J B Campbell:
Extremism Online
Treason everywhere.  Our crackhead queen president is arming what we’ve been told for over a decade is the enemy in the war on terror, al-Qaeda, which means “the base.”  That refers to the CIA’s computerized data base of mujahedeen fighters they put together in Afghanistan back in the ‘80s to fight the Soviet Army, which was finally defeated by surface-to-air Stinger missiles the CIA provided to al-Qaeda.

How al-Qaeda could ever be considered “the enemy” is a joke, since the CIA created the group, armed it, trained it and financed it with the help of Osama bin Laden, who was the CIA’s paymaster.  Osama said in several interviews leading up to his death of Marfan Syndrome and kidney failure in late 2001 that he had nothing to do with 9/11.  He said it was committed by the US government and Israel.

However, al-Qaeda is the boogyman in the Bush/Obama power grab they call the war on terror, except when we supply them with powerful ordnance including chemical weapons. 

The crackhead’s popular support is in freefall and his parachute won’t open so he must go to Plan B.  His cherished Tomahawk and B-1, B-2 and B-52 attack on Damascus (Plan A) has been delayed by John Kerry’s flip mention of a remotely possible way that Assad’s people could avoid kosher slaughter, which would be for Syria to surrender its chemical projectiles.  Assad quickly agreed, with Russian help, to do exactly that, but now with certain conditions which will naturally be unacceptable to the US, which has always, since 1861, stood for Unconditional Surrender.  So Plan A is still possible.

I’m pretty sure that Plan B is a declaration of martial law for whatever contrived but believable cause.  Believable to the dwindling numbers of Obama lovers.  And I suspect that Plan B was/is meant to coincide with Plan A, which would cause the national emergency that is required for a declaration of martial law.  Plan A is designed to escalate into a world war with Russia and China, designed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who by the sheerest of coincidence happens to be the same cat who dreamed up al-Qaeda in ‘79.  Brzezinski is, in the words of James Bond, “quite mad, you know.”

With the impending collapse of the Federal Reserve System’s fake currency and bond market, a new currency based on total war may be coming.  We might call it the War Buck.  Unlike Germany’s debt-free Reichsmark, which was based on production, the War Buck will be based on destruction and reconstruction. 

Destruction and Reconstruction, the broken window theory writ large.  That has been the American method for profiteering and artificial prosperity for one hundred fifty-two years.  The Rothschild syndicate lends fake credit to the military for destruction and more fake credit to industry for reconstruction of what the military destroyed.  Most people don’t get ahead that way.

This is leaving out the human element, the totally innocent victims of Obama’s mercenaries in Syria.  The grown-ups and children who are at this moment being videotaped as their heads are sawn off (chopped off, if they’re lucky) by Obama’s CIA-armed protégés.  Assad’s generals are correct:  These vicious lunatics should be gassed as quickly as possible. 

Chris Stevens, our “ambassador” in Libya, was actually a CIA gunrunner who was supplying weapons to the Syrian monsters.  As such, he deserved what he got in Benghazi, along with his CIA cohorts.  The minimum penalty for such hideous treachery is death, whether in Benghazi or San Francisco.  But it all originates in Manhattan, whence orders are passed to the DC cesspool, thence transmitted overseas.  Orders for Plan A, total Jewish war against the world.

Now we must consider orders created in Manhattan for Plan B – also known as Operation Garden Plot, Rex-84 and just plain martial law.  Sheriffs from around the country were summoned to a secret FEMA meeting in DC a couple of weeks ago.  This is the signal we’ve been anticipating for the crackdown.  Whether it’s based on a predicted natural disaster (real or man-made) or a false-flag terror event (same thing), it doesn’t matter.  Martial law has to occur for whatever reason. 

The only possible response from us is revolution.  Revolution means the utter destruction of every person involved in designing, ordering, implementing, enforcing, participating in and profiting in any way from martial law. 

Martial law means no law, the law of the gun.  Keep in mind that we paid for all the guns that are going to be aimed and fired at us at roadblocks and home invasions.

