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_ The Home Front         

The Jews and their lackeys are going for broke.  Senator Carl Levin has produced in secret, behind closed doors in league with war lovers John McCain and Lindsey Graham, a new law called the National Defense Authorization Act.  This law will allow the military to wage war against us here at home.  It will allow us to be arrested by the military and disappeared into indefinite military detention.  This is known as martial law.

I realize this is only fair, since we have allowed the US military and the Israeli military to wage war against others in their homes overseas.  But I think we really ought to try to put a stop to this Jewish madness now that their plans have become crystal-clear.

The Jewish war against the world is about to become the Jewish war against America.  It’s a full-spectrum war with the Jewish financial war against us by Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve, the Jewish medical war by the FDA, the Jewish war against health by Monsanto, Jewish propaganda by the news cartel plus Jewish entertainment and the Jewish governmental attacks by Levin, Lieberman, Feinstein, Schumer, et al, such as Lieberman’s plan to shut down the Internet and all the Jewish attempts at gun control.  It never ends and never will end until we start our own program, here on the home front.

The deadliest aspect of Jewish full-spectrum dominance is America’s war of aggression against Israel’s Moslem enemies in the Middle East and western Asia.  Since 1991, probably four million or more Arabs have been slaughtered with unimaginable numbers of wounded and displaced and now suffering from lethal DU poisoning.  The Jews are dementedly taking us to war against Syria and Iran.

The only political opposition to Levin’s NDA Act is an amendment by Mark Udall that would require “an orderly Congressional review of detention power.”  The two parties are in complete agreement that they want detention, which means prison without due process (neither trial nor prosecution nor defense nor conviction nor appeal).  No, there would be no due process. 

This means total war against us, as if it weren’t already total war with Obama’s White House death squad deciding which American enemies of Israel should be assassinated, Jane Harman’s Homegrown Terrorism Act, plus all the treason passed by Bush and his Jews.

It’s a purely Jewish thing.  Any argument with that?  Can anyone reading this deny that every single aspect of the 9/11 attack was Jewish, both American and Israeli?

We are in a desperate situation, a mindless Jewish war against humanity.  It is so desperate that Russia has stationed warships off Syria and supplied Syria with the latest anti-aircraft missiles to prevent the Jewish/Yankee act of war called a “no-fly zone.”  American Jews and Yankees known as “neo-cons” have aggressive missiles threatening Russia herself which now declares those missile sites to be Russian targets.  The Jews have us on the brink of war with Russia.

Personally, I’m on Russia’s side.  The Russians have struggled for decades to recover from the Jewish destruction of their country (imposed on them by our government in 1917) and of so many neighboring countries that made up the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union.  They have worked and scrimped and saved and now are the world’s leading exporter of oil and natural gas.  They don’t need Mid East oil and gas but they do need a calm market.  They don’t need Israel and America destabilizing the world with their insane threats to nuke first Syria and then Iran.  It appears that Russia is prepared to save the world from Judeo-American destruction.

Fortunately for us, Russia cannot do this alone.  Russia can handle the insane Jewish/Yankee warmongers in the Middle East but it can do nothing about the ones here in Washington, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, among all the other Jewish urban pestholes.  They are our responsibility.  The home front is our responsibility.  We should be grateful for this opportunity to regain our manhood, with the women’s help, of course.

As pointed out above, the Jews are waging full-spectrum war against us.  They will try to make everything we do and think and say illegal and the Supreme Court will back them up.  When has it not?  The Jews want the TSA to control our movement on the highways as it does in the airports.  The Jews want the army to treat us like Palestinians with this new NDA Act.  They want to paralyze us so that we can’t move against them. 

It is up to us to do our part.  The Jewish war against humanity must be countered with a total war against Judaism.

Analysis of Jewish ways is no longer required.  It is best not to study Judaism too closely, as you can easily prove by reading the Jewish Protocols.  It will make you sick after two or three chapters – few can read all twenty-four.  We know enough about them.  Just the new Jewish laws cited above are all we need to know. 

The Jewish takeover of Russia was all we needed to know, except it was concealed from us by the Jewish New York Times, as was the Jewish genocide of Palestinians by the same paper of record.  The “anti-Communist” John Birch Society did the same thing.  Jewish crimes were totally concealed and would still be concealed if it weren’t for the Internet.  We must take advantage of the transmission belt of truth while we can.

All Jewish organizations must be taken down.  This calls for all-out war on the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress, AIPAC, the Zionist Organization, B’nai B’rith and all the rest.  As pointed out many times, the Council on Foreign Relations is a Jewish organization and easily the most destructive in human history.

This has never been done before.  The Germans, of course, never had such a program but merely tried to exclude Jews from influential positions and then round them up and deport them out of Germany – an unsuccessful program because of American interference.  If Germany had had an extermination program, as my late friend Heinz Weichardt used to say, all it would have needed was the understanding that there was an open season on Jews and the several hundreds of thousands of them still in Germany would have been quietly and efficiently dispatched.  But there was no such understanding and the result was about four and a half million Jewish demands for reparation payments after the war.  This is called Jewish arithmetic.

In America, if we intend to survive, there must be this understanding.  The understanding must be based on what Jews have already done to millions of victims in our name!  It must be based on our knowledge of what they plan to do not only to foreigners but to us, as the above-mentioned laws prove.

America must become a no-fly zone, a no-go zone, for Jews.  Whatever they have done to others and caused to be done to others in our name must be done to them.

As I wrote in The Military Solution, it would be great to have elements of the US military on our side.  It is essential for the neutralization of Israel.  But here on the home front, it is not essential.  Of the 313 million Americans, roughly one and a half million are on active duty.  Another one and a half million on active reserve.  Almost three million currently available for running Operation Garden Plot for FEMA/DHS.  But lots of them are now overseas, in Germany, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and in about one hundred thirty countries, on nine hundred bases. 

Then we have the casualty figures from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The DVA reported in October, 2010 that almost 74,000 servicemen (not the reported 4,800) had been killed in Iraq alone since Bush started that war in ‘03.  In addition to that amazing figure, total disability claims were over one million six hundred twenty thousand.  Out of less than three million active and reserve people, over half were wounded and killed as of a year ago.  That does not include wounded and killed from Afghanistan, which has been going on now for ten years.

The DVA says that the percentage of disabled combat troops, just from Iraq, was 36%.  Many more, if not most, are on anti-depressant drugs, not to mention illegal drugs.

So it’s fair to say that Garden Plot is not going to have a lot of trained and fit professional soldiers at the roadblocks, especially now that more of them will be going back to the Persian Gulf and Syria, with reserves for the Iranian assault, even if it’s a bluff.  Blackwater-type contractors, the kind seen in New Orleans and overseas, are mercenaries and should be shot on sight.  It may be difficult to distinguish them from federalized cops, which will be too bad for the cops.

The roadblock and round-up troops for the new Levin Law will have to be federalized cops.  Cops, as we see in the Occupy confrontations, can be pretty nasty.  But they are also pretty gutless, and I think they will not be a big factor.  The big factor will be the resistance.  Us.

Out of the 313 million Americans, over 145 million are what the military calls “available manpower.”  Of them, about 120 million of them are “fit for service.”  The weaker ones may join the military for room and board.  I would estimate that over 100 million men will not join the military and will be considered potential domestic enemies by the Jewish-run government.  Long story short, there’s a big shortage of occupation troops compared with the armed population.

While the Internet is still available to us, we must use it to create awareness of current Jewish crimes against humanity and Jewish plans for us but more importantly our plans for them.  We don’t need the history of the Jews but just reminders that the new crackdown laws all have well-known Jews behind them.  The Wall Street rip-off is strictly Jewish.  The collapse of our currency and crippling high prices are caused by Jews.  The drug trafficking, the prostitution and adult and child pornography trafficking, the trade in human organs taken by force from impoverished “donors” are all strictly Jewish rackets.  The US/Israeli Stuxnet virus was behind the destruction of Fukushima, which may eventually wipe us all out.

