy to shoot someone at close distance and not miss, once you wrap your mind around it.  Wrapping your mind around it is the new part.  But you will do this or you will disappear into a very unpleasant place and once you get there you will wish you had killed every single bastard who helped put you there.  I’ve been in jail, looking at many years in prison, and I know what I’m talking about.  I was very lucky to have beaten the rap, since I was caught with a Thompson submachine gun in the trunk of the car, in 1980.  In those days I didn’t view cops as enemies, since I’d technically been a cop, in Africa.  All I wanted to do was kill David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, not cops.  Since those dreamy days I learned that cops are also enemies – the ones we’ll have to deal with day-to-day.  They protect the political criminals from us, which makes them accessories.  Soldiers are war criminals and must of course be shown no mercy, for they will give you none. 

The toughest roadblocks will be natural choke points on the interstate highways and turnpikes, especially toll roads with actual controls at the toll booths.  These will have to be totally avoided.  You’ll have to devise alternate routes, of course, and travel will be severely restricted, as mentioned. 

The point of this essay is to avoid martial law in the only possible way, and that is to shoot, stab, strangle, crush or drown every single person who participates in controlling us.  There is no peaceful way to stop these psychopaths, which are people who have no consciences – the most dangerous people on this Earth.  If you get caught in a roadblock, which can happen, face the fact that the roadblock is intended to catch you and destroy you and your only chance is to kill everyone involved in the roadblock that you can and speed away and escape.  If cops come to your home and knock on the door for no legitimate reason, then you respond by shooting them because you know that they are carrying guns and mean to harm you.  This does not apply if you have actually done something wrong and have to face the music on a routine criminal matter.  This applies if you know that you have done nothing that would call for two or more cops to be knocking on your door, after it is generally known that certain people are being arrested and/or disappearing.  You know exactly what our military and police have been doing to thousands and thousands of people overseas and in this country.  You know about Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib and “extraordinary renditions” and torture and murder and all the crap that we’ve been swallowing since 2001.  Do you really think it will be different for you? 

Bush and his cronies figure that the time to grab total power is now.  They are nervous because this time they fear that they will fail, just as they have failed in Afghanistan and Iraq to seize power.  All they have managed to do is destroy everything, which is barely acceptable in those countries.  That total devastation is not what they envision for America.  But what they want here is the absence of resistance which they assume can happen if enough rebels are transported into detention camps.  They dream of lording it over a completely docile bunch of Gentiles, the way Paul Wolfowitz promised would happen in Iraq after a few weeks of shock and awe.  These people know what has happened to everything they’ve ever touched.  Look at “Israel.”  Look at Lebanon.  Look at Iraq.  Look at the Department of Homeland Security and New Orleans.  Look at Wall Street and Hollywood.  Everything they “control” turns to garbage.  Their next takeover will be different, but it never is.

That doesn’t help us much because we’ll be forced to deal with their attempt at creating another perfect dictatorship and the total mess they will make of our lives.  They have penetrated every aspect of our lives and must be resisted on every level, from cops to soldiers to decision-makers.  The level I was aiming to resist with the militia was the highest level, the de facto government of the United States:  the Federal Reserve Corporation, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.  These are private, Jewish criminal combinations too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.  They should have been destroyed by knowledgeable Americans decades ago, but they weren’t.  If these crime syndicates are destroyed by us, the dictatorship will collapse before it can consolidate power.  If they are not destroyed, we shall suffer the same fate as the Russians after 1918 and the Palestinians after 1948.  People just naturally want to stall around and let someone else do it.  That won’t work here any better than it did in Russia.  We’ve got the advantage of knowing what these people do when they have total power and we must use that advantage.

The Federal Reserve mausoleums can be found in twelve cities.  The Fed’s real headquarters is in the New York branch.  (The IRS is the collection agency for the New York Fed – look at the back of your cancelled check.)  The CFR is in Manhattan.  The ADL hides in the UN building, also in New York.  Our main theatre of operations is New York City.  Once these dens of iniquity are destroyed, we can spread out and attack many other subversive groups, such as the think tanks, the tax-exempt foundations and those corporations which have combined with the government to maximize profits through the agony of normal people everywhere.  The dictatorship will be privatized, as we see with Halliburton and Chase building and running private prisons and Blackwater playing cops and soldiers.  All of these private fascistic companies must be destroyed, so toxic are they to our lives and happiness.  Fascism is the legalized combination of corporations and government and always ends badly, as it will for these guys.  They’ve hurt and killed too many people and must all be put to death.  What about this is not true?

Then there is the matter of the tyrants who are paid by the taxpayers to rule us – the government employees.  Many if not all of these agencies are actually corporations also, registered in Delaware and Puerto Rico and other places.  We have been laboring under many false impressions and lies all our lives, so there is some learning to do.  But not too much!  What we don’t need is more analysis, more history, more blah, blah, blah about how rotten these people are.  No more talk-talk.  We cannot talk or write our way out of what’s coming – only fight and kill our way out.  The tyrants at the IRS who have ruined so many millions of lives must pay with their lives, but so must the ones in all the regulatory agencies who have caused misery and suffering.  I’m thinking here of pseudo-scientific outfits such as the Food  & Drug Administration, the American Medical Association and the fakers in the cancer, heart, diabetes and countless other medical rackets they call “societies” and “associations.”  They are criminal combinations and syndicates who have bled us dry in the death houses they call “hospitals.”

We all know about Kissinger’s plan for the reduction of the population, and how diabolical it was when he described it back in 1976.  But we need our own population reduction plan, which I am laying out here.  Ours isn’t as radical and extensive as Kissinger’s.  It only involves the portion of our population that has sucked our lifeblood for as long as we’ve been alive.  Remove these parasites from all levels – national, state and local – and our lives will improve immensely and quickly.  If we don’t detach them from our veins and our bank accounts, we shall die of one horrible method or another.

And that brings up some of the meanest snakes in the country – the bankers.  Lawyers are a huge pain and must be re-educated (unless you need a criminal defense attorney, and a good one of these is your best friend), but bankers are our real enemies.  Why?  Because of the way money is created.  This is not the place for a discussion of currency and credit, but there is no alternative to eliminating the practice of lending and demanding interest on the loan.  Money and credit are “created” by loans, which are fake.  Nothing of value is loaned but must be repaid in cash, or by forfeiture of something real, in a greater amount than what was borrowed.  This is mathematically impossible and is the cause of “inflation,” or the rise in prices, because the supply of currency and credit must be increased to allow interest payments.  Few people actually own anything in this country and virtually everything can be “repossessed” if one payment is late.  “Homeowners” think they can burn their mortgages when the loans are finally paid off, but they have to keep paying rent to the government or they lose their homes.  All the pirates who have been ripping us off, bankers and tax men, must climb the thirteen steps and leave this life the same way Bush had Saddam leave it.  I doubt any of them will show the stoicism and manliness of Saddam Hussein on the gallows.

This is how we deal with the martial law plans of Bush and Cheney, McCain and Lieberman, Obama and the Clinton broad, who dreams aloud of Obama being killed.  They all have the same plans, regardless of who is “elected,” or who decides not to leave office when he’s supposed to go.  One of these jerks is going to declare martial law after Iran is attacked without cause or mercy.  First we recognize the deadly threat these people are making against us, no less than their threats against Iraq and Iran.  Then we determine not to allow any assault upon us or our friends by these domestic terrorists, who were identified above.

Think about it, wrap your mind around it and get up for it, because it’s coming to a theatre near you.