The reader will recall Brandon Raub, if only because I won’t stop talking about him and his nightmare arrest without charge and disappearance to a mental ward for “brainwashing.”  His crime was speculating on Facebook about the traitors running our government.  Well, now we have a similar thing that happened a few days ago.  Blaine Cooper in Humboldt, Arizona wondered on good old Facebook if America is becoming a police state?  Within twenty-four hours he got a call from the local police department and was told to come down for an FBI interview.

He complied with the request for an interview, which lasted 45 minutes.  He was released after apparently being determined not to be a threat.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information and parents’ information,” Cooper said.


Cooper also said that he was told that without “defusing the situation” by complying with the interview, his house might have been raided.  “The FBI made mention they came to question me so they didn’t have to kick in my door,” Cooper told PoliceStateUSA.com.

Okay, I’m not a lawyer and don’t play one on TV.  But I can give some free legal advice:  no FBI interviews.  Main reason:  the FBI is a homicidal terrorist organization.  Evidence:  the interview in Orlando of Ibragim Todashev which resulted in seven gunshots into Todashev’s body including one in the top of his head.  This is what an FBI interview can lead to.

More evidence:  WTC ’93.  Special Agents John Anticev, Nancy Floyd and their bomb-making informant,  Emad Ali Salem.  The bomb that blew up in the parking area of WTC Tower 2 and killed six people and injured a thousand and did a half-billion dollars in damage was an FBI bomb built with explosives supplied by the New York office of the FBI, the same Fire Bombing Imbeciles who fire bombed our neighbors’ house recently to scare them off from being friends with us.

So, what if you get the two options from the Imbeciles?  Option A, the interview, opens you up to the threat of being charged with a federal felony of “lying to the FBI” and the other threat of being shot while under interrogation.  Option B is saying “Call my lawyer – no interview due to unacceptable risk,” followed by a federal home invasion and grievous bodily harm and probable death by HRT, the Imbeciles’ SWAT team.  We saw these sadistic assholes in action at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

There are other options.  Option C is to set up an ambush either at home or better yet, before they can get to your home.  This is a good job for Neighborhood Watch.  We must all prepare and rehearse this option starting right now.  Once an interview is demanded by the Imbeciles, the Option C drill begins.  The ambush should be at a tight corner or chicane, at which the vehicles must slow down considerably to negotiate it.  Heavy gunfire should be poured into the vehicles and no one left alive.  Weapons should be retrieved and the vehicles set afire if the fires wouldn’t threaten the property of nearby residents – if any.

Option C requires that everyone in Neighborhood Watch has a pre-determined ambush spot for any terrorist threat to each member.

Then there is Option D.  This is also a good option and it requires reconnoitering the headquarters of the enemy.  This could be the regional fusion center or the federal building.  The demand for a life-threatening interview – and even the possibility of being charged with a federal felony for “lying to the FBI” is certainly life-threatening – should under Option D set in motion an attack on the headquarters from which the order issued.  This attack should commence as quickly as possible after the demand for an interview is made.  Option D is for the hard-core element among us, obviously.

Captured weapons should be distributed to those among us who have lost everything to the feds, the legal system and to the deindustrialization of America.  This writer was one of these millions of dispossessed Americans until he got his job back a couple of years ago.  He can easily become one again, as can any of us.  Eighty percent of us are reportedly in poverty or approaching poverty, thanks entirely to the Rothschild cartel and its Federal Reserve System which have destroyed the value of everything with the debt-based FRN.  The Fed must be destroyed and all members executed by the Hungarian method.

This essay is an announcement that this writer is now fully committed to the resistance and to the total destruction by the resistance of the federal tyranny based in Washington, DC and controlled by the Rothschild cartel which creates federal policy including all wars at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, Chicago and Washington, DC.  The CFR must be destroyed and all four thousand plus members executed, along with all CFR clone organizations, all of which are funded by the Rothschild cartel.

