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The Jewfighters


In any important matter it is proper to simplify the issue so that everyone can understand it.   The issue here is simple:  the Jews have destroyed just about everything.  What is not quite destroyed will be soon.  It is simple but not well-understood. 

Is there any aspect of our downfall that is not Jewish-directed?

All of our wars are designed and run by Jews.  Our wars, just since ’91, have killed millions of people who never threatened us but were forced to defend themselves from our young killers, many thousands of whom have been slaughtered and hundreds of thousands maimed.

The two political parties are controlled by Jews through the Jewish political funding agency known as AIPAC.  The loyal opposition movement of Ron Paul is also friendly to Jews due to its basis in the “Austrian School” of economics, all of whose thinkers and philosophers were Jews. 

The president and his executive branch are controlled by Jews through foreign and domestic policies created by the Council on Foreign Relations.  The United Nations was created by the CFR and the UN is currently plotting to outlaw firearms in America.  This treachery is aided by the president, the secretary of state and the attorney general.  Such treachery when committed by Americans in government is treason and must be punished in the traditional way.

Law enforcement is controlled by Jews via the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center (now part of the Department of Homeland Security).  Now, law enforcement is being steadily taken over by the US Army and its subsidiary, the Army National Guard, as recently announced in the pages of the CFR’s Foreign Affairs

Our money and credit are supplied to us by Jews who own the Federal Reserve, at great expense to ourselves, revealed now by the massive LIBOR scandal of the fraudulent fixing of the interest rate.   All of the top fraudsters are of course Jews who work for the Rothschild banking syndicate.

Our information and entertainment, virtually indistinguishable, are supplied to us by Jews.  Everything we have comes through the Jewish filter.  So we have to break the filter.  The Jewish machine must be destroyed.

This writer has proposed something called Defense Against Jewish Aggression, or DAJA, which has a sort of exotic and scary sound, as it should.  And I think DAJA is a legitimate proposal for self-defense.  It is an idea whose time has come.  Anyone who joins DAJA or helps in any way will be a Jewfighter. 

The slogan of DAJA should be:  “You’re either with us or you’re with the Jews.”

Jews and their helpers must be destroyed.  We are in a struggle for survival now.  Our jobs are gone thanks to the Jewish policy of off-shoring and internationalism.  Our savings are gone thanks to Jewish fractional reserve banking and derivatives.  Our real estate cannot be secured or verified because of the Jewish scam of “mortgage-backed securities.”  Our currency is worthless because the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve “Bank” was allowed by whores in Congress and the White House to print our currency and get paid by us to borrow it from them!

It is not safe for Americans to travel in confidence because of the Jewish control of the US armed forces, the war crimes of which have created and earned the hatred of the world.  It is not possible to travel in dignity because of the Jewish combination of porno-scanner cancer machines and degenerate molesters in the airports, devised for us by the notorious Jew, Michael Chertoff, who parlayed his position in Homeland Security into a multi-million dollar security scam.  We are unable to travel in dignity only due to the Jewish myth of “terrorism,” the justified anger of Moslems over the joint US/Israeli genocide programs in all Moslem countries.  There has been not one example of “terrorism” from Moslems despite their justified anger.

It is not possible to watch any form of news or entertainment without ingesting some sort of Jewish propaganda.  We cannot read or hear about Iran without the Jewish lie that its leader threatened to wipe Israel off the map.  (The fact is that Israel must be wiped off the map, but Iran never proposed it.  It is to America’s discredit that Israel was created and still exists, which of course it has no right to do.)  We cannot hear about any person who does not praise Jews.  Any well-known person who criticizes Jews is destroyed.

A German judge has just outlawed the barbaric Jewish practice of circumcision in an area of Germany.  German rabbis are complaining that this would in fact outlaw Judaism.  American infants have been ritually mutilated for a hundred years in accordance with Jewish practices.  Why?

Then there is the unbelievable Kosher labeling racket, run by an international consortium of orthodox rabbis.  We pay a hidden, secret Jewish tax on virtually every packaged food product and many non-food products in the grocery store.  Untold billions are secretly taxed from us every year.  If you call the maker of the product and ask how much extra you’re paying for the K or U variant on the can or box or bag, you are stonewalled.  It is a secret!  Talk about taxation without representation.

Jews control the education system, which is proven by our children being forced to absorb the lies of “the Holocaust” which include forced visits to the various tax-supported “Holocaust museums” and exhibits and watching fake Hollywood versions of the Great Jewish War.

