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Communist America


This writer and the Obama gang want violent revolution.  On that goal we are agreed.  Obama wants it because he’s a Communist.  I want it because I’m an anti-Communist.  Only violence will determine anything because Communists and anti-Communists cannot co-exist.  One must kill the other or be killed by the other.  We saw that in Russia and we saw it in Germany and we saw it in China, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.  I saw it in Rhodesia.  The Communists defeated the anti-Communists everywhere because America was on the Communist side.  America is Communist and has to be destroyed by American anti-Communists. 

Don’t worry – there are plenty of us to do this.

America is Communist because America is run by Jews.  When this became legal and official in 1913, the communistic tendency of Jews was revealed.  Our entire system of currency and government borrowing was put in Jewish hands.  The license to print our currency was given to Jews, who were also given a monopoly on the lending of “credit” to the US government.  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 technically created Jewish Rule over America.

Jewish Rule, in case you haven’t noticed, leads to perpetual war.  Why is that?  It’s because war is so expensive that it must be paid for with Jewish credit.  There’s not enough real money to pay for one airplane, let alone a whole war.  Kevin Baron in Defense One writes that the cost of keeping one soldier in Afghanistan, including bringing him home, is $2.1 million.  There are 54,000 of them now, down from 66,000 in April.  That comes out to $113,400,000,000, just to have all these guys running around in harm’s way, committing countless war crimes.  That doesn’t include all the high-tech equipment.  Bush’s two wars have so far cost more than four trillion dollars – an incomprehensible figure.  It has all been “paid for” by credit from the Jewish syndicate we know as the Federal Reserve System.  The Fed has happily “credited” the government with these unrepayable trillions, which cost the Fed nothing, but we Americans must pay the interest.  It is all based on Jewish fraud, which is the most sophisticated sort of fraud.  It is only in 2013, the final year of the Fed’s one hundred year charter, that people are finally beginning to understand the staggering size of the fraud.

Within nine months of the Federal Reserve Act’s passing, the world was at war.  Despite the unwillingness by normal Americans to participate, Jewish manipulators blackmailed the president to declare war against Germany, citing the sinking of the Jewish-sabotaged Lusitania – two years earlier!

Some foreign Jews were living in New York, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  About three hundred fifty of them, who were then known as Mensheviks.  Their leader, Trotsky, had been in the Bronx, subsidized by Jacob Schiff, for three months, after being mysteriously deported from Spain to the US in January, 1917.  Suddenly, just as President Wilson was declaring war against Germany, he arranged for Trotsky and his Jews to sail from New York to St. Petersburg, Russia.  Simultaneously, the German army arranged for Lenin, then in Zurich with one hundred fifty of his Bolshevik Jews, to travel to St. Petersburg to meet with Trotsky.  The plan of both the American government and the German government, now formally at war with each other, was to have the two Jewish terrorist groups combine (as Bolsheviks) and take over the Russian government in the name of Communism and then declare a separate peace with Germany.  Which was exactly what happened with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in early 1918.

This bizarre plot allowed hundreds of thousands of German soldiers to be sent from the Eastern front to the Western front to fight the Americans!  This matched the technical definition of treason (Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.)   Arranging for enemy soldiers to reinforce the ones your own soldiers are fighting is not only levying war against them, adhering to them but giving aid and comfort to them as well!  Have you ever heard of anything to beat that?  Seriously.

And Jewish Communism in Russia was perpetuated by twenty million Jewish dollars given by Jacob Schiff to the Bolsheviks.  The result of what this would mean to the Russian people is shown in a documentary by the Estonian Juri Lina, “Under the Scorpion,” free online.  It requires a strong stomach but there is no better introduction to the modern Jewish mentality.  Jewish bloodlust is insatiable.

Communism is just another word for Jewish Rule.  Everyone knows that Zionism is Jewish Rule in Palestine.  Communism is Jewish Rule everywhere, including the good old USA.

Anyway, so now we see that America is Communist and technically has been for exactly one hundred years.  Let’s look at the evidence.  America imposed the Jewish Communists on the Russian people in 1917.  America was the military partner of the Soviet Union during WWII and rescued the Soviet Communists from the German anti-Communists.  America imposed the Korean Communist dictator Kim Il-sung on the Koreans and the Vietnamese Communist dictator Ho Chi Minh on the Vietnamese in 1945.  America signed the Yalta and Potsdam Agreements in ’45 that allowed the Soviets to occupy and communize East Europe and to invade Manchuria.  America disarmed the anti-Communist Chinese in 1948 and armed the Red Chinese with captured Japanese weapons.  America brought the genocidal Chinese Communists to power the following year, sending the anti-Communists to the tiny island of Formosa, renamed Taiwan.

Are we getting the picture?

In 1948, of course, America imposed the Zionist monster on the hapless Palestinians, who probably had a hard time distinguishing Zionism from Communism as they were being terrorized, murdered and thrown into wells in the best Talmudic fashion.