I would suggest that the resistance have a specialist action group known as DAJA (Defense Against Jewish Aggression).  This group would be manned by Jew-wise Americans and would reduce to nothing all organizations that are based on Jewish exceptionalism and special powers for and treatment of Jews.

The California legislature in Sacramento has just passed a bill that outlaws most self-loading rifles and handguns.  The homosexual tyrant governor will probably have signed the bill and made it law by the time this essay is read by many.  This new law exceeds the “assault weapon” ban proposed by California’s talmudic senator, Dianne Feinstein, the bizarre Jewess who suggested that all veterans are mentally unfit to possess guns due to PTSD.  She was not contradicted by any Jew in America, or Gentile, for that matter.

The revolution should therefore begin in California.  Everyone in a position of power who participates in gun control is a traitor, since gun control is treason.  This includes the ones who proposed the bill, the ones who voted for it, the ones who lobbied for it and the ones who would enforce it when the law goes into effect. 

There is only one reason that traitors would disarm us and make us defenseless:  they want the unopposed power to kill us.

I know what you’re thinking.  The same thing I’m thinking:  why do these hapless guys with their relatively innocuous postings on Facebook get busted by the feds while this writer is left alone?  That’s not exactly true, considering the drone attack we experienced in August, ’12 that resulted in the grave and mysterious lung disease that my wife contracted directly following the drone’s visit outside our office window.  But, there have been no demands for “interviews” or HRT assaults on our home.

(I finally talked with the neighbor who had seen a drone earlier in the day of our nighttime attack.  He’s an ex-SEAL who really didn’t want to get involved.  He described what he saw over his house heading toward our house as being about eight feet long with a four- or five-foot wingspan.  But this was probably not the same UAV that was outside our office window for about a minute around ten PM, unless it had some sort of hovering capability.)

Two possible reasons for being left alone:  a radical revolutionary such as this writer is needed to justify a martial law crackdown.  This possibility will satisfy the cowards among us who want to say, “See?  See what you’ve done to the rest of us?”

The second possibility is their perception that an attack wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for this writer, who has been an anti-terrorist for a lot longer than they have been terrorists.  I didn’t go half-way around the world for all that training and experience for three hundred a month for nothing. 

The federal terrorists know that they will no doubt get the Waco response to a home invasion.  Call it Waco Plus, considering that the first responders at Waco allowed their attackers a time-out to collect their dead and wounded.  That won’t happen at my place.

On top of that, we’ve got Neighborhood Watch, which means a crossfire with them on the cross.

Once upon a time there was a great American named Gordon Kahl who lived in North Dakota.  He drove into a roadblock put up by US marshals and local cops who were offended by some unpleasant things Gordon had been saying about Freemasonry.  Despite being ordered by USM headquarters in DC to leave him alone, the terrorists knew better.  Didn’t matter that Gordon was a gunfighter and knew how to handle his Mini-14.  Long story short, Gordon killed or wounded and ran off every one of the killers who had planned on killing him after abusing him and his family with taunts and obscenities and then suddenly shooting his empty-handed son.  They only had to shoot Yorie once to get his dad PO’d.  But they really blasted him and he went face down in the mud.  We can kind of understand the parental rage on seeing such a cruel and unprovoked thing.

This was what is considered a field expedient response to a hasty roadblock.  I’ve made other recommendations for dealing with more formal roadblocks.  Roadblockers always get the death penalty.

Our federal terrorists of today know they need to be careful what they wish for.  When they’re up against someone who really knows what he’s doing, things can go sour.

Plan A, the mass murder of Syrians, has taken our minds off the revelations of Edward Snowden, who has recently told us that the NSA has been handing over all raw data to Israel.  Couple this with the fact that the Mossad is allowed by “our Justice Department” to send its death squads (“kidons”) into the United States to assassinate anyone the Jews consider a threat to the Jew World Order.  This writer himself was attacked by an Israeli death squad three times ten years ago with poison on his steering wheel which resulted in severe kidney damage and a mutilated ding-dong.  Maybe I should thank the NSA for that.

