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We are entering the most dangerous period up till this point.  It will get much more dangerous, but right now is the most dangerous so far.  That’s because it’s a twilight period.  Dusk.  Neither light nor dark.  There are threats out there but they’re hard to make out.

We’re in that uncertain time of US history in which we know that the government is getting ready to arrest and wipe out all critics but some of us aren’t sure when to start shooting.  Most of us aren’t sure who should be shot first.  This essay is intended to remove that doubt and hesitancy.

Our gun-running, mass-murdering attorney general has just admitted to a senator that Americans will be killed in America by drones.  Our degenerate puppet president and his presumptive CIA director have been assassinating heroes overseas for years using this and many other methods, including death by torture. 

Obama’s year-old NDAA authorized the arrest and disappearance of Americans with no due process.  Thousands of Americans, mostly veterans, have disappeared into mental hospitals and VA psych wards, as revealed last year in the case of the young Virginia ex-marine, Brandon Raub, who narrowly escaped a chemical lobotomy.  According to the Rutherford Institute, an average of twenty thousand people per year, just in Virginia, are sent to psych wards and mental hospitals, which we must admit is a shocking statistic.  This is the Soviet form of warfare being waged against us by that delicate Communist stooge, Barack Obama.

Military and CIA whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning and John Kiriakou are considered enemies of the state and are imprisoned and tortured to frighten others not to copy them.  Technically, this in itself is a form of state terrorism.

The Jewish California senator, Feinstein, stated in the Senate, as this essay was being written, that virtually all American veterans are mentally disabled with post-traumatic stress disorder and should thus be prohibited from owning “assault weapons.”  This may be the most shocking example of the Jewish mentality that I can come up with, an example that should lead to the rounding up of all Jews as the revolution gets underway.  Has any Jew objected to this insane statement by Feinstein?  How about our new “anti-Semitic” defense secretary?  Could he possibly say a word in defense of the vets?  No, not Hagel – he’s too busy kissing Netanyahu’s derriere and is desperate to avoid criticizing any Jew for any reason. 

This website is an example of the crime of sedition.  Since it is written rather than spoken, it is technically an example of what the government calls “seditious libel,” despite the fact that nothing in it is false, which is a requirement for libel.  Legally, if it’s true, it’s not libel.  That’s just what the government has always called it, which of course is self-serving.

Sedition is the crime of promoting in any way the overthrow of the government.  This is something that this writer has been actively doing since forming the militia movement in January, 1989, the planning of which began in 1983.  The FBI intended to arrest me in Medford, Oregon at a public speech on July 31, 1990 on the charge of sedition.  A last-minute warning allowed me to cancel the speech and leave town for my home in California.  The FBI apparently changed tactics and did not attempt to arrest me again, perhaps choosing instead to monitor me and my contacts to see how serious the militia threat was.

I always said back then that the militia’s official mandate was “to suppress combinations too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.”  This was the most significant definition that I found among several in the Militia Act of 1792 because it described exactly what I was trying to do:  attack (suppress) the private Jewish combinations such as the Federal Reserve and the CFR rather than the federal government itself.  Although I did not start out as a revolutionary it was soon apparent that I was one.  If you mean to attack the invisible government, you will also be attacking the actual government.

Today I make no bones about being a revolutionary.  This website is the most extreme example of “seditious libel” in the country, if not in the world.  My goal is the violent overthrow of the US government and the killing of traitors in and above the government.  If an overthrow could be done non-violently, that would be great.  But we all know that this is not possible.  The American government has always, since 1861, conducted itself in a combination of benevolent deception accompanied by overwhelming violence. 

During my 1990 speaking tour I met Louis Beam.  We quickly became and have remained very good friends for these twenty-three years.  Louis was the proponent of “leaderless resistance” at the same time that I was forming the leaderless militia movement.  He was at the top of the enemies list of the Jewish American government and had already paid heavily for his anti-federal activism and what back then we might have called “patriotism.”  I was shocked to learn of his experience with sedition and how he and his wife had suffered at federal hands.

