J B Campbell:
Extremism Online
Recent history has shown that America is a presidential dictatorship, abetted by a cowardly Congress and graced by a corrupt Supreme Court.  It has masqueraded as a democracy and as a republic and as a nation guided by “the rule of law.”  But the law is only for us, the people, to obey and be controlled.  The lawmakers and law enforcers make and enforce the law on the orders of our deadly enemies.  The law is a weapon in the hands of our enemies.  We are actually under the law of the gun.

There are two political philosophies in America.  One philosophy is that government is necessary and as such deserves to be voted on and validated periodically.  This philosophy includes the idea that government is a necessary evil and needs to be tamed by electing “good new people” to keep it under control due to the naturally corrupting nature of government.  But as we all can see, with untold trillions of dollars of government debt to the private Federal Reserve, Communist China and others, the government is out of control and has been for a hundred years.  The government lies us into war after war and has slaughtered millions of people just in the last twenty years and produced a million US casualties out of two and a half million troops who were in the two Moslem wars.  The government has lied us into a fraudulent version of socialist medicine which has already caused millions to lose their hard-earned health insurance policies with nothing to replace them.  This new attempt at socialist medicine was planned to be run by the IRS, which can’t even run itself without committing major crimes.  All of this and much more were made possible by a hundred years of voting.  I say one hundred years because that is exactly how long it’s been since our elected representatives voted to make the Federal Reserve Act into “law.”  This criminal act immediately led to a century of ghastly war and financial ruin that are ongoing.

At last count, there were about 150 million registered voters.  About 127 million of them voted in the 2012 election.  There are about 207 million Americans who are eligible to vote and of them about 80 million did not vote in that election.  Many of the voters vote out of habit or resignation with the excuse that the lesser of two evils would be better to have power over us than the greater of two evils.  Once in office, however, the lesser of two evils always becomes the great evil.

The other philosophy is that the government is our main and most dangerous enemy and must not be supported in any way, especially by voting.  Those 80 million non-voters make up our base, whatever the actual reasons they did not vote may be.   At least they didn’t contribute to the corruption by voting.

A non-voting political party dedicated to the shutting down of the suicidal and catastrophic federal system would give Americans an actual means to unlatch the homicidal parasites from our veins and bank accounts.  All government is life-destroying cancer but nothing compares with the US federal government for fraud, theft, waste, spying and mass murder.  A non-voting party would formalize the idea that federalism must be outlawed.  The issue would become Government or No Government, one or the other, because we can easily see where constitutional government has put us.  The new party wouldn't put people in federal office because we want to do away with the federal government and you can't do that as a part of government.

The political climate in America is ripe for radical change.  The Neo-Cons who took control of the Bush and Obama administrations have brought only chaos and hardship to America and mass death and misery to the peoples of the world.  The Neo-Cons have plotted to rule the world for decades but once in power demonstrated only ineptitude and failure at everything other than destruction.

The American Defense Party would replace the Constitution with Articles of Confederation – a modern version of the original.  There would be no central government to enforce the private central bank, both of which would be abolished forever.  The one legitimate function of the remaining Treasury Department – appropriated by the Confederation – would be to create and distribute debt-free currency (Kennedy’s 1963 US Note).  That would be one of the first principles of the party platform.

The party would eliminate the web of control used by the central federal government to destroy us and others through relentless totalitarian laws, regulations and executive orders.  The warlords of Washington must be put out of business permanently.  The war industry and all its satellites would be outlawed by the Confederation.  The Confederation itself would be a voluntary one – any states not wishing to join would be free not to.

Why have a party if there's no one to vote for?  For a sense of identity and camaraderie and communications and organization and a common declaration and agreement of purpose.  And for organized defense against aggression.  Party members would be supported and defended by fellow members if attacked.  A position on subversion and treachery can be given once our traditional enemies inevitably react the way they always do.

The party would face a lot of danger and violence.  That in itself would justify its existence and its advertised purpose of self-defense.

The party would stand for everything that's healthy and against all the brutality and corruption in government.  America lost all its good jobs because of the federal government.  So if someone were to say, "But what will we do without a federal government?" the answer would be, "We'll prosper."  We have lost our basic right to privacy to the federal government and that right there is reason enough to abolish it forever.  No central government was the whole idea behind the American Revolution.  The central government has announced its plans to arrest us and assassinate us, to trap us in a non-functioning socialist medical system that would only destroy our health, run by the most notorious financial terrorists in US history, the IRS, and I don't need to go on.  So, no, we don't need a central government and probably can't survive much longer with the one we have.  It must be dismantled and prohibited forever.  This can be done by a strong, well-armed political party when its numbers approach those of the militia movement of the 1990s.

The party would be very militant; it would have to be to survive.  When it gets to the size, say, of the militia movement of the '90s, it would be strong enough to overthrow the federal government, which was never the declared goal of the militia.  A militant political party that large wouldn't really need violence - it could issue an ultimatum.  But there would be violence along the way to this massive size, and the violence would attract tough people to the party.

The party would be concerned with national defense against treason and be against all military aggression, sabotage and espionage, which would mean the end of the deadly, tax-supported military industry.  Everything the federal government does would end, such as foreign aid, protecting Monsanto and the deadly AMA.  Everything, because one thing the federal government doesn't do now is supply our currency, the only thing it should be doing.

A question was asked, “How could this be achieved?”  I answered, “Probably in the way I started the militia movement in the late '80s, with provocative radio (and television) interviews.  Back then, life was still pretty good in America but I managed to persuade millions to consider themselves part of that new and totally unexpected movement.  Today, the average citizen is not successful and is much more likely to support a movement and a party that would lead to reindustrialization (jobs) and non-aggression.”

Today, twenty-four years later, America is in critical condition, on the verge of martial law, government food supplements being reduced, Neo-Cons manipulating the military to attack more friendly countries...  This must not happen.

The decent people in the military need an identity, more than just "the resistance."  Millions of civilians need the same thing.  People doing something good but dangerous need to see themselves as parts of a legitimate political force.  That force requires able representatives to speak for it at first.   At the present time, few Americans have demonstrated the will to lead such a party due to the sense of fear and hopelessness in this country.  We must develop the ability to strengthen people rather than frighten them and be able to deal with the lies and dirty tactics of the Zionists, who are the most dangerous, murderous liars in human history.

This idea needs backing, as all political movements do to get going.  This will be very effective if it has strong initial support.  America is ready for this.  The Neo-Cons are doing everything they can to wreck all diplomacy and get the military to attack several more countries. 

This would be the first urgent reason given for starting the American Defense Party – to prevent nuclear war against friendly people by persuading the military to refuse to participate in more military aggression.  Military aggression is already a criminal matter here, so who could reasonably object?  No one, but the Zionists will of course object and this will create great controversy and growth of this new party, since there's already an anti-war revolt in the ranks.  A party would legitimize the revolt.

This needs people with experience who can speak plainly and persuasively, who aren't afraid of the Zionists and their agents.  It also needs financial support at first and the ability to spread the idea quickly, since the time is now to do this.  It's obviously in the interest of many countries to promote a peace-oriented political movement in America, one that would prohibit any further US aggression against others and which would convert America into a good neighbor for  the first time in history.   We have begun soliciting the support of several countries which are opposed to the malevolent American empire.  The original American revolutionaries would never have beaten the British without the generous support of France, which we must always keep in mind.

A primary activity of the American Defense Party would be to encourage US military personnel to join the resistance movement against the totalitarians who control the US government.  This is a bold and aggressive tactic, but it reflects the prevailing anti-war attitudes in the military.  It will also blunt the threat we face of the US military being used against the people when martial law is declared by our president-dictator, who brags that he is “really good at killing people.”

The resistance movement needs its own identity, a political party that seeks no power over the people – but the total power of self-defense over the totalitarians.  This would be the first expression of the original revolutionary spirit that led to independence from England in the 18th Century.

The ultimate goal of the American Defense Party would be the overthrow of the federal government.   With the termination of the federal monster, we would see the end of thousands of destructive departments, agencies and policies and practices that have bankrupted us, both financially and morally.  Some notable changes would include:

Outlaw the vaccinations of children;

Mass education on alternative medicine and preventive health practices, prohibition of poisoning the population through fluoridation of water supplies;

An end to genetically modified plants and animals, an end to fraudulent, subsidized ethanol fuel;

An end to weather modification (chemtrails);

Bring all military personnel home and shut down all overseas bases, destroy all weapons of mass destruction and demobilize regular military personnel (no peacetime standing military);

The United Nations would be evicted from the USA and delegitimized.  America would withdraw from all international obligations;

An end to all foreign aid and military assistance, all of which has profited Wall Street;

An end to military aggression and “intelligence” (sabotage) activities e.g., Stuxnet;

An end to federal regulations and taxes and socialist medicine;

Gun control classified as treason, the right to bear arms not to be infringed;

Nuclear power prohibited, nuclear reactors decommissioned and decontaminated;

Reindustrialize America and recreate good-paying jobs;

No restrictions on travel;

An end to the lucrative wars on drugs, terror, firearms, poverty and natural health.

The United States government has shown itself to be the deadly enemy of mankind.  Our presidential dictators, obeying their banker-bosses, have caused us to lurch from world war to depression to perpetual war with most of the world, to the great profit of the banks and the war-based corporations, which has resulted in the destruction of our savings, our money system and our way of life.  Events have shown that there is no systemic, lawful method to slow down this illicit activity, let alone end it.  The only way to do this, to end it forever, is with a determined anti-federal political party that seeks no power over the people but total power over the totalitarians.

The first positive step taken by the party will be to incorporate into it members of the armed forces who will uphold their oaths to protect the people from domestic enemies, some of which are in the armed forces.  Civilian and military party members will join to eliminate members of secret societies who have infiltrated and subverted the federal government and influenced it toward totalitarianism and theocracy, as we plainly see in the military academies and in the creation of the department of homeland security, which was created by Israel and remains under Zionist control.  We see this subversion in many American police departments which take training in Israel and others that allow Israelis to set department policies and procedures, making their sadistic treatment of Palestinians the model for American police to emulate.

This first positive step of the American Defense Party will be intended to stop all military aggression and intelligence sabotage of foreign governments. 

Membership in the party will require nothing beyond a natural antipathy to the abuse of power and a complete break with the pro-government party, whatever his/her previous associations or employment.  We will be coming to the party from all different directions and past histories.  We must simply share a dedication to national liberation from the merciless federal government and from the secret societies that control it.

The slogan of the American Defense Party might be, “Punish All Who Abuse Power.”  This would include would-be empire builders who might see the party itself as a way to personal power.  Membership can be anything from formal to open to merely sympathetic.  Actual members will be expected but not compelled to participate in anti-federal operations and all members will be expected to lend support in whatever ways he or she is able.

All members will be expected to protect the party from enemies, namely police/federal agents, informants, provocateurs and spies.  These will be the most dangerous people we have to deal with, besides the paid liars in the prostitute media, all of whom will combine to destroy the party in league with our main target, the federal government.  Treachery and treason are capital crimes and will be punished harshly.

The federal government is based on the US Constitution, which is a seven-part program for operating that government.  It has, contrary to popular mythology, never been our friend.  It was from the start so draconian that the people had to be protected from it with the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution gave us the president, two houses of Congress and the Supreme Court.  The countless deadly departments and agencies that have sprouted like poisonous mushrooms are authorized by the Constitution, were created mostly by the Congress and found to be “constitutional” by the Supreme Court.  Now we are confronted with numerous threats to us known as “executive orders,” which are completely illegal but nevertheless found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court.  This leaves us nowhere and completely unprotected by our supposed protectors.  It is on us and our party of self-defense to protect ourselves.

The American Defense Party is based on just that:  defense.  Once we know that we are under attack, with, say, the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act or the NDAA or the Patient Affordable Care Act or the Trans-Pacific Partnership, then we are by definition on the defensive.  When you are on the defensive, in fear of your life or safety, anything goes.  This is why the name of the War Department was changed to the Defense Department.  It was a deception to justify aggression – in the name of defense – because America back then had no enemies who could threaten America.  The only time the 48 actual states were ever attacked by foreigners was by Pancho Villa’s raiders at Columbus, New Mexico in 1916, until Israel and its American helpers attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001.

But in our case, defense means self-defense on all levels of American life.  We are under deadly attack by federal forces, mainly the NSA, FBI, ATF, DEA, TSA and CIA, among many other secret police agencies.  In fact, there are seventy-three federal agencies that have militarized SWAT teams with the license to kill us.

It’s time for the American Defense Party to lead the defense of whatever we have left to defend.


A Simple Plan


Here is a three-part plan to dismantle the police state and prevent martial law:

First part:  Neighborhood Watch;

Second part:  civilian police review boards;

Third part:  bring the military into the resistance.

We know that the brutal American police state is operating on orders from above and that those order-givers must be eliminated.  But the order-givers depend on traitors in the police and military to do their dirty work, and the former, the police, are the ones with whom we are confronted daily.  The police have been deliberately militarized to transition us into actual martial law so that when it’s declared we won’t be able to see the difference – at first.

This website has recommended that we all form Neighborhood Watch patrols, not so much to deter street crime – which they do – but to demonstrate that we can and will take care of ourselves and assume total responsibility for everything.  The real purpose is local intelligence, to be able to prowl around at all hours and discover any preparation or staging for a police or federal attack on us or our neighbors.  This requires, as we have done here in our valley, an oath to each other to come to the immediate armed aid of each and every NW member in the event of a home invasion or highway abduction of any of us.  This also requires that each family in Neighborhood Watch have radios on a common frequency so as not to depend on telephones, which can be switched off by the enforcers.  It’s Neighborhood Watch with a difference – an early warning of police and federal treachery.

NW must also be concerned with more pro-active forms of resistance to acts of martial law such as roadblocks, gun-grab home invasions and round-ups of civilians.  As iterated in other essays on this website, all of these and any other aggression by the military or militarized police must be crushed with overwhelming defense measures.

The second part of the plan is civilian police review boards to take control of rogue police departments that indulge in brutality and other forms of corruption.  These boards were resisted by conservatives back in the ‘60s due to the fear that liberals would weaken the police and prevent them from enforcing the law.  Just the opposite thing happened when the liberals were in charge of the police, as we see in the exaggerated example of the US Justice Department, the IRS, FBI and NSA, etc, under Barack Obama. 

Police departments all over the country are allowing officers to execute citizens with virtually or literally no punishment.  The first step to abolishing corrupt police departments is for the local civilians to take control of them by constant agitation against corruption and the eventual seizing of the city and town power structure so as to have the authority to fire and/or jail the corrupt enforcers and replace them with honest people.  This is done by establishing civilian police review boards, an interim measure on the way to overthrowing the entire federalized police system that has seized the legal control of this country.

The main value of review boards is to show that the people are the boss, not these federalized and militarized cops, who need to be disarmed and their military equipment taken from them.  The logical goal of civilian review boards will be the realization that we really don’t need police – just an armed citizenry.  Everyone on the review board would of course be armed and ready to fight angry, corrupt cops. 

Just today, we have reports of a female prisoner being repeatedly raped by a prison guard and the female warden tells her to get on birth control.  Another report:  a cop enters a workplace and orders a woman to get naked and when she refuses and runs to her office, he follows her and shoots her with a taser.  Obviously such criminals must be shot on sight, not disciplined by a review board.  But these and hundreds of horror stories demand that the police be brought under control.

Part three is the most proactive and aggressive (peaceful) action we can take, definitely the most radical idea I’ve presented. 

Many of us have relatives or friends in the army or navy or marines or air force.  And many others have relatives or friends in the National Guard, which is actually a branch of the US Army.  Its whole name is “Army National Guard of the United States.”  (Does that sound like the militia to you?  Answer:  no.  It’s the army.)

We know that Obama intends to order these people to attack us.  The NDAA, the Military Commissions Act and even the Patriot Act will need the military to enforce them, which are acts of war against us.

Recent evidence, just from late October, was the video of four river gun boats, each with a mini-gun and five machine guns manned by Navy SEALs, patrolling the residential canals of Slidell, Louisiana.  This was a blatant act of military aggression against us all – not just the people of Slidell.  The SEALs knew they’d show up on YouTube within an hour or so.  Probably joked about the panic they’d be creating.

It’s easy to see that this sort of thing is going to increase and get worse and even deadly.  It cannot and must not be tolerated.  I must point out that such a murderous convoy would have to be engaged with semi-auto rifles by at least three good riflemen per boat, coordinated with radios to fire on single command, the four shooting teams extended the full length of the convoy.  Each boat has six gunners, a skipper and a mate.  Each skipper must be shot first so the boats can’t maneuver quickly, which is how immediate action drills are practiced.  (The idea is to get the mini-gun which is pointing forward into position to engage the ambush, so the skipper must be taken out first.)  The two side machine gunners on the ambush side must be shot at the same time to remove the nearest threat to the ambushers.  The mini-gunner and the other machine gunners must be shot as quickly as possible before they can possibly swing their guns around toward the ambush.  The three-rifle team should be able to kill all the terrorists in ten seconds or less.  These SOC-R river gun boats are much more heavily armed than the Vietnam river boats.  Obviously, an ambush with four machine guns would be preferable, but we actually have everything we need now to take out these boats. 

Back to the peaceful part… 

Now, we remember the 45 Questions – the infamous questionnaire developed at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey back in 1994, which was asked of marines and soldiers.  The first forty-four questions had to do with foreign (UN) leadership of American personnel – would they take orders from foreign superior officers, with many variations of questions.  But Question 45 asked, “A law prohibiting the ownership of firearms has been passed and some Americans refuse to obey this law; would you be willing to fire on these Americans to disarm them?”

Reportedly about 43% answered that they would kill the Americans with guns.  That was almost twenty years ago and what with the anti-war revolt that’s building in today’s military, I suspect that this percentage of traitors in the military has gone down.  It probably went up following 9/11/01, but now, with twelve years of lies and betrayal and scores of thousands of casualties, I think it’s reasonable to think that our military personnel are pretty suspicious and cynical about the motives of their civilian leaders.  They see what happened to the members of SEAL Team 6, for example, who participated in the fake assassination of Bin Laden.  They were themselves assassinated.

