J B Campbell:
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I don’t know what Jews are, but I know what they are not, which is human.  I don’t know where they come from.  For that matter, I don’t know where we come from, but it’s not the same place.

Jews are aliens in every sense of the word.  They even cultivate an alien appearance.  Is there anything as strange as an orthodox Jew with his sinister black clothes and curly earlocks and ugly fedora?  And of course bathing is not the custom of the orthodox, so they smell very bad all the time.  They do this on purpose, for effect, for the shock value on us humans.

Thanks to the latest Gaza slaughter, things are coming into focus for many more people.  Many people are wondering:  what’s wrong with Jews?  Why is it so easy for them to kill people?  Why do they enjoy it so much?  Thanks to the Internet, millions are now wondering this online.  Before the Internet, there was no place to wonder this in public.  We weren’t allowed to wonder anything about Jews except how wonderful they are.

Today the world knows that Jews aren’t wonderful.  The world knows that Jews are dreadful.  And the Jews know this.  The Jews want the world to think of them as dreadful and to be afraid of them.  They want the world to fear the Jewish nuclear arsenal which they coyly decline to discuss.  One of their military professors, van Creveld, was authorized to threaten Europe with Jewish nuclear attack if Europe should turn against Israel:

We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.  Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.

Based on the total FUBAR by Israel of its part of Operation Cyanide in 1967, we have to wonder if the Jewish arsenal is really a carefully contrived hoax.  Pretty much everything we think we know about Jews is a Jewish hoax. 

For example, their Jewishness.  The Jewishness of Jews is the number one Jewish fable.  The Jewish writer Arthur Koestler demolished this fable back in 1976 with his best seller, The Thirteenth Tribe, the first popular look we got at the Khazars and their descendants, the Ashkenazim.  The Ashkenazim are the ersatz Hebrews who happen to make up the entire leadership of Israel.  Three years ago an Israeli named Shlomo Sand ripped off Koestler with a virtually identical book, The Invention of the Jewish People.  This book again took the Jews by surprise, undercutting the basis of Zionism, the alien invasion, occupation and mass theft and murder of Palestine.  Like the Koestler book, it wrecked the “anti-Semitism” racket.  Both authors explained to their Israeli readers that they, the Israeli readers, were neither Semitic nor Hebrew.  Same for the New York readers and the LA readers and the Miami readers.  They’re all fake, wannabe Jews.

Briefly, the people of Khazaria were, around 800 AD, ordered by their king to adopt the law of the Hebrews as their own.  We can’t call it a religion.  The Talmud and the Old Testament are actually manuals of war against humanity based on harsh racial laws.  There is no mercy for their human enemies in these very unpleasant works.  The name of their god, YHVH, also means the Jewish people.  This allows them to choose themselves and to worship themselves in what we could call a closed loop of extreme and violent narcissism.

Their priests insist that non-Jews are on this planet to serve them.  And that it is kosher that non-Jews can be cheated, lied to and murdered with impunity.  This Jewish principle is honored on their most sacred holiday, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  Another hoax, because they atone for nothing.  Instead of atoning for their crimes against humanity, they declare a new war three times on this “holy day,” with the thrice-recited oath, the Kol Nidre.  This vile “prayer” is a personal declaration of war against the humans.  It is a warning that nothing a Jew says for the next year is true.

The Jewish story is a tale of murderous insanity, as we have seen over the past week in tiny Gaza.  The first time we actually see this in the modern era is in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  Shortly after Jews massacred the entire family of Tsar Nikolas in 1918, Trotsky’s Red Army newspaper announced:

Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies by the scores of hundreds, let them be thousands, let them drown themselves in their own blood. … let there be floods of blood of the bourgeoisie -- more blood, as much as possible.

“Bourgeoisie” is the Communist word of contempt for the middle class.

Trotsky himself wrote about the murder of the Tsar’s family:

The decision was not only expedient but necessary. The severity of this punishment showed everyone that we would continue to fight on mercilessly, stopping at nothing. The execution of the Tsar's family was needed not only in order to frighten, horrify, and instill a sense of hopelessness in the enemy but also to shake up our own ranks, to show that there was no turning back, that ahead lay either total victory or total doom.  This Lenin sensed well.

Trotsky’s real name was Bronstein.  Lenin (Ulyanov) was revealed in declassified Soviet documents as a Jew.  Their Jewish colleague, Grigori Zinoviev, said this at a Communist meeting in 1918:

We must carry along with us 90 million out of the 100 million of Soviet Russia's inhabitants. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them. They must be annihilated.

The Jews murdered a lot more than ten million Russians and other peoples by the time they were done.  Hell, they probably killed that many just in Ukraine, rather than the advertised three million.  The generally recognized  Soviet death toll is over sixty million souls.  Some researchers insist that the appetite of the GULAG for seventy years of extermination of normal people by working them to death would have exceeded even the Communist Chinese death toll.