Do not waste time with meaningless attacks on synagogues, cemeteries and schools.  This will only generate negative propaganda, which is why Jews frequently attack their own places.  Now that the Jewish rulers are putting the US government against us, their big agencies and headquarters must be reduced to nothing.  Search engines will give us everything we need.

Be effective and be smart.  Do not get arrested under any circumstances.  Plan the getaway before the operation.  If there is not a good getaway, forget it.  Suicide missions are not needed or wanted.  Go to the next target on your list.  There is no shortage of targets.  Once this anti-Jewish program begins, it will never end.  Keep the targets strictly Jewish and this will force Americans to chose sides. 

You’re either with us or you’re with the Jews. 

The Jews and their Yankee mercenaries aren’t worried about collateral damage but we must be.  They will do anything, as we saw in Oklahoma City, to create scorn and revulsion for us, including killing their own children, to make us look bad.  The militia was not mentally prepared for this tactic and it fell apart literally overnight from the sheer horror of that massacre.  So our propaganda people must get ready to create support for the action people as long as they follow the rules of engagement. 

These two wings of the resistance must have no open contact with each other.  Secret leaders of each wing should meet and coordinate action and propaganda but must maintain the highest security.

The resistance will be fighting at first for survival and eventually to maintain liberty.  Security from police, federal and Jewish agents will have the highest priority.  A resistance organization has only one way to punish treachery and treason, since we have no jails and don’t even believe in jails. 

The prisons and jails need to be immediately emptied of all victimless “criminals.”  There are, in addition, so many people who have been convicted based on faked evidence by the police and FBI that it would be better to release everyone and start a new system of justice based on restitution.  If a defendant refuses to make restitution after conviction, or if there is no way to make it, as in the cases of rape and murder, then the convict would have no rights and would be subject to street justice with no legal recourse.  The violent criminal class would be reduced quite rapidly.  Non-violent predators who fail to make restitution after conviction would also have no legal rights until an agreement to make restitution is made.

Our legal system, the so-called justice system, is so corrupt that it must be shut down and abandoned.  Contracts must continue to be honored after scrutiny by resistance paralegals.  The American Bar Association would be abolished with no monopoly on the practice of law allowed.

The American Medical Association and similar organizations would also be abolished with no monopoly allowed on the practice of health care. 

The monopoly power to control any aspect of society, of life in general, would be abolished.  Monopoly can only be granted by government and this will not be allowed.  Any attempt to reinstate a monopoly would receive the harshest penalty.

All future measures will be based on ensuring liberty and freedom by removing all Jewish influence and racketeering.  The resistance movement will take responsibility for maintaining liberty and freedom.  Any abuses by tyrants, Jew or human, masquerading as resistance members will be punished harshly. 

Americans will be expected to provide for their own self-defense by keeping and bearing personal weapons.  They will also be free not to do so, at their own risk.  But it will be generally assumed that each person is safely armed and able to defend him or herself from any form of intimidation, which of course shall not be condoned.

Jews traditionally deal in force and fraud, which is treated on this website in an essay by that title.  The object of the resistance will be to eliminate force and fraud and all forms of intimidation – physical, psychological or intellectual – which are the typical methods of Jewish gangsters.  Just as the Jews have operated on all levels of society, so shall the resistance. 

The Jews have not been able until recently to declare their goals openly and have operated under the most devious forms of deception.  This will not be a problem for the resistance, which will gain strength and support from an open declaration of intent and plans to take this country away from the Jews. 

Millions of Americans are fed up with Jewish rule and the Jews know it.  This is why Carl Levin and his Jews have prepared their National Defense Authorization Act, to try to use the military to defend themselves from us, whom they slander as “Homegrown Terrorists.”

_ Homegrown Terrorism

Is there a peaceful, non-violent solution to our government’s plans to seize total power over us?  The short answer is no.

The government’s goal of total dictatorship has been planned at least since the days of Ronald Reagan’s administration, when Big George Bush of the CIA was in charge.  Reagan was supposedly shot by the son of Bush’s good friend and business partner, Jack Hinckley, sixty-nine days into his presidency.  Reagan himself thought he was wounded in the limo when his bodyguard crushed him and broke his rib.  The wound appeared to have been made by a long, thin blade.  Reagan was never much of a factor after his near-death experience, which reportedly occurred on his way to address the Trilateral Commission.  David Rockefeller had forced Reagan to take Bush as his running mate during the convention.

Five years later, in 1986, I read a booklet by William Pabst, a Houston attorney, called “Concentration Camp Plans for US Citizens.”  He’d written it in 1979 and described the plan by FEMA to put dissenting Americans in camps.    The booklet was based on his lawsuit against Jerry Ford and other high-ranking people in the federal government for allowing or making this FEMA plan possible.  He named a dozen locations of the camps, most of them on military bases.  Pabst identified the US Army’s 300th MP POW Command in Inkster, Michigan as the suppliers of prison guards.

It seemed pretty wild but I decided to call FEMA headquarters in Washington, DC.  The FEMA security people on the phone asked me many questions, such as was I a reporter, was anything to be published, who was I exactly?  I said, no, I was just a curious civilian in California.  Eventually I was speaking to FEMA spokesman Russell Clanahan. I told him that I’d just read this booklet by Pabst and was it true that FEMA had detention camps or concentration camps as Pabst claimed in his federal lawsuit?  Clanahan said, no, FEMA had no such camps. 

“Well, what is Operation Garden Plot?”  Pabst had said that Garden Plot was the codename for the military takeover of the United States that set up the detention camp system.

“Garden Plot is an army operation,” said Clanahan quickly.

“Really?  Pabst says that it’s your operation.”

“No, it’s an army operation.  Call Captain Ross at the Pentagon and he will confirm that.”

“Captain Ross?  How do I call him?”

Clanahan gave me the number and I went through the same rigamarole getting to Ross.  Eventually he came on the line.  I said, “Captain Ross, I was just speaking to Russell Clanahan over at FEMA about Garden Plot and he said to speak to you about it.”

“Yeah?  Well, Garden Plot is a FEMA operation, not army.”

“Uh, huh.  That’s what I thought.”

“What else?”

“What about Operation Cable Splicer?”

“Wait one…”  He was gone for a minute and came back on.  “We have no comment on Cable Splicer.”

“I see.  Isn’t Cable Splicer the state version of Garden Plot?”

“I said, we have no comment on Cable Splicer.  Talk to Clanahan about Garden Plot.”

So I called Clanahan back.  “Campbell here again.  I just spoke to Ross and he says that Garden Plot is a FEMA operation.”

Clanahan chuckled.  “Do you know what FEMA is?”

“You manage emergencies.”

Clanahan said, “FEMA is the custodian of expired authorities.”

“I know what those words mean, but not the way you said them.”

“Well, during the Truman administration, there were many acts passed.  Acts such as the Defense Manpower Act, the Defense Manpower Resources Act [he named several other acts].  Since then, they have expired.”

“But you are the custodian of them now?”

“That’s right.”

“So, if they came back to life somehow, you would be very powerful.”

“Yes,” he agreed.

“What could bring them back to life?”

“A declaration of national emergency.”

The next year, 1987, Oliver North was testifying before the Iran-Contra Committee of the House and Senate.  I called Russell Clanahan again.  “This is Campbell in California – do you remember we talked last year?”

“No, I don’t.”

“I asked you about Garden Plot.”

“Oh, yes – I remember now.”

“Well, Oliver North is on the stand and the Miami Herald has a big story about Garden Plot.”

“I don’t handle these questions anymore.  I’ll have someone call you who does.”

The next day, a man named Bill McAda called and asked if I had a question. 

“Yes.  Did you and Oliver North plan to suspend the Bill of Rights, as the Miami Herald reports?”

“I was the one who dealt with the Miami Herald.”

“So it’s true?”

“I’m not saying that.  But I will say that Oliver North and his NSC people were here a lot between ’82 and ’84, yessir.”

“Okay.  That sounds like the same thing.”

“Now, as far as detention camps – we don’t have any detention camps.”

I hadn’t mentioned camps.  But Clanahan had obviously given him my dossier when he told him to call me back.