The NSA is the deadly enemy of all people of the world, not just us.  Its demented director, Keith Alexander, hired a Hollywood set designer to make his “war room” identical to the Starship Enterprise from the sci-fi fantasy, STAR TREK.  Money was no object, of course.  Think of the damage this insane asshole has done to us and virtually everyone in the connected world by not only spying on us but passing on everything to the even more insane Jews. 

We here in Idaho learned last month that the NSA is now in the local law enforcement business, hard as that may be to believe.  The Idaho Falls PD was beefed up in a car chase by a unit from the NSA.  While that one may have been connected to the (federal) Idaho National Laboratory, we’re informed that NSA is doing this around the country, for some strange reason.  NSA cops?  Cops with alternate FEMA uniforms (federalized locals) were bad enough.

Our rotten, top-heavy government, visible and invisible, must be dismantled as quickly and ruthlessly as possible because the Jews have seized total control over it, as pointed out endlessly on this website and by expert researchers such as Brother Nathanael, who really delivers the goods, year after year.  He is under attack by the ADL probably because he’s a better communicator with the public than this writer, who receives no Jewish or federal intimidation.  Friends and family, yes, but not this writer himself.  His advertised readiness to fight back has no doubt served him well.  There must be truth in advertising.

There is no good reason now to delay starting the resistance.  On a personal level it means organizing Neighborhood Watch to defend against federal and police attacks starting now.  The resistance will show a determination, in some places more than others at first, to punish traitors for any and all acts of treason, uppermost being gun control.  But aggressive war is also treason because it only benefits our Jewish enemy and gets normal people slaughtered.  Privately owned, debt-based currency and government borrowing are also treason: they only benefit our Jewish enemy and rob us of our savings.  Off-shoring of our industries was also treason; it robbed us of our livelihoods and made millions of us unable to take revenge on the filthy criminals responsible for their downfall.  Those of us who are still working have the means to do this in our “spare time.”  I guarantee that we’ve got nothing better to do.

This writer has never solicited support of any kind since starting on this political adventure in 1968.  The militia was a personal defensive decision that didn’t require money but just the determination not to surrender one’s firearms.  The resistance will be what the militia should have been, but never was.  The militia was ahead of the power curve, forming during a period when the threat, even the possibility, of martial law was not so apparent. 

The resistance will go on the offensive against the traitors in government and the traitors who give the government its orders.

Whether Americans support the resistance, either through participation or financially, remains to be seen.  This writer has begun to solicit support from overseas, from governments that have been victimized by the US government with its ugly demands for Unconditional Surrender, and will continue to do so.  It is in every country’s interest to support the American resistance movement because it will be the purpose of the resistance to make America obey the rules of civilized societies for the first time in its existence.  Superpower means unchecked state terrorism.  The American government is the master of horror, as we plainly see today in Syria.

The resistance will make no pretentious demands for Unconditional Surrender but will instead work to overthrow the cancerous source of this implacable, sadistic demand given time and again to other peoples who have threatened us not in the least.  There will be no demand to surrender because that means prisoners.  We don’t want any prisoners.

There’s only one way to beat the house (which we paid for) and that’s to burn it down.


Heroic Measures



The Hungarians have done it again.  As this writer likes to recount whenever he can, those tough people were the ones who, in October, 1956, had finally had enough of Jews terrorizing, torturing and murdering them.  As we can relive in David Irving’s Uprising, they stormed the buildings housing their Jewish overlords in the secret police and other departments of Communist terror.  The freedom fighters dragged their Jewish tormentors into the streets and killed them.  They shot them and lynched them by the hundreds.  Trees and lampposts had Jews swinging from them all around Budapest.  It must have been glorious.

Incredibly, the Hungarians are again leading the way to freedom from Jewish rule.  The Hungarian government has done the one and only great thing that any government can do:  it has issued debt-free currency.  For the past two years, Hungary has paid off its fake “debt” to the IMF and banking gangsters with the new Hungarian equivalent of 2.2 billion Euros and their formerly dead economy is prospering like mad.  This has made the Jews both incredulous and of course very angry.