American Communism continued in the ‘50s and ‘60s by betraying the Hungarians and bringing Fidel Castro to power in Cuba.  In the '60s and ‘70s, America imposed UN sanctions on anti-Communist Rhodesia and brought the Communist Robert Mugabe to power in 1980.  America also brought the Communist Nelson Mandela to power in South Africa in ’94. 

And now we’ve got a Communist for a president, courtesy again of the CIA.  We’ll think about that while we consider other aspects of Communist America.

Every country that is taken over by Communism has its own form of it.  I mean, Communism is hell on earth no matter where and its main hallmarks, other than terror, are shortages and mind control through total surveillance.  Communists create deliberate shortages of life’s necessities to make people suffer and keep them weak and unable to resist.  Communists dig suffering – read Orwell.  Big Brother O’Brien explained to Winston Smith that unless the victim is suffering you can’t be sure he’s really under your control.

The Communist Obama reportedly gave the directive during the recent bogus shutdown to make it hurt the kinds of people he knew don’t like him – the ones who could afford to visit the national parks, for example, and the veterans.  He really doesn’t like the veterans.  It was admittedly chickenshit, but all Communists are chickenshit bastards. 

The insane fiasco of Obamacare is a pure Communist operation, stemming not so much from design as from the nature of Communists:  the top ones have never worked a day in their lives.  They don’t know how to do anything except dream and plan.  They dream and make big plans but have no idea how to bring them to life.  So they hire experts with other people’s money.  But the experts are incompetent and the Communists aren’t able to discern that until it’s too late.  The Communists are furious because they look like the idiots they are.  They’ve lost their cool veneer of sophistication and are revealed as liars and fools.

Here’s a recent example of Obama’s Communism:  his bogus “healthcare” cops (the IRS) will fine any hospital that provides free services to the poor.  Why on earth?  Because Obamacare is based on dependence and monopoly, the hallmarks of Communism, which does not allow competition with what it claims to do, which is also a lie.  Communists can’t do anything because they’re lazy, inept bastards who have never been able to do anything in their miserable lives or in the whole miserable history of Communism. 

All Communists can do well is kill people.  Communists are not the ones you want in charge of medicine, free or otherwise.  Have we really thought about the fact that Obamacare is under the control of the Internal Revenue Service?  It would have been bad enough for it to be, logically, under the Department of Health and Human Services.  But under the IRS?  What the hell is that?  The main idea behind Obamacare is to separate us from our bank accounts, moving millions of us into a higher tax bracket by characterizing forced coverage as added income which must be taxed.  Only a Jew or an American Communist could come up with such a venal and deceptive scheme.  Wasn’t this first dreamed up by Hillary Clinton, speaking of Communist murderers?

Obamacare is under the terrorist IRS for one reason:  fear.  We’re supposed to be afraid not to sign up.  We’re supposed to be afraid to complain about its failures lest we be punished by the most punishing outfit in US history.  We’re supposed to be afraid to demand a denied medical procedure lest we be audited.  Can we imagine arguing about a needed but denied procedure with an IRS agent who can call a CID agent for back-up, the kind that carries a gun?  I mean, we’ve got all kinds of bureaucrats packing heat and hollow-point bullets – are these 16,000 new Obamacare-givers going to face sick and angry, armed Americans unarmed?  Not likely.

It’s obvious to this writer that the plan behind Obamacare, like all Communist plans, is mass death.  Obamacare is not supposed to work.  Oh, the Internet part was probably expected to work well enough to get the needed seven million suckers to sign up, but not the actual care part, down the road.  The spectacular Internet failure is a good indication of the reality of Obamacare, the communization of American medicine.  Six hundred million dollars paid to an incompetent Canadian company for a crash and burn laughingstock.  

Where did those six hundred million dollars come from?  Why, from the Federal Reserve, at no expense to itself.  It just wants the interest, what the street mobsters call vigorish, which is Yiddish slang for excessive profit.  Difference is, the regular mobsters actually lend cash while the Fed just credits your account.  Payback to both, however, must be in cash and a lot more than you borrowed.

Speaking of Jewish mobsters, the most prominent today is a casino mogul named Sheldon Adelson, who bankrolled Gingrich and Romney in the last go-round.  At a recent kike-fest at Yeshiva University, Adelson called for dropping a nuclear bomb on the Iranians in lieu of negotiations:

“What are we going to negotiate about? I would say ‘Listen, you see that desert out there, I want to show you something,’” Adelson told the audience. “You pick up your cell phone and you call somewhere in Nebraska and you say, ‘OK let it go.’ And so there’s an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of the desert, that doesn’t hurt a soul. Maybe a couple of rattlesnakes, and scorpions, or whatever. Then you say, ‘See! The next one is in the middle of Tehran. So, we mean business. You want to be wiped out, go ahead and take a tough position and continue with your nuclear development. You want to be peaceful. Just reverse it all,  and we will guarantee you that you can have a nuclear power plant for electricity purposes, energy purposes.’”