The religion of most Americans – Christianity – is a branch of Judaism.  It must be seen and rejected as Jewish mind control at its most basic.  It exists to confuse and disarm Gentiles and in its extreme forms to protect Jews.  If it weren’t for Christianity and its passive, surrender-based nature, the Jews would not be around today to cause us so much trouble and expense and international bloodshed.  The teachings of Jesus, whom the Jews pretend to hate, have kept the Jews alive and well.

It is clear now that the Jewish nuclear power industry is just as lethal, just as deadly a weapon, as the Jewish nuclear weapons industry.  The Jews want a monopoly on nuclear weapons and created a virus or worm (Stuxnet and Flame) that attacked the Microsoft computers in Iran that controlled Iranian centrifuges.  This virus/worm spread to the Japanese reactors and made things worse following the tsunami of 2011, supposedly caused by a 9.0 earthquake.  But evidence of the earthquake is not evident in videos of Fukushima prior to the tsunami.  More likely is that Japan was punished for pro-Palestinian votes in the UN.  The result is that the Northern Hemisphere faces extinction due to Jewish computer hacking.

Jews in America must be eliminated, starting at the top and working our way down.  The Federal Reserve banks – all twelve of them – must be destroyed. 

Have you ever looked at the back of your cancelled check that you wrote to the IRS (if you are stupid enough still to be doing such a thing)?  It will say, “Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.”  Now, why do you suppose that is?  Why, when you pay your illegal income tax, would the money go to a private, profit-making corporation not part of the federal government?  (See Lewis v. US, 680 F.2d 1239, 9th Circuit, 1982)  Because the Federal Reserve Bank is owned by Jews.  The Jews get our tax money to pay back fraudulent loans they made to the government by lending credit (or, nothing).

Jews around the world must be eliminated but we Americans can only deal with the ones here.  There is no alternative now but to eliminate them, so toxic and dangerous are they.  How is this to be done?

The Holocaust liars ignore the fact that if the Nazis had wanted the Jews eliminated, it would only have required an understanding between the Nazi Party and the people.  Jews would simply have been pot-shotted and the three hundred thousand or so still in Germany and other countries by the late 1930s would have disappeared in a year or so.  There would have been no effort to round them up and try to train them to work in centers such as Theresienstadt , or force them to work in war factories such as Dachau and Auschwitz.  The Germans would never have wasted valuable resources such as rail transport, food, clothing, guards and countless other items necessary to deal with them.  The Germans would not have allowed them to go to British Palestine under the Ha’avara transfer agreement with England.  They would simply have encouraged the SA, the SS and the normal people to shoot them quietly until the Jewish Problem was solved in the only way it could ever be solved.

The Germans, however, didn’t do that.  The Germans treated those enemy aliens whose leaders had declared economic war on Germany and whose leaders had brought total military destruction to Germany with tremendous generosity and compassion, considering everything.  I have a newspaper article from the Monterey Peninsula Herald about a Jewish concert violinist visiting Monterey.  He recounted his experience in Auschwitz and how his violin had been lost in his confinement there.  He said that the camp commandant gave him his violin, which he still had, to replace it so that he could play in the camp orchestra!  Everyone knows about the Auschwitz orchestra but the Jews today pretend that it was only used to deceive inmates as they marched to the gas chamber. 

There was, of course, no gas chamber.  There was no electrocution grid or drowning pool or diesel gas vans or pits in the wet earth for burning bodies or different colored smoke indicating the country of origin of the victim!  There was no attempt or program or understanding to mass murder the Jews.

What has happened is what Jewish banking demanded of the Jewish agit-prop groups:  Hitler saved Germany from starvation by issuing debt-free currency and this represented a total catastrophe for the Jewish usurers of the Rothschild syndicate:  no more income from lending credit (nothing) to governments and being repaid in cash or gold.  Not only did and do these Jewish usurers get their phony loans paid to them in cash but in addition they get interest!  It is the scam of scams and Hitler showed the world how unnecessary it was and is to borrow credit from private lenders and have to repay in cash.  All any government has to do is print its own money in proper amounts, as Germany did, and the Jewish scammers get nothing and the country becomes extremely prosperous virtually overnight.

The purpose of the phony Holocaust scam is to make you associate debt-free currency, if you had any idea what Hitler did, with mass murder.  Same idea as associating the militia with the mass murder of OKC.  You say you want debt-free currency?  You really want to gas us all!  This is what the big thinkers of the “Austrian School” say.  Gary North and Tom Woods most notably.  Woods wrote the other day that I was “evil and dishonest” for suggesting debt-free currency!  The “Austrian School” economists such as von Mises, Friedman, Hayek, Rothbard, etc., were all Jews.  This is ironic considering that the real Austrian, Adolf Hitler, showed them to be utter fools and liars by actually rescuing Germany and Austria from the Rothschild machine, which had stolen all of Germany’s gold a decade earlier. 