Do we suppose America could not do the identical things?  By that I mean the ’56 thing and the currency thing.  These are the two elements of a Defense Against Jewish Aggression.  All predatory Jews must be killed, number one, starting with the most notorious and destructive ones.  There are so many in this category that we can begin just about anywhere. 

Doing this, we shall eventually find ourselves in Manhattan, pulling Jews out of the Federal Reserve Bank, Goldman Sachs, the CFR and the ADL, among other dens of Jewish iniquity.  Manhattan is the Comstock Lode of predatory Jews, just as Hollywood is on the other coast.  There are dens of Jewish iniquity in every city in America and they must all be eradicated. 

People sometimes ask, how can you trust the Congress to issue debt-free currency?  Won’t they just inflate and deflate the money supply to suit themselves, as the Fed has been doing for a hundred years with congressional permission? 

When the Jews are removed from the equation, when no profit is possible in the issuance of currency, when Jewish intrigue is prohibited by Americans with guns, everything changes.  When Americans with guns are in charge, the whole complexion of our society will change.  Congress will do as it is told by us, until we change the design of our government and dismiss the Congress. 

We can also see how destructive the executive branch has been since 1861.  We certainly don’t require its services any longer.  America is a presidential dictatorship, so the office of the president must be eliminated.  No one must be given the obscene power over humanity that these psychos have been granted – by us.   

The Supreme Court has been a dirty joke since John Marshall made his fake pronouncement in 1803, claiming that five black-robed magicians would be deciding what was “constitutional.”  As I’ve written before, the Supreme Court rarely finds any federal atrocity “unconstitutional,” whether it’s slavery, civil war or crimes against the peace.  In 2000, the court actually decided that George W. Bush would be president despite his having lost the election to Gore.  And of course what that five-judge junta did was “constitutional.”  The results of that slimy maneuver were too terrible to contemplate.  Bush turned over the government to Jewish plotters who called themselves “neo-conservatives.”  Those Jews gave us 9/11 and total war against the natural people of the Middle East and western Eurasia.

The nature of the American government has been so toxic to life that it must be overthrown by force and violence, never to rear its vicious head again.  The three branches of the federal government must be destroyed and all practitioners executed as the vilest traitors to mankind, whether Jew or Gentile.

The lesson to our traitors must be so severe that no one is ever again tempted to try to rule us.  Jews can’t help themselves so they must be removed from temptation.  Jews must rule us so they must be eradicated.

What sort of government should we have?  Let’s try no government for a while. 

We were under no central government for about eight years until the federal albatross landed on our backs by deceit in 1789.  The new Americans briefly had the greatest freedom in human history but the bankers and their stooges, such as Hamilton and Madison, were not happy.  So we wound up with a bank-run empire for all the trouble, terror, bloodshed and hardship the revolutionaries had suffered for six and a half years.

On this subject of the American Revolution, we must realize that it was more of a French victory than an American one.  Without French soldiers and officers and especially the French navy that destroyed much of the British fleet, there would have been no revolutionary victory.  Without the German soldiers reinforcing both the French and American forces, victory over the English dictatorship would not have been possible.  The new American government thanked the French by ignoring the Reign of Terror and the country that delivered us from English tyranny and not lifting a finger to prevent those men and their families from all having their heads chopped off. 

Should the French have helped us?  I would say no.  (Who killed more Frenchmen in WWII, the Germans or the Americans?)

It was a very strange revolution and it almost produced freedom from central government.  It was soon revealed, however, that the whole thing was a cruel Masonic deception, as Patrick Henry realized when he examined the new, secret Constitution in 1788.  Americans must first come to terms with the fact that the Constitution has been the machine of dictatorship from the day it was foisted on the new country.  It must be cursed and repudiated before we can free ourselves from the American form of despotism.