The audience responded with applause.

This is the Jewish mentality in one short story.  Jacob Schiff and Ilya Ehrenburg rolled into one:  Jewish money calling for Jewish annihilation of normal human beings.  Ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag.

That’s Communism!

Speaking of normal people, let’s look at how the Communist US government is treating the veterans…  We will recall the bizarre statement by Senator Dianne Feinstein back in March that veterans could not be exempted from her proposed ban on “assault weapons” due to the prevalence of PTSD among them.  Due to their service to the Jews against Moslems, the vets are now too mentally ill to be allowed the means of self-defense.  Actually, Feinstein meant that she is so afraid of pissed-off veterans that they must be legally deprived of the means to get even.

But it actually goes farther than one corrupt Jewess in the US Senate who has made millions in insider trading and by slipping her husband fat, no-bid federal contracts.  What the Department of Veterans Affairs is doing to veterans is like something out of Dr. Zhivago.  I shall quote extensively from a letter to a veteran from the Portland office:

“December 20, 2012

Dear Mr. [      ],

We have received information that because of your disabilities you may need help in handling your VA benefits.

This letter explains the evidence we received, what we must do with this information, the impact on you and your VA payments if we decide that you cannot handle your benefits and when VA will make a final decision.

What Information Did We Receive?

We received a report from Portland VA Medical Center on December 2, 2012.

This evidence indicates that you are not able to handle your VA benefit payments because of a physical or mental condition.

What Will We Do with This Information?

We propose to rate you incompetent for VA purposes.  This means we must decide if you are able to handle your VA benefit payments.  We will base our decision on all the evidence we already have including any other evidence you send to us.

Before we make a final determination, you have the right to submit any evidence, information or statement that presents your side of the case within the next 60 days.  Our policy is to assist a person with his or her claim in every reasonable way.  We want you to have every benefit that you are entitled to under the law.

What Happens if You Are Rated Incompetent?

If VA decides that you are incompetent to handle your benefit payments, VA may appoint a fiduciary (payee) to manage your VA payments.  All your VA payments will be made directly to your fiduciary.  This person or institution must use your VA payments for your personal care and is responsible to VA for how the payments are used.

A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition.  If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159 as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).

If we decide that you are unable to handle your VA funds, you may apply to this regional office for relief of prohibitions imposed by the Brady Act with regards to the possession, purchase, receipt, or transportation of a firearm.  Submit your request to the address at the top of this letter on the enclosed VA Form 21-4138, Statement in Support of Claim.  VA will determine whether such relief is warranted.

[ … ]

When Will We Make a Decision?

If we don’t hear from you within the next 60 days, we will assume you have no additional evidence and do not want a hearing. After those 60 days we will make our decision using the evidence we already have and tell you our decision.”

So, soldier, sailor, airman and marine – this is your future.  One of these days, if you survive the Jewish wars long enough to retire, you will become a veteran.  And this is how you’re going to be treated by the government you served.  You’ll be declared “incompetent” because of physical or mental damage you incurred, such as the handy Feinstein Syndrome, from which all veterans possibly suffer.  Because of your incompetency you will be legally forbidden to defend yourself.

The only possible response to such a vicious betrayal is a military revolt.  What is the alternative?  Get out of the military now and renounce all VA benefits?  Even that could get the veteran labeled as a mentally-unstable troublemaker.  In any event he would be declared incompetent and disarmed.  Presumably the active guys will have armed themselves privately by now.  If not – it’s time. 

There is probably no one who better fits the description of a totalitarian than the current director of the Nastiest Shithouse in America, Keith Alexander.  Total surveillance is, again, the hallmark of a Communist dictatorship and Alexander has taken this practice to a level of totality that has stunned the world.  He has destroyed humanity’s expectation of privacy.  Edward Snowden in return has destroyed Alexander’s veil of secrecy and has revealed the entire spy industry – all sixteen agencies – to be an inbred pack of gutless, degenerate liars and murderers who have been waging a hidden war on virtually everyone in the world.  The CIA and military assassins, kidnappers and torturers are supplied information on their victims by the NSA eavesdroppers.  Then we learn from Snowden that Alexander’s NSA turns over all raw data on us Americans to the Mossad.

What is Guantanamo but a Communist torture and experiment center?  How can we describe Abu Ghraib, exactly?  Remember, Keith Alexander was the man in charge of Abu Ghraib before he became Big Brother.  All the hideous sex crimes committed there were done on his orders.

No one in the spy/murder industry is innocent or acting out of “patriotism.”  They are all gangsters serving the American Communist machine which craves total control over humanity.  The PTSD comes from this realization or something like it.