Louis and Sheila were married in Texas in April, ’87.  Louis was concerned that he and others were going to be arrested by the feds in a program called Operation Clean Sweep.  The feds made up a charge that there was a plan to overthrow the US government, or sedition.  The charge was bogus and fabricated by federal lawyers and agents and their paid provocateurs.  Louis Beam has never called for such a thing.  This writer should know.

Louis thought that he and Sheila should move to Mexico.  Sheila was a naïve young Sunday-school teacher who knew little of Louis’ activism, but accepted his instruction and others’ in the use of his 9mm pistol.  He told her he might be indicted and that maybe this could be avoided by moving to Mexico.  She thought “indicted” was similar to “subpoenaed.”  They moved to the American colony at Chapala near Guadalajara. 

A few months later they attended a meeting about some rapes and robberies of Americans and were warned to be on the lookout.  When they got home that night, Sheila went in first with groceries while Louis got his young daughter out of the car.  Sheila looked out the kitchen window to see a man bending Louis over the car’s hood with a gun to his head.  This was an FBI agent named Steve Walker, accompanied by three Mexican federales.  Assuming this was a robbery, she went to the dresser and picked up the pistol and went to the stairs. 

Coming up the stairs were a couple of the Mexicans, holding shotguns.  They ordered her to come down but in morbid fear she fired, hitting both of them, one fatally.

The Mexican army was also on the scene.  Floodlights came on and they poured gunfire into the apartment building.  It was made of concrete and Sheila was protected.  Eventually she realized that this was not a robbery but something official and she surrendered to be beaten half to death by the Mexicans.  She and Louis were taken to separate jails and Louis was handed over to the FBI for extradition to Ft. Smith, Arkansas for the Great Sedition Trial of 1988.

After months of beatings and torture at the hands of the FBI and Mexican federales, Sheila was released to an FBI informant named Dave Holloway, who took her back to Texas and then to Ft. Smith in time for the trial, after extensive medical care. Her pretty face remained distorted for months and she suffered from a number of serious internal injuries.

It is not clear how or why an American who shot and killed a federale could be released.  The Mexicans had been told by the FBI that Louis was a dangerous drug dealer and when the Mexican judge learned the truth, perhaps he angrily and deliberately let her go.  Dave Holloway was Sheila’s self-appointed agent with some mysterious authority to represent her interests to the Mexican officials.  Neither Louis nor Sheila had known Holloway before this.

I’m pretty sure that Dave Holloway’s mission was to ingratiate himself and get close to Louis in the future.  The release of an American killer of a Mexican cop, regardless of the reason, was and remains unprecedented.  Holloway’s background includes Special Forces, which means CIA.

Louis allowed a rookie Houston attorney named Kirk Lyons to assist him in the sedition trial, but Louis did all the talking.  He and Richard Butler and Bob Miles were bunched up with convicted members of The Order in the sedition trial.  Thanks to Louis’ oratory during the trial, a sympathetic federal judge and a smart jury, all the defendants were totally acquitted of all charges.  It was a crushing and surprising defeat for the lying federal tyrants who had hoped to use a victory to begin a general assault on American liberty.

It was during this time in ’88 that the German FBI operative, Andreas Strassmeir, came to America to infiltrate the Louis Beam circle of friends.  Kirk Lyons told me that it was Dave Holloway who put Strassmeir at the Elohim City federal rest camp in Oklahoma, run by an FBI informant named “Pastor” Robert Millar.  It was here that many of the personnel and much of the planning of the OKC massacre came from.

Despite this spectacular failure at Ft. Smith to prosecute sedition, it was decided to pursue me on this difficult charge about two years later, then abandoned probably due to my announced target of the invisible government.