“Well,” he continued, “there’s the one in Wisconsin.  And the one in Kentucky.  And the one in Louisiana.  But they’re for the Cubans, you know, the Mariel Boat Lift people?  I mean, they’re crazy!  What are you gonna do?”

“I thought you didn’t have any camps.”

“Just the three.  But like I said, those Cubans are crazy.”

“Bill, I don’t care about the Cubans.  I’m concerned that you plan on putting people such as myself in there.”

“Aw, we wouldn’t do that.”

“Well, like I told Clanahan, I’ve got a list here of twelve camps for dissidents around the country, run by the 300th Military & Police POW Command out of Inkster, Michigan."

“What else can I do for you, sir?”

“I guess that’s it.”

“You have a good day.”

Here’s an excerpt from the Miami Herald story:

Guiffrida could not be reached for comment, but FEMA spokesman Bill McAda confirmed the relationship.

“Officials of FEMA met with Col. North during 1982 to 1984,” McAda said. “These meetings were appropriate to Col. North’s duties with the National Security Council and FEMA’s responsibilities in certain areas of national security.”

FEMA’s clash with Smith occurred over a secret contingency plan that called for suspension of the Constitution, turning control of the United States over to FEMA, appointment of military commanders to run state and local governments and declaration of martial law during a national crisis.

The plan did not define national crisis, but it was understood to be nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent or national opposition against a military invasion abroad.


The official said the contingency plan was written as part of an executive order or legislative package that Reagan would sign and hold within the NSC until a severe crisis arose.

The martial law portions of the plan were outlined in a June 30, 1982, memo by Guiffrida’s deputy for national preparedness programs, John Brinkerhoff. A copy of the memo was obtained by The Herald.

The scenario outlined in the Brinkerhoff memo resembled somewhat a paper Guiffrida had written in 1970 at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., in which he advocated martial law in case of a national uprising by black militants.

The paper also advocated the roundup and transfer to “assembly centers or relocation camps” of at least 21 million “American Negroes.”

When he saw the FEMA plans, Attorney General Smith became alarmed. He dispatched a letter to McFarlane Aug. 2, 1984 lodging his objections and urging a delay in signing the directive.

So that’s the background to where we are today.  There are many more detention camps now, ready for occupancy, re-education and torture.  This is, after all, what our soldier-boys and soldier-girls do to hundreds of thousands of innocent people all over the world.  Why not here?

Big George Bush of the CIA was the acting president after Reagan was nearly killed and the actual president in ’92 when the worst riots in US history broke out in Los Angeles.  The attorney appointed to represent Damian “Football” Williams, the one who brained Reginald Denny, told the local press that he was a CIA operative who helped coordinate the riot, that it was all a Bush/CIA operation to bring about martial law.  The attorney was arrested and not heard from again.

On January 17th, 1994, I was sitting in the ruins of my house in Sherman Oaks following the Northridge earthquake.  The windows were all gone, walls shattered, the upstairs floor had dropped a foot and a half, the gas and power were not working but the telephone rang.  Gunther Russbacher and his wife Rayelan were calling from Jefferson City, Missouri.  He’d just been released from prison, having been put there by Big George Bush who feared Russbacher would talk about having flown him to Paris in October, 1980 to meet with the Iranians.  He’d gone to prison as a navy captain and was now a two-star admiral, he told me.  He’d been feeding me information for a couple of years, which I’d repeated in my column in the National Educator paper.

Russbacher said, “You know that was two nukes that caused the earthquake.”  When I said, What?, he said, “Well, did you ever hear of the ground rising and falling twelve feet in an earthquake?”  I asked him who did this and he answered, “FEMA.  It was an experiment.  They want to declare martial law.  They’ve got nukes on all the faults.  No one south of the Columbia River is safe.”  I investigated this wild claim and was surprised to hear Cal Tech’s chief seismologist, Susan Hough, state that they detected two distinct pulses of energy just before the two massive quakes that morning.

Today we are dealing with DHS rather than FEMA because Homeland Security has a more oppressive, Soviet sound to its name, especially after the Katrina fiasco that made FEMA a national disgrace.

The Wall Street protesters around the country have hit a brick wall now that all the mayors have agreed to play bean-ball with them.  They’re wasting their time, in my opinion, confronting cops.  Sixties-style mass-protesting worked in the ‘60s but that was almost fifty years ago.  I support what they’re doing because at least they’re doing something and it may lead to revolution.  They are not required to be cannon-fodder and allow themselves to be hit with sticks and rubber bullets or blinded painfully with pepper-spray.  This is the Ghandi method and always results in innocent people getting killed or seriously wounded.   Ghandi got a lot of people killed with his non-violence.

We’re Americans.  We don’t do non-violence.  Any son of a bitch who uses violence on us when we’re peacefully demonstrating needs to be killed.  That goes for cops, who, believe me, are nothing special.  Now I don’t want to kill any cops per se but I do intend to kill any son of a bitch who plans to use violence against me or against family and friends, and today cops and feds are at the top of the list of perpetrators. 

Back in ’07, the disgraced Jewess and Israeli secret agent in Congress, Jane Harman, introduced the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, no doubt written by the Anti-Defamation League.   It was passed by the House by 405 to 6.  Now, five years later, the US Senate is probably going to pass it as well, followed by Obama’s signature.  The new law could result in hundreds of thousands of Americans being arrested and disappeared into FEMA camps for things they’ve said or written.

Just about everyone writing on this subject says nothing about resisting this program with deadly force.  The writers are all quite aware of what our rulers intend to do to us but no one has a plan to stop them and to punish them for treason.  Again, anyone who would be part of this FEMA/Homeland Security program to arrest dissidents is a traitor who must be shot on sight.  There is no other way to deal with such treachery.  We can’t arrest the thugs and turn them over to “law enforcement” for prosecution.  “Law enforcement” is the threat, not the solution.  Anyone who would enforce the coming laws will be by definition a terrorist.

This is one big personal problem.  The reader is the one who will have to deal with the roadblock, the forced search of his or her vehicle or home.  The purpose of this website is to strengthen the resolve of the reader to defend himself or herself and family and friends.  The problem is not going to go away or get better.  It’s going to get worse until you personally say, Okay, that’s it. 

America has one vestigial advantage over other countries.  We actually have a Bill of Rights and a Declaration of Independence that encourage resistance to all tyrants, whether they are in the White House, the Congress, the Supreme Court or standing at a roadblock on I-40 or at the entrance to the grocery store.  And, like everyone else, we have the natural right to self-defense.  Unlike most places, we have the guns we need to back it up. 

Speaking as the founder of the modern militia movement, I am not a supporter of the 2nd Amendment due to the deceptive wording of its front half.  But I can’t deny that the back half resulted in the general possession of millions of firearms.  It is my mission now, as it was back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, to encourage the use of all those firearms against the tyrants who intend to capture and kill us.  Now, David Rockefeller, who I attempted to kill back in 1980, won’t be capturing or killing anyone.  His think-tanks and foundations have arranged for police and secret police to do that.  Abe Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League won’t be capturing or killing anyone.  Morris Dees and his Jews, ditto.  They have trained cops and feds to hate and fear us so that they are quite prepared to capture and kill us for them.

And that’s really too bad.  Because there just aren’t enough cops and feds to pull this off.  I would recommend that the policy-makers in the Council on Foreign Relations, the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center (now incorporated into the Department of Homeland Security) be seized and executed publicly with the passage of the “Homegrown Terrorism” law.  This is the only way to defend ourselves from the unelected tyrants who plan to wipe us out after we are arrested.

If you’re reading this, you can figure you’re on the “Homegrown Terrorist” list.  If you’re not, you should be.  “Homegrown Terrorist” means freedom fighter.  

Cops reading this:  Figure out how you’re going to help us or get into a different line of work.  There’s just too many of us for you to arrest and kill.  We’re too well-armed.  Do you really want to be driving around in a cop car when the lights go out?

Feds reading this:  Early retirement is your only option.  Don’t get involved with us.  Once people start disappearing, so will you.  This is still America, traditionally the most violent place on earth.