American Communism used to be done through proxies such as Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Castro, et al.  The proxies are gone now and America’s Communist nature is out in the open.  America is the Soviet and always was.  Do we think it was just our naïve and trusting nature and honorable intentions that made us do what we’ve done to others?  Is that what made us commit the most sadistic and heinous war crimes against the Iraqis?  Probably two million dead and the country in permanent, toxic ruins?

How about Ike’s “wonderful boys” who deliberately starved to death over a million German POWs after the war, or rounded up several million Russians, Cossacks and others and put them in boxcars for Stalin to slaughter?

Unfortunately, we Americans can never live all that down.  Our predecessors have put a curse on us, as have the Bush and Obama war criminals and assassins.  We can’t live it down but we can definitely start getting even with the policymakers who have ruined us and slaughtered millions of decent people in our name.

As always, I propose that the death penalty is all that is available to us.  The death penalty is the only suitable remedy for the American Communists who persist in their campaign of terror and mass murder against the world as well as the campaign of terror which they are commencing against us Americans.  The former FBI director would neither confirm nor deny that Americans can be assassinated in America; he said he “would have to check.”  The new director of “Homeland Security” is the Pentagon lawyer who pronounced drone assassinations as lawful, so we can easily see where we’re heading, which is straight to hell.

Military personnel – you might as well join the resistance.  We’d much rather have you on our side than fight you.  The regular army has about 562,000 on active duty.  The navy about 320,000.  The air force has about 330,000 and the marines about 200,000.  That’s about 1.4 million, which is the same number of licensed deer hunters just in Pennsylvania.  The infamous 45 Questions revealed that about 40% of personnel will fire on Americans, although that percentage has probably gone down since the 1994 questionnaire and an anti-war rebellion seems to be building in the armed forces.  (Anti-war effectively means anti-Communist and anti-Jew.)  That 40% will probably be wiped out by the 60% who are loyal.

The Communist president is reportedly demanding that only the flag officers who promise to kill armed Americans will be kept in command positions, the rest are fired.  Other reports indicate the same litmus test is being asked of junior officers and non-commissioned officers.  Obama will probably enjoy about the same success rate with his kill-Americans sign-up as he has with his Healthcare.gov website, which, when we think about it, amount to the same thing.

Active duty and reserve personnel have no doubt noticed how the veterans are being treated by those in power.  It’s only going to get worse because the Communists who run the government really hate and fear the military.  The Reds want the military to kill and die for them and that’s about it.  So one of the important things we can do right now is encourage people we know in the military to join the resistance and help in the coming revolution against the Communists in power.

People in the military, it must be assumed, joined up to fight the enemy.  The only enemy they should be fighting is the one headquartered in Washington, DC.  It is the Communist enemy of mankind.


The Unwritten Law


Jewish control of America must be broken, whatever the cost.  To do this will require the removal of all Jewish influence and power, which means the destruction of all Jews and Jewish organizations that participate in or support in any way Jewish Rule over our lives.

As this is written, the lying furniture salesman leader of Israel was recently in the White House insisting that America attack Iran, while our bankrupt government is in partial shutdown.  No matter.  We’ve got the lying director of “national intelligence” insisting that the shutdown will lead to terrorists bribing out-of-work voyeurs to switch sides for money; that he’s set up “counseling” to deal with this threat.  That must have gone over big at CIA and NSA.  Greenwald and Scahill are about to reveal an NSA assassination program based on the continuing revelations of Ed Snowden.  The Federal Reserve Note and the (pretend) treasury bond market on which it is based are on the verge of collapse – no one knows why they haven’t collapsed already, beyond a general, desperate faith in the status quo.  The privately-owned Federal Reserve’s one hundred year charter is up at the end of this year, having been scammed into existence in December, 1913.

All of this nonsense is because of Jewish control of America.

Israel demands the destruction of Iran and blusters about “going it alone.”  Finally, some Middle Eastern governments are suggesting that Israel must be inspected for illegal WMD and if in possession, disarmed.  (On this subject I propose The Military Solution).  There is probably no peaceful solution for the Jewish cancer called Israel, although there could be:  the US military gives Israel the familiar ultimatum:  Disarm or get invaded – exactly what the US military has done to other countries for several generations, just as it threatened Syria last month.  Poor Libya disarmed and still got invaded!

The Jews are such guilty cowards that they would give up their illegal ordnance faster than Bashar al-Assad agreed to do.  The next step would be to order the eviction of all Jewish squatters who stole land from the original inhabitants, the Palestinians, since the Terror of 1948.  This would comprise about 95% of all Jews in Israel.  Where would they go?  They would have to return to their countries of origin and be dealt with by their original countrymen, as we must deal with them here.  But the Jewish pest-hole called Israel must be evacuated of Jews.  This would eventually lead to a period of peace such as the world has never known because virtually all of the world’s problems have been engineered by Jews, some of them in Israel, most in America.  The US government must do this because Israel was pretty much created by the US government and totally subsidized for sixty-five years by our “voluntary” income tax.