Again, today, I make no such distinction between the federal government, the state government and the local government and the private government.  The existence of roughly seventy-five “fusion centers” allegedly and mysteriously run by Homeland Security is a good reason.  The existence of InfraGard, a merger of the FBI and private business, is another.  But the main reason is that our government is controlled by Jews through AIPAC and the Council on Foreign Relations and hundreds of interlocking Jewish organizations and committees and through the vicious control of Christians by corrupt Christian fundamentalist Zionist leaders such as John Hagee and Pat Robertson, among many others.

So much for the short history of my previous experience with sedition.  Although Louis for a few years had a newsletter he ironically called “The Seditionist,” he has not to my knowledge ever called for the violent overthrow of the US government.  That is really my department.

It’s no doubt a frightening prospect for most Americans to contemplate a war with their own government.  For the majority, it is probably unthinkable.  Some, of course, are not only thinking about it but are preparing for it.

How do we overthrow the government?  The easiest way is to attack the engine of the government, which is the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan.  It’s also in DC and Chicago but the mothership is at 58 E. 68th Street, New York, NY.  All three buildings will have to be destroyed and the approximately four thousand members executed.  The members are in government, the military, industry, the media, education and especially in banking and finance.  When these people are dead, the federal government will lose control of us and will run aground.

The same thing must happen to the so-called Federal Reserve System.  The twelve “banks” around the country must be destroyed and the members executed.  Debt-based currency (the FRN) will be withdrawn and we will explain to the Treasury Department that it will henceforth issue debt-free United States Notes to pay all legitimate debts, as was done during the last few months of the Kennedy administration.  Any debt incurred to the Federal Reserve and financial institutions will be declared null and void.  We will find that there is not much legitimate debt to pay off.

Debt-free currency will allow business to thrive as it did in pre-war Germany.  The thousands of military personnel who will immediately be brought home and demobilized will be absorbed by our expanding industries, just as we saw in Germany.

People are tired of hearing and reading how diabolical the government is, what the Jews are up to now, how sadistic cops are killing us, that drones can be used to assassinate us.  The worst offender is Alex Jones, who might as well be working for the army’s psychological warfare branch.   All he does is scare people about what’s happening, what’s coming and what the “globalists” are doing to us.  Never a word about how to defeat these cowardly, rich bastards.  Never a simple suggestion to respond to deadly police aggression with overwhelming violence.  Never a mention of the Jewish direction and control of the US government’s war against us.  His first priority is to protect and grow his multi-million dollar propaganda enterprise, which is totally supported by Jewish sponsors, bankers and a legal team.  He is naturally unable to discuss the Jewish Problem or to present a solution – so what good is he?    

There’s nothing wrong with propaganda as long as it’s white or true propaganda.  White propaganda is merely emphasizing facts that need to be known and acted upon.  Black propaganda is telling lies about your enemy or yourself.  Jones’ propaganda protects American Jews and Israeli Jews by failing to identify them as the directors of the New World Order and in neglecting to report the Jewish nature of financial and governmental crimes.  Jones’ propaganda becomes black when he repeats Jewish lies about Adolf Hitler and German conduct during WWII.  He also never describes the revolting war crimes of the American, British and Soviet allies against the German and Japanese people.

As long as we live in or near the swamp of Jewish lies, we’ll not be able to destroy the Jewish dictatorship.  To do this, we must study the experience of Hitler and the formation of his political party because no one else ever cleansed a nation of Jewish domination.  We must drain the swamp and wipe out the diseases caused by the poisonous bloodsuckers.  Jews must be removed from all positions of power, influence and decision-making and prevented from ever emerging again.

We are currently in a state of decline and paralysis caused by government and banking treachery.  We are in a comparable position as the Germans were following WWI, so we can use their experience as a guide since we are basically the same people. 

I was on Clay Douglas’ radio show recently and he was discouraged by the lack of support he gets from those he thinks should be supporting his efforts.  Virtually all of the anti-government personalities have this complaint, voiced or not.