Do these fools know that Pennsylvania alone has one million three hundred thousand licensed deer hunters?  Believe me, these guys know how to get close and they know how to shoot.  Not to mention the guys who don't bother to get tags, or don't hunt but would dearly love to turn out the lights of a real terrorist, the kind who gets paid to kill people.



_   A Dangerous Life (Part 3)

Even though I’d avoided prison by confessing to supplying the guns for Jack to defend himself against foreclosure fraud and eviction by the Santa Cruz County SWATs, I got several years of probation, during which I was not allowed to have any firearms.  Naturally this meant nothing to me.  My probation officer would occasionally call and ask if I had any guns and threaten to come over for a search of my house.  I always answered, “Well, come on over.”  He never did.

Bob Hitchman took me to an Air America reunion in St. Petersburg where it was agreed that I would write the screenplay for the proposed movie about the group.  The job went to another writer, who I must say wrote a funny script.  Mine was more serious and factual, based on material from Hitchman and Jerry McEntee.

An ex-Air America pilot gave me another Thompson M1A1 and I got a machinist friend to complete a dozen 80% receivers from Philadelphia Ordnance.  I put a new barrel on an early Soviet AK-47 and put together a couple of Browning .30 caliber air-cooled machine guns.  Also an M-2 carbine for my wife. 

The manuscript of The New American Man sat around for quite a while, which was a good thing, since I hadn’t properly credited the Jews for our downfall.  During this time I got to know a couple of experts who made a big impact on my thinking.  One was Heinz Weichardt of Pebble Beach.  Heinz was the son of a well-known German journalist.  His mother was a famous Jewish opera singer.  He read the manuscript and let me know how deficient it was in Jewish facts.  Heinz’ amazing life story is found online, “Under Two Flags.”  The other was retired Air Force Lt. Col. Walter Maiersperger, who’d grown up with Jews in one of the New York City boroughs.  The two of them were what we could call “Jew-wise.” 

Hitchman had worked in Libya with Ed Wilson and barely avoided going to prison for running Khadaffi’s helicopter and C-130 programs.  Wilson was in Marion federal penitentiary and Hitchman persuaded me to go visit him a couple of times and write a screenplay about him.  Wilson’s millions had been seized by Larry Barcella, the federal prosecutor, and he couldn’t even afford a good attorney.  Willis Carto gave me a Spotlight press credential to get in the prison and I eventually turned Wilson over to my good friend, Andrew St. George, who wrote some excellent pieces about the CIA renegades Shackley, Clines, von Marbod and Secord, all of whom borrowed big bucks from Wilson and then had him sent to prison and not repay him.

Wilson was a control freak who wouldn’t give me the rights to his story even though I had a studio interested and Lee Marvin to play him.  He had me call Warner Bros, which was preparing a movie about him based on Peter Maas’ dishonest book, The Death Merchant, and threaten them with a lawsuit if they proceeded.  They dropped the Maas project.  But Wilson wouldn’t play ball with me so I quit taking his collect calls from the prison.  He was eventually released when it was shown that Barcella had framed him and his CIA buds had set him up.

In 1988 I met a couple of Jesuits who had just returned from El Salvador.  Turned out that they knew my hero, Roberto D’Aubuisson, who had defied the CIA and the Communists and saved that country from a Sandinista-style takeover.  I hired them to accompany me back to San Salvador and introduce me to the Major, which they did.  We became good friends, along with his cousin, Geraldo O’Bierne.  My book was about to be published and Roberto offered to endorse it.  “I have read this book and recommend it!”  He was accused as the head of the “death squads” and I was attempting to emulate his actions in the US. 

His lawyer became my lawyer and we were going to go partners on the landmine vehicle that I had designed, which is described in “Psychological Armor,” and elsewhere on this website.  I was very impressed with the high level of energy and industry in El Salvador, and it would have been a good partnership.  Unfortunately, before we could do this, D’Aubuisson died prematurely.  He’d survived several CIA assassination plots leading up to his death from cancer, which I suspect was induced.

The New American Man – a Call to Arms was self-published in early 1989 and all 2700 copies were sold over the next year.  It came under FBI scrutiny immediately, as did I.  The FBI attempted to arrest me in Anchorage shortly before the book arrived at the local bookstore.  They tried to arrest me at the radio studio but I was being interviewed by phone in California.  They tried to arrest me at a public meeting in Medford, Oregon in 1990 but I was tipped off and again they came up empty-handed.  I suppose they had to catch me in the act of committing sedition because they never came to my home in Carmel before or afterward.

The Secret Service did come to my home in Los Angeles in ’91, based on my next book, Our Struggle, that was sent out in chapter form to subscribers that year.  Bo Gritz, the CIA assassin, was one of the subscribers and he passed the material on to the FBI, who passed it to the Secret Service.  Three agents came to my place and said they would kill me if I were ever in the presence of Big George Bush. 

The militia movement took off in ’90, growing eventually into the millions especially after the attack by the Marshals, the ATF, the FBI and the Delta Force against the Weavers in Idaho and the Branch Davidians in Texas in ’92 – ’93.  Our house was destroyed by the Northridge earthquake in January, ’94 so we allowed the insurance company to move us to Montana where I hooked up with the Trochmanns in Noxon. 

These people had started something called the Militia of Montana, which turned out to be a family business of hustling fifth generation videos and T-shirts.  But I attempted to turn it into something more serious and supplied them and their MOM associates in the area with a dozen high-quality machine guns and ammunition and marine band radios and some financial support.

I distributed German MG-3s, MG-34s, Brownings, Stens, AKs, Thompsons, G-3s.  My old army Jeep was set up for a .50 caliber Browning M-2 machine gun and two .30 calibers.  We were to be tested soon after I arrived, shortly after the BBC produced a sneering documentary on us, in which we assured viewers that we were ready for a fight.  A few days later, a caller in Sandpoint, Idaho said that an army convoy was headed our way on Rt. 200 at a high rate of speed.  I sped home and told my wife to take the children and get out, which she did.  I called the other members on the marine radios and gave instructions.

Route 200 is the most dangerous road in America, as far as I know.  It has unguarded curves that shoot you right into the very deep Clark Fork River, if you’re not very careful.  An army convoy speeding down that death trap was unthinkable.

The big Browning was downstairs and I hurriedly brought up the two parts, the receiver and the barrel (which weighed 84 pounds).  I installed them on the Jeep’s pedestal mount, set the headspace and loaded it.  Ditto with the two smaller guns.  Two militia guys appeared at my place just as I was taking the Jeep out of the garage.  “What are you doing?”  I said, “I’m going to meet the army guys.”  They begged me to wait until the army showed its hand.  I walked out and looked up the dirt road, spying the lead deuce and a half on Rt. 200.  “Well, they’re here.  Go and follow them and let me know what they do.  If they cross the bridge it means they’re attacking the office and I’ll come up from behind.”

I called another guy with a German machine gun out by the Noxon Dam, a few miles east of town, who was waiting for them.  I said if they get that far and turn around to come back, open up on them.  He said he would.  The two guys called and said the convoy kept going past the bridge into Noxon.  It was going so fast they couldn’t catch up.  Convoy speed is 45 mph but these guys knew they were bait and were probably not following orders.  It was insane.

They got out to the dam and suddenly slowed down.  My friend thought, this is it, they’re going back, and he pulled the charging handle and let it go, making the gun ready for action.  But they got down to convoy speed and kept going east, doubtless figuring they were no longer in danger.

The two guys following them reported a couple of new sedans with Helena license plates, obviously feds, with multiple antennae on the cars, no doubt monitoring our radio calls.  The Trochmanns literally headed for the hills and refused to answer their radios! 

It was in the months to follow that they admitted they were working with the FBI and ATF.  John Trochmann met with an agent in Missoula, Mike Houck, once a month for six hours and downloaded all the hundreds of new names of naïve callers who been asking for advice on setting up their own militia units around the country.