In its place we need nothing but the willingness to fight and kill the enforcers who insist that they are authorized by the president, the Congress and the Supreme Court to arrest us, disappear us, torture and kill us, which they in fact are so authorized.  The Constitution was designed with just this ultimate goal at some point in the distant future.  We have reached that point, now that the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, all passed by the Congress and signed by Republican and Democrat presidents, have been declared “constitutional” by the Supreme Court.  We are freed from any constraints to attack any and all representatives of the federal government with force and violence for their monstrous crimes against us and the peoples of other countries.

We must allow no replacement for this monster system which has robbed us of our savings, our jobs, our lives and our morality.  The federal government must be almost utterly destroyed.  The fifty state governments must be reduced drastically as well.  Again, the one and only legitimate function of a federal government is to issue debt-free currency.  This was done in the pre-Revolutionary colonies, it was done by the Russians until the Jewish takeover in 1917 and by the Germans in the 1930s.  The colonies were attacked by the Rothschild-controlled English; the Russians and Germans were destroyed by the Jewish allies in World Wars I and II.

The route to this new way of life is the Hungarian Model of executing Jewish tyrants and eliminating usury, which is the essence of Judaism.  Usury is the Jewish practice of government-licensed, Jewish-created debt-based currency and federal indebtedness (to Jewish “lenders” who actually lend nothing but “credit”).  Hungary is the latest proof that there is never a need for governments to borrow and put the people in debt to private bankers.  Such a criminal racket must be punished by death, so destructive it has proven to be.

America has attacked and invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan since 9/11.  Each of those countries had government-run central banks that issued their own currencies, completely independent of the Rothschild cartel.  After our invasions, each country’s central bank was handed over to the private Jewish cartel.  Syria also has a central bank that is not connected to Rothschild.  This is the main reason Obama wants to hit Syria and is also the main reason that these Jewish rats must be eliminated without mercy.  They have no mercy for their victims who probably haven’t any idea of the real reason for their being attacked by America, which is to seize control of their central bank.

This was the main reason for our destroying Germany in World War II – their huge success with debt-free currency.  As soon as the National Socialist Party was destroyed, its main characters hanged and the whole idea outlawed forever, Germany’s monetary system was given to the Rothschild syndicate. 

Lincoln deserved to be assassinated in 1860, as soon as he was elected, for his planned crimes against his own people, but not for issuing debt-free US Notes.  His murder was a teaching tool of the bankers.  No one had a stronger motive for assassinating Kennedy in 1963 than the owners of the Federal Reserve.  He had deprived them of the interest on over four billion dollars that he issued in US Notes that spring.  He declared war on the bankers and planned to wipe them out by replacing the debt-based Federal Reserve Note with the debt-free United States Note.

We can see how important debt-based currency is to the bankers who profit from it.  For that reason it must become the most important matter to us.  All those who profit from this destructive monetary monopoly must be killed – there is no other way to save ourselves from total ruin.  For millions it is already too late.  The money monopolists have caused hundreds of millions of normal people to be slaughtered without the slightest hesitation or shred of mercy.  Millions of American homes have been fraudulently seized by bank pirates, millions of American lives ruined and families destroyed.  These are death penalty crimes against humanity and all are based on the Jewish lie of debt-based currency issued by a corporation.  

Now to heroic measures.  It doesn’t get much more heroic than what the Hungarians have shown us.  Their model must become our method. 

Heroism is the key to our survival, just as it always was and will be.  We must have our heroic role models.  They are totally absent in our lives at present, thanks to the Hollywood Jews.  These cunning rats well know the Gentile craving for heroes and heroes were well-supplied in the early days of the big studios.  By the 60’s, though, the smart, tough hero was forbidden and was replaced with the soul-destroying anti-hero, exemplified by Paul Newman, whose every movie was the ultimate unpleasant expression of the anti-hero.

Men, real men, crave an heroic reason for their lives.  This is why the militia movement exploded in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.  The militia movement offered American men the chance to be heroes or at least to see themselves as heroes.  No celluloid role models were required – one’s self-awareness of being part of a new armed resistance movement was enough.  It was a winner for a few years until the rats figured a cruel way to turn it into a dirty word at Oklahoma City.  The natural craving in us is still there and is now starting to re-emerge.