Germany was not prepared or intending to go to war.  Hitler needed years of peace to complete the German economic miracle that he started in 1933.  He did everything possible to have peace with France and England, although it was always his plan to destroy Soviet Communism when the time was right.  His main blind spot was in thinking that England could ever be persuaded to join him against the Communists.

So, we live and learn, if we have any brains.  We learn from Germany’s mistakes.  Germany erred in not exterminating the Jews.  This was a natural mistake stemming from the benevolent German personality, which was strong enough to put the Jews where they could do no harm but not in any sense cruel.  Yes, German einsatzgruppen shot Jewish terrorists and Jewish commissars on the Eastern Front.  But the Jews asked for it, doing nasty things to the German soldiers who were on a holy mission to eradicate Jewish Communism from Russia, which had been imposed on it by Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House and the Dulles brothers. 

The American personality is not so benevolent, as the Jews understand well.  The Americans have a rather unpleasant history of exterminating people and using slaves for hard labor.  The Americans have shown the most shocking brutality towards their enemies during war and peace, e.g., the Southerners, the Filipinos, the Japanese, the Germans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Panamanians, the Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, etc.  The Jews well know how violent and sadistic the Americans are and it has been their great feat in keeping these violent ones on the Jewish side for over a hundred years.

It is my plan to change that.  I believe that Americans, enough of us, can be shown that it is in our national and personal interest to exterminate the Jews before they can exterminate us, or put us into concentration camps for re-education or death.  The Jews fully intend to kill a lot of us, as revealed by the FBI agent who got close to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn – Obama’s terrorist mentors.  Ayers and Dohrn are Communists following the Communist Party line, which is Jewish.  The agent, Larry Grathwohl, reports that Obama’s friends believed that at least 25 million Americans would have to be killed, the ones who wouldn’t be converted to Communism after being confined to concentration camps in the Southwest.

This is the sort of thing that confronts us today.  Today we are up against not only Obama’s terrorist friends but also over forty percent of the US armed forces that have answered “yes” when asked if they would shoot Americans who wouldn’t surrender their guns.  Many police are apparently onboard with this treachery, conditioned as they are by the Anti-Defamation League’s training programs and visits to Israel.  These fools and traitors will also have to be eliminated.

The Jewish organizations must be destroyed and the members executed.  This will not be a quick operation but rather will go on for many years.  Once the operation starts, the surviving Jews will become fugitives and go underground.  They’ll have to be hunted down and killed just as they do to their enemies and have done for hundreds of years.  Many will leave America, perhaps to be dealt with by patriots of other countries.  We don’t want them to get away, of course, because they will just become someone else’s problems.  America is responsible for its Jews and must accept this responsibility.  Germany, in wartime desperation, took the irresponsible step of sending Jews to Palestine.  We can imagine what the Palestinians thought about that but need no imagination to see the result:  total disaster for the world.

Most people are unaware that the recently-dead Yitzhak Shamir was the liaison with Adolf Eichmann in the Transfer Program of Jews to Palestine, or that Shamir offered Hitler to join forces against England.  This was while British soldiers were protecting Jews in Palestine from angry Palestinians.  Hitler ignored the offer.  Shamir committed the murders of Lord Moyne and Count Folke Bernadotte, who had been trying to work out a deal between the Jews and Arabs, plus the murders of countless Palestinians.

So we just need to open our eyes and ears and realize there is no way to co-exist with Jews.  America was created illicitly by the extermination of the native population.  There is no way to atone for this crime against humanity.  There is no way to pay them back although we must try.  Most of the lands that were stolen must be given back.  Americans who live on that land must make reparations and acknowledge the original ownership in a negotiated manner.  Virtually all “federal land” must be returned to the surviving tribes from whom we stole it.

In return for American extermination of the native tribes, Americans must now exterminate the actual villains of yesterday and today, the Jews.  Our actions against the Jews must be just as thorough as the Jews’ actions against their enemies down through the ages, and as thorough as those of the 7th Cavalry against the Plains Indians.  What the Jews did to the Russians must be done to the Jews – by us Americans.  This is the only way to atone for our transgressions against countless victims for over a hundred years and for allowing ourselves to be controlled by Jews in and above the US government. 

Again, Lenin and Trotsky were working for us.  Real names:  Ulyanov and Bronstein.  That’s a lot to try to live down, right there.