There are two main branches of Judaism:  Terrorism and Finance Capitalism.  Terrorism is the action arm of Judaism and comes in two main forms:  Communism and Zionism.  Jewish terrorism was first seen in the French Reign of Terror but not widely understood as such, since the big Terrorists were French Freemasons.  The author of the Jewish Protocols explained around 1897 that the Freemasons are tools of the Jewish syndicate and are not independent.

Finance Capitalism is how the terrorism gets paid for, because terrorists are very expensive.  Finance Capitalism is the big Jewish secret of success.  It is the lending of credit to governments which become hopelessly indebted to the Jewish lenders, who must be repaid in something valuable plus interest.  Substitute payments for unpayable debts were favors, appointments of Jews to powerful positions in government, special licenses, etc. 

The Jew traditionally has sought to be the invisible power behind the throne.  We usually didn’t see powerful Jews in the US government until Louis Brandeis was appointed by Wilson to the Supreme Court in 1916.  JFK had the Rostow brothers as advisors and Johnson had Abe Fortas and Arthur Goldberg working for him.  Then all hell broke loose with Nixon appointing Henry Kissinger as his national security advisor and then secretary of state! 

That unleashed the Jewish dogs of hell which erupted in the Reagan administration with the so-called “neo-conservatives,” virtually all Jewish Communists who switched to the Republican Party and made it pro-Israel.  Communism and Zionism are virtually identical forms of terrorism except the former is based in New York and Moscow and the latter is based in New York and Tel Aviv.  The Communists pretended to be our enemies and the Zionists pretend to be our friends. 

Peter S. sent an important point yesterday which prompted this essay:

On behalf of his sponsors, the Rothschilds, Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned a fabricated history of Ancient Egypt from Jean Francois Champollion for the purpose of "validating" the Torah so the Rothschilds could use it to back up their claim for Palestine. They did not want Palestine for the Jews, they wanted the Jews for Palestine, to be human shields for Mossad, the private intelligence and assassination service of the Lombardy bankers since Babylon.

The same could be said for Cyrus Schofield and his Zionist concordance bible.  This ex-convict (for fraud and forgery) was sponsored by the infamous Jewish lawyer, Samuel Untermeyer, and the Jewish fixer, Bernard Baruch, to annotate the Bible to justify Ashkenazi Jews flooding into Palestine.  This Schofield propaganda is the basis for the Christian fundamentalists’ fanatical support for Jewish terrorism and dominance in the Middle East.

Untermeyer and Baruch teamed up in 1917 to pressure President Wilson to declare war against Germany, according to Benjamin Freedman, who later accompanied Wilson to Versailles to lower the boom on the defeated Germans, which led to incredible suffering, mass starvation, hyperinflation and the eventual violent deaths of millions of Germans and millions of others due to the actions of the Jewish monsters.

And then the same Untermeyer and Baruch pushed America into World War II with Untermeyer being authorized by the Jewish syndicate to declare Jewish economic war on Germany in 1933, when it became clear that Adolf Hitler was demonstrating to the world how to achieve prosperity with no Jewish gold, despite the denial of Jewish debt-based currency to the starving peoples of the world by the Jewish Federal Reserve.  This, in the middle of the Great World Depression, was the German Economic Miracle that took destitute Germany from starvation to full employment in a year and a half, simply by issuing debt-free currency.  For this greatest of all offenses to Jewish finance capitalism, Germany had to be fire-bombed into smoking rubble and, again, subjected to slow death by starvation.  According to James Bacque in Crimes and Mercies, Dwight Eisenhower’s post-war starvation orders resulted in the deaths of from nine to twelve million Germans from the end of the war to 1948, more than were killed during the war by Eisenhower’s generals.

In an interview after he was out of office, Eisenhower said the smartest thing he’d ever done was to ask Bernard Baruch for advice on his career when he was a lieutenant-colonel going nowhere in 1939.  Soon he was on the fast-track to five stars and the mass slaughter of the German people on behalf of Judaism – and the presidency as his reward. 

That’s why I say that the Jews are some alien life form that is totally hostile to the Earth’s human population.  I don’t pretend to know whence they came, or claim that they are reptiles.  They act like reptiles and are certainly as cold-blooded and heartless as reptiles and what I do know is that they have to be wiped out entirely, just as rattlesnakes under your house have to be exterminated.  The Jewish mayor of New York has the face of a reptile, so I can see how this idea got started.  This is the guy who prohibited food given to the hungry because it might not have his Jewish idea of nutritional value!  If a non-Jew had done this, the New York papers would have made him into a laughingstock.  A Jew must not be mocked in New York – or anywhere.

