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American Violence


American Violence

“Violence is never the solution, it is always the problem, and it causes all the other problems humanity is faced with for no good or just cause. We end wars with peace and justice, not with more violence and injustice. It takes far more courage to condemn violence than to join in, to become part of the problem like a mad dog. Peace and Love Forever…”

This was sent out by someone in response to the following two paragraphs by me:

“The peaceful phase of the Takeover has ended.  We're entering the violent phase.  There are no more legal, peaceful remedies available to us, as Jesse Ventura just proved.  There is no safe way to gain freedom from despots.

We Americans can redeem ourselves for our previous cowardice and laziness but only through violence against every aspect of aggression by the Group.  It doesn't matter where aggression is used against us, on the street, in Manhattan or DC or Kansas City or Los Angeles.  Everything they do is backed by violence and murder.  Let's see how they like it.”

“We end wars with peace and justice…”  What a dreamy idea!  How did America end World War II?  By slaughtering more Germans after the war than during the war.  By putting all of eastern Europe under Josef Stalin and China under Mao Tse Tung and Palestine under the Jews.  Ask the Japanese about how America ends wars.  Ask the Plains Indians.  Ask a Southerner.

Cowards have a hundred ways to rationalize cowardice, to make it seem noble.

And there shouldn’t even be an urge to deal peacefully with the scum who plan to put us in concentration camps, or stop us and search us, or stick their slimy hands down our pants.  Anyone who would do such a thing must be killed!  This is America, for Pete’s sake.  America is another word for Violence. 

Americans are about to get what their soldier boys have been doing to the rest of the world since long before 1861.  That’s if we don’t fight back, which millions are itching to do.  If we don’t fight back, we’re going to be degraded and humiliated to death by the scum of American society.

I don’t try to compare us with the old colonists.  This is a totally different thing.  I will say that some of them, such as Patrick Henry, had their heads screwed on right and we never have.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t change. 

Change means we must learn to embrace violence against any and all aggression.  That means aggression by Mexicans breaking into the country – doesn’t matter why – human traffickers and drug traffickers and occupiers.  It means aggression by Border Patrol against us north of the Mexican border or south of the Canadian border or wherever.  It means aggression by TSA thugs in Tennessee or wherever.  It means aggression in the form of roadblocks for just about anything nowadays. 

A roadblock for ID check, drug check, any check that includes a search of your vehicle is going to have to be resisted by force.  Otherwise, where’s it going to end?  It’s all intended to end in a FEMA camp, a Halliburton Hilton.

Have you thought about just how much crap you will take before you say, “This much and no more!”    Have you set a limit?

There are two screenplays in the “More” section of this website.  Both DEATH VALLEY and CRACKDOWN give instructions on proper American behavior at roadblocks.  I suggest you read them carefully.  To get big messages across it’s often necessary to entertain.  We’ve been undergoing this sort of conditioning by Hollywood since the 1930s. 

What about the cowards who have always told us, “Oh, I pray you – no violence.”  This is the message from the religious racketeers, the priests, ministers and assorted sky pilots.  Not the army chaplains, of course.  No, those tricky guys are paid to soothe the consciences of the fools who volunteered to murder foreigners for the Group.  These con-men deal in cognitive dissonance, the holding of two opposite ideas at the same time.  “Jesus approves of what you’re doing to those people, since what choice do you have?  You’re following lawful orders.  You’re doing the right thing.”

Cowards always dream up good excuses to go along.  What we are up against, just as much as the bloodthirsty thugs who are ready to kill us, are the cowards who have always said and will always say, “Violence will play into their hands!  They want you to fight back and then it will get worse for us!  Don’t do it!”

Here’s what plays into their hands:  cowardice.  The only answer to Thugs Standing Around is not to fly.  Let the TSA goons fry in their porno-scan radiation, which serves them right.  Fools are going to die.  Take your car or truck. 

Drive!  The thugs at the roadblocks are yellow dogs with authority.  When it gets too dangerous to flag a car down, the roadblocks will evaporate.

Our situation is this:  the planners at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan tell the cops and feds to give us a hard time on the road or wherever, which they then do.  Again, fools are going to die.  Anyone carrying a gun who makes you stop on the road to give him something is by definition a highwayman.  Doesn’t matter who he’s working for or what sort of clothes he’s got on.  Highwaymen have no rights.  They are like the Gun Police.  Gun Police have no rights.  We shall not take any Gun Police or highwaymen prisoner.  When you’re killing rats, you don’t take any rats prisoner.

The Gun Police are of course in a class all their own.  They have been supplying the Mexican drug cartels with rifles and pistols from American gun stores in a scheme to shut down sales of guns to Americans!  A scheme this insanely evil could only be dreamed up by Jews.  Or by Hillary Clinton, but I repeat myself.

The cops and the feds are trained by the Israeli Army and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.  Back in the ‘80s, some of the rebel groups referred to the US government as ZOG.  This is literally ZOG, more accurately, JOG.  Actually, Jewish Rule.  We are now under Jewish Rule.  