Once I learned the score, I retrieved all the machine guns and dropped out of the Militia of Montana.  Interestingly, the FBI and ATF left me strictly alone, maybe hoping I’d start up again somewhere else.  I did meet a character from Arkansas named Roger Moore, who was complaining that he’d had much of his weapon collection ripped off by a couple of guys, who turned out to be Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols.  He was offering to sell some machine guns, and I said I’d buy whatever he had.  Trochmann apparently warned him to steer clear of me and he took off suddenly.  We now know from David Hoffman’s excellent book, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, that Roger Moore was working for the CIA.  A couple of years ago a British writer, Andrew Gumble, interviewed me for a book he’s writing about the ill-fated militia/patriot movement.  It is his position that McVeigh and Nichols were run by Roger Moore, despite Nichols' recent assertion that they were run by the FBI’s Larry Potts.

On April 19, 1995 the militia movement that I had started came to an ugly end with the massacre at Oklahoma City.  The more that Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to shut it down, the bigger it got.  Even though it was nothing more than a belligerent state of mind, it was totally unexpected by the government.  What I had done was create the biggest, fastest-growing armed movement in American history.  I was unable to guide it in the direction I’d intended, to destroy the Council on Foreign Relations and its clones.  Still, it was an indication of the masculine potential of this country and it was very disturbing to the CIA and the Jewish establishment.

For example, the former director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, wrote to his friend and colleague, Nebraska attorney John DeCamp, that the militia movement was far more dangerous to the government than the anti-war movement of the ‘60s because it was made up of society’s average, successful citizens.  Colby said that the militia movement would have to be dealt with, justly or otherwise.  DeCamp had been Colby’s associate in the CIA’s assassination program in Vietnam known as the Phoenix Program.

The Oklahoma City massacre was the death blow to the militia movement and turned it into a dirty word literally overnight.  I was cowboying in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, riding colts and breaking horses to ride, when the FBI showed up at my place near Hamilton a year and a half later.  I’d invested in a tire disposal business but had been ripped off by a shyster in New York, along with others.  The others had reported him to the FBI and put me on the victim list as well, much to my displeasure. 

One day, my wife looked out the window and said, “I think the FBI’s here.”  I was as usual wearing a .45 under my coat and I went outside to see the two agents.  One of them held up a badge.  “FBI.  You JB Campbell?”  


“You have a business called ‘Eco-Tire?’” 


“We’ve had some complaints about it.” 

“About my business?  I don’t think so.”  Confused, the agent referred to his clipboard.  “Eco-Systems?” 

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

They said I was on the victim list.  I held up my hand, probably causing the shooter in the trees to tighten on his trigger.  “Are you going to get me my money back?”

“Uh, probably not.”

“Then I don’t need to talk to you.”

They dissembled and said I could help them understand what happened.  How the scam went down.  “Okay, ask me a question.”

They said it was cold out here and could we go inside?  I sighed.  FBI in my house.  But I let them sit at the dining room table and ask me questions about the scam.  The older agent hadn’t identified himself and the younger one, doing most of the talking, started to stammer.  FBI agent stammering?  Then the older one spoke up and he stammered, too.  Two FBI agents stammering?  We were about fifty feet from a half-dozen machine guns, which they no doubt suspected.  Finally, I stood up, indicating I was done.  They made their way to the door and I escorted them back to the gate.

The older one turned around and said, “Joe, here, could have handled this.  I came along because I read your book and wanted to meet you.”

“You read my book.”

The New American Man?”

“What was your name?”


“Mike Houck?”

“Yep.”  This was the agent who was running the Trochmanns.  “We know that you started the militia, though some in the Bureau don’t agree.”

“What the hell do they know?”

“I don’t know if it would do any good, but I’m thinking maybe we could start a dialog…”

“With me?”

“You know, maybe just talk back and forth.  Might do some good.”

“If I talk to you, I’d have to have full disclosure.”

“No, we couldn’t do that.”

“Yeah, me either.”

“Well, that was a pretty scary book.”

“Well, you guys are some stone killers.  You killed those people in Idaho, then you killed all those people in Texas and I know damn well you blew up Oklahoma City last year.”

“I understand the problem.  I’m interested in solutions.”

“Read my book.  That’s the solution.”

He tried to tell me that we just needed to vote good people into office.  I told him to read Votescam, which would make him join the militia.  “Who programs the computers that count the votes?”  That at least made him a little uncomfortable.

Houck got onto dangerous ground when he said, “You’ve got children.  So do I.  We wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.”  He’d just seen mine up close.

“We certainly wouldn’t.”  They got in their white Bronco and left.  And that was the end of my attempts to overthrow the US government by force and violence, at least for a few years.  The subsequent loss of my children a few months later was a heavy blow that could not be overcome by me.

I sort of snapped out of it with the 9/11 attack.  A writer in Phoenix, Brian Quig, persuaded me to become involved again.  He was an investigator into the massacre in Oklahoma five years earlier.  I approached my good friend Louis Beam and said that we needed to talk with Andreas Strassmeir in Berlin.  Louis had known the German because Strassmeir had penetrated the white separatist movement through Louis’ attorney, Kirk Lyons.  Lyons had naively allowed the CIA/FBI operative, Dave Holloway, to be the manager of his activist law office in Houston.

Holloway in turn had arranged for Strassmeir to live at the federal Christian Identity encampment known as Elohim City in Muldrow, Oklahoma.  Elohim City was run by an FBI informant named Robert Millar and was frequented by various bank robbers and fugitives. 

Quig arranged for a wealthy movement supporter in Chicago, Alex Magnus, to finance our investigation of Strassmeir, but shortly after the agreement Magnus developed stomach cancer and was dead in a few weeks.  However, at Quig’s invitation, I went down to Phoenix and met Dr. Robbi, who had been investigating 9/11.  Quig took us to Kingman, where Tim McVeigh had lived before driving to infamy at Oklahoma City, and introduced us to McVeigh’s former roommate, Mike Gadbaw. 

The story of Robbi’s and my attempts to help Mike is told in “Manchurian Shooters” elsewhere on this website.  Suffice it to say it nearly got both of us killed.  Brian Quig was himself murdered in the aftermath of this misadventure.

It was also during this period that Robbi and I were married in Carmel and living in Las Vegas, where I was engaged in the landmine vehicle described in “Psychological Armor.”  I had become quite noisy about ending Jewish Rule and this led to a couple of nasty things, namely three attempts to kill me and the cancellation of the vehicle program by the army, which had by January, 2004 been approved for purchase by Tank Automotive Command.  This was the culmination of twenty-three years’ work on the invention and refinement of the design.  It was cancelled because the army had finally investigated me and discovered what I had written about Israel and the Jews.

But this came later.  A few weeks before Robbi and I were to go to Carmel to our wedding in 2003, our vehicles were vandalized.  Out of a thousand parked cars at the apartment complex on Flamingo near the Strip, only my truck and her Jeep were hit, and they weren’t parked near each other.  A copy of Ostravsky’s By Way of Deception, describing Mossad treachery, was left in the bed of my truck. 

Robbi had had much experience with Jews in her life, including American Jews, Austrian Jews and Israeli Jews.  She had several times warned me that a group of six Israelis was apparently watching me closely whenever we were at the pool.  She said to watch out for them, but I didn’t know what I could do other than that.  A couple of times they tried to intimidate us in the parking lot but it’s difficult to do this to someone who always carries a .45 automatic.  I also couldn’t imagine why it would take six Jews to kill me but I was not familiar with the Israeli method until the assassination by committee done in Abu Dhabi years later.

The next day I became quite ill.  Something had attacked my kidneys.  Robbi, who was a doctor of internal medicine, quickly put me on antibiotics and nutritional supplements.  Mysteriously, a severe burn developed on my dick.  The burn spread alarmingly but I couldn’t concentrate on it due to the main illness.  We made it to Carmel for the wedding but I was still not well and wouldn’t recover until after about six weeks from its onset.  My kidneys were better but the burn remained quite severe and disfiguring.

The US Army was coming to meet us in October and the day before their arrival my partner and I got in my truck to drive over to where the prototype was kept, to see to some last-minute details.  I’d arranged for dummy chain guns from the actual manufacturer in Canada and we had to install them on their special mounts.  As I got behind the wheel, I put my hands on it.  It was covered in thick grease!  All I could do was wipe my hands and the wheel with a shop rag and we went about our business.