All Zionist agents operating in America must be killed, regardless of nationality or ethnicity, Jew or Gentile.  Each country must reduce its Jewish component to those who are harmless and non-malignant.  Each country must not allow malignant Jews to escape and thus become the responsibilities of the receiving country.  That’s been the Jewish problem – the wandering Jews wander in to commit terrible crimes and are allowed to wander away.  We must take responsibility for our Jewish problem, America above all, due to the damage done to the world by the Jewish control of our government and of all other sectors of society.  Judaism must be destroyed.  Everyone knows or suspects this but few can speak it.

The Jews have done this to themselves.  Due to their inordinate control of American politics, primarily through AIPAC, they have made a political solution impossible.  Due to their inordinate control of the traditional media, they have made normal exposure of the Jewish Problem impossible.  These are the only two peaceful ways to stop or control corruption but both have been wrecked by Jewish control.

Where does this power to corrupt originate?  How can a tiny minority exercise total control of “the most powerful government on earth?”  It has been done by financial terrorism, the strange Jewish monopoly on currency and our artificial indebtedness to them granted unbelievably by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  The terrorism part is supplied the Fed’s collection agency, the IRS, which is usually – and currently – headed by a Jew.  It was also created in 1913.

It works in this strange but really simple way:  In 1913, for the third time in our history, the Congress passed a law that brazenly licensed some Jewish businessmen – bankers – to supply our currency to us at a profit to themselves. 

The new law ordered that the government had to borrow from these Jews, headed by Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschild syndicate in Europe.  By August of the following year, the Great War started.  After a gang of Jews (Weizmann, Frankfurter, Brandeis and Untermyer) pressured Woodrow Wilson to join the war on the British side, the Jewish businessmen made huge war “loans” to the US government that could never be repaid, so great were they.  They weren’t loans of money but rather Jewish “credit.”  The privately-owned central banks – all owned by the Rothschild syndicate – supply “credit” to governments out of thin air.  It has been a joke on us that only Jews understood for the past one hundred years. 

It works the same on Main Street as it does on Wall Street:  you get a loan from the bank, which “credits your account” (out of thin air).  You get to buy stuff with the credit which didn’t exist until a minute ago.  But you have to repay in cash, or you give back the stuff you bought – to the bank.  The bank can’t lose because it put up no real cash – just credit.

Anyway, Jewish political power is based on their license to print money – our money – and get a fee for doing it.  That strange law puts them in control of every aspect of our lives.  The government burns through so much “credit” that it “borrows” from the Jewish Federal Reserve that our politicians don’t dare say no to Jewish demands, as we saw this week when the craven Obama said that all options are still on the table regarding Iran, meaning, he is quite willing to wage war.  This statement was itself a war crime, threatening Iran with aggression and mass death despite impending – if one-sided – negotiations for peace.  All because of a bloodthirsty Jew making demands while he himself threatened to attack Iran, which has threatened no one. 

Iran has promised only to defend itself if attacked.  This sort of attitude makes sense to real Americans but drives Jews into a frenzy of hate and blood lust.  It’s Jewish hate which Americans, particularly Christians, have a hard time acknowledging.  So here’s an aid to understanding Jewish hate…  On 9/11, Howard Stern was fooled by CNN’s showing some happy Palestinians.  CNN didn’t inform viewers that it was stock footage from an earlier event but presented the video as evidence that Palestinians were celebrating the attacks on that day.  So Stern and his flunkies agreed that the Palestinians should be nuked, just as America had nuked Japanese civilians at the end of WWII.  Of the nuked Japanese he said, “They can be our servants.  We don’t allow them to smile anymore because we burned the smiles off their faces.” 


Jesse Ventura has done a lot of good, creating awareness of the dictatorship under which we live, with his late television series, “Conspiracy Theory.”  Just producing that series was high-risk.  One of his whistleblowers was murdered before that segment was even aired.  And Ventura has tentatively decided to run for president on an anti-war platform.  But his proposed running mate is Howard Stern, who drags down one hundred million dollars per year with his foul-mouthed satellite radio show, according to Ventura, who says this money is not subject to FCC or FEC regulation because it is not earth-based, whatever distinction that creates.

There is no political solution now for America, that is, one based on the US Constitution.  We are under a presidential dictatorship and have been ever since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1861.  Lincoln became an actual dictator who sent thousands of his fellow Yankees to prison without trial for opposing his war against southern Americans, along with hundreds of publishers and editors of newspapers critical of his tyrannical actions, which were emulated by all our wartime presidents ever since.  He is today worshiped by Republicans and Democrats.  Karl Marx admired him, too, and wrote several letters encouraging him to keep the war going against the South.  Lincoln got what he deserved, a bullet in the head.  It’s only a shame that he wasn’t assassinated about four years earlier, before his insane war slaughtered 800,000 Americans and turned the American system into a presidential dictatorship.