Americans are caught between two kinds of law enforcement, neither of which is on our side, both trained and controlled by Jews.  We’re in a pincer between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement.

The feds, we now know, have been arming the Mexican drug cartels for years, supplying them with handguns, shotguns and rifles which have been used to kill lots of Mexicans and a couple of Americans.  The cartels have been allowed by the feds to move tons of pot, coke and heroin into our country.  This has been going on during the Obama administration.  Little George Bush, however, was also helping the cartels; he supplied the Mexican government with the positions of the civilian border guards known as Minutemen so that human and drug traffickers could avoid them.

This has been a continuation of the Big George Bush racket called Iran-Contra.  Oliver North, using his CIA-name (John Cathey), supplied AK-47s to drug-traffickers in Nicaragua in return for cocaine that was flown into Mena, Arkansas.  Bill and Hillary Clinton were in charge of distribution of the drugs, using the power of the Clinton governorship of Arkansas.

We may never have heard of this ugly racket if Barry Seal’s C-123 hadn’t crashed in Nicaragua and a CIA kicker named Gene Hasenfus hadn’t bailed out just before going down with the pilots and radio operator in ‘86.  The cargo plane was full of AKs. 

Hasenfus had worn a parachute against North’s orders.  North wanted them all to die if anything went wrong.  My friend Bob Hitchman, the top Air America pilot in the ‘70s, turned on my television to see Hasenfus being led out of the Nicaraguan jungle with a rope around his neck.  He said, “That’s Gene Hasenfus!  He was my kicker in Laos!” 

Currently it is reported that “Fast and Furious,” the Justice Department’s bizarre program to arm the maniacal Mexican drug dealers with AKs from gun stores in the border states, was a Hillary Clinton operation, she now being our Secretary of State, of all unimaginable things.  Still up to her homicidal and drug-running tricks.

Asked by Rep. Connie Mack if the Justice Department had been given permission by the State Department to supply the Mexican drug cartels with American guns, she only would say that this was the first time she’d ever been asked such a question.  Well, persisted Mack, wouldn’t it be a crime if the Justice Department had supplied guns to criminals without a State Department license?  No answer.  Maybe the irony of Mack’s question was lost even on him, as if it would not be a crime to supply weapons to murdering drug traffickers if the State Department okayed it.  The Clinton broad stonewalled him, because there was no good answer.

Now everybody knows that the plan was to give thousands of guns to the Mexican murderers and then tie those guns to murders and be able to say, “The mass murders in Mexico are caused by all the guns in America.”  This would justify either an executive order or a law by Congress to outlaw guns in America.  Where it blew up was at the murder scenes of two American cops who were murdered by Mexicans with a couple of the “Fast and Furious” guns.  It wasn’t a problem that hundreds, maybe thousands, of Mexicans had also been murdered by those guns.

With the millions, maybe billions, of dollars the cartels have, they can buy guns from all over the world.  They don’t need guns from American stores along the border.  In fact, there is evidence that the guns were paid for not by the cartels but by the Justice Department with the 2009 bailout funds and given to the cartels to use as they saw fit.  This would have been an agreement between the US government and the narco-murderers to murder with the guns so as to eliminate gun ownership in America.

What is not being discussed much is the other side of the deal, that the Sinaloa cartel was and is allowed to bring tons of drugs into America in return for wiping out other cartels, their business rivals.  The Clinton broad blames American drug users.  We saw the identical thing with the two Columbian cocaine cartels in the ‘90s, the CIA giving one the green light and the other the red light.  And in the ‘80s, with the CIA’s Oliver North and the Clintons doing the same thing with Iran-Contra.  Big George Bush publicly thanked North for running “The Enterprise.”

This goes on and on and needn’t be overdiagnosed.   This website has to do with action rather than analysis.  A plan is needed, a plan to deal with narco-murderers in general.  The root of the problem is our own murdering slime-balls in our government.  It is our government and we are responsible.

The chief murdering slime-ball is Mr. Predator Drone.  His secret death squad in the White House is right now adding more American names to its black list of death.  The admitted existence of a White House death squad is a declaration of war against all Americans.  All of the murdering slime-balls in the White House must be put on our own black list.  There is no reason for them to continue to exist, so treacherous are they.

Mr. Predator Drone authorized the assassination of an American in Yemen but will not supply any evidence that the man had done anything to deserve it, as if you could deserve execution without due process.  But – okay.  A couple of weeks later, he authorized the murder by drone of the man’s sixteen-year-old son and five others as they sat eating ice cream.  The son might have been mad enough to try to get even.  Thousands of people all over the Mid-East and western Asia have been murdered by his Predator Drones.

Another murdering slime-ball is the Attorney General, technically responsible for Operation Fast and Furious. 

The Clinton broad, now incredibly our secretary of state, has a big string of murders behind her from Arkansas to Washington to Martha’s Vineyard.  Just look at the Clinton Chronicles.  Just look at her uninhibited laughter over the street murder of Khadaffi.  “We came, we saw, he’s dead – hee, hee, hee.”  John F. Kennedy, Jr. would have handily beaten her for the New York US Senate seat but his airplane crashed into the ocean along with his wife and her sister, ending the threat to the Clinton broad.  Who benefitted from his murder?  Who benefitted from Vince Foster’s murder?  Who benefitted from Mary C. Mahoney’s murder?

