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Frame of Mind

An old British buddy from the ‘70s Rhodesian war and I were reminiscing the other day via Skype, comparing ourselves with the Blackwater war criminals of today, permissible because we were also private contractors, among the first such in modern times.  I think Mike Hoare’s Congo volunteers were under contract with the CIA in the ‘60s.  We’d signed three-year contracts with the British South Africa Police.  John A was my troop commander in Support Unit, a white-led anti-terrorist squad of the Rhodesian national police, with its traditional old name.  John’s rank was inspector and mine was section officer and we received the princely wage of around three hundred Rhodesian dollars per month, which included a little combat pay.  John was responsible for D Troop, of which I led a stick of about ten African askari and one or two African sergeants.  There were two other section officers in D Troop, Brian Parsons and Duncan Beverage.  I use their whole names because Duncan is dead and Brian long lost.

Can’t remember if John had a car back then.  We had police Land Rovers that we could drive on duty but had to bum rides with more independent guys during our one week off in Salisbury.  We did six weeks in the bush, a week off and a week back at Tomlinson Depot, our HQ, to practice immediate action drills with our Africans for the upcoming six weeks in the bush.  I managed to buy, on installments, a 1962 BSA 650cc Rocket motorcycle for getting around.  Took about a year to pay it off.

I was contemptuous of these new mercenaries, these private contractors, who brazenly lay waste to foreigners, shooting them for fun as they drive through other people’s neighborhoods.  It’s the curse of Americanism, or Judeo-Christianity at gunpoint.  Americans wreck everything they touch, justified with dim ideas of moral superiority based on religion and Capitalism.  I was warning John about getting involved with American security contractors who had approached him for his expertise.  John runs the biggest security firm on the Dark Continent.  I said, “You know, we joined up, we played by the local rules and took our chances.  Americans don’t do that.  They make up their own rules and wind up wrecking everything with their can-do ignorance, arrogance and greed.”

I drill oil and gas wells for a living.  Back in the old days (‘70s), a drilling consultant, or company man, such as I could pick virtually all of the subcontractors, the service companies, needed to get the well drilled.  Back then, when I started out as a drilling foreman for ARCO, Halliburton was a great name in the business of cementing and various other drilling services.  There is nothing wrong with Halliburton’s work but today, if I still had a say, which we consultants no longer have, I wouldn’t allow Halliburton on location.  When Halliburton hired Dick Cheney as its CEO in 1995, I experienced a feeling of revulsion that has never left me.  It was Cheney who, as Big Bush’s “secretary of defense,” had paid Halliburton millions to start the private-contractor mercenary business, and then billions more for war services.  His reward was to be given personal millions to head up the company, with zero knowledge of the oil business, to procure billions in no-bid war contracts.  Then, back to the White House as little Bush’s VP with “gravitas.”  Today, the Halliburton subsidiary KBR is building at great profit our gulag system of domestic concentration camps.

This is the nature of the corporate tyranny we are under today – soft men who have never worked, wearing expensive suits bought with bail outs and speculation money from insider trading and interest from mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps.  As it used to be with Jews in general, it was hard for me to take soft men such as Karl Rove, the Bushes, Bill Kristol and the “neo-cons” seriously.  Or Barack Obama, Joe Lieberman or David Axlerod.  I have learned to do so.  The soft men are the treacherous ones. 

Then there are the soft Zionist gas bags such as Limbaugh, Hannity, the Savage Wiener and O’Reilly – war lovers who are liable for execution for war crimes.  Exhorting your government to attack without provocation is a hanging offense, as our own government demonstrated at Nuremberg.  These gas bags and Fox generally used their great influence to get millions of people killed by the US military, hundreds of thousands of which were also killed and wounded.

There’s a soft man who appears on the Lew Rockwell website.  I’ll call him “Mary South.”  South is a dealer who sells gold coins and bullion for a living.  He recommended in a book back in the ‘80s that everyone build a bomb shelter for the impending Soviet nuclear attack.  He was responsible for the Y2K scare, which transferred a lot of wealth to himself and other scammers.  I’m surprised that Rockwell would allow him on his blog.  South has attacked proponents of debt-free currency because it would interfere with his dream of selling his gold to the government at the astronomical prices it would cost to back our debt-based rotten currency with that intoxicating metal. 

Naturally, he combines business with religion and his website features a Biblical quotation from Matthew 6:32-33, which states,

32  (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

 33  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

What would Jesus think of Bible-thumping Mary South?  Mary South is literally a money-changer who changes gold for Federal Reserve Notes, and must presumably believe the latter more valuable than the former.  South’s sermon for today has to do with guns, specifically “the non-revolutionary ownership of guns.”  In his sermon he says this:

…At the other extreme is the private militia crowd. They think that the ownership of weapons is basic to conducting a new American Revolution. They think that their ownership of weapons will in some way slow down the state. Some day, the People will take up arms against the state…

The weekend militia people are dangerous. Why? Because they have a romantic view of bloodshed. They think that the modern state can be successfully resisted by force of individual arms. This leads to a suicide mentality. The suicide mentality is the heart of the matter, not gun ownership.