They see what their leaders think of their elders – the veterans – as I pointed out in the previous essay, Communist America.  More and more are being “rated incompetent” for specious mental or physical reasons.  Third parties (strangers) are given legal power over them and their benefits and when that happens, they are automatically disarmed!  Senator Dianne Feinstein announced in the Senate in March that virtually all veterans possibly have PTSD and are therefore not legally permitted to have guns.

As I have said before, Feinstein gave us a priceless gift, which we must use, against her and her fellow totalitarians.

Paul Craig Roberts recently provided great insight into the thinking of what he called the Neo-Cons, who are American Jews and some Gentile running dogs.  He said that these closet totalitarians always dreamed of ruling the world but were prevented from doing so by the other superpower, the Soviet Union.  When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the Neo-Cons began their takeover of the US government, mainly of the Republican Party, and began also to realize their dream of ruling the world by their control of the US military, by waging war against virtually the whole world.  The Neo-Cons have slaughtered several million people since their war against Islam began in 1991.

So I have a very radical and simple plan.  The idea is to bring everyone we know in all branches of the military into the resistance.  We’ve got about 60% of them to work with, according to Question 45.  60% or more of them are going to be loyal to the people and 40% or less are going to be disloyal and treacherous.  Loyalty to the people means eliminating the disloyal ones, in accordance with the oath they all took regarding protection against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

How the loyal ones will deal with the disloyal will be up to them, whether by reeducation or by execution – probably a combination of the two.  Obviously there are some degenerate traitors who must be executed since they can never be trusted.  Others are mainly ignorant or confused.  Our resistance colleagues in the military will know the difference.

Obama is reportedly replacing senior officers who flunk his litmus test (“Will you attack Americans to disarm them?”) with high-ranking traitors.  Now, more junior officers and non-coms are passing or failing the same test.  Anyone who flunks is a potential member of the resistance.

Let’s talk to our relatives and friends in the military and persuade them to join us.

Once military members do join our cause, it would be useful for them deliberately to pass the litmus test, to indicate they are willing to fire on Americans.  When the presidential order is given to attack, the members would then be in positions to counter-attack the disloyal members and eliminate them before they could bring about martial law.  They would receive total support from us civilian members of the resistance in the elimination of the civilian totalitarians in the government and above it.

The time is right for a radical plan of action against the de facto dictatorship we are under.  This plan is exactly what the totalitarians fear – a military revolt and counter-attack.  This is why Feinstein and her totalitarian colleagues are disarming the veterans, and why military bases such as the Navy Yard are disarmed by the prohibition on ammunition, and why ammunition itself is being monopolized by the government and probably destroyed.

We must all think big and take our places as the genuine leaders of this country – if only in self-defense.


Communist America


This writer and the Obama gang want violent revolution.  On that goal we are agreed.  Obama wants it because he’s a Communist.  I want it because I’m an anti-Communist.  Only violence will determine anything because Communists and anti-Communists cannot co-exist.  One must kill the other or be killed by the other.  We saw that in Russia and we saw it in Germany and we saw it in China, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.  I saw it in Rhodesia.  The Communists defeated the anti-Communists everywhere because America was on the Communist side.  America is Communist and has to be destroyed by American anti-Communists. 

Don’t worry – there are plenty of us to do this.

America is Communist because America is run by Jews.  When this became legal and official in 1913, the communistic tendency of Jews was revealed.  Our entire system of currency and government borrowing was put in Jewish hands.  The license to print our currency was given to Jews, who were also given a monopoly on the lending of “credit” to the US government.  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 technically created Jewish Rule over America.

Jewish Rule, in case you haven’t noticed, leads to perpetual war.  Why is that?  It’s because war is so expensive that it must be paid for with Jewish credit.  There’s not enough real money to pay for one airplane, let alone a whole war.  Kevin Baron in Defense One writes that the cost of keeping one soldier in Afghanistan, including bringing him home, is $2.1 million.  There are 54,000 of them now, down from 66,000 in April.  That comes out to $113,400,000,000, just to have all these guys running around in harm’s way, committing countless war crimes.  That doesn’t include all the high-tech equipment.  Bush’s two wars have so far cost more than four trillion dollars – an incomprehensible figure.  It has all been “paid for” by credit from the Jewish syndicate we know as the Federal Reserve System.  The Fed has happily “credited” the government with these unrepayable trillions, which cost the Fed nothing, but we Americans must pay the interest.  It is all based on Jewish fraud, which is the most sophisticated sort of fraud.  It is only in 2013, the final year of the Fed’s one hundred year charter, that people are finally beginning to understand the staggering size of the fraud.

Within nine months of the Federal Reserve Act’s passing, the world was at war.  Despite the unwillingness by normal Americans to participate, Jewish manipulators blackmailed the president to declare war against Germany, citing the sinking of the Jewish-sabotaged Lusitania – two years earlier!

Some foreign Jews were living in New York, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  About three hundred fifty of them, who were then known as Mensheviks.  Their leader, Trotsky, had been in the Bronx, subsidized by Jacob Schiff, for three months, after being mysteriously deported from Spain to the US in January, 1917.  Suddenly, just as President Wilson was declaring war against Germany, he arranged for Trotsky and his Jews to sail from New York to St. Petersburg, Russia.  Simultaneously, the German army arranged for Lenin, then in Zurich with one hundred fifty of his Bolshevik Jews, to travel to St. Petersburg to meet with Trotsky.  The plan of both the American government and the German government, now formally at war with each other, was to have the two Jewish terrorist groups combine (as Bolsheviks) and take over the Russian government in the name of Communism and then declare a separate peace with Germany.  Which was exactly what happened with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in early 1918.

This bizarre plot allowed hundreds of thousands of German soldiers to be sent from the Eastern front to the Western front to fight the Americans!  This matched the technical definition of treason (Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.)   Arranging for enemy soldiers to reinforce the ones your own soldiers are fighting is not only levying war against them, adhering to them but giving aid and comfort to them as well!  Have you ever heard of anything to beat that?  Seriously.

And Jewish Communism in Russia was perpetuated by twenty million Jewish dollars given by Jacob Schiff to the Bolsheviks.  The result of what this would mean to the Russian people is shown in a documentary by the Estonian Juri Lina, “Under the Scorpion,” free online.  It requires a strong stomach but there is no better introduction to the modern Jewish mentality.  Jewish bloodlust is insatiable.

Communism is just another word for Jewish Rule.  Everyone knows that Zionism is Jewish Rule in Palestine.  Communism is Jewish Rule everywhere, including the good old USA.

Anyway, so now we see that America is Communist and technically has been for exactly one hundred years.  Let’s look at the evidence.  America imposed the Jewish Communists on the Russian people in 1917.  America was the military partner of the Soviet Union during WWII and rescued the Soviet Communists from the German anti-Communists.  America imposed the Korean Communist dictator Kim Il-sung on the Koreans and the Vietnamese Communist dictator Ho Chi Minh on the Vietnamese in 1945.  America signed the Yalta and Potsdam Agreements in ’45 that allowed the Soviets to occupy and communize East Europe and to invade Manchuria.  America disarmed the anti-Communist Chinese in 1948 and armed the Red Chinese with captured Japanese weapons.  America brought the genocidal Chinese Communists to power the following year, sending the anti-Communists to the tiny island of Formosa, renamed Taiwan.

Are we getting the picture?

In 1948, of course, America imposed the Zionist monster on the hapless Palestinians, who probably had a hard time distinguishing Zionism from Communism as they were being terrorized, murdered and thrown into wells in the best Talmudic fashion.

American Communism continued in the ‘50s and ‘60s by betraying the Hungarians and bringing Fidel Castro to power in Cuba.  In the '60s and ‘70s, America imposed UN sanctions on anti-Communist Rhodesia and brought the Communist Robert Mugabe to power in 1980.  America also brought the Communist Nelson Mandela to power in South Africa in ’94. 

And now we’ve got a Communist for a president, courtesy again of the CIA.  We’ll think about that while we consider other aspects of Communist America.

Every country that is taken over by Communism has its own form of it.  I mean, Communism is hell on earth no matter where and its main hallmarks, other than terror, are shortages and mind control through total surveillance.  Communists create deliberate shortages of life’s necessities to make people suffer and keep them weak and unable to resist.  Communists dig suffering – read Orwell.  Big Brother O’Brien explained to Winston Smith that unless the victim is suffering you can’t be sure he’s really under your control.

The Communist Obama reportedly gave the directive during the recent bogus shutdown to make it hurt the kinds of people he knew don’t like him – the ones who could afford to visit the national parks, for example, and the veterans.  He really doesn’t like the veterans.  It was admittedly chickenshit, but all Communists are chickenshit bastards. 

The insane fiasco of Obamacare is a pure Communist operation, stemming not so much from design as from the nature of Communists:  the top ones have never worked a day in their lives.  They don’t know how to do anything except dream and plan.  They dream and make big plans but have no idea how to bring them to life.  So they hire experts with other people’s money.  But the experts are incompetent and the Communists aren’t able to discern that until it’s too late.  The Communists are furious because they look like the idiots they are.  They’ve lost their cool veneer of sophistication and are revealed as liars and fools.

Here’s a recent example of Obama’s Communism:  his bogus “healthcare” cops (the IRS) will fine any hospital that provides free services to the poor.  Why on earth?  Because Obamacare is based on dependence and monopoly, the hallmarks of Communism, which does not allow competition with what it claims to do, which is also a lie.  Communists can’t do anything because they’re lazy, inept bastards who have never been able to do anything in their miserable lives or in the whole miserable history of Communism. 

All Communists can do well is kill people.  Communists are not the ones you want in charge of medicine, free or otherwise.  Have we really thought about the fact that Obamacare is under the control of the Internal Revenue Service?  It would have been bad enough for it to be, logically, under the Department of Health and Human Services.  But under the IRS?  What the hell is that?  The main idea behind Obamacare is to separate us from our bank accounts, moving millions of us into a higher tax bracket by characterizing forced coverage as added income which must be taxed.  Only a Jew or an American Communist could come up with such a venal and deceptive scheme.  Wasn’t this first dreamed up by Hillary Clinton, speaking of Communist murderers?

Obamacare is under the terrorist IRS for one reason:  fear.  We’re supposed to be afraid not to sign up.  We’re supposed to be afraid to complain about its failures lest we be punished by the most punishing outfit in US history.  We’re supposed to be afraid to demand a denied medical procedure lest we be audited.  Can we imagine arguing about a needed but denied procedure with an IRS agent who can call a CID agent for back-up, the kind that carries a gun?  I mean, we’ve got all kinds of bureaucrats packing heat and hollow-point bullets – are these 16,000 new Obamacare-givers going to face sick and angry, armed Americans unarmed?  Not likely.

It’s obvious to this writer that the plan behind Obamacare, like all Communist plans, is mass death.  Obamacare is not supposed to work.  Oh, the Internet part was probably expected to work well enough to get the needed seven million suckers to sign up, but not the actual care part, down the road.  The spectacular Internet failure is a good indication of the reality of Obamacare, the communization of American medicine.  Six hundred million dollars paid to an incompetent Canadian company for a crash and burn laughingstock.  

Where did those six hundred million dollars come from?  Why, from the Federal Reserve, at no expense to itself.  It just wants the interest, what the street mobsters call vigorish, which is Yiddish slang for excessive profit.  Difference is, the regular mobsters actually lend cash while the Fed just credits your account.  Payback to both, however, must be in cash and a lot more than you borrowed.

Speaking of Jewish mobsters, the most prominent today is a casino mogul named Sheldon Adelson, who bankrolled Gingrich and Romney in the last go-round.  At a recent kike-fest at Yeshiva University, Adelson called for dropping a nuclear bomb on the Iranians in lieu of negotiations:

“What are we going to negotiate about? I would say ‘Listen, you see that desert out there, I want to show you something,’” Adelson told the audience. “You pick up your cell phone and you call somewhere in Nebraska and you say, ‘OK let it go.’ And so there’s an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of the desert, that doesn’t hurt a soul. Maybe a couple of rattlesnakes, and scorpions, or whatever. Then you say, ‘See! The next one is in the middle of Tehran. So, we mean business. You want to be wiped out, go ahead and take a tough position and continue with your nuclear development. You want to be peaceful. Just reverse it all,  and we will guarantee you that you can have a nuclear power plant for electricity purposes, energy purposes.’”

The audience responded with applause.

This is the Jewish mentality in one short story.  Jacob Schiff and Ilya Ehrenburg rolled into one:  Jewish money calling for Jewish annihilation of normal human beings.  Ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag.

That’s Communism!

Speaking of normal people, let’s look at how the Communist US government is treating the veterans…  We will recall the bizarre statement by Senator Dianne Feinstein back in March that veterans could not be exempted from her proposed ban on “assault weapons” due to the prevalence of PTSD among them.  Due to their service to the Jews against Moslems, the vets are now too mentally ill to be allowed the means of self-defense.  Actually, Feinstein meant that she is so afraid of pissed-off veterans that they must be legally deprived of the means to get even.

But it actually goes farther than one corrupt Jewess in the US Senate who has made millions in insider trading and by slipping her husband fat, no-bid federal contracts.  What the Department of Veterans Affairs is doing to veterans is like something out of Dr. Zhivago.  I shall quote extensively from a letter to a veteran from the Portland office:

“December 20, 2012

Dear Mr. [      ],

We have received information that because of your disabilities you may need help in handling your VA benefits.

This letter explains the evidence we received, what we must do with this information, the impact on you and your VA payments if we decide that you cannot handle your benefits and when VA will make a final decision.

What Information Did We Receive?

We received a report from Portland VA Medical Center on December 2, 2012.

This evidence indicates that you are not able to handle your VA benefit payments because of a physical or mental condition.

What Will We Do with This Information?

We propose to rate you incompetent for VA purposes.  This means we must decide if you are able to handle your VA benefit payments.  We will base our decision on all the evidence we already have including any other evidence you send to us.

Before we make a final determination, you have the right to submit any evidence, information or statement that presents your side of the case within the next 60 days.  Our policy is to assist a person with his or her claim in every reasonable way.  We want you to have every benefit that you are entitled to under the law.

What Happens if You Are Rated Incompetent?

If VA decides that you are incompetent to handle your benefit payments, VA may appoint a fiduciary (payee) to manage your VA payments.  All your VA payments will be made directly to your fiduciary.  This person or institution must use your VA payments for your personal care and is responsible to VA for how the payments are used.

A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition.  If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159 as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).

If we decide that you are unable to handle your VA funds, you may apply to this regional office for relief of prohibitions imposed by the Brady Act with regards to the possession, purchase, receipt, or transportation of a firearm.  Submit your request to the address at the top of this letter on the enclosed VA Form 21-4138, Statement in Support of Claim.  VA will determine whether such relief is warranted.

[ … ]

When Will We Make a Decision?

If we don’t hear from you within the next 60 days, we will assume you have no additional evidence and do not want a hearing. After those 60 days we will make our decision using the evidence we already have and tell you our decision.”

So, soldier, sailor, airman and marine – this is your future.  One of these days, if you survive the Jewish wars long enough to retire, you will become a veteran.  And this is how you’re going to be treated by the government you served.  You’ll be declared “incompetent” because of physical or mental damage you incurred, such as the handy Feinstein Syndrome, from which all veterans possibly suffer.  Because of your incompetency you will be legally forbidden to defend yourself.

The only possible response to such a vicious betrayal is a military revolt.  What is the alternative?  Get out of the military now and renounce all VA benefits?  Even that could get the veteran labeled as a mentally-unstable troublemaker.  In any event he would be declared incompetent and disarmed.  Presumably the active guys will have armed themselves privately by now.  If not – it’s time. 

There is probably no one who better fits the description of a totalitarian than the current director of the Nastiest Shithouse in America, Keith Alexander.  Total surveillance is, again, the hallmark of a Communist dictatorship and Alexander has taken this practice to a level of totality that has stunned the world.  He has destroyed humanity’s expectation of privacy.  Edward Snowden in return has destroyed Alexander’s veil of secrecy and has revealed the entire spy industry – all sixteen agencies – to be an inbred pack of gutless, degenerate liars and murderers who have been waging a hidden war on virtually everyone in the world.  The CIA and military assassins, kidnappers and torturers are supplied information on their victims by the NSA eavesdroppers.  Then we learn from Snowden that Alexander’s NSA turns over all raw data on us Americans to the Mossad.

What is Guantanamo but a Communist torture and experiment center?  How can we describe Abu Ghraib, exactly?  Remember, Keith Alexander was the man in charge of Abu Ghraib before he became Big Brother.  All the hideous sex crimes committed there were done on his orders.

No one in the spy/murder industry is innocent or acting out of “patriotism.”  They are all gangsters serving the American Communist machine which craves total control over humanity.  The PTSD comes from this realization or something like it.

American Communism used to be done through proxies such as Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Castro, et al.  The proxies are gone now and America’s Communist nature is out in the open.  America is the Soviet and always was.  Do we think it was just our naïve and trusting nature and honorable intentions that made us do what we’ve done to others?  Is that what made us commit the most sadistic and heinous war crimes against the Iraqis?  Probably two million dead and the country in permanent, toxic ruins?

How about Ike’s “wonderful boys” who deliberately starved to death over a million German POWs after the war, or rounded up several million Russians, Cossacks and others and put them in boxcars for Stalin to slaughter?

Unfortunately, we Americans can never live all that down.  Our predecessors have put a curse on us, as have the Bush and Obama war criminals and assassins.  We can’t live it down but we can definitely start getting even with the policymakers who have ruined us and slaughtered millions of decent people in our name.

As always, I propose that the death penalty is all that is available to us.  The death penalty is the only suitable remedy for the American Communists who persist in their campaign of terror and mass murder against the world as well as the campaign of terror which they are commencing against us Americans.  The former FBI director would neither confirm nor deny that Americans can be assassinated in America; he said he “would have to check.”  The new director of “Homeland Security” is the Pentagon lawyer who pronounced drone assassinations as lawful, so we can easily see where we’re heading, which is straight to hell.

Military personnel – you might as well join the resistance.  We’d much rather have you on our side than fight you.  The regular army has about 562,000 on active duty.  The navy about 320,000.  The air force has about 330,000 and the marines about 200,000.  That’s about 1.4 million, which is the same number of licensed deer hunters just in Pennsylvania.  The infamous 45 Questions revealed that about 40% of personnel will fire on Americans, although that percentage has probably gone down since the 1994 questionnaire and an anti-war rebellion seems to be building in the armed forces.  (Anti-war effectively means anti-Communist and anti-Jew.)  That 40% will probably be wiped out by the 60% who are loyal.