This was inevitable because of the Constitution itself.  As we have seen, the so-called checks and balances disintegrated with Lincoln’s dictatorship and even before that the vaunted Supreme Court had decided in favor of slavery and the idea that human beings could be bought and sold and returned by force to their owners if they ran away.

As repeated on this website, the Constitution was so dangerous that it needed a Bill of Rights added to it – to protect us from the Constitution!  No protection was required by the original system under the decentralized Articles of Confederation because it had no unnatural power over people.

Our hats must go off to Ed Snowden.  He delivered the goods on the tyrannical cowards who control the government through terror and blackmail.  Other whistleblowers tried earlier to tell us – and paid a big price for doing so – but no one had the documents.  Now he’s about to tell us through a couple of very tough journalists about the NSA’s murder organization that enforces its organized theft of our privacy.  When someone practices deception he frequently graduates to theft and then murder to conceal his guilt.  A liar is capable of any crime.

The former head of the NSA and CIA, General M. Hayden, suggested the other day that he’d like to see Ed Snowden’s name on the list of those marked by the White House for assassination, which indicates just how important are Snowden’s contributions to our eventual liberation.   The retired general is now a director of the Jewish racketeering company known as the Chertoff Group.  This bunch of gangsters is near the top of the list to be dealt with by DAJA (Defense Against Jewish Aggression).  General Hayden’s vicious suggestion was answered by Rep. Mike Rogers, who said, “I can help you with that.”  And he can, because before he became a congressman from Michigan, he was a professional terrorist (FBI special agent).

Whence comes this obsession with the psychological rape of Americans the official voyeurs call Total Information Awareness?  It is a hallmark of the Jewish mentality, what Orwell described in his famous book, which is total mind control.  It happens everywhere Jews are in control, beginning in the Soviet Union.  Following the military destruction of Germany in 1945, the West German people underwent mental destruction at the hands of American Jewish psychiatrists.  Communist Jews, such as Markus Wolf, did it the Leninist way in East Germany.  It was a big Jewish experiment to separate the great German people from their DNA.  The Jews knew it wouldn’t be too difficult since those people had been so hospitable to Jews for centuries, to their eventual dismay. 

The ultimate Jewish target population is we Americans.  No doubt the German psych experiment was useful but Americans are traditionally much less respectful of authority than Germans, who respond well to strong leadership but otherwise are quite obedient.  German Americans were and may still be the largest group in the white population but you’d never know it, so meek and quiet are they.  Everyone else is not like that and the Jews have a deep-seated fear of the regular, violent sorts of Americans.

The false-flag is an old trick but the Jews took it to new and extreme levels of ruthlessness with the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, the attack on the USS Liberty and 9/11, to name the most spectacular ones.  False-flags are by definition criminal political conspiracies.  The most extreme criminal conspiracy of all time, measured by its eventual victims, was the Pearl Harbor attack.  It was designed to culminate in the invasion and destruction of Europe and Japan.  Japan had to be destroyed so that China could be converted to a Communist slave industrial complex, financed by the Jewish banks.  Germany had to be destroyed for good because its anti-Jewish government had shown the world how to escape the Jewish usury banking system with debt-free currency.  The world had never seen such recovery and prosperity.  By goading Japan to attack Pearl Harbor with vicious provocations, America was free to attack and destroy Germany.  Japan had been trying to surrender for many months when two nukes were dropped on its civilian population:  nukes conceived, designed and financed by Jews.

The smothering layer of Jewish corruption that has settled on America was shown yesterday in the US House of Representatives.  When a young professional woman, a dental technician, had a minor traffic accident in front of the White House, she attempted to flee when guns were brandished at her and her infant girl by wild, “highly-trained law enforcement.”  The enforcers chased her down and shot her to death, reportedly after the one-year-old was pulled out of the car!   A few minutes after the murder, two of the biggest whores for Israel in the House, Hoyer and Cantor, led a standing ovation for the murdering cops who kept them safe from that dangerous (unarmed) woman.

For a long time, since starting the militia movement, I felt that elected representatives should not be subject to punishment until they were out of office.  After that sickening performance (one minute standing-O), I’ve changed my mind.  Anyone who would stand up and applaud for one minute the murder of a young mother for a traffic offense needs killing.  These rotten bastards have rubber-stamped every murdering act of aggression committed by our crackhead queen president against young mothers and their children all around the world, not to mention grandmothers, young fathers and grandfathers.  The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama quartet has murdered millions of totally normal, non-threatening people since 1991.  All because of Jewish control of the government.  Not Israeli or Zionist control – Jewish control.  The Jews who run Goldman Sachs couldn’t care less about Israel; all they care about is making obscene profits and destroying the Gentiles’ savings and their ability to resist Jewish aggression.