Remember one thing:  famine is the favorite Jewish method of extermination.  It costs nothing and it produces an agonizing death.  It’s what’s planned for America when the Jews think the time is right.  The reader must prepare for the famine that is planned for us by the Jews.  Have a look at Ukraine’s holodomor.  It’s the model for what they, the Jews, plan for us in America.  Precious metals will not be precious in a famine.  Food, water and ammunition will be precious.  These are the things we will need to survive and destroy Judaism. 

While there is no actual connection between the Ashkenazi Jews and the legendary characters of the Old Testament, today’s Jews base their behavior on that of the legendary Jews.  The number one role model is Joseph, eleventh son of Jacob, as told in Genesis.  Study this story of contrived shortages and deliberately-caused famine.  It is the story of the Federal Reserve and Monsanto.

If we continue on our present course of government borrowing from Jewish lenders, our monetary system will kill us because society will collapse.  If we continue to eat poisoned food provided by Jewish Monsanto, we are doomed.  The monetary policy can be fixed virtually overnight but our genetically modified food may not be so easily neutralized.  One thing is certain:  if we do not remove every aspect of Jewish control of our lives, the human race will die out, and rather quickly. 

Some say, forget about Gaza – concentrate on America.  Well, we can’t forget about Gaza because that’s our baby.  Gaza and the rest of Palestine is running in blood again because of the Jewish American government.  The only thing we Americans can do is kill this Jewish government that is using Israel as its agent of sadism, murder and total destruction. 

Israel itself doesn’t do much damage compared with the American air force and army obliterating whole countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  Israel can’t do much because it is run by inept and kill-crazy but lazy Jews.  But Jewish finance capitalism is the quartermaster of the Jewish American death machine.  Without Jewish financing, Communism and Zionism collapse.  The US military will also collapse without Jewish funding.  Without Jewish direction, the US military will stop threatening the world with extinction.

So our first great task as American revolutionaries is to destroy every vestige of Judaism in America, in government, banking, the food chain, medicine and information (mind control).  Everywhere we find Judaism, we must eradicate it. 

The first step toward anti-Jewish action is to discuss this with friends and family.  Jewish friends must be dropped and Jews in general shunned.  After all, what has any Jew whom you know done or said anything to stop Israel from its plan to nuke Iran?  As Brother Nathanael has warned, every Jew is politically aware and sees all issues by one measurement:  “Is this good for Jews?”  If your Jewish friends aren’t talking, it’s because they approve what America and Israel are doing to the humans.

Put as simply as possible – what the Jews have done to their human enemies must be done to them.  Everywhere in the world but mainly in Jewish America.  They’ve slaughtered millions of Middle Eastern human enemies in the past two decades, not even to mention the damage they did, the blood they spilled, in Russia and Germany.  On a one-for-one basis, the Jews owe us humans just about their entire population, whatever that is. 

It’s only fair.


The Jewish Gulag


The Jewish plan must be understood.  Not endlessly analyzed and over-diagnosed and exploited to demoralize the sheep for fund-raising purposes, as in the notorious case of Phony Jones.  Jones runs a multi-million dollar Jew-friendly agit-prop center from Austin, Texas.  His advertisers, his bankers and his legal team are all Jews, several tied to the Bronfman syndicate. 

Has his audience become impatient for some suggestion of how to handle the coming crackdown, other than supporting Infowars with even more money?  It’s difficult to know whom to shoot when the bad guys are called “globalists.”  Or “eugenicists.”  “Illuminati” was bad enough.

I think Phony Jones pooped in his mess kit last week.  In the big flurry of secession petitions, Jones was playing catch-up.  The parade had taken off without him and he hastened to find the front of it so he could jump in and lead it.  Why?  Because it was no-risk resistance, really right up his alley.  More talk-talk and no suggestion of violence – at least on our part. 

He recognized that the idea of secession carries some risk of violence but he made sure that the dictatorship would not feel threatened.  He cried, “Let them occupy us!  Let them in!  Let them rape the women!”  At that point, he realized he had overdone it and tried to backpedal, but he couldn’t un-ring that incredible, treacherous bell.

Phony Jones prefers to be the power behind the one taking the risk, as we see with his relationship with Jesse Ventura.  Now, I think Ventura does a hell of a job with his television show and to give him his due, Jones has provided information against FEMA and the Department of Horse Shit.  But it has been information intended to scare people into supporting and contributing to Jones’ Jew-friendly business.

Jones uses words such as “resistance” and “revolution,” but always adds – “We’re not going physical. We can’t go physical.  We have to be info-warriors.”  That puts him in charge of the do-nothing, talk-talk opposition to the dictatorship, which includes the Bronfman syndicate.  The John Birch Society pioneered this form of fake opposition to Jewish Rule:  Never, never-never say the word “Jew.”