The Communist president is reportedly demanding that only the flag officers who promise to kill armed Americans will be kept in command positions, the rest are fired.  Other reports indicate the same litmus test is being asked of junior officers and non-commissioned officers.  Obama will probably enjoy about the same success rate with his kill-Americans sign-up as he has with his Healthcare.gov website, which, when we think about it, amount to the same thing.

Active duty and reserve personnel have no doubt noticed how the veterans are being treated by those in power.  It’s only going to get worse because the Communists who run the government really hate and fear the military.  The Reds want the military to kill and die for them and that’s about it.  So one of the important things we can do right now is encourage people we know in the military to join the resistance and help in the coming revolution against the Communists in power.

People in the military, it must be assumed, joined up to fight the enemy.  The only enemy they should be fighting is the one headquartered in Washington, DC.  It is the Communist enemy of mankind.


The Unwritten Law


Jewish control of America must be broken, whatever the cost.  To do this will require the removal of all Jewish influence and power, which means the destruction of all Jews and Jewish organizations that participate in or support in any way Jewish Rule over our lives.

As this is written, the lying furniture salesman leader of Israel was recently in the White House insisting that America attack Iran, while our bankrupt government is in partial shutdown.  No matter.  We’ve got the lying director of “national intelligence” insisting that the shutdown will lead to terrorists bribing out-of-work voyeurs to switch sides for money; that he’s set up “counseling” to deal with this threat.  That must have gone over big at CIA and NSA.  Greenwald and Scahill are about to reveal an NSA assassination program based on the continuing revelations of Ed Snowden.  The Federal Reserve Note and the (pretend) treasury bond market on which it is based are on the verge of collapse – no one knows why they haven’t collapsed already, beyond a general, desperate faith in the status quo.  The privately-owned Federal Reserve’s one hundred year charter is up at the end of this year, having been scammed into existence in December, 1913.

All of this nonsense is because of Jewish control of America.

Israel demands the destruction of Iran and blusters about “going it alone.”  Finally, some Middle Eastern governments are suggesting that Israel must be inspected for illegal WMD and if in possession, disarmed.  (On this subject I propose The Military Solution).  There is probably no peaceful solution for the Jewish cancer called Israel, although there could be:  the US military gives Israel the familiar ultimatum:  Disarm or get invaded – exactly what the US military has done to other countries for several generations, just as it threatened Syria last month.  Poor Libya disarmed and still got invaded!

The Jews are such guilty cowards that they would give up their illegal ordnance faster than Bashar al-Assad agreed to do.  The next step would be to order the eviction of all Jewish squatters who stole land from the original inhabitants, the Palestinians, since the Terror of 1948.  This would comprise about 95% of all Jews in Israel.  Where would they go?  They would have to return to their countries of origin and be dealt with by their original countrymen, as we must deal with them here.  But the Jewish pest-hole called Israel must be evacuated of Jews.  This would eventually lead to a period of peace such as the world has never known because virtually all of the world’s problems have been engineered by Jews, some of them in Israel, most in America.  The US government must do this because Israel was pretty much created by the US government and totally subsidized for sixty-five years by our “voluntary” income tax.

All Zionist agents operating in America must be killed, regardless of nationality or ethnicity, Jew or Gentile.  Each country must reduce its Jewish component to those who are harmless and non-malignant.  Each country must not allow malignant Jews to escape and thus become the responsibilities of the receiving country.  That’s been the Jewish problem – the wandering Jews wander in to commit terrible crimes and are allowed to wander away.  We must take responsibility for our Jewish problem, America above all, due to the damage done to the world by the Jewish control of our government and of all other sectors of society.  Judaism must be destroyed.  Everyone knows or suspects this but few can speak it.

The Jews have done this to themselves.  Due to their inordinate control of American politics, primarily through AIPAC, they have made a political solution impossible.  Due to their inordinate control of the traditional media, they have made normal exposure of the Jewish Problem impossible.  These are the only two peaceful ways to stop or control corruption but both have been wrecked by Jewish control.

Where does this power to corrupt originate?  How can a tiny minority exercise total control of “the most powerful government on earth?”  It has been done by financial terrorism, the strange Jewish monopoly on currency and our artificial indebtedness to them granted unbelievably by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  The terrorism part is supplied the Fed’s collection agency, the IRS, which is usually – and currently – headed by a Jew.  It was also created in 1913.

It works in this strange but really simple way:  In 1913, for the third time in our history, the Congress passed a law that brazenly licensed some Jewish businessmen – bankers – to supply our currency to us at a profit to themselves. 

The new law ordered that the government had to borrow from these Jews, headed by Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschild syndicate in Europe.  By August of the following year, the Great War started.  After a gang of Jews (Weizmann, Frankfurter, Brandeis and Untermyer) pressured Woodrow Wilson to join the war on the British side, the Jewish businessmen made huge war “loans” to the US government that could never be repaid, so great were they.  They weren’t loans of money but rather Jewish “credit.”  The privately-owned central banks – all owned by the Rothschild syndicate – supply “credit” to governments out of thin air.  It has been a joke on us that only Jews understood for the past one hundred years. 

It works the same on Main Street as it does on Wall Street:  you get a loan from the bank, which “credits your account” (out of thin air).  You get to buy stuff with the credit which didn’t exist until a minute ago.  But you have to repay in cash, or you give back the stuff you bought – to the bank.  The bank can’t lose because it put up no real cash – just credit.

Anyway, Jewish political power is based on their license to print money – our money – and get a fee for doing it.  That strange law puts them in control of every aspect of our lives.  The government burns through so much “credit” that it “borrows” from the Jewish Federal Reserve that our politicians don’t dare say no to Jewish demands, as we saw this week when the craven Obama said that all options are still on the table regarding Iran, meaning, he is quite willing to wage war.  This statement was itself a war crime, threatening Iran with aggression and mass death despite impending – if one-sided – negotiations for peace.  All because of a bloodthirsty Jew making demands while he himself threatened to attack Iran, which has threatened no one. 

Iran has promised only to defend itself if attacked.  This sort of attitude makes sense to real Americans but drives Jews into a frenzy of hate and blood lust.  It’s Jewish hate which Americans, particularly Christians, have a hard time acknowledging.  So here’s an aid to understanding Jewish hate…  On 9/11, Howard Stern was fooled by CNN’s showing some happy Palestinians.  CNN didn’t inform viewers that it was stock footage from an earlier event but presented the video as evidence that Palestinians were celebrating the attacks on that day.  So Stern and his flunkies agreed that the Palestinians should be nuked, just as America had nuked Japanese civilians at the end of WWII.  Of the nuked Japanese he said, “They can be our servants.  We don’t allow them to smile anymore because we burned the smiles off their faces.” 


Jesse Ventura has done a lot of good, creating awareness of the dictatorship under which we live, with his late television series, “Conspiracy Theory.”  Just producing that series was high-risk.  One of his whistleblowers was murdered before that segment was even aired.  And Ventura has tentatively decided to run for president on an anti-war platform.  But his proposed running mate is Howard Stern, who drags down one hundred million dollars per year with his foul-mouthed satellite radio show, according to Ventura, who says this money is not subject to FCC or FEC regulation because it is not earth-based, whatever distinction that creates.

There is no political solution now for America, that is, one based on the US Constitution.  We are under a presidential dictatorship and have been ever since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1861.  Lincoln became an actual dictator who sent thousands of his fellow Yankees to prison without trial for opposing his war against southern Americans, along with hundreds of publishers and editors of newspapers critical of his tyrannical actions, which were emulated by all our wartime presidents ever since.  He is today worshiped by Republicans and Democrats.  Karl Marx admired him, too, and wrote several letters encouraging him to keep the war going against the South.  Lincoln got what he deserved, a bullet in the head.  It’s only a shame that he wasn’t assassinated about four years earlier, before his insane war slaughtered 800,000 Americans and turned the American system into a presidential dictatorship.

This was inevitable because of the Constitution itself.  As we have seen, the so-called checks and balances disintegrated with Lincoln’s dictatorship and even before that the vaunted Supreme Court had decided in favor of slavery and the idea that human beings could be bought and sold and returned by force to their owners if they ran away.

As repeated on this website, the Constitution was so dangerous that it needed a Bill of Rights added to it – to protect us from the Constitution!  No protection was required by the original system under the decentralized Articles of Confederation because it had no unnatural power over people.

Our hats must go off to Ed Snowden.  He delivered the goods on the tyrannical cowards who control the government through terror and blackmail.  Other whistleblowers tried earlier to tell us – and paid a big price for doing so – but no one had the documents.  Now he’s about to tell us through a couple of very tough journalists about the NSA’s murder organization that enforces its organized theft of our privacy.  When someone practices deception he frequently graduates to theft and then murder to conceal his guilt.  A liar is capable of any crime.

The former head of the NSA and CIA, General M. Hayden, suggested the other day that he’d like to see Ed Snowden’s name on the list of those marked by the White House for assassination, which indicates just how important are Snowden’s contributions to our eventual liberation.   The retired general is now a director of the Jewish racketeering company known as the Chertoff Group.  This bunch of gangsters is near the top of the list to be dealt with by DAJA (Defense Against Jewish Aggression).  General Hayden’s vicious suggestion was answered by Rep. Mike Rogers, who said, “I can help you with that.”  And he can, because before he became a congressman from Michigan, he was a professional terrorist (FBI special agent).

Whence comes this obsession with the psychological rape of Americans the official voyeurs call Total Information Awareness?  It is a hallmark of the Jewish mentality, what Orwell described in his famous book, which is total mind control.  It happens everywhere Jews are in control, beginning in the Soviet Union.  Following the military destruction of Germany in 1945, the West German people underwent mental destruction at the hands of American Jewish psychiatrists.  Communist Jews, such as Markus Wolf, did it the Leninist way in East Germany.  It was a big Jewish experiment to separate the great German people from their DNA.  The Jews knew it wouldn’t be too difficult since those people had been so hospitable to Jews for centuries, to their eventual dismay. 

The ultimate Jewish target population is we Americans.  No doubt the German psych experiment was useful but Americans are traditionally much less respectful of authority than Germans, who respond well to strong leadership but otherwise are quite obedient.  German Americans were and may still be the largest group in the white population but you’d never know it, so meek and quiet are they.  Everyone else is not like that and the Jews have a deep-seated fear of the regular, violent sorts of Americans.

The false-flag is an old trick but the Jews took it to new and extreme levels of ruthlessness with the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, the attack on the USS Liberty and 9/11, to name the most spectacular ones.  False-flags are by definition criminal political conspiracies.  The most extreme criminal conspiracy of all time, measured by its eventual victims, was the Pearl Harbor attack.  It was designed to culminate in the invasion and destruction of Europe and Japan.  Japan had to be destroyed so that China could be converted to a Communist slave industrial complex, financed by the Jewish banks.  Germany had to be destroyed for good because its anti-Jewish government had shown the world how to escape the Jewish usury banking system with debt-free currency.  The world had never seen such recovery and prosperity.  By goading Japan to attack Pearl Harbor with vicious provocations, America was free to attack and destroy Germany.  Japan had been trying to surrender for many months when two nukes were dropped on its civilian population:  nukes conceived, designed and financed by Jews.

The smothering layer of Jewish corruption that has settled on America was shown yesterday in the US House of Representatives.  When a young professional woman, a dental technician, had a minor traffic accident in front of the White House, she attempted to flee when guns were brandished at her and her infant girl by wild, “highly-trained law enforcement.”  The enforcers chased her down and shot her to death, reportedly after the one-year-old was pulled out of the car!   A few minutes after the murder, two of the biggest whores for Israel in the House, Hoyer and Cantor, led a standing ovation for the murdering cops who kept them safe from that dangerous (unarmed) woman.

For a long time, since starting the militia movement, I felt that elected representatives should not be subject to punishment until they were out of office.  After that sickening performance (one minute standing-O), I’ve changed my mind.  Anyone who would stand up and applaud for one minute the murder of a young mother for a traffic offense needs killing.  These rotten bastards have rubber-stamped every murdering act of aggression committed by our crackhead queen president against young mothers and their children all around the world, not to mention grandmothers, young fathers and grandfathers.  The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama quartet has murdered millions of totally normal, non-threatening people since 1991.  All because of Jewish control of the government.  Not Israeli or Zionist control – Jewish control.  The Jews who run Goldman Sachs couldn’t care less about Israel; all they care about is making obscene profits and destroying the Gentiles’ savings and their ability to resist Jewish aggression.

We have a “government” that is based on murder and assassination and war crime.  It is totally controlled by the Jewish Federal Reserve.  Its former Jewish director, Greenspan, stated that the Fed does not answer to the US government, that it is “independent.”  That means that the government is not and takes orders from the independent Federal Reserve.  This is why the government and the Federal Reserve must be destroyed.  The government deliberately and unnecessarily puts us into unpayable debt to the private racketeers who own the Fed.  Anyone who threatens this racket, from Hitler to Kennedy to Khaddafi, is assassinated.  That’s why we have no choice but to kill everyone involved in this Jewish-run racket, which is responsible for the murders of millions.

The law?  What I’m calling for is against the law?  What law!  The law that is created by lawyers who give a one-minute standing ovation to trigger-happy cops who murdered a young, confused and frightened motorist outside their palace?  That law?

The law is a Jewish plot that is crafted to benefit Jews.  It is already against the law to ask if a product is made in Israel.  It’s against the law to answer the question and it’s also against the law to fail to report that the question was asked and by whom.

How about the law that allows Israel to have hundreds of nuclear weapons and chemical and biological weapons that no one else can have?  There’s no actual law that says that?  So the law that outlaws these terrible weapons doesn’t apply to Jews, who have specifically threatened to attack the capitals of Europe with them.  If a Moslem country did this, it would be immediately attacked.  I guess it’s an unwritten law.  That pretty much describes what law we’re all under:  the unwritten law.

Further evidence of this fact is the now ten-year-old policy of Israeli assassination of Americans inside the USA, authorized in 2003 by Ariel Sharon, done by Mossad hit teams called “kidons,” according to a UPI report that year by Richard Sale.  This writer was himself a victim of this new policy three times that year.  Each assassination must be authorized in writing by the Mossad director, who at that time was Meir Dagan. 

When asked to comment, an FBI spokesman replied, “This is a policy matter.  We only enforce federal laws.”  So, there is no federal law against Mossad killers assassinating Americans here in America.  There’s also no law against FBI killers murdering and kidnapping Americans or anyone else here in America, as we’ve seen at Ruby Ridge, Waco, WTC ’93, JFK airport, Brandon Raub’s house in Richmond and Ibragim Todashev’s apartment in Orlando.  If you allow one outfit to assassinate, everyone gets in on the act.  Equal Opportunity in America!

That of course means that we need to get in on it, too.  We’re the Americans who must defend this place with everything we’ve got.  The law allows Mossad killers and FBI and CIA and NSA killers but it’s illegal for us to fight back?  I don’t think so!

To demonstrate how dangerous and deceptive Jews are, let’s look at one named Stephen Pieczenik.  This one is the son of Russian and Polish Jews.  He’s a psychiatrist, according to his Wikipedia entry, trained at Cornell, Harvard and MIT.  His entry lists several appearances on the Alex Jones program.  His membership in the Council on Foreign Relations has been recently deleted for some reason.  He presents himself as an expert in international relations, crisis management and psychological warfare.   He is associated with Henry Kisssinger and was deputy secretary of state under Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker.   He’s about as far inside the lie factory as you can get.  So why does Alex Jones feature him as a source of information?  For these very reasons?

Pieczenik has also presented himself as a director of black operations and an expert in interrogation, which we now know means torture.  He was the co-author of various pro-CIA novels with the late Tom Clancy which were presented as written with deep inside knowledge of secret operations.  He is a propagandist for the tyrannical Jewish government, the one that operates under the unwritten law.

Pieczenik sneers at Obama for his inept handling of foreign affairs and incredibly tries to compare him with Joe McCarthy!  He repeats the Communist/Jewish/CFR line on his website, stevepieczeniktalks.com.   A litmus test for truth-tellers, as far as I’m concerned, is Joe McCarthy, the only independent and honest man in the US Congress in all its miserable history of treachery and subversion against humanity.

I won’t waste much space on Pieczenik’s nasty repetition but he has the gall to suggest that Obama’s tactics of kidnap, torture and mass murder are reminiscent of McCarthy’s attempts to warn Americans of Communist subversion.  McCarthy had gotten impatient with a sullen general, Ralph Zwicker, who’d equivocated on the promotion of a (Jewish) party member, Irving Peress, to the rank of major despite his refusal to answer questions about his membership.  This led to the ambush and destruction of McCarthy due to the antics of two Jewish homosexuals on his staff – Roy Cohn and Dave Schine – in the Army-McCarthy hearings of 1954.

Pieczenik pretends outrage that McCarthy should question the integrity of an army general or even suggest communist subversion in the military:

“For those of you who had not been born or know very little about this nefarious individual, I would strongly recommend the book, Eisenhower: Soldier And President, by Stephen Ambrose.  In that book, you will read of the incredible spurious campaign of slander, intimidation and outright abuse that Senator McCarthy engaged in – accusing  honorable members of the State Department,  Voice Of America,  the American Library System,  Hollywood, NYC public schools,  and most appalling our esteemed US military of Communist infiltration.” (Italics Pieczenik’s)

Ambrose was Ike’s biographer but told James Bacque that he’d gotten the goods on Eisenhower in his terrible expose of Ike’s orders to starve to death over a million German POWs after the war in Other Losses.  Later Ambrose denied ever saying this.

McCarthy didn’t even know about my neighbor, Richard Criley, of Carmel, California, who admitted in an extensive and fawning biography in our local paper, the Monterey Peninsula Herald, back in the ‘80s, that he’d been a Communist Party member who’d been deliberately commissioned as an officer in the US Army during the war.  He said the army wanted party members for certain special duties.  Criley said that Eisenhower had personally assigned him as liaison with the Italian Communist Party after the war to assist in the rebuilding of the Italian labor unions and giving them dominant political power in Italy.  This was the purpose of America’s participation in World War II, to remove the anti-Communists in Europe and install the Communists.  Eisenhower was the man who made this happen, who was willing to order the mass murder of the anti-Communists himself (Other Losses, Crimes and Mercies) and deliver millions of them to Stalin in his Operation Keelhaul.