My experience is that dedicated people, no matter how broke or dispirited, will come back to life and begin working hard again and contribute if they see or hear a real program for victory.  Our situation is, today, that no one has presented such a program. 

A program for victory must be simple, hard-hitting and realistic.  It must make sense and satisfy the sense of justice and the need for revenge for the deliberate destruction of our way of life.

Fortunately, virtually all of our disastrous experiences since World War II can be tied to policies sponsored by the Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve System and formulated at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Most of us have only been alive about that long and of course the subversion pre-dates WWII by a couple of decades.  The Federal Reserve was given control of our currency and we were indebted to it in 1913 and the CFR began making foreign and domestic policy eight years later.  In between these dates came WWI and the Jewish takeover of Russia.

Today, the Jews have become quite bold and even reckless, revealing their direction of American war policy against the Moslems.  They called themselves “neo-conservatives” and reveled in their control of the Bush administration.  They became quiet again when their rosy predictions of easy victories started to decay.

Never responsible for their disasters, they pretend that their demands to destroy Iran are totally different from their brilliant plans to defeat Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The unreliable charge of “sedition” probably won’t be used anymore.  Rather, our murderous, deceptive and androgynous president and his equally murderous attorney general will accuse us of being “engaged in combat” and of being “associates of associates of al-Qaeda.”  No matter.  Same result.  We are subject to assassination by any method currently being used overseas.

Regardless of these ploys and developments, we must offer a simple program, such as (in no particular order):

Tough, fearless speakers who can articulate a revolutionary program of overthrowing the government.  Speakers must impart a firm and determined attitude towards treason and cowardice but be careless of their own safety.  Courage is almost as contagious as fear.  Speakers should be in the upper age range at first with life insurance paid up.  Speakers must be trained, knowledgeable and confident in their abilities to persuade people and deal with hecklers and other aggressive cowards.  Speakers must have tough and armed security around them who are ready to fight or shoot at the drop of a hat, regardless of the type of clothing worn and weapons carried by the aggressors.  Always remember that terrorists want to kill us but they don’t want to fight us.

We must develop contacts in the military in the junior officer and enlisted ranks.  These men and women will in turn deal with the higher-ranking sell-outs and traitors in the military.  Lieutenants, captains and majors must be brought into the revolution against Jewish Rule, along with senior non-commissioned officers.  We have been given a priceless gift by Senator Dianne Feinstein, who revealed her official senatorial Jewish opinion that American military veterans are all mentally ill and must be prohibited from owning “assault weapons.”

The US military must be taken over by our colleagues and all genocidal weapons of aggression must be rendered harmless.  All sell-outs must be executed.  The new American military will order Israel to surrender or be attacked in the manner we attacked Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya.  Israeli weapons of mass destruction will be rendered harmless.  Israeli war lords will be executed. 

All Jews in America serving Israel will be arrested and executed, regardless of their country of origin.

We have been maneuvered by the Obama gangsters into an uncertain but defensive position with hinted and suggested threats to assassinate or disappear us at the whim of the gangsters.  As we have seen with the case of Brandon Raub, a combination of federal agents and local police arrested him – while  assuring him that he was not under arrest – and transported him to the Richmond VA psych ward for a hurried “evaluation.”  The evaluator ordered him held for a further thirty day “evaluation.”  On his fifth day of imprisonment a government psychiatrist informed him that he would be “brainwashed – forcibly medicated.”  This can only mean a chemical lobotomy.  I reiterate this case constantly to remind us of the very dangerous position we are in vis-à-vis the police, who are now nothing more than mini-feds and just as dangerous.  This sort of thing happens to twenty thousand people a year just in the state of Virginia.  This happened to Brandon Raub because he is an ex-marine who was playing hypothetical games on a supposedly “private” version of Facebook.  As we see in the insane statement of Dianne Feinstein, veterans are considered the most dangerous enemies of the Jews.