Jones continued his usual plan, now demanding that Ron Paul be put in charge of the phony secessionist movement.  Now, here’s a mild-mannered guy even older than me who couldn’t bring himself to discuss vote fraud during the GOP primary circus – vote fraud that clearly robbed him of the nomination.  A guy who is unable to identify Israel as the main perpetrator of 9/11 and the USG as the sayan.  Ron Paul has never been able to identify the Jewish Problem despite having been immersed in Jewish sewage in DC for decades.  He supports the US Constitution and the gold standard and government borrowing from private lenders, the three main pillars of Jewish control of the US government.  In other words, the perfect front-man for Phony Jones to lead another no-win contest with the Jews.

I doubt that Ron Paul is dumb enough to be Phony Jones’ front-man in an ill-conceived attempt at secession. 

This short message was sent out to friends yesterday regarding the enthusiastic support for secession around the country:

“We can't have secession without revolution.  There is no safe or peaceful way for white people to opt out - and that's what we're really talking about.  Let's get that dreamy idea out of our heads.

“The Rhodesians declared independence from the empire - I helped.  America killed that attempt.  They were friendly to America and had a declaration of independence from England just like ours.  America unleashed the terrorists on them.  There will be no secession as long as the American government is alive.  America does not tolerate independence anywhere, anytime.  Ask the Confederates and the Plains Indians.  Ask the Germans, the Hungarians and the Palestinians.

“We have to overthrow the Jewish American government.  There is no substitute for violence.  It's how America became a country, which the usurpers try to get us to forget, as soon as they get on the throne.”

The world’s first secession was that of the thirteen English colonies.  It was the result of a violent revolutionary war that lasted from 1775 to 1783.  The colonists would not have won without the great help of France, Holland and Spain – particularly France. 

(France was financially ruined by its support of the Americans and within a half-dozen years was destroyed by the first Jewish/Masonic overthrow of a government, known as the Reign of Terror, the death-toll of which exceeded a million souls.  Of the 39,000 Jews then living in France, none is known to have been killed.  Au contraire – the alien nation was guaranteed protection, though not citizenship, by the revolutionary Masonic leadership, which was controlled by the Rothschild syndicate.  Papers found in Robespierre’s desk revealed his plan to exterminate up to 15 million of France’s 25 million people.  He and his terrorists were slaughtering thousands of people per week by, along with other methods, placing them in barges and then sinking them in the Seine.  The fusillades referred to binding and lining up class enemies and firing a cannon ball through them all, thus saving balls.  The terrorists were constantly trying new and more efficient methods of extermination before they themselves went to the guillotines.)

The world’s first war for secession was successful on one level but as we know resulted in the new country’s banking system being handed over to the Rothschild syndicate for two twenty-year charters.  The colonists had been under the Jewish syndicate since the 1660s and remained so after the revolution.

The world’s second attempt at secession started in 1861 and we know how that ended.  The death toll for that attempt at a new country, now revised as exceeding 800,000, may have had its roots in a proposal – a toast, really – at the 1857 London wedding of the sister of James and Lionel Rothschild.  Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish prime minister, raised his glass and is quoted as having said, “If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts… one for you, James and one for you, Lionel.”

The reputed architect of secession in America was a Rothschild relative, Judah P. Benjamin, who famously held three offices in the Confederate government under Jefferson Davis:  attorney general, secretary of state and war.  He was captured at the coast by federal soldiers while trying to escape to England.  When they found out who he was, Benjamin was allowed to leave.  The architect of secession and arch traitor to the US.  Jeff Davis received somewhat harsher treatment, kept in a dungeon in Ft. Monroe, Virginia for two years, sometimes with his feet chained to the floor, constantly under the threat of execution by hanging.  Benjamin became a celebrity in London as a Queen’s Counsel and then retired comfortably in Paris.

This should show us the basic difference between Jews and Gentiles and how each is treated in the United States.

The subject of this essay is the Jewish gulag.  GULAG is an acronym of the Russian words for Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps but has come to stand for slave prisons and death camps run by the dictatorship.  The word was made famous by a former gulag inmate, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in two books about his life inside, titled The GULAG Archipelago.  Volume 2 broke all the rules of Jew protection by supplying names and photographs of all of the sadistic camp commandants.  Every one was a Jew and identified as such.  The Jewish system worked millions upon millions of class enemies and dissidents to death from 1917 to the late ‘80s. 

In Volume 1 he told about the millions of Russian and East European victims of Eisenhower’s Operation Keelhaul who thought they’d escaped Communism but were betrayed by Ike, who ordered them rounded up by American and British soldiers after the war.  Put in boxcars and shipped east where some were executed as they got off the train in Hungary, most went into the gulag to be worked to death in a month or so.  Estimates are five to six million people, including children.  All this while the Allies tried German heroes for imaginary crimes against humanity – and hanged them.

Solzhenitsyn himself had been tortured in the Lubianka and then sent to the gulag in ‘45 for a letter to a friend in which he criticized Stalin’s conduct of the war, referring to the tyrant with a Yiddish word.  He got eight years for being a loyal soldier on the Eastern Front.