Eisenhower was Stalin’s most dedicated and efficient assassin of the anti-Communists, both in war and peace.  We can only imagine his hatred and fear of Joe McCarthy and of the eventual direction his investigations might have led – perhaps even to him.  Eisenhower betrayed the Hungarian freedom fighters in 1956, as discussed in an earlier essay.  McCarthy had been politically destroyed two years earlier by Ike’s army colleagues and Lyndon Johnson, the Senate majority leader, who devised the “censure vote” in the Senate against McCarthy to shut him up.

Pieczenik mentions “our esteemed US military.”  Well, he would, wouldn’t he?  Pieczenik is a Jew, a CFR, a military/CIA psycho-warrior who deals in psychological warfare, torture and black ops, and is a frequent guest of Alex Jones.  That about says it all.  Pieczenik pretends to be an independent renegade member of the system whom we can trust on matters such as Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama.  What he does is mix the ice cream with the axle grease, which wrecks the ice cream.  Alex Jones does this very thing when he presents Pieczenik as a witness and when he continues to protect the other Jews who are running the show.

Thus we see the nature of the forces which are deployed against us.  Everything is based on lies and deception.  The first step toward defeating the enemy is to identify him.  Without identification, we don’t know whom to fight.  McCarthy warned us about the enemy and was destroyed for it.  And the Communists and their sympathizers in the media, the government, the schools and churches ridiculed his warning and made the mention of Communism politically incorrect.  (PC means:  passed by Jewish censors)  But today, we have an actual Communist mystery-man as president, a mystery-man who has imposed a purely communistic, totally destructive “health care” system on us, a system to be run by the financial terrorists in the Internal Revenue Service!  Honestly – it doesn’t get more communistic than that.

We revolutionaries who are or will be participating in the overthrow of this American form of Communism must recognize these efforts by the mystery-man and his mercenaries to be the most dangerous form of treason, however we define that word.  It is time to enunciate this basic truth.  Treachery in any form that leads or contributes to the death of any person requires the death penalty.  These traitors pretending to supply us with “affordable health care” are the same ones who have slaughtered thousands of people with their cowardly drones and Hellfire missiles.

We are ruled by degenerate liars and sadistic murderers whose intent is to kill millions of us, just as they did in Iraq.  Everyone involved in murder, terror, kidnap, torture, false imprisonment, gun control, roadblocks, home invasion, debt-based currency and terrorist collection of taxes is by definition a traitor and/or a terrorist.  Everyone.  There are no innocent participants in these actions against us.

It’s time to get off the fence, if any reader is still on it.  Go armed everywhere in your daily affairs.  If there’s a metal detector, don’t go there.  If your job requires it, get a new job that doesn’t.  Don’t fly – drive.  Avoid trouble when possible but when trouble gets in your face, don’t back down.  These guys deal in fear – terror – and must be shot.  If we surrender we will be disappeared, tortured and killed.

We don’t need the government for anything except the creation and careful distribution of debt-free currency, following the courageous example of JFK against the Federal Reserve.  He also took on the Jews of America and Israel. 

Everything the government does hurts us and is based on lies, the uppermost one being the US Constitution.  The one decent aspect of that seven-part program for running a central government was the federal creation of money and regulation of its value.  This one good rule was abandoned by the Federalists before the ink was dry on the document.  This is what the resistance must stand for:  debt-free currency and defense against Jewish aggression.   We can certainly invoke the memory of John F. Kennedy to these ends, since they obviously had him killed and replaced by their greatest servant, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Personally, I tend to invoke the memories of two other Irish-Americans who were hated and killed by the Jews:  James Forrestal and Joe McCarthy.  All three Irish-American enemies of the Jews, by the sheerest of coincidence, wound up dead at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Treason everywhere.  Our crackhead queen president is arming what we’ve been told for over a decade is the enemy in the war on terror, al-Qaeda, which means “the base.”  That refers to the CIA’s computerized data base of mujahedeen fighters they put together in Afghanistan back in the ‘80s to fight the Soviet Army, which was finally defeated by surface-to-air Stinger missiles the CIA provided to al-Qaeda.

How al-Qaeda could ever be considered “the enemy” is a joke, since the CIA created the group, armed it, trained it and financed it with the help of Osama bin Laden, who was the CIA’s paymaster.  Osama said in several interviews leading up to his death of Marfan Syndrome and kidney failure in late 2001 that he had nothing to do with 9/11.  He said it was committed by the US government and Israel.

However, al-Qaeda is the boogyman in the Bush/Obama power grab they call the war on terror, except when we supply them with powerful ordnance including chemical weapons. 

The crackhead’s popular support is in freefall and his parachute won’t open so he must go to Plan B.  His cherished Tomahawk and B-1, B-2 and B-52 attack on Damascus (Plan A) has been delayed by John Kerry’s flip mention of a remotely possible way that Assad’s people could avoid kosher slaughter, which would be for Syria to surrender its chemical projectiles.  Assad quickly agreed, with Russian help, to do exactly that, but now with certain conditions which will naturally be unacceptable to the US, which has always, since 1861, stood for Unconditional Surrender.  So Plan A is still possible.

I’m pretty sure that Plan B is a declaration of martial law for whatever contrived but believable cause.  Believable to the dwindling numbers of Obama lovers.  And I suspect that Plan B was/is meant to coincide with Plan A, which would cause the national emergency that is required for a declaration of martial law.  Plan A is designed to escalate into a world war with Russia and China, designed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who by the sheerest of coincidence happens to be the same cat who dreamed up al-Qaeda in ‘79.  Brzezinski is, in the words of James Bond, “quite mad, you know.”

With the impending collapse of the Federal Reserve System’s fake currency and bond market, a new currency based on total war may be coming.  We might call it the War Buck.  Unlike Germany’s debt-free Reichsmark, which was based on production, the War Buck will be based on destruction and reconstruction. 

Destruction and Reconstruction, the broken window theory writ large.  That has been the American method for profiteering and artificial prosperity for one hundred fifty-two years.  The Rothschild syndicate lends fake credit to the military for destruction and more fake credit to industry for reconstruction of what the military destroyed.  Most people don’t get ahead that way.

This is leaving out the human element, the totally innocent victims of Obama’s mercenaries in Syria.  The grown-ups and children who are at this moment being videotaped as their heads are sawn off (chopped off, if they’re lucky) by Obama’s CIA-armed protégés.  Assad’s generals are correct:  These vicious lunatics should be gassed as quickly as possible. 

Chris Stevens, our “ambassador” in Libya, was actually a CIA gunrunner who was supplying weapons to the Syrian monsters.  As such, he deserved what he got in Benghazi, along with his CIA cohorts.  The minimum penalty for such hideous treachery is death, whether in Benghazi or San Francisco.  But it all originates in Manhattan, whence orders are passed to the DC cesspool, thence transmitted overseas.  Orders for Plan A, total Jewish war against the world.

Now we must consider orders created in Manhattan for Plan B – also known as Operation Garden Plot, Rex-84 and just plain martial law.  Sheriffs from around the country were summoned to a secret FEMA meeting in DC a couple of weeks ago.  This is the signal we’ve been anticipating for the crackdown.  Whether it’s based on a predicted natural disaster (real or man-made) or a false-flag terror event (same thing), it doesn’t matter.  Martial law has to occur for whatever reason. 

The only possible response from us is revolution.  Revolution means the utter destruction of every person involved in designing, ordering, implementing, enforcing, participating in and profiting in any way from martial law. 

Martial law means no law, the law of the gun.  Keep in mind that we paid for all the guns that are going to be aimed and fired at us at roadblocks and home invasions.

The reader will recall Brandon Raub, if only because I won’t stop talking about him and his nightmare arrest without charge and disappearance to a mental ward for “brainwashing.”  His crime was speculating on Facebook about the traitors running our government.  Well, now we have a similar thing that happened a few days ago.  Blaine Cooper in Humboldt, Arizona wondered on good old Facebook if America is becoming a police state?  Within twenty-four hours he got a call from the local police department and was told to come down for an FBI interview.

He complied with the request for an interview, which lasted 45 minutes.  He was released after apparently being determined not to be a threat.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information and parents’ information,” Cooper said.


Cooper also said that he was told that without “defusing the situation” by complying with the interview, his house might have been raided.  “The FBI made mention they came to question me so they didn’t have to kick in my door,” Cooper told PoliceStateUSA.com.

Okay, I’m not a lawyer and don’t play one on TV.  But I can give some free legal advice:  no FBI interviews.  Main reason:  the FBI is a homicidal terrorist organization.  Evidence:  the interview in Orlando of Ibragim Todashev which resulted in seven gunshots into Todashev’s body including one in the top of his head.  This is what an FBI interview can lead to.

More evidence:  WTC ’93.  Special Agents John Anticev, Nancy Floyd and their bomb-making informant,  Emad Ali Salem.  The bomb that blew up in the parking area of WTC Tower 2 and killed six people and injured a thousand and did a half-billion dollars in damage was an FBI bomb built with explosives supplied by the New York office of the FBI, the same Fire Bombing Imbeciles who fire bombed our neighbors’ house recently to scare them off from being friends with us.

So, what if you get the two options from the Imbeciles?  Option A, the interview, opens you up to the threat of being charged with a federal felony of “lying to the FBI” and the other threat of being shot while under interrogation.  Option B is saying “Call my lawyer – no interview due to unacceptable risk,” followed by a federal home invasion and grievous bodily harm and probable death by HRT, the Imbeciles’ SWAT team.  We saw these sadistic assholes in action at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

There are other options.  Option C is to set up an ambush either at home or better yet, before they can get to your home.  This is a good job for Neighborhood Watch.  We must all prepare and rehearse this option starting right now.  Once an interview is demanded by the Imbeciles, the Option C drill begins.  The ambush should be at a tight corner or chicane, at which the vehicles must slow down considerably to negotiate it.  Heavy gunfire should be poured into the vehicles and no one left alive.  Weapons should be retrieved and the vehicles set afire if the fires wouldn’t threaten the property of nearby residents – if any.

Option C requires that everyone in Neighborhood Watch has a pre-determined ambush spot for any terrorist threat to each member.

Then there is Option D.  This is also a good option and it requires reconnoitering the headquarters of the enemy.  This could be the regional fusion center or the federal building.  The demand for a life-threatening interview – and even the possibility of being charged with a federal felony for “lying to the FBI” is certainly life-threatening – should under Option D set in motion an attack on the headquarters from which the order issued.  This attack should commence as quickly as possible after the demand for an interview is made.  Option D is for the hard-core element among us, obviously.

Captured weapons should be distributed to those among us who have lost everything to the feds, the legal system and to the deindustrialization of America.  This writer was one of these millions of dispossessed Americans until he got his job back a couple of years ago.  He can easily become one again, as can any of us.  Eighty percent of us are reportedly in poverty or approaching poverty, thanks entirely to the Rothschild cartel and its Federal Reserve System which have destroyed the value of everything with the debt-based FRN.  The Fed must be destroyed and all members executed by the Hungarian method.

This essay is an announcement that this writer is now fully committed to the resistance and to the total destruction by the resistance of the federal tyranny based in Washington, DC and controlled by the Rothschild cartel which creates federal policy including all wars at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, Chicago and Washington, DC.  The CFR must be destroyed and all four thousand plus members executed, along with all CFR clone organizations, all of which are funded by the Rothschild cartel.

I would suggest that the resistance have a specialist action group known as DAJA (Defense Against Jewish Aggression).  This group would be manned by Jew-wise Americans and would reduce to nothing all organizations that are based on Jewish exceptionalism and special powers for and treatment of Jews.

The California legislature in Sacramento has just passed a bill that outlaws most self-loading rifles and handguns.  The homosexual tyrant governor will probably have signed the bill and made it law by the time this essay is read by many.  This new law exceeds the “assault weapon” ban proposed by California’s talmudic senator, Dianne Feinstein, the bizarre Jewess who suggested that all veterans are mentally unfit to possess guns due to PTSD.  She was not contradicted by any Jew in America, or Gentile, for that matter.

The revolution should therefore begin in California.  Everyone in a position of power who participates in gun control is a traitor, since gun control is treason.  This includes the ones who proposed the bill, the ones who voted for it, the ones who lobbied for it and the ones who would enforce it when the law goes into effect. 

There is only one reason that traitors would disarm us and make us defenseless:  they want the unopposed power to kill us.

I know what you’re thinking.  The same thing I’m thinking:  why do these hapless guys with their relatively innocuous postings on Facebook get busted by the feds while this writer is left alone?  That’s not exactly true, considering the drone attack we experienced in August, ’12 that resulted in the grave and mysterious lung disease that my wife contracted directly following the drone’s visit outside our office window.  But, there have been no demands for “interviews” or HRT assaults on our home.

(I finally talked with the neighbor who had seen a drone earlier in the day of our nighttime attack.  He’s an ex-SEAL who really didn’t want to get involved.  He described what he saw over his house heading toward our house as being about eight feet long with a four- or five-foot wingspan.  But this was probably not the same UAV that was outside our office window for about a minute around ten PM, unless it had some sort of hovering capability.)

Two possible reasons for being left alone:  a radical revolutionary such as this writer is needed to justify a martial law crackdown.  This possibility will satisfy the cowards among us who want to say, “See?  See what you’ve done to the rest of us?”

The second possibility is their perception that an attack wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for this writer, who has been an anti-terrorist for a lot longer than they have been terrorists.  I didn’t go half-way around the world for all that training and experience for three hundred a month for nothing. 

The federal terrorists know that they will no doubt get the Waco response to a home invasion.  Call it Waco Plus, considering that the first responders at Waco allowed their attackers a time-out to collect their dead and wounded.  That won’t happen at my place.

On top of that, we’ve got Neighborhood Watch, which means a crossfire with them on the cross.

Once upon a time there was a great American named Gordon Kahl who lived in North Dakota.  He drove into a roadblock put up by US marshals and local cops who were offended by some unpleasant things Gordon had been saying about Freemasonry.  Despite being ordered by USM headquarters in DC to leave him alone, the terrorists knew better.  Didn’t matter that Gordon was a gunfighter and knew how to handle his Mini-14.  Long story short, Gordon killed or wounded and ran off every one of the killers who had planned on killing him after abusing him and his family with taunts and obscenities and then suddenly shooting his empty-handed son.  They only had to shoot Yorie once to get his dad PO’d.  But they really blasted him and he went face down in the mud.  We can kind of understand the parental rage on seeing such a cruel and unprovoked thing.

This was what is considered a field expedient response to a hasty roadblock.  I’ve made other recommendations for dealing with more formal roadblocks.  Roadblockers always get the death penalty.

Our federal terrorists of today know they need to be careful what they wish for.  When they’re up against someone who really knows what he’s doing, things can go sour.

Plan A, the mass murder of Syrians, has taken our minds off the revelations of Edward Snowden, who has recently told us that the NSA has been handing over all raw data to Israel.  Couple this with the fact that the Mossad is allowed by “our Justice Department” to send its death squads (“kidons”) into the United States to assassinate anyone the Jews consider a threat to the Jew World Order.  This writer himself was attacked by an Israeli death squad three times ten years ago with poison on his steering wheel which resulted in severe kidney damage and a mutilated ding-dong.  Maybe I should thank the NSA for that.

The NSA is the deadly enemy of all people of the world, not just us.  Its demented director, Keith Alexander, hired a Hollywood set designer to make his “war room” identical to the Starship Enterprise from the sci-fi fantasy, STAR TREK.  Money was no object, of course.  Think of the damage this insane asshole has done to us and virtually everyone in the connected world by not only spying on us but passing on everything to the even more insane Jews. 

We here in Idaho learned last month that the NSA is now in the local law enforcement business, hard as that may be to believe.  The Idaho Falls PD was beefed up in a car chase by a unit from the NSA.  While that one may have been connected to the (federal) Idaho National Laboratory, we’re informed that NSA is doing this around the country, for some strange reason.  NSA cops?  Cops with alternate FEMA uniforms (federalized locals) were bad enough.

Our rotten, top-heavy government, visible and invisible, must be dismantled as quickly and ruthlessly as possible because the Jews have seized total control over it, as pointed out endlessly on this website and by expert researchers such as Brother Nathanael, who really delivers the goods, year after year.  He is under attack by the ADL probably because he’s a better communicator with the public than this writer, who receives no Jewish or federal intimidation.  Friends and family, yes, but not this writer himself.  His advertised readiness to fight back has no doubt served him well.  There must be truth in advertising.

There is no good reason now to delay starting the resistance.  On a personal level it means organizing Neighborhood Watch to defend against federal and police attacks starting now.  The resistance will show a determination, in some places more than others at first, to punish traitors for any and all acts of treason, uppermost being gun control.  But aggressive war is also treason because it only benefits our Jewish enemy and gets normal people slaughtered.  Privately owned, debt-based currency and government borrowing are also treason: they only benefit our Jewish enemy and rob us of our savings.  Off-shoring of our industries was also treason; it robbed us of our livelihoods and made millions of us unable to take revenge on the filthy criminals responsible for their downfall.  Those of us who are still working have the means to do this in our “spare time.”  I guarantee that we’ve got nothing better to do.

This writer has never solicited support of any kind since starting on this political adventure in 1968.  The militia was a personal defensive decision that didn’t require money but just the determination not to surrender one’s firearms.  The resistance will be what the militia should have been, but never was.  The militia was ahead of the power curve, forming during a period when the threat, even the possibility, of martial law was not so apparent. 

The resistance will go on the offensive against the traitors in government and the traitors who give the government its orders.

Whether Americans support the resistance, either through participation or financially, remains to be seen.  This writer has begun to solicit support from overseas, from governments that have been victimized by the US government with its ugly demands for Unconditional Surrender, and will continue to do so.  It is in every country’s interest to support the American resistance movement because it will be the purpose of the resistance to make America obey the rules of civilized societies for the first time in its existence.  Superpower means unchecked state terrorism.  The American government is the master of horror, as we plainly see today in Syria.