The correct goal is to wait for the federal government to go bankrupt before it bankrupts us. It will go bankrupt. It is not God. It cannot afford to implement its programs of healing.


This is how businessmen talk.  Don’t hurt my business.  Keep buying gold from me and keep making me rich.  And yes, it’s doctrinally okay to accumulate filthy lucre if you buy it from a fellow believer such as myself.  Mary South appears to be reacting to this very website.  Businessmen, especially religious businessmen, lie a lot.  They have to.

The modern state can certainly be successfully resisted by force of individual arms.  How does Mary South think the modern American state got its ass handed to it in Iraq and Afghanistan?  By force of individual arms.  Iraqi freedom fighters shot American invaders with small arms and blew them up with homemade bombs.  They did this one at a time, five at a time, whatever, at great expense to themselves.  Afghan freedom fighters are doing it also and it’s just a matter of bloody time until the Yankee invaders follow the British invaders and the Soviet invaders off the pages of history, helped along by US soldiers who massacre families in the dead of night.

It will be the same here, or could be.  It just can’t be done by soft men who want to keep doing business.  It cannot be done by Christians who follow the suicidal example of their savior.

The modern American state is currently personified by a very soft man, my former neighbor, Leon Panetta.  This attorney looks soft and speaks softly as he explains sardonically to federal legislators that they no longer have roles to play in the running of the modern American state, which is in a permanent state of war with the world.

This of course is music to my ears.  For my purposes, which are to get the resistance movement mobilized and in action against the American government, both visible and invisible, Obama and Panetta and Levin and Lieberman must increase their treachery and become even bolder and more blatant.  Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, assassinations, renditions, disappearances, Predator drones, NDAA, Trespassing Act, See Something Say Something, TSA roadblocks and forced searches – this is the sort of stuff I need to be successful.  The militia movement exploded right after Waco in ’93.  Now, I don’t want innocent people hurt, killed or disappeared but their doing so makes my job much easier.

My current plan is to recondition the American mind.  The object of the Great Depression of the 1930s was to impoverish the American people so drastically that they would look at another world war as something positive, as a relief from their miserable lives.  That they would gladly join the military and go overseas and kill whomever they were ordered to kill, as in the sad case of Audie Murphy, who killed at least 248 Germans and Italians in close combat.  He became suicidal and a prescription drug addict for the rest of his miserable life for what he felt were war crimes that he had committed.  I daresay Jimmy Stewart had no such guilt despite twenty-five bombing missions over German cities that killed many times Murphy’s count, and Stewart’s victims were civilians.  Jimmy Stewart glorified war crime with his celebrity and stayed in the Air Force his whole life.  Anyone who drops bombs on people from an airplane is one of the worst types of war criminal.

My plan is slightly different.  The war lords and their planners must have the tables turned on them.  The ones we can get our hands on here in America need to be killed.  They’re screaming for it – Stop me before I kill again!  What else can you do with killers who love to kill?  Not a damn thing.  They can only be killed as quickly as possible.

Our attitude must be converted from victim to predator.  There are some very professional weakeners working against us, subtly keeping many of us in the fearful victim state of mind.  The famous offenders are the above-mentioned soft gas bags and their clones, who pose as conservative patriots.  In fact, they are Zionist propagandists who scream at any suggestion of self-defense against Zionism.  This is why Zionism took on the name, “neo-conservatism.”  In this way the Jews co-opt conservatives and maneuver them into a Jewish, pro-Israel corner.

But the most deceptive and truly effective weakener is Alex Jones.  Jones presents himself as an outraged patriot who very effectively lists the crimes of the federal government in a compelling way that brings him a grimly fascinated audience in the millions every day.  Jones presents solid proof of criminality, no question.  His delivery is so devastating and convincing that his listeners are doubtless in a mild state of shock after every program, since the crimes of government are horrific and he enunciates them clearly.

But Jones has a dark side.  He protects the Jews.  He misses no opportunity to please his Jewish supporters by repeating their revolting lies of World War II and pretends that our Talmudic government is to be compared with the Nazis.  The obvious fact is that the Nazis were fighting and got wiped out by the same gang that is planning to wipe us out.  It’s our turn in the barrel now but Jones can’t tell his audience the simple truth, or doesn’t want to.  He appears to be morbidly afraid of offending Jews.