All cops and feds have the license to kill us for any reason or for no reason at all.  “The Law” always sides with the uniformed, licensed killer.  This in turn has licensed us to kill them for cause, the cause being the slightest indication that they intend to arrest us or home-invade us for a political reason.  This will be a split-second, life or death, kill-or-get-killed decision to be made under a great deal of stress.  Much psychological preparation must be practiced, along with immediate action drills, so that an overwhelming, violent response is ready at any hour of the day.

We must take control of our communities by running Neighborhood Watch patrols as a routine.  This will discourage both common criminals and official criminals and prevent them from staging surprise after-dark raids in convenient locations near their intended targets.

We must have instant communications other than cell phones and land lines.  Instant communications allow immediate action to defend neighbors from police and federal aggression. 

Pickup trucks with armed men in back are very good tactical vehicles.  The shooters are able to fire in all directions and overhead.

A program for victory is at least two-pronged:  it is both offensive in the plan to destroy the policymakers behind the US government and it is defensive, to provide for defense against the federal and private gangsters and assassins and their assistants in the police.  The program does not require a bureaucratic field manual or ponderous rules of engagement.  It only requires common sense and courage. 

Most members of the resistance will be in the support departments – providing intelligence, money, equipment, food, temporary lodging and perhaps just moral support.  Many members will be in the propaganda section, which should be kept separate from the action section.  There must be coordination between the action and propaganda sections but for security reasons, as little contact as possible will be required.

The action section will carry out operations against both the government and the associated traitors in the private sector.

All sections will require security, trained gunfighters who will protect members as they go about their jobs and duties.  Security members will be charged with executing spies and federal and police agents.

All members must be armed and ready to defend themselves in the immediate absence of the security section.

The program also requires the acknowledgment that our lives are not worth a plugged nickel without the readiness to fight federal aggression.  Cowards and sell-outs deserve to die.

Regardless of what we thought of them, we owe a great debt to those courageous people in Waco, Texas known as the Branch Davidians.  They revealed the actual sadistic nature of the federal government.  They made a hasty decision to defend themselves when the merciless gun grabbers began killing them for no apparent reason after a vicious, unprovoked home invasion. 

The FBI’s cruel method of murdering them has shown us that we can show such homicidal maniacs (who are of course paid by us) no mercy in any encounter with them.  They will show no mercy to us.

It is natural to wonder why this writer is still at large after years of deliberately provoking the feds to try something.  Someone wrote me a few months ago wondering the same thing, but in a way that suggested that I was an agent provocateur.  He said, How is it that an ex-marine such as Brandon Raub gets picked up for some minor thing, and you are allowed to send out the explosive material that you do?

Now I suspect that the FBI has several reasons for not trying to arrest me and prosecute me for whatever.  No doubt it wants some sort of gauge of the sort of resistance it can expect to its plans and operations.  We are in a war of terror by the federal government, which mixes murder, imprisonment and psychological operations.  All of this and more are being used against us and this will get worse and worse. 

The feds have to be very careful in the way they attack us.  Uppermost in their minds is what happened at Waco when the ATF had to surrender and beg the Davidians to let them take out their dead and wounded.  That was a total disaster for the feds and they desperately want to avoid such a thing in the future.  This was the reason for the massacre at the end, to try to wipe out the stain of cowardly failure during the first attack.

What the feds want is Unconditional Surrender, just as they did in 1945.  They want Hands Up, Pants Down!  They want fear and they want terror.  What they don’t want and can’t afford is someone who will shoot back again, maybe even worse than Waco.  Maybe even worse than Gordon Kahl.

And remember, when it comes to Unconditional Surrender to the US government, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been trying to surrender for a couple of years – you may well have a couple of nuclear bombs dropped on you just to see how good they work.