Archipelago means a group of islands.  It refers to the hundreds of slave camps for dissidents scattered around the Soviet Union, the biggest located in the coldest and harshest climates in the world.  It can also be used to describe the Palestinian “state.” 

We’ve all seen the four-part map of Palestine showing its disintegration since 1948, the year the Jews changed its name to Israel.  Today, Palestine is an archipelago of tiny, disconnected islands of misery cut off in many places by the hideous Jewish wall and totally infested by dirty, armed Jewish fanatics.  The biggest island is the living hell of Gaza – 25 miles long and 3.5 to 7.5 mile wide.  With a million and a half prisoners inside, it is nothing but a concentration camp modeled on one of the Arizona reservations – except it’s elbow-to-elbow.  Jews like living elbow-to-elbow in their crappy apartments, but normal people don’t. 

Gaza, if you still need it, is proof that the Nazis were correct in trying to isolate these people from humanity.  When Jews are left to their own devices and subsidized by Christian fools, they revert to their age-old character:  sadistic monsters who delight in making humans suffer.  Read Leviticus and Deuteronomy, even if these Khazars are converts to that demented philosophy of life.  They possess the zeal of the convert.

A friend in Canada, Lonnie T., wrote this today and I can’t improve on it:

“I think its important to point out the reason for failure of any culture which has stood up to these people throughout the centuries.

“It’s clear we cannot round them all up and give them their own area in remote Russia, or the like.  Didn't work. 

“It’s clear we cannot legally ban them from positions of influence, that has not worked because as the next generation comes up they forget and allow them back in. 

“It’s clear we cannot throw them out of whatever country we call ‘ours’ because they do same to other countries and eventually weasel their way back into our own. 

“Even if you try to kill them off they go ‘underground,’ wait it out and start over.  

“So it’s perfectly clear at this point the only solution that appears to not have been taken is to of course put ‘em 6 feet under, but also ram it into our children's heads that if they or their children or their grandchildren, etc. etc. EVER see any sign of the behavior of Judaism popping up in any manner it needs to be mercilessly eradicated.  Any Jews that scurried to dark corners to hide and wait must know if they EVER show any sign of this behavior or if they manipulate others to act on their behalf they will be dealt with swiftly and brutally.  Trials be damned. If you see it, bury it.

“This needs to be written. Even the informed need to KNOW what has not worked because they are not getting it either. They are not as informed as they think they are. Too many are still naively seeking a peaceful solution. %$#@&& I'm so pissed off at Christians for this crap. Religion must die with the Jews.

“I know you have stated some of this here and there in different essays but I believe its very important to dedicate an essay to clarifying these points. Sadly it needs to be spelled out even to the Jew-wise. Maybe most of all to the Jew-wise.”

Lonnie is totally normal.  I consider myself totally normal.  We’re clearly not average but we are normal, with normal responses to deadly threats.  I can guarantee that you do not want to mess with Lonnie, whether you’re Mossad, RCMP, FBI, SEAL – you will probably lose the encounter.  And he means what he says about Jews.  They have to be killed before they kill us.

I know that there are guys like Lonnie in Gaza tonight, waiting for the Merkava tanks to get a little closer before lifting the RPGs to their shoulders and squinting through the sights.

The monster is Judaism.  Every few months we are confronted with the reality of Judaism, which is its need to kill defenseless people.  Their literature plainly promotes this.  Judaism's priests teach genocide.  Judaism is a cult of war against humanity.

Judaism controls the American murder machine, which has made it possible for them to kill millions just since '91.  But Judaism likes to do a little of its own killing when its victims can't fight back.  Judaism is afraid to attack Lebanon again but thinks little Gaza is the perfect victim.  Judaism presented Gaza's leader with a peace plan and murdered him from overhead while he was reading it.  This has always been and will always be the Jewish method.

Judaism wants to wipe out its enemies, which means pretty much everyone.  American Judaism is the most dangerous but it's the same wherever we find them.

America's chief rabbi, Stephen Wise, confessed in 1935, "Some call it Marxism - I call it Judaism!"  Don't call it Zionism - call it what it is:  Judaism.

Our lives will never be viable until Judaism is wiped out, just as Judaism means to do to us.  We can do this, once we understand what must be done.

The Jews have given the green light to the military and police to treat us like Palestinians, with no mercy. 

Palestine – Gaza – is the Jewish gulag archipelago.  We now know that there is also a Jewish American gulag archipelago made up of standard federal and state slave prisons but now with an archipelago of FEMA concentration camps and CIA/army torture centers.  Recent events in New York and New Jersey have revealed a number of these foul and freezing camps.  But accidentally-released army field manuals have given us the facts about military concentration camps and re-education centers designed to make dissidents and other detainees “support the government program.”