Even darker, however, is his service to the government in failing to call for the only possible course of action we have:  the violent overthrow of the US government that has mass-murdered millions of people since 9/11.  It’s only natural that the Barack Obamas and the Leon Panettas move from their community organizing offices and small-town law offices to fedgov to become dictators in the perfect storm conditions we’re under today.  That’s the human condition and must simply be dealt with as we deal with any other natural disease or disaster.  But Alex Jones can’t call for real action, which could get him in real trouble.  He figures he can talk his way out of personal trouble, which he’s been able to do for about seventeen years.  I’m sure Rush Limbaugh thought he could talk his way out after losing his advertising empire by his foul mouth.  I predict death for Limbaugh when his usefulness to Zionism peters out, but the wish may be father of the thought on that one. 

Jones is working against us just as much as the 13,000 preachers who work for Homeland Security, persuading the faithful not to resist fedgov.  He rages at the horrible fate planned for us by the sadists and I don’t doubt that most of his listeners are terrified.  They are terrified because with his high-tech communications center in Austin and his capability to mobilize hundreds of thousands of armed fighters, he sells scary and demoralizing videos with no plan of action other than futile analysis and frightening yak-yak and buying more videos.  It’s the same old John Birch Society formula for fleecing the sheep and keeping them scared, bunched up and under control. 

The John Birch Society delivered a lot of controlled truth but prohibited certain important facts, such as the Jewish origin and control of Communism and Capitalism.  If a member mentioned this fact, his membership was terminated.  JBS members were limited to writing to their congressmen as a remedy for illegal acts by government.  Members were forbidden to participate in anti-IRS action, such as refusing to file.  Members were told to obey all laws, to support their police departments.  The John Birch Society was the perfect MK-Ultra experimental group of mind-controlled fraidy-cats.  The most dedicated members were deeply afraid of offending Robert Welch, the insulting candy salesman and Zionist front-man who was furious at Gary Allen for accusing the Rockefellers of treason. 

At some point we have to acknowledge that severe demoralization is an act of aggression on behalf of the enemy.  Alex Jones is a hell of an actor and entertainer, the Jackie Gleason of the information providers.  He can play any role convincingly.  He may, in fact, be entirely sincere but it doesn’t matter.  He is using the wrong tactics for creating a counter-violence resistance movement, which tactics only serve Zionist interests, by behavior modification. 

Violence by our government against foreigners and ourselves can only be answered with counter-violence, not demonstrations, protests and petitions.  This is armed America!  Self-defense and defense of others who are being killed and terrorized by our tax-eaters here and abroad require the readiness to kill them, either as it is happening or after the fact.  The planners of these official crimes must be killed before the fact.  The planning is all that is required for the death penalty.  America must become the most dangerous kill zone for police-state traitors, a place where treachery is answered with death.

We require the proper frame of mind.  Fear is not good.  Contempt for the intimidators and the murderers is called for.  Our contempt needs to be cool rather than hot.  We must be in control of our emotions at all times.  Anyone who instills fear or compliance in us must be counted as working for the CIA and the Mossad.  There was a time for fear, when we first learned the score.  Now the fear must be put away. 

America, rotten as it is morally, financially and politically, is the perfect place for overthrowing the government.  Based on my experience setting up the militia movement, I estimate there are several million people who have the morality, the courage, the strength and the intelligence to overthrow the government.  The militia movement had no agenda other than amassing arms and ammunition, mainly because there wasn’t a noticeable deadly threat to all of us back then.  Again, the FBI’s Waco massacre happened at a critical time and grew the movement enormously, helped by the obviously sinister nature of the Clinton administration.  But there wasn’t the general feeling of dread that we have today.  We must turn the dread into cool contempt and readiness to drop the hammer at the drop of a hat.

America is perfect because there is and can be no shortage of guns to use for the overthrow and to use for defending ourselves from renegade police and military.  We can never be actually disarmed – the threat is to be disarmed mentally so that even though we have guns we could be conditioned not to use them. 

Americans and people in general prefer to be authorized to kill, even in self-defense.  I will point out here, as I did in The New American Man, that the actual authority is built-in – we were born with the authority to defend ourselves and our families and our friends from any and all threats.  The general oath of office in this country reflects this basic obligation to defend ourselves. 

Forget the Constitution – we cannot defend documents.  Documents and laws mean nothing, as Abraham Lincoln, FDR, GW Bush and Barack Obama (among many others) clearly demonstrated.  Anyone who thinks he’s defending the Constitution hasn’t read it.  The ten amendments of the Bill of Rights were added to protect us from the seven articles of the Constitution, a very deceptive plan for running a central government.  The seventeen additional amendments pretty much nullified the original document and made it meaningless.  So let’s forget the Constitution and concentrate on defending ourselves from murderers and thieves by destroying their base of power and killing every one of them before they kill us.

The only foreign enemy we have is Zionism.  Our domestic enemy is Judaism, the basis of Zionism.  Judaism and Zionism have made America the enemy of mankind, an obscenity beyond comprehension.