We have a “government” that is based on murder and assassination and war crime.  It is totally controlled by the Jewish Federal Reserve.  Its former Jewish director, Greenspan, stated that the Fed does not answer to the US government, that it is “independent.”  That means that the government is not and takes orders from the independent Federal Reserve.  This is why the government and the Federal Reserve must be destroyed.  The government deliberately and unnecessarily puts us into unpayable debt to the private racketeers who own the Fed.  Anyone who threatens this racket, from Hitler to Kennedy to Khaddafi, is assassinated.  That’s why we have no choice but to kill everyone involved in this Jewish-run racket, which is responsible for the murders of millions.

The law?  What I’m calling for is against the law?  What law!  The law that is created by lawyers who give a one-minute standing ovation to trigger-happy cops who murdered a young, confused and frightened motorist outside their palace?  That law?

The law is a Jewish plot that is crafted to benefit Jews.  It is already against the law to ask if a product is made in Israel.  It’s against the law to answer the question and it’s also against the law to fail to report that the question was asked and by whom.

How about the law that allows Israel to have hundreds of nuclear weapons and chemical and biological weapons that no one else can have?  There’s no actual law that says that?  So the law that outlaws these terrible weapons doesn’t apply to Jews, who have specifically threatened to attack the capitals of Europe with them.  If a Moslem country did this, it would be immediately attacked.  I guess it’s an unwritten law.  That pretty much describes what law we’re all under:  the unwritten law.

Further evidence of this fact is the now ten-year-old policy of Israeli assassination of Americans inside the USA, authorized in 2003 by Ariel Sharon, done by Mossad hit teams called “kidons,” according to a UPI report that year by Richard Sale.  This writer was himself a victim of this new policy three times that year.  Each assassination must be authorized in writing by the Mossad director, who at that time was Meir Dagan. 

When asked to comment, an FBI spokesman replied, “This is a policy matter.  We only enforce federal laws.”  So, there is no federal law against Mossad killers assassinating Americans here in America.  There’s also no law against FBI killers murdering and kidnapping Americans or anyone else here in America, as we’ve seen at Ruby Ridge, Waco, WTC ’93, JFK airport, Brandon Raub’s house in Richmond and Ibragim Todashev’s apartment in Orlando.  If you allow one outfit to assassinate, everyone gets in on the act.  Equal Opportunity in America!

That of course means that we need to get in on it, too.  We’re the Americans who must defend this place with everything we’ve got.  The law allows Mossad killers and FBI and CIA and NSA killers but it’s illegal for us to fight back?  I don’t think so!

To demonstrate how dangerous and deceptive Jews are, let’s look at one named Stephen Pieczenik.  This one is the son of Russian and Polish Jews.  He’s a psychiatrist, according to his Wikipedia entry, trained at Cornell, Harvard and MIT.  His entry lists several appearances on the Alex Jones program.  His membership in the Council on Foreign Relations has been recently deleted for some reason.  He presents himself as an expert in international relations, crisis management and psychological warfare.   He is associated with Henry Kisssinger and was deputy secretary of state under Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker.   He’s about as far inside the lie factory as you can get.  So why does Alex Jones feature him as a source of information?  For these very reasons?

Pieczenik has also presented himself as a director of black operations and an expert in interrogation, which we now know means torture.  He was the co-author of various pro-CIA novels with the late Tom Clancy which were presented as written with deep inside knowledge of secret operations.  He is a propagandist for the tyrannical Jewish government, the one that operates under the unwritten law.

Pieczenik sneers at Obama for his inept handling of foreign affairs and incredibly tries to compare him with Joe McCarthy!  He repeats the Communist/Jewish/CFR line on his website, stevepieczeniktalks.com.   A litmus test for truth-tellers, as far as I’m concerned, is Joe McCarthy, the only independent and honest man in the US Congress in all its miserable history of treachery and subversion against humanity.

I won’t waste much space on Pieczenik’s nasty repetition but he has the gall to suggest that Obama’s tactics of kidnap, torture and mass murder are reminiscent of McCarthy’s attempts to warn Americans of Communist subversion.  McCarthy had gotten impatient with a sullen general, Ralph Zwicker, who’d equivocated on the promotion of a (Jewish) party member, Irving Peress, to the rank of major despite his refusal to answer questions about his membership.  This led to the ambush and destruction of McCarthy due to the antics of two Jewish homosexuals on his staff – Roy Cohn and Dave Schine – in the Army-McCarthy hearings of 1954.

Pieczenik pretends outrage that McCarthy should question the integrity of an army general or even suggest communist subversion in the military:

“For those of you who had not been born or know very little about this nefarious individual, I would strongly recommend the book, Eisenhower: Soldier And President, by Stephen Ambrose.  In that book, you will read of the incredible spurious campaign of slander, intimidation and outright abuse that Senator McCarthy engaged in – accusing  honorable members of the State Department,  Voice Of America,  the American Library System,  Hollywood, NYC public schools,  and most appalling our esteemed US military of Communist infiltration.” (Italics Pieczenik’s)

Ambrose was Ike’s biographer but told James Bacque that he’d gotten the goods on Eisenhower in his terrible expose of Ike’s orders to starve to death over a million German POWs after the war in Other Losses.  Later Ambrose denied ever saying this.