Another Canadian friend, Terry L., sent a great discussion on Press TV by a Wall Street guy named Joachim Martillo.  He identifies the source of Wall Street corruption:  It’s the Jews.  He repeats this several times and says if we don’t recognize the Jewish nature of the corruption, it can’t be fixed.

So let’s do that.  Let’s recognize the Jewish nature of American corruption so we can fix it.  Unfortunately, since it’s the root of government criminality, again, it cannot be fixed in a legal, lawful manner, Mr. Martillo to the contrary.  It can only be fixed by killing the criminals, since they have so damn much money.  They have all of our money!  That’s why we can’t stop them legally.  They use our money to pay off the cops and judges.  There just isn’t enough time to change two hundred years of Jewish corruption with some no-hope, legalistic garbage. 

We only have the rest of our lives to fix things and that’s not very long. 

Many of us might wish there were.  But there’s not.

This is America, the birthplace of violent revolution against tyranny, now the headquarters of violent worldwide tyranny.

American tyranny is run by cowardly twerps who all wear the same Stepford uniform – expensive suit and club necktie.  They are indoor people.  They run the police and military, who of course are pretty much outdoor people.  Unnecessary and dangerous, but certainly outdoor people.  The Gentile example of this twerp is Dick Cheney.  The Jewish version would be Paul Wolfowitz.  They worked for the biggest closet queen of the early 21st Century, George W. Bush.  Nowadays it’s a closet queen named Obama and his assassination czar, John Brennan.  Imagine!  A US president having his own assassination czar.  That right there is a reason for revolution – the violent overthrow of the American Establishment.

These twerps don’t themselves deal in violence.  They give the police and military their violent orders to slaughter people.  They authorize them to commit violence, which is the same thing in my book.  America hanged a bunch of guys in Nuremberg and Baghdad for this very thing, for both giving and following orders to commit violence.  So we can see how seriously America views this offense by other people.  It’s a hanging offense.

I see it the same way.  Not the Germans, of course.  They were only defending themselves against us and Jews in general.  In self-defense, anything goes.  Same with the Iraqis – they were only defending themselves from us and Jews in general.  But in the American case, the twerps who give and the perps who follow violent orders must be killed.  The American government is always wrong because it is always the aggressor.    

Don’t bring up Ft. Sumter or Pearl Harbor.  Both of these attacks were in response to calculated provocations by the US government.  Besides, no one was killed at Ft. Sumter other than two Yankees who accidentally blew themselves up with their own cannon after they surrendered.  Pearl Harbor was planned for months by Roosevelt to drag a reluctant American people into his war against Germany on behalf of Judaism’s need to save and spread Communism.  He goaded and insulted the Japanese military until they couldn’t take any more.  He also waged war against them with the Flying Tigers and numerous naval attacks on Japanese ships before Pearl Harbor.

The level of violence by the US government from 1942 to 1945 is beyond our comprehension.  American violence destroyed the white race in Europe and rescued Soviet Communism from destruction.  The US government firebombed the cities of Germany and Japan and dropped two nuclear bombs on the latter.  Then the US government arranged for Communism to take over Eastern Europe and for Communism to take over China, North Korea, northern Indochina, Laos and Cambodia.   Then we went to war against those new enemy countries and slaughtered millions of those people. 

For the past twenty-two years America has been invading, attacking and occupying about seven Moslem countries, mass-murdering millions since 1991.  Not a single one of these countries had threatened or attacked America in any way.   The US government is on the verge of a nuclear attack on the peaceful people of Iran and has surrounded that country with offensive military bases which might be obliterated by Iranian missiles.  The three aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf will be destroyed in a few minutes by unstoppable Sunburn and Yakhout anti-ship missiles.  The Jews who run the US government are okay with that and are counting on it.  That would really stampede the American cattle into the final war to kill Islam.

America is another word for violence.  It always was and always will be.  Violence is the American way so we must accept this fact and work with it. 

The Jews who run America understand this and have managed to guide this murderous tendency for Jewish purposes while carefully trying not to overdo it and get the military pissed off at them.  Trouble is, Jews always overdo it.

But the Jews actually know us better than we know ourselves.  The Jews know what a violent and merciless mob Americans can be, while we ourselves are in a constant state of denial.  Most Americans have a goody-two-shoes opinion of ourselves, like we’re something special and deserving of stealing anything we want, because after all – we’re so generous and we do such good everywhere we go.  They see pictures of American killers urinating on their dead victims and say, “What esprit – what camaraderie!”  One demented news-whore said she’d like to drop trou and join them.  She knew that would please her Jewish bosses and protect her job.

Americans are a jaded bunch of hard-cases despite our benevolent self-image.  We’re just not bothered too much by our killers mass-murdering foreigners.  If we were, the mass-murder would stop and the CIA and military torture prisons would be shut down and the torture-killers tried and hanged for war crimes.  There’s only one way to stop the violence and that’s with violence against the violent ones. 