American violence has been dominated by the feds and the cops and of course the military.  Especially the military.  The US military has wiped out millions of normal people, just in the past few years.  Many, many millions in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s.  Difficult to tally how many millions our wonderful boys slaughtered in the 20th Century.  Then Big George Bush got the abattoir going again with 1991’s Desert Storm which wiped out a couple of million in combination with his subsequent “UN sanctions,” kept up by the Clintons. 

Anyone hazy on American violence should study the Basra Road Massacre, executed for Bush by General Barry McCaffrey.  The Iraqi army in Kuwait was told by Bush’s UN that if it retreated up Hiway 80 toward Baghdad with the tank guns pointing backward, they would be allowed to pass in safety.  The Iraqis did so.  The US Marines mined the road, forcing the huge column to stop.  The US Air Force and Marines then spent the day strafing the trapped column, killing tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians, plus others. 

Timothy McVeigh won a Bronze Star in Desert Storm for this heroic action:  As the war was ending, thousands of Iraqi soldiers wanted to surrender to the Americans.  They were trapped in trenches when the American Bradley Fighting Vehicles approached.  One Bradley with a mine plow ran alongside the trenches, covering them with sand and burying the surrendering soldiers alive.  If any tried to escape such a death, a soldier on a following Bradley shot at them with the vehicle’s .50 caliber Browning machine gun.  Tim McVeigh won his Bronze Star for doing this.  General Tom Kelly said on television that you could just see their fingers sticking out of the sand, but only admitted to about four hundred victims.  Official estimates of buried-alive soldiers attempting to surrender:  4,000.   Who the hell knows?  That’s what America does, decade after decade, homicide on a big scale.

The UN sanctions against Iraq during the “non-violent” phase of the war caused the deaths of over a million Iraqi children, according to former Attorney General Ramsey Clark. 

Little George Bush’s war of aggression against Iraq led to millions more deaths and the total radioactive contamination of the country by his use of depleted uranium munitions, a war crime of an indescribable magnitude, continued by the Peace Laureate, Mr. Predator Drone.  Their wars against Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and who-the-hell-knows-where-else are protected by the slut-stenographers of the government’s public relations firm, the press. 

The US government is only doing what comes naturally to American politicians and bureaucrats.  These scum-rats could never get away with their crimes against humanity if the press were honest.  But, it’s not honest and hasn’t been since Honest Abe Lincoln arrested hundreds of Northern publishers, editors and journalists who objected to his dictatorship and kept them in chains for the duration of his four-year crime against humanity.  From then on, the press did what it was told by the secret government and/or the federal government. 

David Rockefeller had the gall to thank the press for not reporting on the program and progress of his private government, the most visible agency being his Council on Foreign Relations.  He said that without the cooperation of the press in keeping his plan a secret, his Group could never have seized control of America.  His CIA co-opted virtually all important mainstream media personnel, as admitted by former director William Colby shortly before his murder.  So, obviously, virtually all important mainstream media personnel need their own commemorative lampposts and oak trees.  This is the only way to keep the press honest.

There is only one way to deal with the violence presented to us by our treacherous employees on our highways and bi-ways as we attempt to get to our destinations and go about our business. 

Highwaymen must be exterminated like rats.  America must lead the way to civilized behavior.  Half of the American population admits to owning at least one gun.  We don’t need one hundred fifty million people shooting cops and feds because there aren’t enough of them to go around.  We only need about a hundred.  Men, women, old, young – doesn’t matter.  If every state had two people enforcing the 4th Amendment, there would be no more roadblocks.  There also won’t be just two people once it gets started. 

Once it gets started, there’s going to be an open season on highwaymen.  Millions of us have nothing better to do than keep our roads open for travel.  The dynamic ones will form convoys with rifles and shotguns hidden on both sides of the vehicles and roll into roadblocks when least expected, clearing them of treacherous highwaymen.

Unelected policymakers have to go.  When I started the militia, to lessen the shock on Reagan-era Americans, I proposed that anyone who was “elected” would have immunity while in office.  Once out of office, a politician who betrayed us would be fair game.  But appointees who plotted against us and others would be subject to American justice at any time.  There probably won’t be such fine distinctions made by angry Americans, however.  Anyone who has had a part in what has become of us will be subject to American justice.

When the roads are cleaned up, the airports will naturally follow.  Until the roads are cleaned up, there is no reason to fly.  There is no reason to go anywhere unarmed. 

Do not look for places to hide your guns.  Guns are meant to be used, not hidden.  Anyone who tries to take your guns must be shot.  Do not think that by remaining unarmed and harmless that you could avoid being arrested and taken away for whatever reason or for no reason at all.

You know this is coming, that it is already here in some places in America.  The sooner we deal with the threat the sooner it will go away.  There is no way to deal with violent intimidation other than counter-violence.  It’s called self defense, and in self defense, anything goes.