The meeting with the army went well but after they left I again came down with the debilitating kidney disease, followed by a reappearance of the severe and painful burn.  The eventual effect of this attack, the scar tissue, removed a couple of inches and I must admit that I miss them.

During my second convalescence I told Robbi that I was apparently poisoned, no doubt by the Jews who she’d warned me about.  She said she was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to say it.

In January, the director of the army’s Tank Automotive Command came to Vegas for a big meeting with us, with Michelin which was going to supply a forty-three inch version of their new one-piece Tweel, a nearly indestructible tire/wheel combination, with Harry Reid’s military attaché, with the manufacturers of the armor and air suspension and hybrid-electric motors and so forth.  The director admitted that the vehicle’s design had required the re-writing of the landmine protection specification for Future Combat Systems, which itself was eventually abandoned. 

TACOM was buying the vehicle and would be putting up millions of dollars to complete the experimental prototype.  My partner and I flew to Washington and met with Reid’s people, the army and the State Department.  And then it all collapsed.  Reid’s legal counsel eventually told us that my comments about Israel had made it impossible to go forward.

A few weeks later, Robbi and I got in the truck, now parked right next to the guard’s shack, to find the steering wheel again coated in grease.  I had by now been wiping door handles, steering wheel and gear shift lever with alcohol routinely.  I did so again and we drove to the Las Vegas Police Department and made a report, only to be ignored after naming the Israelis as the suspects.

I’ve since been told by a CIA operative that the Mossad routinely uses a combination of petroleum jelly, DMSO and datura to kill people.  All assassinations have to be signed off by the Mossad chief, who in my case was Meir Dagan.



Jewish Policy


_ Jewish Policy 

We need a new Jewish policy because the Jews are taking us to war once again. 

This is nothing new.  The Jews took us to war in 1917.  Chaim Weizmann and his cronies in America (Frankfurter, Brandeis, Baruch and Untermayer) blackmailed Woodrow Wilson into a declaration of war against Germany and almost got us into their League of Nations.  Over ten million people died.

Those same Jews along with Jacob Schiff used the American president to wage total war on the Russian people by sending Trotsky-Bronstein to St. Petersburg to join forces with Lenin-Ulyanov to destroy Russia.  Scores of millions of people died. 

FDR and his Jews (Frankfurter, Baruch, Untermayer, Rosenman and Morgenthau) maneuvered us into World War II and into their United Nations, after sixty million people died.  Truman’s Jews (Feinberg, Jacobson and Blaustein) persuaded him to create a Jewish war state and declare a UN war against Korea, where we now learn that millions of Koreans died. 

It continued downhill from there.  Johnson and his Jews (Feinberg, Krim, Goldberg, Fortas, the Rostows and many others) took us to war in Vietnam, with millions killed.  They also opened the Treasury Department and the US arsenal to Israel.  Our last few presidents have been taken over by Jews who call themselves Neo-Cons and have put us at war with Islam, with millions killed and still being killed and many more to be killed.

Behind every American war is a bunch of Jews profiting in some big way.  War is good for the Jews because it gets millions of people killed and Jewish banks make big war loans to the government.  The loans can never be repaid and this puts the government even further under Jewish control.  Judaism is a cult of death and profit, the proper order difficult to say.

The Jews have us at war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya with more coming against Yemen, Syria and of course, Iran, their ultimate Moslem target because that’s where so much more oil is. 

Now the Jews are outdoing themselves with a new bill in the Congress that would outlaw US government contact with Iran!  The bill, HR 1905, introduced by a Florida Jewess, would require Jewish permission for any American from the president down to make contact with the Iranian government. 

“The clearest evidence that war is the intention of the bill's supporters comes in Section 601:

(c) RESTRICTION ON CONTACT - No person employed with the United States Government may contact in an official or unofficial capacity any person that -
(1) is an agent, instrumentality, or official of, is affiliated with, or is serving as a representative of the Government of Iran; and

(2) presents a threat to the United States or is affiliated with terrorist organizations.

(d) WAIVER - The president may waive the requirements of subsection (c) if the president determines and so reports to the appropriate congressional committees 15 days prior to the exercise of waiver authority that failure to exercise such waiver authority would pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the vital national security interests of the United States.”  (Al Jazeera, MJ Rosenberg)

Can you believe it?  If the Jews can’t actually force us to attack Iran, which the military doesn’t want to do, they can rub our noses in their power by forbidding us to speak without permission!

We need a new Jewish policy.  Here is mine:  Save America – Kill the Jews.

Alll Jews?  Only the ones who do harm.  I can’t say how many of those there are, since Jews are by nature harmful.  But Bobby Fischer had it right:  Hundreds of thousands of harmful Jews must be killed.  What I call the rabbinical class must be wiped out.  The rabbis are the commissars who keep the little Jews in line.  Maybe some of these Jews would like to break free and be harmless.

Banking Jews, advisor Jews, entertainment Jews, education Jews, medicine Jews, lawyer Jews, judge Jews, policy Jews, journalist Jews, religion Jews, government Jews, publisher Jews, news Jews.  These are the harmful ones, the ones in control of every aspect of our lives. 

During the war between the Germans and the Soviets, the Red Army was controlled by Jewish commissars whose jobs were to shoot soldiers from behind if they didn’t show enough zeal against the Germans.  It is of course a sad commentary that Russians armed with rifles and submachine guns didn’t turn around and slaughter those treacherous vermin.  Why didn’t they?  Probably for the same reason that we Americans have not yet wiped out our Jewish controllers.  What is the common factor between us and the Russians that has protected the Jews?  The factor is Christianity.

The Russians were neutralized by a combination of Jewish terror and Jewish Christianity.  The faithful are instructed to submit and await salvation in the sweet bye-and-bye, meaning not in this life.  Self-defense is not in the Christian instruction manual.  Jesus forbade self-defense when attacked in the garden of Gethsemane.  Jesus ruled out survival during his interview by Pilate.  What the hell was he thinking, if we can credit the legend?

I will say it over and over:  Christianity does not have a program for victory over the Jews, despite its alleged opposition to Judaism, despite its main character’s Jewish-directed execution and those of his early followers all of whom were Jewish rebels.  No, it glories in the symbol of Jesus’ execution, the cross!  How insane is that?  The cross represents the ultimate Jewish victory over their enemies, the Christians.  The cross represents the death penalty for believing in Jesus.  It represents surrender to the Jews.  That is why I consider Christianity to be our deadliest enemy, deadlier than the Jews themselves. 

Christianity represents surrender to any potential killer such as Stalin, Mao or some uniformed dope at a roadblock.  Christianity is what holds us in check when our instinct is to defend ourselves with deadly force.  The damage done to humanity by Christianity is difficult to gauge, considering also the mass murdering of humanity by Christianity itself, back in its gory glory days.  An estimated four million women were burned, hanged or drowned by Catholic priests who accused them of being witches.  Protestant witch-doctors did the same thing in Massachusetts and Connecticut right up to the 18th Century.

The great gory glory days of the faith were those when the Christian crusaders invaded the Middle East for a hundred and ninety years and killed and were killed, the death toll maybe five million.  For what?  Peace and love?  No, to put Jerusalem under Christian rule.

To eliminate the cancer of Judaism we must eradicate the cancer of the intellect which is Christianity, which is merely Judaism for Gentiles.  How can a Christian resist one of “God’s chosen people” bent on destroying him/her?  How can “God’s chosen people” hate the “son of God?”  Christians don’t ask themselves these obvious questions.

Christianity is a mass of contradictions and confusion – the perfect mind-scrambler.  Merely the belief in an invisible god is a sign of insanity.  What good did Jesus do, besides getting himself and all his people killed? 

Christians should understand the depth of deception involved in their belief system.   Jews hate Gentiles, not Christianity.  Christianity is the trap they set for good-hearted Gentiles who want to do good works.  It’s also a refuge for cowards.