It is reported as this is being written that the leaders of America’s little Jewish client, Israel, have been meeting with the leaders of Qatar regarding the Jews’ proposed assassination of the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad.  It was also reported during the last administration that Ariel Sharon told Bush that he was going to assassinate Yassir Arafat and the moron said, “Fine.”    So, believe me, the US government is okay with violence.   It really doesn’t recognize anything less.

The non-violent reader is not convinced.  But what is on the American political landscape that might indicate a peaceful, non-violent course that could bring an end to American official violence?  How about our election process?  Our educational system?  Our general political awareness?  Our Christian religion?  Wall Street?  Those freedom-loving crusaders in the news business?  The Federal Reserve?  What about our system of entertainment in Hollywood?  In other words, what is there in our American culture that could possibly be used to stop the merciless American dictatorship?  All of the things listed are supporting the dictatorship.

Whistleblowers are ruthlessly hunted down by Democrat and Republican departments of “justice” and the military and given the same treatment as Moslem freedom fighters in Guantanamo prison.  Look at Susan Lindauer and Bradley Manning, for example.  The chickenhawks in the Congress have threatened to execute Julian Assange if they ever get their hooks into him.

There is only one thing:  our guns. 

The Internet is a great tool and should be exploited more in the Anonymous manner. It was designed by the military and the universities to provide unstoppable communications and information-sharing after a nuclear attack.  It can be used against us and no doubt is. 

There are rumors flying that elements of the US military are planning to overthrow Obama in a military coup, explaining the mysterious recent arrests of senior commanders and the resignation of General Petraeus from the CIA.  If these plotters are not in league with Jews and Israel – great.  I even proposed such a thing, which remains the lead essay on this website.  But the most virulent opposition to Obama is by Jews, some of whom openly call for his assassination.  If the Israelis are planning to assassinate Assad they are quite likely considering the same thing for Obama.  The military coup must be against the Jews who control the US government and all who serve those Jews.

We cannot ignore the 1994 military questionnaire that asked military personnel if they would shoot Americans who refused to turn in their guns if such a law were passed?  Forty-three percent of those questioned said they would kill American gun owners.  It is reported by veterans that this hostile attitude has been cultivated and encouraged in the military since then.  If anything, the brutal invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq have further encouraged this anti-civilian, kill-anyone-who-looks-mad attitude in soldiers and marines.

Let’s consider the numbers.  I’ve pointed this out before but it bears repeating:  How many army, marine, SEAL, etc, killers can the government  send against us?  The military has a total of about 1,400,000 active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines and an additional 850,000 in reserve, National Guard, etc.  This is everyone including cooks and clerks and the heavy rear echelon component. 

The army alone has about 562,000 men and about 76,000 females.  That might be optimistic considering the report by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs a few years ago that stated more than 75,000 military men and women had died of wounds just from the Iraq war as of 2005, with about 250,000 with severe, debilitating wounds, mainly from IEDs.  This was a little higher than the “Defense Department’s” figures of about 4,500 and 31,000 respectively.  No word of how many died since then or anything about Afghanistan casualties.  We do know that soldiers and marines were sent back to combat duty in Iraq four or more times, many with severe head wounds and psychological problems.  It was a dirty little thing they called “stop-loss.”  Yeah, you did your duty but now you’re going to do it again until we say you can stop – or you’re hurt too bad to go back.

Okay, so the army claims a half-million on active duty.  Let’s say that 20%  (100,000)  are combat ready, able and willing to man roadblocks and shoot American gun owners in home invasions looking for guns.  Hell, let’s say 200,000.  Are you aware that Pennsylvania last year had over 1,400,000 licensed deer hunters?  That Michigan had over 1,000,000, Wisconsin  900,000 and New York more than 800,000?

Now, deer hunters are a different breed of cat.  These guys and gals know how to stalk, get close and kill one of the most nervous, wary and wild creatures on earth.  If these people decide not to wear that day-glo orange, you’ll never see ‘em.  They are very motivated people.  They know how to hunt and they know how to ambush and shoot to kill because that’s meat on the table. 

Pennsylvania alone has the world’s biggest army.  And that doesn’t even touch the grand total of deer hunters in all the states, such as Texas and Montana and Illinois and Minnesota – you name it.   And that doesn’t even touch all the other licensed hunters of elk, bear, antelope, ducks, geese, dove, quail, etc, etc, etc.  These people also really know how to shoot.  And that doesn’t even touch the grand number of gun owners such as myself who don’t hunt.  We just like guns.  A whole bunch of us also like to fight.  The facts of life are that there just aren’t enough cops and military to control us.  Hell, there’s not enough even to scare us.

