J B Campbell:
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The Ugly American


We’re going to have to get a lot tougher if we expect to survive what the Jewish government has in mind for us.  Tougher mentally and tougher physically.  Let’s forget “America, the beautiful.”  It’s definitely got some beautiful places but the real America is about the ugliest country in the world.  And the beautiful places are mostly UN biospheres now.

To defeat the US government the American freedom fighter needs to realize just how bad America is and has always been.  This is not news to American Indians or to Southerners.  Our founders were products of the British colonial system – the cruelest industry on Earth at that time.  The greedy and vicious British mentality produced the extermination of the Indians and slavery, first white and then African.  These two British institutions, extermination and slavery, set America on its destructive and self-destructive path.

Even though the revolutionaries fought and defeated the British tyrants, they couldn’t divorce themselves from England or the English method of rule.  It was all they knew.  They produced a declaration of independence but couldn’t incorporate it into their Masonic constitution, which was nothing more than a seven-part program for running a central government, after only eight years of no federal government.  State government can be tyrannical, too, but if there’s a choice to move to a different state…  Under a federal government, there’s eventually no choice but to fight again.  Federalism will always lead to fighting, if we have the nerve for it.

The US Constitution was so draconian that a few of the old revolutionaries had to demand a bill of rights – to protect the people from the new constitutional federal government!  The Federalists fought adding a bill of rights but finally gave in, since their system of central government, with its “supreme court,” would nullify those rights whenever necessary.  For example, the 2nd Amendment was so poorly crafted (from our point of view) that it was used to send gun owners to prison more often than not thanks to its nonsense about a “well-regulated militia.”  The disgrace is that Americans put up with that crap.  Couldn’t they see that an American tyranny would be even worse than a British tyranny? 

The Bill of Rights lasted until the next American tyrant showed up in 1861.  He slammed about a quarter million anti-war Yankees into prison for objecting to his sadistic war against Southerners who just wanted to get out from under federal tyranny and greed.  The Bill of Rights was a dirty joke – Lincoln destroyed every one of them until he was correctly assassinated.  He got exactly what he deserved – death – but it should have been by hanging rather than from a bullet in the brain.  Still, sic semper tyrannis.

We’re going to have to start killing all of our tyrants.  Local, state, federal.  Tyrants on Wall Street and tyrants on Main Street.  There is no alternative if we plan to survive because they plan to kill us.  This is why we have guns.  This is why the cunning bastards who wrote the 2nd Amendment made the right to keep and bear arms subordinate to a well-regulated militia.  They figured to keep the gun owners under control by “regulating” them in some bogus, quasi-federal body. 

I started the modern militia movement and used that antiquated word for this very reason, to take away from the government its control over it.  It was just a word-trick I used, for the old militia was often an instrument of tyranny used to support the federal government.  In both Shays’ Rebellion in Massachusetts and the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania the militia was used by the government to fight tax rebels and freedom fighters.  You can see the reason for the government’s confusion when I started what became a huge armed mass movement in this country in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.  The militia had always been an auxiliary arm of federal force until then.  I made it anti-government for its brief few years of existence and the feds only made it bigger with each attack – until Oklahoma City.  That was the end of that.

But an American cannot become a real freedom fighter until he faces up to the truth about this country.  He doesn’t need to have actually fought the American government prior to this, as this writer did in the early 1970s, when he joined the Rhodesian security forces to fight for continued white rule of that small African country.  This writer didn’t realize that he was fighting the real America, that preaches democracy and self-rule while it jams country after country into Communism and total destruction.  He didn’t understand for the first year that it wasn’t Red China or the Soviet Union that he was fighting but rather the US State Department and the CIA, the very same organizations that had plowed Russia and China themselves under Communist rule in the first place!  After about a year in the Rhodesian war, I saw why the Rhodesians were wary of accepting a young American into the security forces.  There is no one more dangerous to have on your side than an American.  Fortunately, they eventually saw that I was an exception to this rule.  Same goes here in our struggle against the tyrannical US government.  Most Americans are no damn good.

In the early ‘70s this writer had not become sufficiently aware of our brutal American history.  It would be after returning home that he would really learn about American conduct during the Second World War, for example.  He’d known about Operation Keelhaul and the firebombing of German and Japanese cities but the totality of American evil hadn’t totally sunk in on his young brain, since like everyone else he’d been raised in the glorious ‘50s in the afterglow of our famous victory, which Hollywood persisted in glorifying throughout that decade.  His father had been a marine in the First World War and his brother a paratrooper in the Second and the Korean War.  How could any young American raised in the perfect American propaganda cauldron of the 1950s think any differently? 

American evil is something that revisionists and freedom fighters such as this writer deal with just about every day.  The truth is that Hollywood sometimes slips up and does something it shouldn’t.  Such a slip-up was a movie made in 1952 starring Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker, called ABOVE AND BEYOND, which I happened to see the other night on TCM.  It is the story of Colonel Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the B-29 that dropped the uranium bomb on Hiroshima.  Taylor played Tibbets as a cold-blooded asshole, which naturally led to a little Tibbets research, which revealed that the movie didn’t even come close.  I remember rumors since the ‘50s that Tibbets had been wracked with guilt and had contemplated suicide, had lost his mind, etc., over what he’d done.  Total crap.  Tibbets was proud – extremely proud – of his mass murder.  He was looking forward to doing it again. 