The greatest heroes in human history were the million or so volunteers from all countries in Europe who, of their own volition, joined the German SS battalions to fight the Jewish allies wherever they were hell-bent on invading Europe, from the east and west.  They were the finest specimens of manhood of all time, perhaps never to be imitated.  But we must do our best to do just that.

The SS guys were fighting the New World Order, just as we shall be doing.  So we have to stop thinking of them as the bad guys.  The Americans were the bad guys.  The same kinds of Americans who came for Brandon Raub, the same kinds of Americans who ran Abu Ghraib and are running Guantanamo were slaughtering the good guys with their Soviet buddies for three and a half years, doing the dirty work for the Jews.  The Chuck Yeagers, blasting German farmers off their tractors with their P-51s because they’d run out of military targets and wanted to kill someone – anyone – before the war ended.

Our need for real heroism – not fake US government mass murdering anti-heroism – can find fulfillment in the resistance movement.  I think the highest expression of the resistance movement, just as the SS was the highest expression of the German defense forces, will be DAJA (Defense Against Jewish Aggression).  It is time for DAJA.

We are reportedly facing another contrived crisis by October, approximately one month from now as this is being written.  As evidence of this, we have learned here in Teton County, Idaho that our imported sheriff (New York City?!) was summoned this past week to a secret FEMA meeting in Washington, DC.  This is the same guy who told our fire-bombed neighbors not to worry overmuch because the fire-bomb was meant for the Campbells by people who were not happy with a speech I’d made in February about gun control.  Those people turned out to be the FBI, which now stands for Fire-Bombing Imbeciles, who actually used an FBI-registered vehicle for tailing/intimidating our friends, over and over.

We all kind of assumed that martial law would start in the cities, which is probably true.  But now, with the presence of our sheriff at the FEMA conclave in DC, attempted martial law will presumably also occur here in our valley, probably pretty soon.  The sheriff owes us for his dreamy, all-expense-paid junket to the district of criminals.  We are also informed that we have naturally made it to the top of the surveillance list.  We’ve had at least three break-ins that resulted in stolen meds and a revolver and no doubt are wired for audio/video productions.

So, heroic measures are called for – here, there and everywhere.   

We here shall be discussing this strange development now that I’m home for a few weeks.  It’s probably fortuitous that drilling is experiencing a slowdown so that I can be here to contribute to the defense of the county, since I probably brought on the attention in the first place with a very provocative speech, the text of which is  on this website.  There is no other likely reason that the sheriff of a very small county in flyover country, population 10,000, should be wined and dined by the FEMA gangsters in DC.  I think I’m the only person at present calling publicly for the overthrow of the federal government by force and violence. 

We shall be going over immediate action drills and likely choke and ambush points, both ours and theirs.  We shall make sure that everyone’s radio is working and we’re all on the right frequency.  I recommend the same for all readers of this essay, except of course the ones we’ll be ambushing.

This is naturally a big step for most normal people, the decision to pull triggers on treacherous enforcers of the dictatorship.  For us and most of our fellow residents here, though, it’s the next logical thing to do.  The question that’s usually asked of residents here is, “Are you going to fight, or get on the truck?”  It’s a shocking question to some people but so far, no one has said that he or she plans to get on the truck.

Heroism is the missing ingredient in our empty American lives.   I began to crave it at around eight or nine years of age when I saw the previews for the first episode of “Davy Crockett” in early December of 1954.  I’d been reared on Johnny Mack Brown and Jock Mahoney and guns and fist-fighting but Davy Crockett depicted pure heroism on all levels – physical, mental and political.  In the end, he put his money where his mouth was and fought the good fight.

The Crockett thing struck a chord or central masculine nerve in America.  Millions of us were affected.  But it went downhill from there and no comparable role model was ever again offered by the lords of entertainment, who must have been very unsettled by the mass Crockett phenomenon.