So I said to this guy, the main difference is that the feds knew that Brandon Raub didn’t own a gun.  They knew he was harmless and that he wouldn’t fight back.  The feds know that that’s not the case with this writer.  They’ve got my dossier and they don’t consider it good reading.

I cannot overemphasize the invaluable case of Brandon Raub.  Everything we need to know about what the feds are doing today, how to conduct ourselves, what to do and what not to do, is in his story.

Let us create a mini-program for victory in a Brandon Raub scenario…

I’m not going to criticize him for horsing around on Facebook, but there is something totally evil about this Jewish/CIA intel operation in which you reveal every possible facet of your private life and personality to your deadly enemies.  The Socialist Network!

So a young and naïve ex-marine engineer – not really a hard-core killer – has a private FB deal with his brother and sister and maybe his mother, delving into 9/11 and government treachery.  Now we know what a deadly mistake that was. 

Brandon Raub could not have survived the federal/police visit because he didn’t own a gun.  We pretty much have to leave Brandon now because he thought life in Richmond, Virginia could be fun.  He thought you could rock and roll and say trash about Bush and Cheney and play your music and barbeque in the back yard.  He thought life in America could not be as dangerous as life in Iraq.  What the hell was he fighting for over there, anyway?  Rock ‘n’ roll and Facebook!

So here we diverge from Brandon.  No matter where we live, no matter what “the law” is on guns,  you have what you need in terms of a rifle and a lot of ready rounds in twenty- or thirty-round mags.  Hundreds of rounds.  Your rifle is fully loaded with one up the spout and only requires taking it off Safe and squeezing the trigger.  You have an auto or pump shotgun with lots of ready buckshot rounds in a bandolier. Your shotgun is fully loaded with one up the spout and on Safe.  You have a fully-loaded pistol or revolver that only needs to have the trigger pulled if it’s a revolver and if it’s a pistol, one up the spout and safety about to come off. 

You are ready for any eventuality.

The eventuality appears in the form of four or five official-looking cars coming up the driveway or parking below your apartment.  That’s what Brandon saw.  But what the hell could he do about it, with no gun?

You’re different.  You might even slip out the back way and circle around behind them as they’re getting ready to go to your front door.  If it’s dark – so much the better.  They’ll have some kind of a door breaker which they’ll start hammering against your doorknob just as they announce themselves:

“Police!  FBI!  Warrant!”

This is when you open up on them from behind and kill every one you can before they realize what happened.  Your one standard mag should have enough for everybody.

But let’s say they sneak up to your door and come crashing in but not before your wide-awake dog has warned you.  They’re really not expecting any shooting so when you empty your pistol down the hall to put them on notice, you’re grabbing your shotgun and taking it off Safe and, from prone on the floor by the bed or from behind a couch, you give them all five or six rounds of buckshot, aiming as carefully as possible to make every shot count.  You will have wounded or killed most of them because they were very bunched up as they invaded your home.  You reload both your pistol and your shotgun as quickly as possible and kill any survivors.  Such murderous and treacherous bastards cannot be allowed to live.  Reload again and get dressed and leave the house.  You can then decide if you want to set up an ambush on the eventual reinforcements or split.  If you split, you’ll want to head for the federal building or the fusion center where you suspect this operation was hatched.  Communications with friends will determine your immediate action response, which would probably be to attack the HQ of the attackers.  The war would definitely be on and this would likely trigger similar actions around the country.  This is what the Obama gangsters are planning for us, once they get the nerve to start it up.

The main thing you must do is shoot back.  Hit first and hit hard.  Once you know that an attack is planned against you, life as you have known it is over.  Now you’re in the New America.  It’s either this or surrender and get sent to a camp or mental prison or psych ward.  The NDAA for 2012 says you can disappear and be tortured to death.  No phone call, no lawyer, no charges, no trial, no trace.  There is no legal method to resist.  Therefore we must fight to the death – preferably to the death of the son of a bitch who sent them after you.