The resistance will make no pretentious demands for Unconditional Surrender but will instead work to overthrow the cancerous source of this implacable, sadistic demand given time and again to other peoples who have threatened us not in the least.  There will be no demand to surrender because that means prisoners.  We don’t want any prisoners.

There’s only one way to beat the house (which we paid for) and that’s to burn it down.


Heroic Measures



The Hungarians have done it again.  As this writer likes to recount whenever he can, those tough people were the ones who, in October, 1956, had finally had enough of Jews terrorizing, torturing and murdering them.  As we can relive in David Irving’s Uprising, they stormed the buildings housing their Jewish overlords in the secret police and other departments of Communist terror.  The freedom fighters dragged their Jewish tormentors into the streets and killed them.  They shot them and lynched them by the hundreds.  Trees and lampposts had Jews swinging from them all around Budapest.  It must have been glorious.

Incredibly, the Hungarians are again leading the way to freedom from Jewish rule.  The Hungarian government has done the one and only great thing that any government can do:  it has issued debt-free currency.  For the past two years, Hungary has paid off its fake “debt” to the IMF and banking gangsters with the new Hungarian equivalent of 2.2 billion Euros and their formerly dead economy is prospering like mad.  This has made the Jews both incredulous and of course very angry.

Do we suppose America could not do the identical things?  By that I mean the ’56 thing and the currency thing.  These are the two elements of a Defense Against Jewish Aggression.  All predatory Jews must be killed, number one, starting with the most notorious and destructive ones.  There are so many in this category that we can begin just about anywhere. 

Doing this, we shall eventually find ourselves in Manhattan, pulling Jews out of the Federal Reserve Bank, Goldman Sachs, the CFR and the ADL, among other dens of Jewish iniquity.  Manhattan is the Comstock Lode of predatory Jews, just as Hollywood is on the other coast.  There are dens of Jewish iniquity in every city in America and they must all be eradicated. 

People sometimes ask, how can you trust the Congress to issue debt-free currency?  Won’t they just inflate and deflate the money supply to suit themselves, as the Fed has been doing for a hundred years with congressional permission? 

When the Jews are removed from the equation, when no profit is possible in the issuance of currency, when Jewish intrigue is prohibited by Americans with guns, everything changes.  When Americans with guns are in charge, the whole complexion of our society will change.  Congress will do as it is told by us, until we change the design of our government and dismiss the Congress. 

We can also see how destructive the executive branch has been since 1861.  We certainly don’t require its services any longer.  America is a presidential dictatorship, so the office of the president must be eliminated.  No one must be given the obscene power over humanity that these psychos have been granted – by us.   

The Supreme Court has been a dirty joke since John Marshall made his fake pronouncement in 1803, claiming that five black-robed magicians would be deciding what was “constitutional.”  As I’ve written before, the Supreme Court rarely finds any federal atrocity “unconstitutional,” whether it’s slavery, civil war or crimes against the peace.  In 2000, the court actually decided that George W. Bush would be president despite his having lost the election to Gore.  And of course what that five-judge junta did was “constitutional.”  The results of that slimy maneuver were too terrible to contemplate.  Bush turned over the government to Jewish plotters who called themselves “neo-conservatives.”  Those Jews gave us 9/11 and total war against the natural people of the Middle East and western Eurasia.

The nature of the American government has been so toxic to life that it must be overthrown by force and violence, never to rear its vicious head again.  The three branches of the federal government must be destroyed and all practitioners executed as the vilest traitors to mankind, whether Jew or Gentile.

The lesson to our traitors must be so severe that no one is ever again tempted to try to rule us.  Jews can’t help themselves so they must be removed from temptation.  Jews must rule us so they must be eradicated.

What sort of government should we have?  Let’s try no government for a while. 

We were under no central government for about eight years until the federal albatross landed on our backs by deceit in 1789.  The new Americans briefly had the greatest freedom in human history but the bankers and their stooges, such as Hamilton and Madison, were not happy.  So we wound up with a bank-run empire for all the trouble, terror, bloodshed and hardship the revolutionaries had suffered for six and a half years.

On this subject of the American Revolution, we must realize that it was more of a French victory than an American one.  Without French soldiers and officers and especially the French navy that destroyed much of the British fleet, there would have been no revolutionary victory.  Without the German soldiers reinforcing both the French and American forces, victory over the English dictatorship would not have been possible.  The new American government thanked the French by ignoring the Reign of Terror and the country that delivered us from English tyranny and not lifting a finger to prevent those men and their families from all having their heads chopped off. 

Should the French have helped us?  I would say no.  (Who killed more Frenchmen in WWII, the Germans or the Americans?)

It was a very strange revolution and it almost produced freedom from central government.  It was soon revealed, however, that the whole thing was a cruel Masonic deception, as Patrick Henry realized when he examined the new, secret Constitution in 1788.  Americans must first come to terms with the fact that the Constitution has been the machine of dictatorship from the day it was foisted on the new country.  It must be cursed and repudiated before we can free ourselves from the American form of despotism.

In its place we need nothing but the willingness to fight and kill the enforcers who insist that they are authorized by the president, the Congress and the Supreme Court to arrest us, disappear us, torture and kill us, which they in fact are so authorized.  The Constitution was designed with just this ultimate goal at some point in the distant future.  We have reached that point, now that the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, all passed by the Congress and signed by Republican and Democrat presidents, have been declared “constitutional” by the Supreme Court.  We are freed from any constraints to attack any and all representatives of the federal government with force and violence for their monstrous crimes against us and the peoples of other countries.

We must allow no replacement for this monster system which has robbed us of our savings, our jobs, our lives and our morality.  The federal government must be almost utterly destroyed.  The fifty state governments must be reduced drastically as well.  Again, the one and only legitimate function of a federal government is to issue debt-free currency.  This was done in the pre-Revolutionary colonies, it was done by the Russians until the Jewish takeover in 1917 and by the Germans in the 1930s.  The colonies were attacked by the Rothschild-controlled English; the Russians and Germans were destroyed by the Jewish allies in World Wars I and II.

The route to this new way of life is the Hungarian Model of executing Jewish tyrants and eliminating usury, which is the essence of Judaism.  Usury is the Jewish practice of government-licensed, Jewish-created debt-based currency and federal indebtedness (to Jewish “lenders” who actually lend nothing but “credit”).  Hungary is the latest proof that there is never a need for governments to borrow and put the people in debt to private bankers.  Such a criminal racket must be punished by death, so destructive it has proven to be.

America has attacked and invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan since 9/11.  Each of those countries had government-run central banks that issued their own currencies, completely independent of the Rothschild cartel.  After our invasions, each country’s central bank was handed over to the private Jewish cartel.  Syria also has a central bank that is not connected to Rothschild.  This is the main reason Obama wants to hit Syria and is also the main reason that these Jewish rats must be eliminated without mercy.  They have no mercy for their victims who probably haven’t any idea of the real reason for their being attacked by America, which is to seize control of their central bank.

This was the main reason for our destroying Germany in World War II – their huge success with debt-free currency.  As soon as the National Socialist Party was destroyed, its main characters hanged and the whole idea outlawed forever, Germany’s monetary system was given to the Rothschild syndicate. 

Lincoln deserved to be assassinated in 1860, as soon as he was elected, for his planned crimes against his own people, but not for issuing debt-free US Notes.  His murder was a teaching tool of the bankers.  No one had a stronger motive for assassinating Kennedy in 1963 than the owners of the Federal Reserve.  He had deprived them of the interest on over four billion dollars that he issued in US Notes that spring.  He declared war on the bankers and planned to wipe them out by replacing the debt-based Federal Reserve Note with the debt-free United States Note.

We can see how important debt-based currency is to the bankers who profit from it.  For that reason it must become the most important matter to us.  All those who profit from this destructive monetary monopoly must be killed – there is no other way to save ourselves from total ruin.  For millions it is already too late.  The money monopolists have caused hundreds of millions of normal people to be slaughtered without the slightest hesitation or shred of mercy.  Millions of American homes have been fraudulently seized by bank pirates, millions of American lives ruined and families destroyed.  These are death penalty crimes against humanity and all are based on the Jewish lie of debt-based currency issued by a corporation.  

Now to heroic measures.  It doesn’t get much more heroic than what the Hungarians have shown us.  Their model must become our method. 

Heroism is the key to our survival, just as it always was and will be.  We must have our heroic role models.  They are totally absent in our lives at present, thanks to the Hollywood Jews.  These cunning rats well know the Gentile craving for heroes and heroes were well-supplied in the early days of the big studios.  By the 60’s, though, the smart, tough hero was forbidden and was replaced with the soul-destroying anti-hero, exemplified by Paul Newman, whose every movie was the ultimate unpleasant expression of the anti-hero.

Men, real men, crave an heroic reason for their lives.  This is why the militia movement exploded in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.  The militia movement offered American men the chance to be heroes or at least to see themselves as heroes.  No celluloid role models were required – one’s self-awareness of being part of a new armed resistance movement was enough.  It was a winner for a few years until the rats figured a cruel way to turn it into a dirty word at Oklahoma City.  The natural craving in us is still there and is now starting to re-emerge.

The greatest heroes in human history were the million or so volunteers from all countries in Europe who, of their own volition, joined the German SS battalions to fight the Jewish allies wherever they were hell-bent on invading Europe, from the east and west.  They were the finest specimens of manhood of all time, perhaps never to be imitated.  But we must do our best to do just that.

The SS guys were fighting the New World Order, just as we shall be doing.  So we have to stop thinking of them as the bad guys.  The Americans were the bad guys.  The same kinds of Americans who came for Brandon Raub, the same kinds of Americans who ran Abu Ghraib and are running Guantanamo were slaughtering the good guys with their Soviet buddies for three and a half years, doing the dirty work for the Jews.  The Chuck Yeagers, blasting German farmers off their tractors with their P-51s because they’d run out of military targets and wanted to kill someone – anyone – before the war ended.

Our need for real heroism – not fake US government mass murdering anti-heroism – can find fulfillment in the resistance movement.  I think the highest expression of the resistance movement, just as the SS was the highest expression of the German defense forces, will be DAJA (Defense Against Jewish Aggression).  It is time for DAJA.

We are reportedly facing another contrived crisis by October, approximately one month from now as this is being written.  As evidence of this, we have learned here in Teton County, Idaho that our imported sheriff (New York City?!) was summoned this past week to a secret FEMA meeting in Washington, DC.  This is the same guy who told our fire-bombed neighbors not to worry overmuch because the fire-bomb was meant for the Campbells by people who were not happy with a speech I’d made in February about gun control.  Those people turned out to be the FBI, which now stands for Fire-Bombing Imbeciles, who actually used an FBI-registered vehicle for tailing/intimidating our friends, over and over.

We all kind of assumed that martial law would start in the cities, which is probably true.  But now, with the presence of our sheriff at the FEMA conclave in DC, attempted martial law will presumably also occur here in our valley, probably pretty soon.  The sheriff owes us for his dreamy, all-expense-paid junket to the district of criminals.  We are also informed that we have naturally made it to the top of the surveillance list.  We’ve had at least three break-ins that resulted in stolen meds and a revolver and no doubt are wired for audio/video productions.

So, heroic measures are called for – here, there and everywhere.   

We here shall be discussing this strange development now that I’m home for a few weeks.  It’s probably fortuitous that drilling is experiencing a slowdown so that I can be here to contribute to the defense of the county, since I probably brought on the attention in the first place with a very provocative speech, the text of which is  on this website.  There is no other likely reason that the sheriff of a very small county in flyover country, population 10,000, should be wined and dined by the FEMA gangsters in DC.  I think I’m the only person at present calling publicly for the overthrow of the federal government by force and violence. 

We shall be going over immediate action drills and likely choke and ambush points, both ours and theirs.  We shall make sure that everyone’s radio is working and we’re all on the right frequency.  I recommend the same for all readers of this essay, except of course the ones we’ll be ambushing.

This is naturally a big step for most normal people, the decision to pull triggers on treacherous enforcers of the dictatorship.  For us and most of our fellow residents here, though, it’s the next logical thing to do.  The question that’s usually asked of residents here is, “Are you going to fight, or get on the truck?”  It’s a shocking question to some people but so far, no one has said that he or she plans to get on the truck.

Heroism is the missing ingredient in our empty American lives.   I began to crave it at around eight or nine years of age when I saw the previews for the first episode of “Davy Crockett” in early December of 1954.  I’d been reared on Johnny Mack Brown and Jock Mahoney and guns and fist-fighting but Davy Crockett depicted pure heroism on all levels – physical, mental and political.  In the end, he put his money where his mouth was and fought the good fight.

The Crockett thing struck a chord or central masculine nerve in America.  Millions of us were affected.  But it went downhill from there and no comparable role model was ever again offered by the lords of entertainment, who must have been very unsettled by the mass Crockett phenomenon.

That is what we are expected to do:  fight the good fight.  We are expected to crave a good fight and another one after that.  We must shuck off the cowardice that has been implanted into us methodically by social scientists in school, religion, law, entertainment and in our work.  Heroes exhibit courage, strength and unselfishness despite all physical and psychological intimidation and aggression.

Heroism is the vital component that will turn everything around.  The Jews figure hopefully that our heroism is all gone, but they are whistling past the graveyard.  They’ve done their best to wipe it out of our gene pool but it’s still there.  That’s why they demand that the veterans be disarmed.  When he was in uniform he was harmless to the Jews but once out of uniform, his awakening anger over his experience combined with the heroic component produces a very dangerous threat to the architects of the vet’s problems.  Hence, all vets are now considered by the Jews to be mentally unfit to possess firearms.  Only the Jews have the unmitigated gall to propose such a vile concept.

I’m pretty confident that this new veteran disarmament policy, enunciated recently by Senator Dianne Feinstein and not contradicted by any Jew anywhere, will contribute to the deaths of many Jews in this country.  Feinstein declared war on the veterans and on all future veterans, i.e., the currently serving soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who have been psychologically damaged, drug addicted, physically maimed and killed while making the Mid East safe for Jews by killing their Moslem enemies.  Killing them, we now know, in the millions.

Obama can’t “put boots on the ground” in Syria because most currently serving men and women are unfit for combat due to various mental and physical injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan, as we can easily verify from the suicide statistics.  This is why Obama needs a replacement force for occupation (martial law) duties in this country.  He’s not going to get it.

In the meantime, due to one pretext or another, we will be dealing with militarized police at roadblocks and home invasions.  There will be more Boston neighborhood raids in all cities and big towns.  They will be testing, testing, testing and gauging our responses to escalating aggression and provocations.  That is, they will be doing this unless we respond properly at the first opportunity and do quite a bit better than those pathetic Bostonites.

Let’s do this:  let’s assume that where we live is going to get the Boston treatment by some very treacherous bums sporting the finest equipment that we could buy them.  Let’s assume this is going to occur by October 1.  Maybe it won’t, but that’s the current gen.  That gives us all about a month to meet with friends and trusted neighbors – call it Neighborhood Watch – and organize a high-power response to any home invasion.  Give personal guarantees that whoever gets busted will be reinforced within minutes by his/her colleagues.  The neighbor(s) will not be put in patrol cars or police vans and taken away.  The cars or vans will be attacked and disabled and the neighbor(s) removed to safety.  All attackers of the neighbors shall be executed on the spot.  When it is figured out who sent the attackers, the NW (Neighborhood Watch) shall attack those culprits with the same effect (death).

Once a trusted public servant betrays that trust and actually joins an effort to disarm us or disappear us without charge, as in the shocking case of Brandon Raub, he must be killed.  He obviously can never be trusted again.  The resistance will be based on trust, which is always the most precious commodity.  Breach of trust will be punished by death - there is no alternative.

There are smart-phone apps available that warn of police roadblocks.  I don’t have one but this could be handy as long as it lasts.  Lacking that, NW will learn of new roadblocks as they are being formed.  The roadblocks must be destroyed as quickly as gunfighters can plan and execute an assault, be it from long-range rifles or by driving into it with three or four gunfighters on board.

If some soft form of martial law is declared next month, either locally or nationwide, all travel by us will have to be by at least a two-vehicle convoy.  The vehicle behind will cover the one in front if it is stopped by a cop for any reason, which means no reason other than intimidation or worse.  The second vehicle will stop close enough for a sure shot at the intimidator(s), who should be quickly shot and left on the road as an object lesson to others, minus weapons, which won’t be needed anymore and are actually ours anyway.  If the second vehicle is stopped, the lead vehicle will hang a U and come back to engage the threat in the same manner.

This is the attitude we in the resistance must adopt.  Kill or get killed.

This is how martial law will be eliminated, in the best Hungarian manner.  If we do this a few times, the accessories to treason, the enforcers, will take early retirement - or they will die. 





That’s what the military calls intelligence.  Although it purports to be a civilian rather than a military organization, the NSA is in the business of G-2, collecting information for the military.  The NSA director is always a general or an admiral.  My first glimpse of the military nature of the NSA was learning that the USS Liberty was under the control of the NSA rather than the US Navy.  The NSA director in 1967 was a three-star general named Marshall Carter.  You probably never heard of him.

The current director is Keith Alexander, who is also currently a four-star general in the US Army.  Alexander is a professional liar who said this:  "While I can't go into all the details on the Utah Data Center, we don't hold data on U.S. citizens."  He also said this:  "Those who would want to weave the story that we have millions or hundreds of millions of dossiers on people, is absolutely false…From my perspective, this is absolute nonsense."

Alexander, back in the days of shock and awe against Iraq, was a two-star general and the deputy chief of staff for intelligence.  As such, he was in charge of the army torture center known as Abu Ghraib prison.  Somehow out of that hideous nightmare he obtained two more stars and the most powerful position in the US government.  His torturers were lightly punished and he was promoted to Big Brother.  Everyone in government is afraid of him because he’s got all phone calls and emails at his disposal.  He knows everyone’s secrets.  He’s J. Edgar Hoover on steroids.  I'm not saying he's a queen, but Kay Grigg's marine colonel husband told her that the top staff officers have all experienced intimate male bonding.

Alexander’s cohort, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, is also a seasoned professional liar.  When Senator Wyden asked him if the NSA collects any kind of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans, Clapper answered, “No.”  Edward Snowden soon revealed that Clapper, and Alexander, had committed criminal felony perjury.  Clapper’s a retired three-star general from the Air Force.  As DNI, he would presumably be in charge of all the Abu Ghraibs – the FEMA concentration camps – around the country that are awaiting the arrival of those of us who fail to kill those who will attempt to round us up.