That is what we are expected to do:  fight the good fight.  We are expected to crave a good fight and another one after that.  We must shuck off the cowardice that has been implanted into us methodically by social scientists in school, religion, law, entertainment and in our work.  Heroes exhibit courage, strength and unselfishness despite all physical and psychological intimidation and aggression.

Heroism is the vital component that will turn everything around.  The Jews figure hopefully that our heroism is all gone, but they are whistling past the graveyard.  They’ve done their best to wipe it out of our gene pool but it’s still there.  That’s why they demand that the veterans be disarmed.  When he was in uniform he was harmless to the Jews but once out of uniform, his awakening anger over his experience combined with the heroic component produces a very dangerous threat to the architects of the vet’s problems.  Hence, all vets are now considered by the Jews to be mentally unfit to possess firearms.  Only the Jews have the unmitigated gall to propose such a vile concept.

I’m pretty confident that this new veteran disarmament policy, enunciated recently by Senator Dianne Feinstein and not contradicted by any Jew anywhere, will contribute to the deaths of many Jews in this country.  Feinstein declared war on the veterans and on all future veterans, i.e., the currently serving soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who have been psychologically damaged, drug addicted, physically maimed and killed while making the Mid East safe for Jews by killing their Moslem enemies.  Killing them, we now know, in the millions.

Obama can’t “put boots on the ground” in Syria because most currently serving men and women are unfit for combat due to various mental and physical injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan, as we can easily verify from the suicide statistics.  This is why Obama needs a replacement force for occupation (martial law) duties in this country.  He’s not going to get it.

In the meantime, due to one pretext or another, we will be dealing with militarized police at roadblocks and home invasions.  There will be more Boston neighborhood raids in all cities and big towns.  They will be testing, testing, testing and gauging our responses to escalating aggression and provocations.  That is, they will be doing this unless we respond properly at the first opportunity and do quite a bit better than those pathetic Bostonites.

Let’s do this:  let’s assume that where we live is going to get the Boston treatment by some very treacherous bums sporting the finest equipment that we could buy them.  Let’s assume this is going to occur by October 1.  Maybe it won’t, but that’s the current gen.  That gives us all about a month to meet with friends and trusted neighbors – call it Neighborhood Watch – and organize a high-power response to any home invasion.  Give personal guarantees that whoever gets busted will be reinforced within minutes by his/her colleagues.  The neighbor(s) will not be put in patrol cars or police vans and taken away.  The cars or vans will be attacked and disabled and the neighbor(s) removed to safety.  All attackers of the neighbors shall be executed on the spot.  When it is figured out who sent the attackers, the NW (Neighborhood Watch) shall attack those culprits with the same effect (death).

Once a trusted public servant betrays that trust and actually joins an effort to disarm us or disappear us without charge, as in the shocking case of Brandon Raub, he must be killed.  He obviously can never be trusted again.  The resistance will be based on trust, which is always the most precious commodity.  Breach of trust will be punished by death - there is no alternative.

There are smart-phone apps available that warn of police roadblocks.  I don’t have one but this could be handy as long as it lasts.  Lacking that, NW will learn of new roadblocks as they are being formed.  The roadblocks must be destroyed as quickly as gunfighters can plan and execute an assault, be it from long-range rifles or by driving into it with three or four gunfighters on board.

If some soft form of martial law is declared next month, either locally or nationwide, all travel by us will have to be by at least a two-vehicle convoy.  The vehicle behind will cover the one in front if it is stopped by a cop for any reason, which means no reason other than intimidation or worse.  The second vehicle will stop close enough for a sure shot at the intimidator(s), who should be quickly shot and left on the road as an object lesson to others, minus weapons, which won’t be needed anymore and are actually ours anyway.  If the second vehicle is stopped, the lead vehicle will hang a U and come back to engage the threat in the same manner.

This is the attitude we in the resistance must adopt.  Kill or get killed.

This is how martial law will be eliminated, in the best Hungarian manner.  If we do this a few times, the accessories to treason, the enforcers, will take early retirement - or they will die.