Now we can understand why that Japanese general said, “We can never invade America – there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

There’s a whole bunch of us right now who would like nothing better than to wait for a convoy to head out of Ft. Dix or Ft. Lewis or Ft. Whatever and knock the crap out of it and everyone in it.  And that’s just right now.  Can you imagine the hatred and rage of people who are going to suffer at the slimy hands of FEMA, TSA, DHS, FBI, ATF, etc, etc, etc in the near future?  Not to mention the military under martial law.  How about those folks in New York and New Jersey who have been put in freezing tent cities and abandoned prisons by FEMA?  You think some of them are about ready to kill?  Especially after FEMA shut its emergency doors “on account of the weather” and demanded three-star accommodations at a minimum, so they could have meetings with each other.

The government’s getting ready for some big-time violence against us, proved by its orders for billions of rounds of hollow-point handgun ammunition.  Everybody knows what hollow-points are for.  They’re for doing maximum violence against your body.

The resistance is going to have to begin operations against the ones who are killing us right now.  I’m referring to the Monsanto syndicate that includes Dow Chemical and DuPont Chemical and many other less famous corporations that are deliberately poisoning us with genetically modified organisms in our food.  Evergreen Air and the other CIA proprietaries that are poisoning us with chemtrail spraying must be attacked and destroyed.  Any pilot who is part of “geo-engineering” is an enemy who must be shot, either on the ground or in the air.  The Monsanto syndicate, largely controlled by Bill and Melinda Gates, also owns the Blackwater hired killer company, which must change its name constantly to conceal its bloody past, current and planned operations.  This comes naturally to a company with the Jewish name, Monsanto.  The old Monsantos were Jewish slave-traders from New Orleans.

What choice do we have as responsible adults?  They are working day and night, like cancer, to kill us.  So we really have no choice but to act in self-defense and kill them without mercy.  We, if we can open our eyes and ears, know what our government has done to others since the 1830s, the 1860s, throughout the 20th Century and now into the 21st Century.  Our government must kill to live.  The US government cannot exist without killing millions of people from time to time.  Our government is an insatiable serial killer, officially admitted by Madeleine Albright who, when asked in ‘96 if the deaths of a half-million Iraqi children from US sanctions were worth it, said, “The price – yes – we think the price was worth it.”  A half-million dead kids in just four years of sanctions – the inevitable result of Jewish Rule.  When Jews are in charge, millions die horrible deaths.   Madame Secretary was shocked to learn during her vetting process that she was Jewish.  Every single cabinet member under Clinton was at some point a Jew, which is not bad for 2%.

Ridding this country of the Jewish component will also be worth it.  No matter what the cost, it is the responsibility of the resistance to eradicate all Jewish influence and decision-making from our lives, for once and for all.  There is no reason to soft-pedal this idea.  There is no reason to hide this policy.  Jews are at war with us but try to hide it in every possible way.  Our anti-Jewish policy must be publicized.  Watch what happens when this call starts to spread around the country.  Thanks to the Internet, it will spread.

There is no substitute for violence.  The combination of the mighty United States government and Jewish control of our currency and credit has created the most violent machine in history.  Anyone who tries to resist it lawfully is crushed to death literally.  It cannot be resisted lawfully or legally because the Jews own the law and legal system.

The original revolutionaries tried for decades to become independent of the Rothschild-owned Bank of England.  It could not be done legally or lawfully and anyone who tried was considered a terrorist and a traitor, just as it is today with the PATRIOT Act.  “PATRIOT” stands for, “Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism.”  How do you fight this sort of tyranny legally? 

Our “Justice Department” deliberately provided guns (not sold – paid for with TARP money) to the most sadistic murderers in Mexico with orders to use those guns and kill people with them so that the Mexican government would demand the end of gun ownership in America through the UN, which Obama and the Clinton broad would naturally agree to do.  That’s the kind of Communist mentality we’re up against, the kind that can only be dealt with with extreme violence.  The House of Representatives ordered the criminal attorney general to hand over all documents regarding this vicious plot and he refused and is now the first AG to be issued a citation of contempt of Congress, which he ignores.  Of course, he will resign and be unavailable for questioning, just like the recently-departed CIA director.

Do you honestly believe there is a lawful, legal way to deal with these people?  These people who provide military-type civilian guns to insane narco-assassins with orders to use them in horrible ways that can be exploited to nullify the 2nd Amendment?  Because that’s exactly the idea behind “Fast and Furious.” 

And it’s exactly what our “ambassador” in Libya was also doing:  providing the military weapons to our terrorists to overthrow the very popular leader of that country.  Chris Stevens was an enabler and armorer of terrorists and murderers.  It is very ironic that he should be murdered by his own murderers, and it is also very fitting.  He got exactly what he had coming to him.  This is what all of his subversive colleagues in the State Department, the CIA and in all the federal dens of iniquity have coming to them.  When representatives of the most powerful government on earth betray people to death, there is no legal, lawful way to deal with them.  They can only be killed.

There is no substitute for violence.