Are we getting the picture?  When Keith Alexander was in charge of collecting data during Shock & Awe, he was also the lord of the Abu Ghraib torture center, among other “black sites.”  Today, ten years later, he’s in charge of collecting data on all of us.  Do we see where this is leading?  Those of us who have said or thought – I’ve got nothing to hide, let them look at me:  the thousands of people in Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo Bay and in CIA torture centers all around the world no doubt felt they had nothing to hide, either.  But that turned out to be irrelevant.  It turns out to be extremely lazy and irresponsible to say or think, I have nothing to hide – what’s the worst that could happen?

The worst that could happen is what did happen to Brandon Raub, and then what almost happened to him after that.  The worst that could happen is you could go to Guantanamo Bay prison for many years and get so desperate from the torture that you go on hunger strike to commit suicide, only to have a big rubber tube jammed through your nose all the way to your stomach, two or three times a day, with some vile substance poured down it to keep you alive for more torture.  Most of us have no idea what is the worst that could happen.

The purpose of G-2 is to use the gathered information – intelligence – to destroy the enemy.  That’s the only purpose of G-2.  That’s what the NSA is doing to us and has been doing to us for decades.  They’ve lied and lied and lied when asked about it.  They’re trying to lie their way out of Edward Snowden’s revelations about what they’ve been doing to us and others.  They want him to surrender so they can torture him the way they’ve been torturing Bradley Manning.  Then they want to kill him as an example to others who want to tell what they know about war crimes and treachery by our treacherous public employees.

Here’s the thing about what Keith Alexander has:  in order for the information to be used against us, we pretty much have to be arrested.  I realize the reader may have a hard time imagining being arrested for… what?  Most are thinking, arrested for what?  I haven’t done anything. 

Does the reader really think Brandon Raub did anything?  Anything to justify being arrested without charges being filed, disappearing into the military psycho-prison system, being given a fifteen minute evaluation and then ordered to be taken away for a thirty-day evaluation?  And then, five days later, for a government shrink to tell him that he was going to “brainwash” him, that is, “medicate” him “forcibly?”  What exactly do we think the shrink meant by “brainwash?”  When we combine the three quoted words, it can only have meant one thing:  a chemical lobotomy.

And let us keep in mind that Brandon’s famous civil rights attorney, John Whitehead, learned during those five days that an average of twenty thousand Brandon Raubs are arrested each year in Virginia and disappear into the psychiatric prison system.  Some lucky ones get released in various mental conditions but most don’t.  Many just disappear, never to be heard from again.  We don’t know yet how many Brandon Raubs disappear in the other forty-nine states, but we didn’t know about Virginia, either.

Is it possible to overemphasize the story of Brandon Raub?  I don’t think so.  The mercifully short (thanks to John Whitehead) but terrifying ordeal of Brandon Raub is all we need to know about what’s going on and about our duty to fight and kill anyone and everyone involved in this horrifying conspiracy against us.  After all, it was on the very day that John Whitehead obtained a court order to release Brandon that the government shrink informed him that he was going to be “brainwashed.”  How lucky was that?  He probably escaped being strapped down and injected with thorazine and seroquel and then not knowing who the hell he was ever again.  And don’t forget – the Veterans Administration monsters had secretly transferred Brandon from his local Richmond VA to the Salem VA, three or four hours to the west, to make it harder for family and counsel to find him.

If the reader is not up to speed on Brandon Raub and is wondering what the hell he did to deserve what he got, let’s review…  Brandon was, last August, a 27-year-old ex-marine who had been to Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat engineer.  He had and may still have a couple of small businesses in the Richmond area.  There was a report that he was considering re-enlisting in the USMC, but at the time of his disappearance he was a veteran.  Today we know that there is in this country no more dangerous a designation than to be a veteran.  The veteran is considered by the Jews to be Public Enemy Number 1.  For proof of this, I offer the statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein, author of the failed renewed ban on “assault weapons.”  Another senator, Cornyn, attempted to exempt veterans from Feinstein’s prohibition.  She responded:

“The problem with expanding this is that, you know, with the advent of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War, it’s not clear how the seller or transferer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member, or a veteran, and that there was no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this. I think you have to – if you’re going to do this, find a way that veterans who are incapacitated for one reason or another mentally, don’t have access to this kind of weapon.”

A guy - or gal - foolishly falls for Jewish propaganda and joins up.  He/she is sent to kill and be killed and somehow survives.  The Jews consider him/her to be a sucker for volunteering and when he/she comes home and gets out, the veteran is classified as a potential terrorist and a threat to national security.  National security is a euphemism for Jewish Rule.

No Jew, or Gentile for that matter, objected to this slander of veterans.  For a Gentile to object to someone named Feinstein could be a career destroyer.  But you would think that some Jew, somewhere, would, for the sake of appearances, say that she was way out of line.  It never happened.  From this we must conclude that Jews everywhere want veterans disarmed and were quite comfortable with Feinstein’s treacherous slander of them.  The military serves an important function for the Jews:  it controls what they consider to be “the fascistic element of society.”  Men.  Gentile men are the fascistic element of Jewish-controlled society.  The best thing to do with Gentile men is get them in the military where they can be kept under tight supervision.  If necessary, as it has been frequently since 1917, they can be sent to fight and kill and be killed by people the Jews want killed, which today is the Moslems.  In the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, it was Asians.  Before that it was Germans and Japanese.  It’s always somebody.  Pretty soon it will be us.

Feinstein's slander didn’t apply to Brandon, because he didn’t have any guns.  But he’s still a fascist because he’s a man and not a Jew and one who has been trained in the military use of firearms.  The worst part is that he’d survived the killing fields created by the Jews and now had his eyes opened.  He had the temerity to express doubt about the Jewish legend of 9/11 and even suggested on Zucker-book that it was an inside job done by elements of the US government.  For this crime against the Jews he was sentenced to be arrested without charge and have his thought-process destroyed, presumably by a medical doctor who had sworn a holy oath to do no harm.

Is there a class of people to whom oaths, vows, pledges, promises, agreements and contracts mean nothing?  Well, yes, there is:  the Jews.  They’ve got their own special annual oath that exempts them from being honest, which is known as All Vows, or Kol Nidre.  As Casey Stengel used to say, you could look it up.

So there Brandon and his family were, barbequing in the backyard, shorts, no shirt, barefoot, when several cars roll up.  FBI, Secret Service, local cops - what we could call the secret police.   The secret police gangsters knocked on the door.  When Brandon answered it, the lead FBI said, “Brandon, we’re worried about you.”

“You are?  About what?”

“What you’ve been putting on Facebook.”

Brandon, no doubt surprised, naively entered into a discussion about his views for a few minutes, probably wondering desperately, Facebook?  The local cops grew impatient and knocked him down and handcuffed him.  Without being allowed to get dressed he was stuffed into a squad car.  The FBI leaned in the back window before he was driven away and said, “You’re not being arrested, Brandon – we’re just worried about you.”  Unbeknownst to his family, he was taken to the Richmond VA hospital, where all the psycho-fun started.  His mother immediately raised hell on Facebook, which came to the attention of other veterans.  These guys in turn approached the civil rights law firm, the Rutherford Institute owned by John Whitehead, and asked him to represent Brandon.  It took him a few days to find a judge who would sign an order to have Brandon released and, as noted, it arrived at the distant Salem VA psycho-prison just in time.

It seems that we Americans have a difficulty integrating what happened to him into our consciousness, into our realm of possibility.  A harmless young man with a good record of having served Jewish interests in both Iraq and Afghanistan was, first, cyber-spied upon by – the NSA – and found by this spy agency to be in violation of their rules of engagement, whatever they may be.  Then the NSA told the FBI to pick him up for… what?  For something, definitely.  Just pick him up.  Then the FBI tells the Secret Service to come along and to conceal the fact that this is the federal government at war with the American people, the FBI requests the local cops to do the dirty work.  That is, the local cops who have all been federalized and are just pretending to be local cops.  This used to be called an MJTF, or multi-jurisdictional task force, operation.  Today it probably started with an NSA directive to the feds at the Virginia Fusion Center at 7700 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, not far from Brandon’s house in Chesterfield.

So who’s in charge of this?  Who would have given the order for Brandon Raub to be picked up and given a chemical lobotomy for those harmless private thoughts and lyrics he posted on Facebook? 

Hmm…  Well, who was in charge of Abu Ghraib, the most ghastly American torture center that we know about?  A cowardly, lying, four-star cyber-twerp named Keith Alexander, today the boss of the Nastiest Shithouse in America.  Let’s think about that for a while and come back to it.

So the object of G-2, intelligence, is G-3, operations.  Defeating the enemy in war.  The G-2 guys (NSA, military intelligence and others) gather intelligence on the enemy so it can be used to kill him.  Killing the enemy is G-3.  Edward Snowden has confirmed our suspicions that the NSA has been gathering intelligence on us, the enemy, so that at some point in the future the killers can use this intelligence to kill us.  As was pointed out recently, if Edward Snowden is accused by the NSA of espionage, and espionage is passing information to the enemy, then we’re the enemy because we’re the ones he told.  The government classifies (hides) the truth from us about everything because the government considers us the enemy.

That’s everyone in the government – no exception other than a handful of whistleblowers, who have demonstrated that there’s no future in blowing the whistle.

The purpose of the website is to say that this government of ours is and has always been a dictatorship, certainly in the lifetime of anyone now alive.  It is a constitutional dictatorship, wholly authorized by law.  For example, as the recent shocking facts about NSA spying on Americans came out, the president’s criminals in charge of it rushed to say that Congress and the courts had all signed off on it, so it was legal.  And they were pretty much correct.  All three branches of government were okay with the destruction of the Bill of Rights, which made it okay.

So let’s face it – we’re under martial law without being notified yet.  The lead essay on this website – The Military Solution – still goes with regard to the military destruction of Israel but the success of it still requires that thousands of junior officers and senior non-coms put into action their oaths to kill domestic enemies, starting with the ones in the military.  The next step will be to do to Israel what the military did under Jewish direction to Japan, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan.  It will be another American disgrace if Vladimir Putin has to do this for us, as he appears ready to do.  Understandable, though, for what the Jews did to the Russians.  Russia has a lot of getting even to do, but our government stuck them with a Jewish dictatorship in 1917.  We owe it to the Russians more than anyone else to remove the Jews from this earth.  And then we owe it to the Germans, and then we owe...

We civilians must do our part to kill domestic enemies as well.  That’s the entire purpose of this website, to enunciate that all domestic enemies – the most dangerous kinds of enemies – must be killed by us Americans.  For our own protection and survival, this is our sacred duty as Americans.  Is there any disagreement with this idea?

Q:  Who and what is a domestic enemy?  A:  Anyone who enforces the dictatorship, at any level.  From the level of illicit private production of currency and debt (the Federal Reserve System) to covert spying on the people for an eventual round-up of dissidents to arresting bloggers without charge and placing them in insane asylums to shut them up.  Anyone who would promote the indefinite detention of anyone without due process, as has become our law under the NDAA of 2012.  Anyone who would provide weapons to the head-chopping Mexican drug cartels or to the head-chopping terrorists in the Middle East is a domestic enemy who requires the death penalty. 

The four-star cyber-twerp, Keith Alexander, is apparently the domestic enemy most feared by all of our lesser domestic enemies headquartered in Washington.  He apparently has them all by the private parts.  He is feared like the Great Oz because most people in government have something to hide, especially the elected ones.  The elected ones all got there by vote fraud.

The Nastiest Shithouse in America, we now realize, must be destroyed.  Everyone who works there is our deadly domestic enemy.  But this also goes for the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, FEMA, DHS, IRS and on and on.  All of these agencies are dedicated to our being rounded up and put in prison camps or psychiatric prisons.  I realize the average reader will naturally slip off the sharp end of what I’m saying, that surely it can’t be this bad, this far gone.  So I must keep bringing the reader back to reality, to Brandon Raub and 20,000 Brandon Raubs disappearing without charges every year in just one state.

For those who prefer to have “the law” on their side, there is some good news.  You will recall that the Indiana Supreme Court decided some months ago that the people were not allowed under any circumstances to defend themselves from renegade police who break into their homes, even if the cops  had the wrong house, even if they were going to kill you by mistake, from mistaken identity or a bogus tip?   Well, that has been corrected.  The Indiana governor signed a bill that allows them to shoot cops who break in without a warrant.  It is now the law in Indiana and cops everywhere are outraged. 

We, however, don’t need no stinking laws.  George Zimmerman had the law on his side and look what it got him.  And as we saw with Brandon Raub, the feds and their mini-feds don’t need no stinking warrants.  There was no arrest warrant for Brandon because, as the fed told him, he wasn’t under arrest!  They just drove over from the fusion center and picked him up for “brainwashing.”

This is like an open letter to Brandon Raub, and an open letter to the reader:  Now that we know what can and does happen to people such as ourselves – and Brandon Raub with his Facebook observations is exactly like us – what will the reader do when presented with the Brandon Raub scenario?  This is really what it is down to, what life in America has  become. 

Every one of these essays is a recommendation.  And it’s always the same one:  firepower.  You must have a lot of firepower to prevent a Brandon Raub-style arrest and disappearance.  A lot of us have a lot of firepower.  The purpose of this website is to provide the will, the determination, to use it.  If we don't use it it's the same as if we don't have it.

Twenty-thousand Virginians every year don’t have John Whitehead to bust them out of the slam or the cuckoo’s nest.  So you have to avoid being slammed.  The only way to do this is to kill the slammers at the drop of a hat, the very second they reveal their treacherous intent. 

George Zimmerman proved that Neighborhood Watch is a good idea.  His six judges – the jurors – agreed.  Four of those gals, it has been said, would have opened fire long before George did.  I proved it, too, in Sherman Oaks, California.  Neighborhood Watch is a great thing if we take it as seriously as George Zimmerman did.  But the Neighborhood Watch we require now is against the feds and their mini-feds, the local cops.  Our neighborhoods must become no-go zones for the federal and mini-fed slammers, not just for street criminals.

We Americans require a violent revolution to remove the criminals from our backs.  We have carried them long enough.  They cannot be petitioned to unlatch their violent and bloody parasite mouths from our veins and bank accounts.  Like the Communists they are, they only respond to force and violence.

Our revolution must be broad and entire, from the bottom to the top.  Realistically, I see that it must start from the bottom and work its way up the Communist food chain.  I have always planned it the other way, and if I can get enough help, that is the fast way to national liberation.  Ideally, the Council on Foreign Relations must be destroyed and all members executed.  All of the agencies of the federal dictatorship must be attacked and destroyed.  That must happen in the coming revolution.  But what I see actually happening first is Americans fighting the enforcers who attempt to arrest and kill us for political purposes.  The enforcers are traitors.  The penalty for treason is death.

People often say, “What can one person do?”  The answer is that one person can start his or her own revolution by defending him or herself from a tyrant.  Think always, as I do, about what happened and what was supposed to happen to Brandon Raub.  We must admit that such a drastic attack on him was totally unexpected, as such an attack on us will also be.  Or used to be.  We can now expect it and deal with it without hesitation.

Larken Rose recently asked an important question:  when should you shoot a cop?  I’ve got an important question, too:  when should we shoot Keith Alexander?

Postscript:  The day after this was written the 2nd Circuit Federal Court decided that indefinite detention (Guantanamo, FEMA camps, etc) under the NDAA of 2012 is the permanent law of the land.  There is now no legal method to gain or keep our freedom.  We are officially under the Law of the Gun.  Prepare for action.
That used to be the question.  Today, the answer’s pretty obvious, due to admissions by the IRS’ top extortionists:  “No mas.”  The main admission, other than that the 5th Amendment is for the protection of innocent people, was that the income tax is voluntary.

I’m sorry to admit that I did volunteer to file and pay one time, back in ’76 for the year 1975.  That was my first year as a drilling foreman with ARCO, starting out in Hobbs, New Mexico.  I’d made pretty good money as a longshoreman and diver in Texas in the early ‘70s before two years of working for nothing in Rhodesia, but it had never occurred to me to file a tax return, since taxes were withheld from my paycheck and I just figured, Keep it, you rat bastards.  I’m not going to okay you robbing me by asking for some of it back.  While I did “volunteer,” I didn’t know it.  I’d figured I had a gun to my head.

The interesting thing about that check I sent the IRS in ’76… When it was eventually returned, cancelled, by my bank, I happened to look at the cancellation on the back, expecting it to say, “Pay to the order of the IRS, or the Treasury Department.”  Instead, it read, “Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.”  In 1976 I wasn’t aware that the Federal Reserve System was/is a private, profit-making corporation, or that the only one that mattered was the one in New York.  I’d heard rumors, but the idea was kind of preposterous, which makes it hard to explain to novices.  I didn’t believe it for real until the federal court decision, Lewis v. US, in 1982, in which the 9th Circuit court told Mr. Lewis that he couldn’t sue the US government for getting hit by a Federal Reserve truck because the Fed isn’t part of the government.  The court said the Fed is a privately-owned, profit-making corporation.  I didn’t hear about Lewis for another year after that.  My cancelled check, however, was proof that the IRS is a collection agency for a private business. 

None of this makes any sense or any difference.  We didn’t sign any contracts with anyone promising to pay some percentage of our income.  Income itself means "gain," not a trade of work for pay.  Most of us don't receive any income anyway, since we get a straight trade for our work.  So the thing to do is just stop playing by their fake rules.  It doesn’t matter now if the 16th Amendment wasn’t ratified by the states or if it was, or that the Federal Reserve’s 100-year charter is up this year.  Nothing in writing means anything and never did.  All that matters is our willingness to keep what’s ours and fight for it when someone tries to take it.

I’ve told this story before but it bears repeating…  I was visiting with my mechanic at his garage in Bakersfield one day in ’77.  He was under a car when two IRS agents came in, a man and a woman.  The man said, “Mr. Smith?”

“Be right with you.”

“Mr. Smith, we’re with the IRS, from Fresno?”

“ – Yeah?”

“Well, you haven’t answered our letters.  We want you to pay what you owe us.”

“Hold on.”

Eventually he rolled out from under the car, wiped his hands off and indicated that they should follow him into his office.  When they all got in there, he reached under the desk and produced a sawed-off shotgun and placed in carefully on the desk.  “What do you want to talk about?”