He revealed in an interview with the Jewish war lover, Studs Terkel, that there was a third Jewish hell-bomb ready to go at the Wendover, Utah air base.  Curtis LeMay told Tibbets to get it loaded and fly it to Tinian and get ready to drop it.  Tibbets got it as far as California when, unfortunately for the war lovers, the war was over.

This is how dangerous Americans are.  The Jews may dream and plan of mass murder but they need gentiles to do it.  No gentiles have proven more willing or eager to do the Jews’ killing than Americans such as Paul Tibbets.  Or Audie Murphy.  Or Jimmy Stewart and Chuck Yeager, to name some famous ones.  Of course, no American comes close to Tibbets’ personal death toll of “80,000,” a ridiculously low number.  His partner in war crime, Charlie Sweeney, dropped the plutonium bomb on Nagasaki a few days later and chalked up “40,000” – also a ridiculously low number.  So these assholes are at the top of the Murderers’ Hall of Fame.

George Patton personally shot a couple of Mexicans down in Chihuahua and was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of German soldiers, which Ike Eisenhower gave him the chance to do.  He didn’t do the actual killing, though.  Neither did Eisenhower, who gave the orders to exterminate millions of civilians after the war.  Patton finally realized his bloodlust had been wrong and refused to follow Ike’s genocidal orders and got bumped off.  He had it coming.

But let’s get back to Tibbets, whom we should take the time to study.  He came from that typical Yankee cold-bloodedness that enabled Lincoln to do such damage eighty years earlier.  Tibbets describes his mother’s reaction to Hiroshima, after he kisses some Jewish ass:

Terkel:  What about the bomb? Einstein said the world has changed since the atom was split.

Tibbets:  That's right. It has changed.

Terkel:  And Oppenheimer knew that.

Tibbets:  Oppenheimer is dead.  He did something for the world and people don't understand.  And it is a free world.

Terkel:  One last thing, when you hear people say, "Let's nuke 'em," "Let's nuke these people," what do you think?

Tibbets:  Oh, I wouldn't hesitate if I had the choice.  I'd wipe 'em out.  You're gonna kill innocent people at the same time, but we've never fought a damn war anywhere in the world where they didn't kill innocent people.  If the newspapers would just cut out the shit: "You've killed so many civilians."  That's their tough luck for being there.

Terkel:  By the way, I forgot to say Enola Gay was originally called "Number 82." How did your mother feel about having her name on it?

Tibbets:  Well, I can only tell you what my dad said. My mother never changed her expression very much about anything, whether it was serious or light, but when she'd get tickled, her stomach would jiggle. My dad said to me that when the telephone in Miami rang, my mother was quiet first. Then, when it was announced on the radio, he said: "You should have seen the old gal's belly jiggle on that one."

How do you deal with this mentality?  My answer is, you have to kill anyone and everyone who exhibits this tendency, before he or she (as in the case of say, Hillary Clinton) has the chance to carry it out.  Our history has shown that a lot of American assholes have to be killed.  Paul Tibbets was a Grade A American asshole with a profound contempt for humanity.  What he actually did when he had the chance proves what I’m saying.  Anyone with this murderous attitude must be killed.  A whole lot of American cops have this tendency and prove it every day.  What our wonderful boys and girls did to strangers in Iraq and Afghanistan and many other places is more proof, whether it’s Abu Ghraib or Falujah or mass murdering with Predator drone video games in Vegas.

Virtually all Jews have this murderous attitude, some more open than others.  They may be the source of American murder, due to the “Judeo-Christian” ethic we’ve been raised with.  Anyone who takes the Bible seriously is a potential mass murderer.

So I’m going to reiterate what must be our main thinking:  Save America – Kill the Jews.  The Jews maneuvered Americans to slaughter millions of people in the two world wars, in Korea and Vietnam.  The Jews, calling themselves Neo-Cons, maneuvered us into killing millions more after 9/11, which the Jews themselves engineered.  The Jews are desperately trying to get us to nuke Iran right this very instant.  They can’t stop killing – or rather, getting Americans to kill for them. 

All Jews?  That’s up to you, who you think needs killing.  It’s pretty obvious that if all Jews were killed, most of our problems would be over. 

Who’s a Jew?  There are plenty of Jews who are obviously Jews.  Anyone who considers himself/herself to be Jewish is a Jew.  Anyone who doesn’t, isn’t.  Judaism comes down to behavior more than anything.  That will up to us to decide, as Hermann Goering famously said.  There are enough obvious Jews to deal with for the rest of our lives, however long that will be.

Anyone who fights for the Jews is the same as a Jew.  The Jews call them shabat goyim.  We can call them Tibbets goyim.  Same thing and there’s nothing worse or more dangerous, as Paul Tibbets proved one Sunday August morning over Hiroshima, followed by his fellow American flyboy, Charlie Sweeney, three days later. 

Being a good American requires a great deal of humility.  This has never come easily to Americans.  That’s going to change, of course.  What’s coming will be very humiliating for us all.  But the freedom fighter needs to come to terms with the real America, the one that has wiped out millions of normal people all around the world, and reduced us Americans to operatives of the Jews since 1917.  That was the year that America put Russia under Jewish control and sent our stupid men to France to begin killing Germans for Judaism.  America was never what we thought it was.  America has always been a Jewish instrument of world destruction that someday itself had to be destroyed.  The Jews can do one thing to perfection and that is destroy everything they touch.

We can break this horrible pattern but it will require killing all the Jews and all those who serve the Jews.  That’s a lot of killing, but there’s nothing else to do.