McCarthy didn’t even know about my neighbor, Richard Criley, of Carmel, California, who admitted in an extensive and fawning biography in our local paper, the Monterey Peninsula Herald, back in the ‘80s, that he’d been a Communist Party member who’d been deliberately commissioned as an officer in the US Army during the war.  He said the army wanted party members for certain special duties.  Criley said that Eisenhower had personally assigned him as liaison with the Italian Communist Party after the war to assist in the rebuilding of the Italian labor unions and giving them dominant political power in Italy.  This was the purpose of America’s participation in World War II, to remove the anti-Communists in Europe and install the Communists.  Eisenhower was the man who made this happen, who was willing to order the mass murder of the anti-Communists himself (Other Losses, Crimes and Mercies) and deliver millions of them to Stalin in his Operation Keelhaul.

Eisenhower was Stalin’s most dedicated and efficient assassin of the anti-Communists, both in war and peace.  We can only imagine his hatred and fear of Joe McCarthy and of the eventual direction his investigations might have led – perhaps even to him.  Eisenhower betrayed the Hungarian freedom fighters in 1956, as discussed in an earlier essay.  McCarthy had been politically destroyed two years earlier by Ike’s army colleagues and Lyndon Johnson, the Senate majority leader, who devised the “censure vote” in the Senate against McCarthy to shut him up.

Pieczenik mentions “our esteemed US military.”  Well, he would, wouldn’t he?  Pieczenik is a Jew, a CFR, a military/CIA psycho-warrior who deals in psychological warfare, torture and black ops, and is a frequent guest of Alex Jones.  That about says it all.  Pieczenik pretends to be an independent renegade member of the system whom we can trust on matters such as Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama.  What he does is mix the ice cream with the axle grease, which wrecks the ice cream.  Alex Jones does this very thing when he presents Pieczenik as a witness and when he continues to protect the other Jews who are running the show.

Thus we see the nature of the forces which are deployed against us.  Everything is based on lies and deception.  The first step toward defeating the enemy is to identify him.  Without identification, we don’t know whom to fight.  McCarthy warned us about the enemy and was destroyed for it.  And the Communists and their sympathizers in the media, the government, the schools and churches ridiculed his warning and made the mention of Communism politically incorrect.  (PC means:  passed by Jewish censors)  But today, we have an actual Communist mystery-man as president, a mystery-man who has imposed a purely communistic, totally destructive “health care” system on us, a system to be run by the financial terrorists in the Internal Revenue Service!  Honestly – it doesn’t get more communistic than that.

We revolutionaries who are or will be participating in the overthrow of this American form of Communism must recognize these efforts by the mystery-man and his mercenaries to be the most dangerous form of treason, however we define that word.  It is time to enunciate this basic truth.  Treachery in any form that leads or contributes to the death of any person requires the death penalty.  These traitors pretending to supply us with “affordable health care” are the same ones who have slaughtered thousands of people with their cowardly drones and Hellfire missiles.

We are ruled by degenerate liars and sadistic murderers whose intent is to kill millions of us, just as they did in Iraq.  Everyone involved in murder, terror, kidnap, torture, false imprisonment, gun control, roadblocks, home invasion, debt-based currency and terrorist collection of taxes is by definition a traitor and/or a terrorist.  Everyone.  There are no innocent participants in these actions against us.

It’s time to get off the fence, if any reader is still on it.  Go armed everywhere in your daily affairs.  If there’s a metal detector, don’t go there.  If your job requires it, get a new job that doesn’t.  Don’t fly – drive.  Avoid trouble when possible but when trouble gets in your face, don’t back down.  These guys deal in fear – terror – and must be shot.  If we surrender we will be disappeared, tortured and killed.

We don’t need the government for anything except the creation and careful distribution of debt-free currency, following the courageous example of JFK against the Federal Reserve.  He also took on the Jews of America and Israel. 

Everything the government does hurts us and is based on lies, the uppermost one being the US Constitution.  The one decent aspect of that seven-part program for running a central government was the federal creation of money and regulation of its value.  This one good rule was abandoned by the Federalists before the ink was dry on the document.  This is what the resistance must stand for:  debt-free currency and defense against Jewish aggression.   We can certainly invoke the memory of John F. Kennedy to these ends, since they obviously had him killed and replaced by their greatest servant, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Personally, I tend to invoke the memories of two other Irish-Americans who were hated and killed by the Jews:  James Forrestal and Joe McCarthy.  All three Irish-American enemies of the Jews, by the sheerest of coincidence, wound up dead at Bethesda Naval Hospital.