Taken aback, the agents recoiled and the man said, “Are you threatening us?”

Bruce Smith shrugged.  

They said that he couldn’t get away with such a thing and that they would be back with the police.  They left.  But they never came back.  It occurred to me that if they were legit, they’d have come back.  What they did was go to the next sucker, one who didn’t pull a gun on them.  That was like a big, bright light bulb coming on.

It was my first lesson in dealing with the IRS, or any so-called agency of the government, actually.  I didn’t file for ’76 or for any year thereafter.

In my job as a drilling consultant, I’m an independent contractor and am no one’s employee, so there’s no withholding.  But when I was an employee of a couple of big corporations, I filed W-4 Exempt and kept it all then, too.  Never filed for those several years, either.  Your employer can’t question your claim of exemption.  To be a taxpayer, you need to volunteer.  If you don’t volunteer, you’re not a taxpayer.

However, something did happen to me that should be mentioned, in case the reader might think that I’m getting some kind of free ride on the taxpayers’ backs.  About thirteen years ago, in 2000, I inherited from my late aunt about $2.2 million.  The first thing that happened to that small fortune was that the IRS took about $935,000 off the top in what they called “inheritance taxes,” since an officer of the court was in control of the money.  Then, a small group of these officers of the court – corrupt judges and lawyers – in Monterey County got the rest of it.  A smaller bequest from my late mother, about $900,000, was also taken by them within a few months.  One of the lawyers went to prison, the two judges were “administratively sanctioned” (removed from lucrative probate cases) and the lawyer I finally hired to help me also wound up in prison, but I didn’t get my money back.  I really could have used that money.  I could have started the revolution with it.  Revolutions are getting expensive.  Presumably the legal thieves had the green light from the feds to loot my fortune but got a little too greedy.

The reader can imagine the writer’s opinion of lawyers and judges in general but this piece is about the IRS.  If anyone asks me why I don’t pay taxes, I say, I have paid all I’m going pay.  But since the whole thing is voluntary, there’s no need to worry about it.  I know this is hard for a taxpayer to believe, a taxpayer who doesn’t know he’s been volunteering all these years.  He thought he had no choice – death and taxes.  Well, we just heard from a high IRS official that that’s not true.

But what if it were?  What if they said we had no choice – pay up or go to prison?  I know – they do say that.  Been saying it for decades.  Wesley Snipes.  Al Capone.  Gordon Kahl.  Well, there is that.  But why is that?  If the income tax is voluntary, then why have thousands of people been sent to federal prison?  And more hundreds of thousands such as Willie Nelson lost everything?  Which is it – voluntary or compulsory?

It’s whatever you can get away with, through force or guts or guile.  Because it’s a criminal scam.  Vernice Kuglin, James Cheek and Tommy Cryer and Joe Bannister have persuaded juries that it’s voluntary.  Most defendants have not been able to do this.  My Bakersfield buddy, Bruce Smith, used force.  This writer uses the threat of force, due to his reputation.  That may or may not work for you, because they have to believe that they might be killed for messing with you.

If you call the IRS and ask for the law that requires you to file, you’ll get stonewalled because there is no law.  And the odds are very long that if you stop filing and paying that anything will happen, because there are nowhere near enough “agents” to find you, what with millions of Americans not bothering to file.  Every year, more and more Americans just don’t file and nothing happens to the vast majority of them.  That number is going to skyrocket now, now that the IRS is being revealed as the bunch of political, fin-crime terrorists it has been from the beginning.  The Jewess in charge of the “tax-exempt determinations unit” screwed up and said she was innocent and then invoked the 5th Amendment (which is considered a crime by the IRS when you put it on your tax return) and walked out of the hearing, no doubt hoping no one would stop her.  It was pretty funny, because legally you can say you’re not guilty and defend yourself or shut up and invoke the 5th Amendment.  But not both.

This nasty broad was previously head of the Federal Elections Commission.  She tried to frame a conservative senate candidate from Illinois, Al Salvi, back in ’96 on behalf of the Israel-friendly Democrat, Dick Durbin.  Salvi was exonerated after the dust settled but lost the election to Durbin, who’s still in office after all these years of supporting Israel and Jews everywhere.  Lois Lerner, despite spending millions to prosecute Salvi, was put in an even more powerful political position with the political branch of the IRS.  With typical Jewish gall, she extracted a promise from Salvi that he would never again run for office for the rest of his life!

This confusing and extremely intimidating environment isn’t good enough for me.  We need to take advantage of their criminal nature, especially now that the IRS and the whole government, by extension, is on the defensive.  It actually looks as if a perfect storm is building.  The perfect storm for a revolution. 

Personally, I don’t care what the reason is that we’re attacked by the feds.  Any reason is fine with me.  But this country was started by a tax revolt, supposedly, so there would be nothing wrong or unnatural in doing that again.  Franklin claimed the Revolution stemmed from Parliament outlawing colonial scrip – the colonists’ parallel form of debt-free currency – and mandating the sole use of the pound sterling for all commerce and taxes to the Crown.  The Bank of England’s pound was the same private scam as today’s Federal Reserve Note, a business-issued, debt-based instrument of tyrannical domination by the Jews.  It ran the colonies into the ground, just as we’ve been run into the ground by the Jewish Federal Reserve Note.

The Jews know when they’ve torn the ass out of something and generally have a Plan B, which in this case is probably a shut-down of the hated IRS and a replacement with an escape-proof VAT or UN sales tax.  The tax system we have now is actually pretty good for us because of the technical claim of its being voluntary, if you have the knowledge and guts to take that claim literally.  My thirty-seven years of non-filing indicates there’s some truth to that claim.  Either that or the extortionists don’t want to dick with me, or that somehow, despite my notorious career, they never noticed me.  Whichever it is, if you do what I’ve done, they’ll leave you alone.  But you have to be tough, like me.  Mentally tough and willing to kill.

The reader knows that I don’t like analysis without a solution being offered.  When it comes to violence, I’m still about the only one pushing that as a solution.  Don’t believe the wimps who say, “Violence is never a solution.”  Ask George Zimmerman or the gal in Georgia who had to shoot the murderous lunatic who hacked his way into her house and was about to hack up her and her kids hiding in a closet until she drilled him.  Violence is a nasty fact of life and the ONLY way to deal with it is with greater violence.  The one with the most violence wins.  It is your responsibility to make sure that that one is you.  To make sure means having a gun on you all the time.

Louis Beam observed thirty years ago, “If your life’s worth protecting part of the time, it’s worth protecting all the time.”  Meaning, guns aren’t just for home defense – they’re for defense everywhere you go.  In your car, in the grocery store – wherever.  I do not recommend a concealed permit, which is in your dossier that the cop checks out when he stops you.  A permit to carry can get you killed by your deadliest enemy in this world – a cop.  The feds and cops can use your registered permit as an excuse to shoot first and no questions later, because you’re known to be armed and dangerous.  Besides – we’re Americans and we don’t need no stinking permits.  Just keep them guessing and unsure about things.  Which is not to say they won’t lie and plant one on your dead body.

For the record, while this piece was being written, my wife and our Idaho neighbor, “Jenny,” were talking by phone the other morning and were disconnected while talking.  My wife had had three instances over the past couple of weeks of missing prescription meds, seemingly lifted from our kitchen and bedroom.  Jenny first called, very upset, that she’d found one of my wife’s missing meds bottle stuffed down in her couch.  They were then disconnected.  Jenny called back to say that she’d felt a cold draft coming up from downstairs, despite the door down there being always locked shut.  She went down to find it wide open and through the door, just outside, a gallon can of something flammable was burning next to her house, the fire spreading from the gushing contents.  She ran out to sling it away from the house, not really thinking, and burned her fingers.  Her garden hose had been disconnected – not by her – and it took her a while to get it going and to put out the fire.  We went to her house immediately to help her and her two-year-old son, since the two phones were again disconnected twice more.

She called her husband who was in Montana and told him.  They both felt that the sheriff should be notified for the record and because of the serious threat to her and their child.  The sheriff arrived and made an inspection.  Robbi and I hung around for moral support.  At some point, he motioned Jenny outside and asked her if she was aware of who we are?  She said she was.  He told her that he was pretty sure that the crimes were connected to people who didn’t like what I’d said about gun control in that meeting back in February and who were sending a message to stay away from us. 

Jenny didn’t mention the white SUV with blacked-out windows that had been following her and her husband for the past couple of weeks, or the prescription meds that had been missing both from our house and from her house.  The sheriff suggested that we weren’t probably the best kinds of neighbors to be had.  Jenny told him that that was not true.

The next day, Jenny was again followed by the white SUV with blacked-out windows.  This time, she got behind it, made the Wyoming license plate and called her father, who has some stroke with the feds.  It was an FBI vehicle, so we can figure what the sheriff meant about who probably threw the firebomb at their house.  America’s number one terrorist organization – who else?

I told Robbi, let’s make sure our fire insurance is paid up.  She’s still dealing with the mysterious and so-far incurable effects on her lungs from the drone visit last summer, effects which have stumped four GPs and two lung specialists.  Obviously, these are the sorts of things we can expect from any meaningful effort against this vicious and cowardly government.

Back to the IRS.  This bunch of crooks has to be wiped out along with the rotten “news organizations” that have protected them since the IRS was first used as an instrument of political destruction by Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s.  Now, incredibly, the IRS is hiring 16,000 new “agents” to be in charge of “affordable health care,” better known as Obamacare.  There is only one reason that hard-eyed extortionists would be in charge of “health care:” to frighten the customers so they won’t complain about the abuse they’ll receive from government doctors, lest they be audited or maybe charged with terrorism.  Can we imagine trying to justify a disputed medical procedure to an IRS agent?

There’s always a Jewish angle to terrorism and war and taxation.  There’s a Jewish angle to every one of our political and financial and legal problems.  Take Brandon Raub again:  Brandon is an ex-marine who was in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He identified himself as a critic of the US government with what he thought was private Facebook communication with family members, specifically with regard to the reason he went overseas to participate in mass murder:  9/11, which he privately suspected was a false flag operation.  Result:  picked up by feds and cops and taken to a Veterans Administration psychiatric prison in Richmond, Virginia and ordered by a probably Jewish psychiatrist to undergo a thirty-day psych evaluation.  Psychiatry is Jewish medicine – totally fraudulent in its therapeutic value and admittedly unprovable as to diagnosis of the patient.  One thing about it that works is the patient can be controlled and destroyed if necessary, due to the delicate nature of the brain.

To hide him from family and attorneys Brandon was taken west to another psychiatric prison in Salem.  There, another Jewish-controlled quack told him he was going to be “brainwashed, medicated forcibly,” which could mean only one thing:  a chemical lobotomy.  Luckily, he was ordered released by a judge just before this could happen.  Remember that his legal team discovered that this happens to 20,000 people every year just in Virginia.  It could happen to you if you let your guard down and don’t start shooting the second you realize “they’re coming to take me away, hey-hey.”

The Jews who run the Federal Reserve and the Jews who serve the Federal Reserve now consider veterans to be the number one threat to their planned dictatorship of America.  As evidence of this, recall that about two months ago in the throes of her insane attempt to outlaw “assault weapons,” Senator Dianne Feinstein declared in the Senate that ALL veterans must be considered mentally ill with PTSD and thus prohibited from owning “assault weapons.”  No Jew objected to this incredible display of Jewish fear of “the fascistic element of society” – which they consider all white men to be.  They hate Indians and blacks and Mexicans, too, but not as much as they do white Americans.  The Jews know how dangerous we are because we killed millions of their German enemies back in the 20th Century and millions of their Moslem enemies lately.  As long as we’re killing the right victims, they lionize us.  The minute we catch on, they want us disarmed and in psychiatric prisons or dead, depending.  Killers such as ourselves are dangerous servants.

Not much attention was paid to the recent discovery of mass graves of Palestinian victims of Jewish terror from the takeover in 1948.  Hundreds of skeletons were found by mistake when an old mass crypt collapsed when hit by an Israeli bulldozer.  This is what Jews do when they take over, which is always with American help.  When the Jews took over Russia with American help, they slaughtered millions of gentiles.  What happened in Palestine – and is still happening – is small potatoes compared with Russia.  But it’s the same idea:  lots of killing, lorded over and financed by American Jews in critical positions of American power.  The Jewish takeover of Russia was financed by Jacob Schiff with twenty million dollars given to the Communists in 1917.

As evidence that money from the income tax is not needed, we find that the IRS spent four million dollars on one “conference,” which is another word for “party.”  The only purpose of the income tax is to keep us impoverished to the extent that we can’t legally resist what they’re doing to us.  “Legal” means Jewish-controlled, because the Law is a Jewish plot.  Our way is not the legal way.

You know the platitude, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”  It’s a platitude because it’s true.  In Israel, for example, the Jews tax the Palestinians for all those great services provided them by the Zionist dictatorship.  Millions of dollars in overpayments were supposed to be returned to the hapless Arabs but the Jews simply said, No, you don’t get the money.  Or the fresh water you need that we took from you, or the freedom to travel around what used to be your land.  If you’re an Arab, it’s difficult to get anywhere when the roads are marked, “Jews Only.”

Here in the good old USA, the IRS is usually headed by a Jew.  Since the 1950s, during which we’ve had around eighteen permanent directors,  I count twelve Jews including the last one, the contemptuous Douglas Shulman, who admitted to visiting the White House one hundred fifty-seven times during his tenure.  He was temporarily replaced by a Jew named Steven Miller, who was fired by Obama, and is now permanently replaced by another Jew, Daniel Werfel.  Pretty remarkable for “2% of the population:” 66% of IRS directors.  Theory is that Shulman was discussing the takeover of “health care” by the Internal Revenue Service – total Jewish insanity moving toward its inevitable catastrophic climax.

The IRS’ parent company, the Federal Reserve, is virtually always headed by a Jew, which should go without saying.  The Jewish privatization of America’s treasury department began with the First Bank of the US right after we got stuck with the US Constitution in 1789, both courtesy of Alexander (Levy) Hamilton and his Federalists.

Too much analysis for this website:  What’s the recommendation, because this website is about proposals, not more analysis.  The recommendation is to emulate the founders of this country, who were tax rebels.  We’re not talking about a piddling tax on tea but a crushing steamroller of taxes at all levels that keeps us working for the Jews from January to June just to pay those taxes.  Even a “non-taxpayer” such as this writer pays for the taxes of everyone involved when he buys any product or service, because the vendor’s income tax has to be added to the cost or that person goes out of business very quickly.  Much more importantly, the fee we pay to the Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve for the use of their currency is the biggest tax of all.

We must all prepare to become violent tax rebels, just like the revolutionary founders.  The Federal Reserve System and its vicious collection agency must be destroyed.  All twelve Fed banks must be burned to the ground.  All Fed leaders must be captured and hanged along with their collection agents in the IRS.  Anyone who protects them must get the same treatment.  Otherwise, if we continue not to respond to the theft and intimidation, they win and we lose.

At the very least, the recommendation is that the reader stop filing and paying, now that the IRS has admitted publicly that the income tax is voluntary.  But this is a passive response and does not address the violent corruption of the Federal Reserve/IRS combination, which has proven to be too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.  Whenever such a combination appears, it is our duty as American revolutionaries to suppress it.


The Ugly American


We’re going to have to get a lot tougher if we expect to survive what the Jewish government has in mind for us.  Tougher mentally and tougher physically.  Let’s forget “America, the beautiful.”  It’s definitely got some beautiful places but the real America is about the ugliest country in the world.  And the beautiful places are mostly UN biospheres now.

To defeat the US government the American freedom fighter needs to realize just how bad America is and has always been.  This is not news to American Indians or to Southerners.  Our founders were products of the British colonial system – the cruelest industry on Earth at that time.  The greedy and vicious British mentality produced the extermination of the Indians and slavery, first white and then African.  These two British institutions, extermination and slavery, set America on its destructive and self-destructive path.

Even though the revolutionaries fought and defeated the British tyrants, they couldn’t divorce themselves from England or the English method of rule.  It was all they knew.  They produced a declaration of independence but couldn’t incorporate it into their Masonic constitution, which was nothing more than a seven-part program for running a central government, after only eight years of no federal government.  State government can be tyrannical, too, but if there’s a choice to move to a different state…  Under a federal government, there’s eventually no choice but to fight again.  Federalism will always lead to fighting, if we have the nerve for it.

The US Constitution was so draconian that a few of the old revolutionaries had to demand a bill of rights – to protect the people from the new constitutional federal government!  The Federalists fought adding a bill of rights but finally gave in, since their system of central government, with its “supreme court,” would nullify those rights whenever necessary.  For example, the 2nd Amendment was so poorly crafted (from our point of view) that it was used to send gun owners to prison more often than not thanks to its nonsense about a “well-regulated militia.”  The disgrace is that Americans put up with that crap.  Couldn’t they see that an American tyranny would be even worse than a British tyranny? 

The Bill of Rights lasted until the next American tyrant showed up in 1861.  He slammed about a quarter million anti-war Yankees into prison for objecting to his sadistic war against Southerners who just wanted to get out from under federal tyranny and greed.  The Bill of Rights was a dirty joke – Lincoln destroyed every one of them until he was correctly assassinated.  He got exactly what he deserved – death – but it should have been by hanging rather than from a bullet in the brain.  Still, sic semper tyrannis.

We’re going to have to start killing all of our tyrants.  Local, state, federal.  Tyrants on Wall Street and tyrants on Main Street.  There is no alternative if we plan to survive because they plan to kill us.  This is why we have guns.  This is why the cunning bastards who wrote the 2nd Amendment made the right to keep and bear arms subordinate to a well-regulated militia.  They figured to keep the gun owners under control by “regulating” them in some bogus, quasi-federal body. 

I started the modern militia movement and used that antiquated word for this very reason, to take away from the government its control over it.  It was just a word-trick I used, for the old militia was often an instrument of tyranny used to support the federal government.  In both Shays’ Rebellion in Massachusetts and the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania the militia was used by the government to fight tax rebels and freedom fighters.  You can see the reason for the government’s confusion when I started what became a huge armed mass movement in this country in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.  The militia had always been an auxiliary arm of federal force until then.  I made it anti-government for its brief few years of existence and the feds only made it bigger with each attack – until Oklahoma City.  That was the end of that.