Christianity is how their hated enemy is disarmed and rendered safe for Jewish plundering.  Those whom the Jews destroy they first make Christian!  It is the perfect scheme for taking power because it involves mind control.  The Christian supplicant is the most harmless sheep, ready for shearing or slaughter, whichever is needed.

The first step toward de-Judaizing America is the total rejection of all religion, specifically Christianity, by those who will do the hard work against the Jews.  The Christian fundamentalist racketeers have given the Jews tremendous help for decades and must take equal responsibility and punishment as their Khazar masters.  They turned the entire Bible Belt into a Jewish zone of psychological occupation.

What must happen in America to the Jews and their helpers is the same as they did to the Russian people after 1917.  What we see the Jews doing to the helpless Moslems under their control must be done to them.  Jews slaughter humanitarians trying to help the helpless.  This is what must be done to Jews, not one of whom objected to those murders.

Judaism is a catastrophic plague on humanity.  The plague must be wiped out in totality. 

The first step is to speak the unspeakable and plant the seed of rebellion against the Jews.  That’s what this is, a suggestion for a new Jewish policy.











American Violence


American Violence

“Violence is never the solution, it is always the problem, and it causes all the other problems humanity is faced with for no good or just cause. We end wars with peace and justice, not with more violence and injustice. It takes far more courage to condemn violence than to join in, to become part of the problem like a mad dog. Peace and Love Forever…”

This was sent out by someone in response to the following two paragraphs by me:

“The peaceful phase of the Takeover has ended.  We're entering the violent phase.  There are no more legal, peaceful remedies available to us, as Jesse Ventura just proved.  There is no safe way to gain freedom from despots.

We Americans can redeem ourselves for our previous cowardice and laziness but only through violence against every aspect of aggression by the Group.  It doesn't matter where aggression is used against us, on the street, in Manhattan or DC or Kansas City or Los Angeles.  Everything they do is backed by violence and murder.  Let's see how they like it.”

“We end wars with peace and justice…”  What a dreamy idea!  How did America end World War II?  By slaughtering more Germans after the war than during the war.  By putting all of eastern Europe under Josef Stalin and China under Mao Tse Tung and Palestine under the Jews.  Ask the Japanese about how America ends wars.  Ask the Plains Indians.  Ask a Southerner.

Cowards have a hundred ways to rationalize cowardice, to make it seem noble.

And there shouldn’t even be an urge to deal peacefully with the scum who plan to put us in concentration camps, or stop us and search us, or stick their slimy hands down our pants.  Anyone who would do such a thing must be killed!  This is America, for Pete’s sake.  America is another word for Violence. 

Americans are about to get what their soldier boys have been doing to the rest of the world since long before 1861.  That’s if we don’t fight back, which millions are itching to do.  If we don’t fight back, we’re going to be degraded and humiliated to death by the scum of American society.

I don’t try to compare us with the old colonists.  This is a totally different thing.  I will say that some of them, such as Patrick Henry, had their heads screwed on right and we never have.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t change. 

Change means we must learn to embrace violence against any and all aggression.  That means aggression by Mexicans breaking into the country – doesn’t matter why – human traffickers and drug traffickers and occupiers.  It means aggression by Border Patrol against us north of the Mexican border or south of the Canadian border or wherever.  It means aggression by TSA thugs in Tennessee or wherever.  It means aggression in the form of roadblocks for just about anything nowadays. 

A roadblock for ID check, drug check, any check that includes a search of your vehicle is going to have to be resisted by force.  Otherwise, where’s it going to end?  It’s all intended to end in a FEMA camp, a Halliburton Hilton.

Have you thought about just how much crap you will take before you say, “This much and no more!”    Have you set a limit?

There are two screenplays in the “More” section of this website.  Both DEATH VALLEY and CRACKDOWN give instructions on proper American behavior at roadblocks.  I suggest you read them carefully.  To get big messages across it’s often necessary to entertain.  We’ve been undergoing this sort of conditioning by Hollywood since the 1930s. 

What about the cowards who have always told us, “Oh, I pray you – no violence.”  This is the message from the religious racketeers, the priests, ministers and assorted sky pilots.  Not the army chaplains, of course.  No, those tricky guys are paid to soothe the consciences of the fools who volunteered to murder foreigners for the Group.  These con-men deal in cognitive dissonance, the holding of two opposite ideas at the same time.  “Jesus approves of what you’re doing to those people, since what choice do you have?  You’re following lawful orders.  You’re doing the right thing.”

Cowards always dream up good excuses to go along.  What we are up against, just as much as the bloodthirsty thugs who are ready to kill us, are the cowards who have always said and will always say, “Violence will play into their hands!  They want you to fight back and then it will get worse for us!  Don’t do it!”

Here’s what plays into their hands:  cowardice.  The only answer to Thugs Standing Around is not to fly.  Let the TSA goons fry in their porno-scan radiation, which serves them right.  Fools are going to die.  Take your car or truck. 

Drive!  The thugs at the roadblocks are yellow dogs with authority.  When it gets too dangerous to flag a car down, the roadblocks will evaporate.

Our situation is this:  the planners at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan tell the cops and feds to give us a hard time on the road or wherever, which they then do.  Again, fools are going to die.  Anyone carrying a gun who makes you stop on the road to give him something is by definition a highwayman.  Doesn’t matter who he’s working for or what sort of clothes he’s got on.  Highwaymen have no rights.  They are like the Gun Police.  Gun Police have no rights.  We shall not take any Gun Police or highwaymen prisoner.  When you’re killing rats, you don’t take any rats prisoner.

The Gun Police are of course in a class all their own.  They have been supplying the Mexican drug cartels with rifles and pistols from American gun stores in a scheme to shut down sales of guns to Americans!  A scheme this insanely evil could only be dreamed up by Jews.  Or by Hillary Clinton, but I repeat myself.

The cops and the feds are trained by the Israeli Army and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.  Back in the ‘80s, some of the rebel groups referred to the US government as ZOG.  This is literally ZOG, more accurately, JOG.  Actually, Jewish Rule.  We are now under Jewish Rule.  

Americans are caught between two kinds of law enforcement, neither of which is on our side, both trained and controlled by Jews.  We’re in a pincer between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement.

The feds, we now know, have been arming the Mexican drug cartels for years, supplying them with handguns, shotguns and rifles which have been used to kill lots of Mexicans and a couple of Americans.  The cartels have been allowed by the feds to move tons of pot, coke and heroin into our country.  This has been going on during the Obama administration.  Little George Bush, however, was also helping the cartels; he supplied the Mexican government with the positions of the civilian border guards known as Minutemen so that human and drug traffickers could avoid them.

This has been a continuation of the Big George Bush racket called Iran-Contra.  Oliver North, using his CIA-name (John Cathey), supplied AK-47s to drug-traffickers in Nicaragua in return for cocaine that was flown into Mena, Arkansas.  Bill and Hillary Clinton were in charge of distribution of the drugs, using the power of the Clinton governorship of Arkansas.

We may never have heard of this ugly racket if Barry Seal’s C-123 hadn’t crashed in Nicaragua and a CIA kicker named Gene Hasenfus hadn’t bailed out just before going down with the pilots and radio operator in ‘86.  The cargo plane was full of AKs. 

Hasenfus had worn a parachute against North’s orders.  North wanted them all to die if anything went wrong.  My friend Bob Hitchman, the top Air America pilot in the ‘70s, turned on my television to see Hasenfus being led out of the Nicaraguan jungle with a rope around his neck.  He said, “That’s Gene Hasenfus!  He was my kicker in Laos!” 

Currently it is reported that “Fast and Furious,” the Justice Department’s bizarre program to arm the maniacal Mexican drug dealers with AKs from gun stores in the border states, was a Hillary Clinton operation, she now being our Secretary of State, of all unimaginable things.  Still up to her homicidal and drug-running tricks.

Asked by Rep. Connie Mack if the Justice Department had been given permission by the State Department to supply the Mexican drug cartels with American guns, she only would say that this was the first time she’d ever been asked such a question.  Well, persisted Mack, wouldn’t it be a crime if the Justice Department had supplied guns to criminals without a State Department license?  No answer.  Maybe the irony of Mack’s question was lost even on him, as if it would not be a crime to supply weapons to murdering drug traffickers if the State Department okayed it.  The Clinton broad stonewalled him, because there was no good answer.

Now everybody knows that the plan was to give thousands of guns to the Mexican murderers and then tie those guns to murders and be able to say, “The mass murders in Mexico are caused by all the guns in America.”  This would justify either an executive order or a law by Congress to outlaw guns in America.  Where it blew up was at the murder scenes of two American cops who were murdered by Mexicans with a couple of the “Fast and Furious” guns.  It wasn’t a problem that hundreds, maybe thousands, of Mexicans had also been murdered by those guns.

With the millions, maybe billions, of dollars the cartels have, they can buy guns from all over the world.  They don’t need guns from American stores along the border.  In fact, there is evidence that the guns were paid for not by the cartels but by the Justice Department with the 2009 bailout funds and given to the cartels to use as they saw fit.  This would have been an agreement between the US government and the narco-murderers to murder with the guns so as to eliminate gun ownership in America.

What is not being discussed much is the other side of the deal, that the Sinaloa cartel was and is allowed to bring tons of drugs into America in return for wiping out other cartels, their business rivals.  The Clinton broad blames American drug users.  We saw the identical thing with the two Columbian cocaine cartels in the ‘90s, the CIA giving one the green light and the other the red light.  And in the ‘80s, with the CIA’s Oliver North and the Clintons doing the same thing with Iran-Contra.  Big George Bush publicly thanked North for running “The Enterprise.”

This goes on and on and needn’t be overdiagnosed.   This website has to do with action rather than analysis.  A plan is needed, a plan to deal with narco-murderers in general.  The root of the problem is our own murdering slime-balls in our government.  It is our government and we are responsible.

The chief murdering slime-ball is Mr. Predator Drone.  His secret death squad in the White House is right now adding more American names to its black list of death.  The admitted existence of a White House death squad is a declaration of war against all Americans.  All of the murdering slime-balls in the White House must be put on our own black list.  There is no reason for them to continue to exist, so treacherous are they.

Mr. Predator Drone authorized the assassination of an American in Yemen but will not supply any evidence that the man had done anything to deserve it, as if you could deserve execution without due process.  But – okay.  A couple of weeks later, he authorized the murder by drone of the man’s sixteen-year-old son and five others as they sat eating ice cream.  The son might have been mad enough to try to get even.  Thousands of people all over the Mid-East and western Asia have been murdered by his Predator Drones.

Another murdering slime-ball is the Attorney General, technically responsible for Operation Fast and Furious. 

The Clinton broad, now incredibly our secretary of state, has a big string of murders behind her from Arkansas to Washington to Martha’s Vineyard.  Just look at the Clinton Chronicles.  Just look at her uninhibited laughter over the street murder of Khadaffi.  “We came, we saw, he’s dead – hee, hee, hee.”  John F. Kennedy, Jr. would have handily beaten her for the New York US Senate seat but his airplane crashed into the ocean along with his wife and her sister, ending the threat to the Clinton broad.  Who benefitted from his murder?  Who benefitted from Vince Foster’s murder?  Who benefitted from Mary C. Mahoney’s murder?

American violence has been dominated by the feds and the cops and of course the military.  Especially the military.  The US military has wiped out millions of normal people, just in the past few years.  Many, many millions in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s.  Difficult to tally how many millions our wonderful boys slaughtered in the 20th Century.  Then Big George Bush got the abattoir going again with 1991’s Desert Storm which wiped out a couple of million in combination with his subsequent “UN sanctions,” kept up by the Clintons. 

Anyone hazy on American violence should study the Basra Road Massacre, executed for Bush by General Barry McCaffrey.  The Iraqi army in Kuwait was told by Bush’s UN that if it retreated up Hiway 80 toward Baghdad with the tank guns pointing backward, they would be allowed to pass in safety.  The Iraqis did so.  The US Marines mined the road, forcing the huge column to stop.  The US Air Force and Marines then spent the day strafing the trapped column, killing tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians, plus others. 

Timothy McVeigh won a Bronze Star in Desert Storm for this heroic action:  As the war was ending, thousands of Iraqi soldiers wanted to surrender to the Americans.  They were trapped in trenches when the American Bradley Fighting Vehicles approached.  One Bradley with a mine plow ran alongside the trenches, covering them with sand and burying the surrendering soldiers alive.  If any tried to escape such a death, a soldier on a following Bradley shot at them with the vehicle’s .50 caliber Browning machine gun.  Tim McVeigh won his Bronze Star for doing this.  General Tom Kelly said on television that you could just see their fingers sticking out of the sand, but only admitted to about four hundred victims.  Official estimates of buried-alive soldiers attempting to surrender:  4,000.   Who the hell knows?  That’s what America does, decade after decade, homicide on a big scale.

The UN sanctions against Iraq during the “non-violent” phase of the war caused the deaths of over a million Iraqi children, according to former Attorney General Ramsey Clark. 

Little George Bush’s war of aggression against Iraq led to millions more deaths and the total radioactive contamination of the country by his use of depleted uranium munitions, a war crime of an indescribable magnitude, continued by the Peace Laureate, Mr. Predator Drone.  Their wars against Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and who-the-hell-knows-where-else are protected by the slut-stenographers of the government’s public relations firm, the press. 

The US government is only doing what comes naturally to American politicians and bureaucrats.  These scum-rats could never get away with their crimes against humanity if the press were honest.  But, it’s not honest and hasn’t been since Honest Abe Lincoln arrested hundreds of Northern publishers, editors and journalists who objected to his dictatorship and kept them in chains for the duration of his four-year crime against humanity.  From then on, the press did what it was told by the secret government and/or the federal government. 

David Rockefeller had the gall to thank the press for not reporting on the program and progress of his private government, the most visible agency being his Council on Foreign Relations.  He said that without the cooperation of the press in keeping his plan a secret, his Group could never have seized control of America.  His CIA co-opted virtually all important mainstream media personnel, as admitted by former director William Colby shortly before his murder.  So, obviously, virtually all important mainstream media personnel need their own commemorative lampposts and oak trees.  This is the only way to keep the press honest.

There is only one way to deal with the violence presented to us by our treacherous employees on our highways and bi-ways as we attempt to get to our destinations and go about our business. 

Highwaymen must be exterminated like rats.  America must lead the way to civilized behavior.  Half of the American population admits to owning at least one gun.  We don’t need one hundred fifty million people shooting cops and feds because there aren’t enough of them to go around.  We only need about a hundred.  Men, women, old, young – doesn’t matter.  If every state had two people enforcing the 4th Amendment, there would be no more roadblocks.  There also won’t be just two people once it gets started. 

Once it gets started, there’s going to be an open season on highwaymen.  Millions of us have nothing better to do than keep our roads open for travel.  The dynamic ones will form convoys with rifles and shotguns hidden on both sides of the vehicles and roll into roadblocks when least expected, clearing them of treacherous highwaymen.

Unelected policymakers have to go.  When I started the militia, to lessen the shock on Reagan-era Americans, I proposed that anyone who was “elected” would have immunity while in office.  Once out of office, a politician who betrayed us would be fair game.  But appointees who plotted against us and others would be subject to American justice at any time.  There probably won’t be such fine distinctions made by angry Americans, however.  Anyone who has had a part in what has become of us will be subject to American justice.

When the roads are cleaned up, the airports will naturally follow.  Until the roads are cleaned up, there is no reason to fly.  There is no reason to go anywhere unarmed. 

Do not look for places to hide your guns.  Guns are meant to be used, not hidden.  Anyone who tries to take your guns must be shot.  Do not think that by remaining unarmed and harmless that you could avoid being arrested and taken away for whatever reason or for no reason at all.

You know this is coming, that it is already here in some places in America.  The sooner we deal with the threat the sooner it will go away.  There is no way to deal with violent intimidation other than counter-violence.  It’s called self defense, and in self defense, anything goes.