But an American cannot become a real freedom fighter until he faces up to the truth about this country.  He doesn’t need to have actually fought the American government prior to this, as this writer did in the early 1970s, when he joined the Rhodesian security forces to fight for continued white rule of that small African country.  This writer didn’t realize that he was fighting the real America, that preaches democracy and self-rule while it jams country after country into Communism and total destruction.  He didn’t understand for the first year that it wasn’t Red China or the Soviet Union that he was fighting but rather the US State Department and the CIA, the very same organizations that had plowed Russia and China themselves under Communist rule in the first place!  After about a year in the Rhodesian war, I saw why the Rhodesians were wary of accepting a young American into the security forces.  There is no one more dangerous to have on your side than an American.  Fortunately, they eventually saw that I was an exception to this rule.  Same goes here in our struggle against the tyrannical US government.  Most Americans are no damn good.

In the early ‘70s this writer had not become sufficiently aware of our brutal American history.  It would be after returning home that he would really learn about American conduct during the Second World War, for example.  He’d known about Operation Keelhaul and the firebombing of German and Japanese cities but the totality of American evil hadn’t totally sunk in on his young brain, since like everyone else he’d been raised in the glorious ‘50s in the afterglow of our famous victory, which Hollywood persisted in glorifying throughout that decade.  His father had been a marine in the First World War and his brother a paratrooper in the Second and the Korean War.  How could any young American raised in the perfect American propaganda cauldron of the 1950s think any differently? 

American evil is something that revisionists and freedom fighters such as this writer deal with just about every day.  The truth is that Hollywood sometimes slips up and does something it shouldn’t.  Such a slip-up was a movie made in 1952 starring Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker, called ABOVE AND BEYOND, which I happened to see the other night on TCM.  It is the story of Colonel Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the B-29 that dropped the uranium bomb on Hiroshima.  Taylor played Tibbets as a cold-blooded asshole, which naturally led to a little Tibbets research, which revealed that the movie didn’t even come close.  I remember rumors since the ‘50s that Tibbets had been wracked with guilt and had contemplated suicide, had lost his mind, etc., over what he’d done.  Total crap.  Tibbets was proud – extremely proud – of his mass murder.  He was looking forward to doing it again. 

He revealed in an interview with the Jewish war lover, Studs Terkel, that there was a third Jewish hell-bomb ready to go at the Wendover, Utah air base.  Curtis LeMay told Tibbets to get it loaded and fly it to Tinian and get ready to drop it.  Tibbets got it as far as California when, unfortunately for the war lovers, the war was over.

This is how dangerous Americans are.  The Jews may dream and plan of mass murder but they need gentiles to do it.  No gentiles have proven more willing or eager to do the Jews’ killing than Americans such as Paul Tibbets.  Or Audie Murphy.  Or Jimmy Stewart and Chuck Yeager, to name some famous ones.  Of course, no American comes close to Tibbets’ personal death toll of “80,000,” a ridiculously low number.  His partner in war crime, Charlie Sweeney, dropped the plutonium bomb on Nagasaki a few days later and chalked up “40,000” – also a ridiculously low number.  So these assholes are at the top of the Murderers’ Hall of Fame.

George Patton personally shot a couple of Mexicans down in Chihuahua and was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of German soldiers, which Ike Eisenhower gave him the chance to do.  He didn’t do the actual killing, though.  Neither did Eisenhower, who gave the orders to exterminate millions of civilians after the war.  Patton finally realized his bloodlust had been wrong and refused to follow Ike’s genocidal orders and got bumped off.  He had it coming.

But let’s get back to Tibbets, whom we should take the time to study.  He came from that typical Yankee cold-bloodedness that enabled Lincoln to do such damage eighty years earlier.  Tibbets describes his mother’s reaction to Hiroshima, after he kisses some Jewish ass:

Terkel:  What about the bomb? Einstein said the world has changed since the atom was split.

Tibbets:  That's right. It has changed.

Terkel:  And Oppenheimer knew that.

Tibbets:  Oppenheimer is dead.  He did something for the world and people don't understand.  And it is a free world.

Terkel:  One last thing, when you hear people say, "Let's nuke 'em," "Let's nuke these people," what do you think?

Tibbets:  Oh, I wouldn't hesitate if I had the choice.  I'd wipe 'em out.  You're gonna kill innocent people at the same time, but we've never fought a damn war anywhere in the world where they didn't kill innocent people.  If the newspapers would just cut out the shit: "You've killed so many civilians."  That's their tough luck for being there.

Terkel:  By the way, I forgot to say Enola Gay was originally called "Number 82." How did your mother feel about having her name on it?

Tibbets:  Well, I can only tell you what my dad said. My mother never changed her expression very much about anything, whether it was serious or light, but when she'd get tickled, her stomach would jiggle. My dad said to me that when the telephone in Miami rang, my mother was quiet first. Then, when it was announced on the radio, he said: "You should have seen the old gal's belly jiggle on that one."

How do you deal with this mentality?  My answer is, you have to kill anyone and everyone who exhibits this tendency, before he or she (as in the case of say, Hillary Clinton) has the chance to carry it out.  Our history has shown that a lot of American assholes have to be killed.  Paul Tibbets was a Grade A American asshole with a profound contempt for humanity.  What he actually did when he had the chance proves what I’m saying.  Anyone with this murderous attitude must be killed.  A whole lot of American cops have this tendency and prove it every day.  What our wonderful boys and girls did to strangers in Iraq and Afghanistan and many other places is more proof, whether it’s Abu Ghraib or Falujah or mass murdering with Predator drone video games in Vegas.

Virtually all Jews have this murderous attitude, some more open than others.  They may be the source of American murder, due to the “Judeo-Christian” ethic we’ve been raised with.  Anyone who takes the Bible seriously is a potential mass murderer.

So I’m going to reiterate what must be our main thinking:  Save America – Kill the Jews.  The Jews maneuvered Americans to slaughter millions of people in the two world wars, in Korea and Vietnam.  The Jews, calling themselves Neo-Cons, maneuvered us into killing millions more after 9/11, which the Jews themselves engineered.  The Jews are desperately trying to get us to nuke Iran right this very instant.  They can’t stop killing – or rather, getting Americans to kill for them. 

All Jews?  That’s up to you, who you think needs killing.  It’s pretty obvious that if all Jews were killed, most of our problems would be over. 

Who’s a Jew?  There are plenty of Jews who are obviously Jews.  Anyone who considers himself/herself to be Jewish is a Jew.  Anyone who doesn’t, isn’t.  Judaism comes down to behavior more than anything.  That will up to us to decide, as Hermann Goering famously said.  There are enough obvious Jews to deal with for the rest of our lives, however long that will be.

Anyone who fights for the Jews is the same as a Jew.  The Jews call them shabat goyim.  We can call them Tibbets goyim.  Same thing and there’s nothing worse or more dangerous, as Paul Tibbets proved one Sunday August morning over Hiroshima, followed by his fellow American flyboy, Charlie Sweeney, three days later. 

Being a good American requires a great deal of humility.  This has never come easily to Americans.  That’s going to change, of course.  What’s coming will be very humiliating for us all.  But the freedom fighter needs to come to terms with the real America, the one that has wiped out millions of normal people all around the world, and reduced us Americans to operatives of the Jews since 1917.  That was the year that America put Russia under Jewish control and sent our stupid men to France to begin killing Germans for Judaism.  America was never what we thought it was.  America has always been a Jewish instrument of world destruction that someday itself had to be destroyed.  The Jews can do one thing to perfection and that is destroy everything they touch.

We can break this horrible pattern but it will require killing all the Jews and all those who serve the Jews.  That’s a lot of killing, but there’s nothing else to do.


Kill or Get Killed


The FBI is America’s number one terrorist organization and always has been since it was taken over by the insane homosexual cross-dressing mama’s boy, J. Edgar Hoover, in 1924.  Based on what the FBI has done both historically and lately, we are justified in shooting any and all federal agents on sight.  They’re all the same.  ATF agents and DOJ lawyers supplied thousands of military-grade rifles to the murdering Mexican cartels.  CIA agents have kidnapped and tortured and murdered thousands of decent men, women and children all over the world.  

The CIA created Mossad in 1951 to provide Jews with an official, recognized and subsidized terror organization.  The FBI has cooperated with Mossad ever since despite repeated acts of terror by the Jewish agency against America.  The FBI and scores of American police departments go to Israel for Jewish training, which guarantees that Israelis are seldom arrested here for their crimes against us.  The FBI is the number one Jewish weapon of control in America.

There are several types of Americans.  The worst and most dangerous are American government agents – doesn’t matter which government.  Anyone in any American government agency at any level is our deadly enemy.  Local police are federalized and eager to cooperate with their federal cousins.  Some local police departments even have alternate federal uniforms to wear at the right times.

But the FBI really takes the cake – the terrorism blue ribbon.  Those insane bastards won it in 1993 at the World Trade Center where they supplied the massive bomb that blew up in the parking area, did five hundred million dollars in damage, injured a thousand people and killed six.  If the bomb-van had been parked against the central column of the tower it could have, in theory, broken it enough to tip the tower into the other tower.  That was the sort of damage and mass death the FBI was willing to create for political purposes – the very definition of terrorism.

The ’93 WTC bombing made it appear that Israel’s war against Islam must also be our war, which it finally did become on 9/11/01.

This is the sort of treachery with which we must deal.  How do we deal with it?

Who gave the order to “lock down” the entire city of Boston due to a wounded kid on the run?  Nothing like this has ever been done, anywhere.  Who gave the order to invade hundreds of private homes and force residents out at gunpoint with their hands up?  Nothing like this has ever been done in America.

Here is where it gets ugly:  the residents complied.  In Boston, of all places.  Boston was where the American Revolution started in 1775.

Okay, so they got taken by surprise after the Marathon Massacre.  But let’s face it:  the home-made IEDs didn’t really do that much damage compared with any one of the hundreds of attacks by Hellfire missiles fired from Bush's or Obama's drones since 2004.  And now we are confronted again by the specter of Crisis Actors on the scene, as we were at Sandy Hook, so we really don’t know who got hurt and who didn’t.  For example, of the dozen or so members of Craft, International on the scene, was any one of them hurt?  The Craft mercenaries apparently placed the bombs, so presumably not. 

The two Tsarnaev brothers were both in good shape when they were arrested but one died gruesomely right after he was arrested and the other suffered a near-fatal throat wound after he was arrested.  Right there is the reason we must never be arrested.  Always, always, always fight it out and kill everyone who wants to arrest you, even if it means your own death.  Arrest means sadistic torture and horrifying death at the hands of monsters.

Craft, International was created by the lying, mass-murdering psychopath, Chris Kyle, four years ago.  Kyle was credited with one hundred fifty long-range murders as a sniper in Iraq but claimed privately that the number was much higher.  He was proud of every murder.  Alex Jones says that Kyle was actually a pretty good guy, because he supported the 2nd Amendment.  That’s odd considering that Kyle claimed that he’d sucker-punched Jones’ pal, Jesse Ventura, in a Coronado bar and ran away to avoid arrest.  Ventura sued and was on the way to a big win and payoff from Kyle’s publisher when Kyle was himself murdered by a fellow SEAL.  Kyle hadn’t done very well on the witness stand and made it obvious that he had lied.  I wrote a couple of months earlier that Kyle should have been shot on sight, but for his mass murders overseas.  Snipers are mostly cowardly rats with that coveted license to kill.  Alex Jones’ respectful appraisal of Kyle tells us a lot about Jones.

Craft is probably a spinoff of Blackwater, which is a CIA proprietary, like Evergreen and Air America.  There are dozens of these murder-for-hire outfits now.  There they all were, in their Craft uniforms, at the Marathon finish line, some carrying backpacks.

As the reader knows by now, this website does not analyze except as an excuse to make recommendations.  The recommendations are always the same:  kill the aggressors.

For example, what should have been the Boston response to the announced “lock-down” of the city?  (“Lock-down” is what happens when inmates act up in prison.)  They should have ignored the order and gone about their business.  Have you ever HEARD of such a domesticated, docile bunch of ninnies?  Seven hundred thousand of them buffaloed by a few hundred uniforms! 

What should have happened when para-military and military cops started going door to door, ordering residents out at gunpoint with their hands up?  The same thing that happened at Waco on February 28, 1993.  Withering gunfire from inside is the only language these guys understand.  At Waco, the BATFags put their hands up and begged to be allowed to retrieve their dead and wounded.

Once the Bostonians realized what was happening, each household with men in it should have detailed one or more to wait from cover outside and put the thugs in a crossfire.  (“When they start pounding on the door – that’s our signal to open up from inside and outside.  Try not to hit each other.”)  A half-dozen of these debacles would have ended the police state in America for good.  Boston would once again have distinguished itself as the spear point of freedom.  But Boston wasn’t ready for that this time.  For the time being, Boston has gone down in disgrace.  Boston can redeem itself, but to do so will require a lot of spilled blood, which is what happens every time you don’t respond properly at the critical moment.

The crossfire is set up with designated firing spots, so that the inside guys don’t hit the outside guys and vice versa.  The shooters must be careful to focus their gunfire on the gathering spot in front of the entry place and not be directly opposite each other with the bad guys in the middle.  Be ninety degrees or a little more from the other shooters, respective to the targets, and be sure your rounds don’t hit the neighbors also.  It will only last a few seconds if you do it right.  Shoot low and when the bad guys are down, keep shooting until they are all dead.  Don’t leave any wounded.  Then get ready for dealing with reinforcements.  Go up the street both ways and get the drop on them before they reach your house.  No mercy, no prisoners – these are the most dangerous scum in America who will show you absolutely no mercy, as we just saw with the Tsarnaev brothers, who probably had no part in the massacre except as designated patsies. 

The people who were actually killed and wounded at the finish line were shown no mercy by Craft, International.  All such killers must be killed at every opportunity.

The Tsarnaevs’ mother was herself a prosecutor in Russia and has said that the older brother was controlled by the FBI for several years.  So there you go. 

Let’s face it:  anyone who would barge into your home at gunpoint, drag you out for no reason, needs to be killed.  Is there any disagreement with that position?   For a good examination of this subject, see Larken Rose’s video, When Should You Shoot A Cop?.

Police brutality has become so common in America that the answer is, before he has the chance to shoot you.

We must abandon the little-kid idea that cops are good guys.  Events have proven that they are not.  Cops have a license to kill us for any reason or for no reason at all.  Anyone who would accept such a license is no good – regardless of how much he likes the Red Sox or how nicely his shoes are shined.  The cop’s license to kill makes him a bad guy by definition. 

When I see a cop I’m thinking of the best way to kill him before he gets the drop on me.  It shouldn’t be a fast-draw contest:  if a cop approaches you in a possibly aggressive manner, your gun should be in your hand, cocked and ready to fire, finger on the trigger.  You’re not at the range now – this is life and death.

If the cop does get the drop on you, you’re behind the eight-ball but there is a drill.  Drop and roll to your right, producing your gun and firing at him or them until the threat is over or till you need to reload.  Going to your right makes him follow you to his left, which is more difficult for a right-hander.  Surrender is simply not an option today, as the Tsarnaev brothers have demonstrated.

Ambushes are going to feature large in our lives.  Ours and theirs.  The only possible escape from a good ambush is immediate return fire and charging the ambushers until you are past them and out of the kill zone.  I said immediate, not a few seconds later.  As a section officer in the anti-terrorist unit of the Rhodesian police, I changed policy for our semi-automatic FN rifles.  The only machine guns we in Support Unit had were Bren guns we’d captured from terrorists and there were only three of them.  So our FNs were all converted by me to select-fire, which means semi and full auto – your choice.  Usually full-auto is not a good thing, especially in African hands, as it results in ammo-all-gone in a few seconds.  The one exception was counter-ambush.  If we were in a known or likely ambush area, all rifles were switched to full auto and fingers were on triggers, rifles leveled at the expected ambush.  The new practice resulted in fewer ambush casualties and actually fewer ambushes once the word got around.  Ordinarily, though, the rifles were switched to semi-auto.  In addition, security force regulations prohibited the use of slings.  The rifles were always to be in our hands for safety and survival.  It was a good policy.

Regarding our ambushes, again, they must always be prepared with kill zones that offer no cover or concealment when the shooting starts.  The JFK killing is a good teaching tool for a vehicle ambush.

If there had been a professional shooter in the sixth floor window of the depository, would he have waited until the limo, coming directly at him on Houston Street, turned left beneath him on Elm Street and started going away so his only shot was from a complex angle with the target dropping elevation downhill, having to shoot through a leafy tree?  Hell no. 

The professional shooter in the sixth floor depository window had an unmissible, beautiful, perfect shot at Kennedy as the limo came slowly toward him on Houston Street.  The reason this didn’t happen was because there was no professional shooter in that window, looking down like God on the limo.  All the professional shooters were waiting at the bottom of Elm Street, where the kill zone was.  Even they were counting on Bill Greer, the treacherous Secret Service driver, to come to a virtual halt while they got their sights on Kennedy.  Greer and Roy Kellerman turned around to watch until the two explosive head shots were made before it was time to pretend they were surprised and take off for Parkland Hospital.

I must admit, despite the catastrophic results of the assassination, that it was an interesting if complex ambush.  If Greer had not come to a stop but had followed procedure, the head shots would have been very problematic.  But if procedure had been followed, the parade would never have turned right on Houston and left on Elm, which was criminally insane on every level.  It would have gone zipping straight down Main Street with no one hurt.

But this is the way you have to think now, regarding ambushes.  The target vehicle must be coming at you and slowing down for a sharp turn.  If you are in a target vehicle coming to a sharp turn, have your finger on the trigger with the rifle aimed where you would be as an ambusher.  Think, think, think all the time.  The instant you hear gunfire, start shooting where you think it is coming from.  If you’re on foot, don’t drop down in a kill zone because you’ll be dead.  Start shooting at the ambushers and run toward them, not away.  This has proven to have a big psychological effect on them, since it is difficult to keep shooting when someone is charging and shooting back at you.  Think about this, too, if you’re doing the ambushing.  Be prepared for a counter-ambush and don’t stop until everyone’s dead. 

From now on, it’s kill or get killed.  Deal with that while you consider what just happened and didn’t happen in Boston.