J B Campbell:
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Why I Started the Militia

What in hell is the Missouri Information Analysis Center?  And what’s with the bureaucratic title?  Why not just call it what it is, Missouri’s Center for Information Analysis, or CIA spelled sideways.  We can assume that this pretentious outfit gets its money and information from Langley, Virginia, and, like Blackwater, is just another CIA front.  Back in the ‘90s they called such cop shops part of the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force, meaning that state, county and local lawmen were merged with the FBI and the marshals under FEMA control.  FEMA today is dominated by Israel and Israel’s running dogs, as is the CIA.

The MCIA is in the business of intimidation, as well as preparing Missouri cops for an attack on us Americans who might resent the destruction of our savings and the taking of our homes and cars – and of course, our children.  Those of us who are concerned about a possible round-up of the resentful are high on the red list.  The Missouri branch of the CIA is one of dozens of “fusion centers” around the country – fusion meaning the eventual merging of the police with the army.

The Missouri bureaucrats are warning cops that the resentful ones are to be considered potential terrorists and are to be treated accordingly.  Their infamous report blends this terrorism with the militia.  Now, I thought the militia was pretty much dead, and I’m the one that started it.  I did so with a book that I wrote and published back in the ‘80s, The New American Man.  Its subtitle was A Call to Arms.  The first draft was written in ’83 and then toughened up in ’88 and finally released to the public in 1989, when I could afford to print about 2,700 copies. 

The book was hyped on several radio shows in Anchorage.  A guy up there named Don taped my interviews and sent copies all around the lower 48.  Within a few weeks, the militia movement was born and just took off.  The books sold out in a few months and I started lowering my profile, attempting in no way to present myself as the one who started the thing.  Within a few months I received letters (this was before email) inviting me to speak to men who thought this militia thing was a pretty good idea. 

I had a certain agenda, as I’ve written repeatedly, which was to gather a tough bunch of guys who would help me neutralize the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan.  But I was way ahead of the power curve in those days.  The militia idea would reach the plateau of stockpiling weapons against big government’s plans to confiscate firearms. 

I spent the summer of 1990 traveling around the US, speaking privately to small groups of men about the need to go after the so-called invisible government, the CFR, and its clones.  This turned out to be way too ambitious, so in every meeting I fell back to the idea of self-defense against cops and feds, and what to do if one was raided.  The main idea I originated was that of reprisals in the name of whatever innocent person or family that was raided or injured in any way.  The reprisals could take place anywhere in the country but they had to be in the name of the victims.  I also proposed traveling in convoys in the event of roadblocks.

The meetings were monitored by the police and feds, who knew where I was going to be long before I got there.  My home phone was obviously tapped, as were the phones of the guys who I’d be meeting.  I was tailed openly by police and others, with no attempt at secrecy.

The man who helped me in Columbus, Ohio was a former radioman on the USS Pueblo when it was captured by the North Koreans in 1968.  He and the others had been beaten by the Reds and the whole crew had been abandoned by the US government for eleven months.  Anyway, he had me there for about a week and arranged a half-dozen meetings with Ohioans.  He was expecting to regain his former job with the city as a building inspector and the day I left he went down to city hall to see how it was going.  He was advised that he wouldn’t be getting his old job back because the Secret Service was investigating him for terrorism, which wasn’t such a common charge in 1990 as it is today.  He was accused of terrorism for assisting me.  So we can see from that the roots of the Missouri CIA’s linking the militia with terrorism.  I have been listed by the US government as a terrorist since late 1988, when I first announced that I intended to create a new militia movement to overthrow the invisible government.

I know this because the second or third time I was a guest on the Anchorage radio show, the FBI showed up at the station.  They’d come to the local bookstore that afternoon, looking for my new book, which hadn’t arrived yet.  One of them dropped the antenna to his walkie-talkie in the store and the owner took it to the station.  A carload of them showed up in the parking lot that night, believing I was actually going to be there in person, rather than appearing via telephone from my Carmel, California home.  The talk show host asked them to come up to the studio and retrieve the antenna and when they heard that, their car was driven out of the parking lot.  Local anti-government people waved at them as they sped away.

At the end of the 1990 tour, I was scheduled to speak in Medford, Oregon.  These guys had advertised my appearance publicly, which they told me while I was still back east.  I told them that I only spoke to private groups of men, that the things I discussed weren’t for the ladies and certainly weren’t for the general public, which meant cops and feds.  They told me it would be great and a lot of people were coming.  Once I arrived in Medford I was warned by a friendly local that I was to be arrested at the meeting.  He said the FBI was planning to arrest me for sedition.  How on earth did he know that?  The FBI had informed a local talk show host and he leaked it to the guys in “the militia.”  They didn’t bother to tell me.  So I held, as usual, a small private meeting the next morning and split for California, going down the coast road.  A newspaper article was sent to me that described two carloads of FBIs showing up for the meeting that night, and asking where was the speaker? 

Anyway, why did I start the militia?  Why did I use the word “militia,” which in 1989, few people had heard or knew what it meant?  I didn’t start it so that millions of guns and billions of rounds would be stored away.  I didn’t start it so that guys would train for war.  I didn’t use the word “militia” for romantic or dramatic reasons.  I used the word because of the very bad phrasing of the 2nd Amendment and because the word was exploited by judges to nullify the 2nd Amendment.  Since the 1840s, judges had sent people to prison for keeping and bearing arms that the judges said weren’t suitable for militia purposes.  I actually learned to hate the word “militia” after reading the cases, and decided to jam the militia down the government’s throat.

I started the movement in an attempt to destroy the Council on Foreign Relations – no other reason.  The CFR controls the US government.  If the CFR is destroyed then the US government is overthrown, so that made me a violent revolutionary, or terrorist.  That’s where the CIA came in.  The former director of central intelligence, William Colby, wrote to attorney John DeCamp, his former colleague in the Viet Nam assassination program known as “Phoenix,” that the militia movement had to be dealt with “justly or otherwise.”  The militia movement was a bigger threat than the anti-war movement of the ‘60s “because its members are average, successful citizens, and because there are so many of them.”  DeCamp was representing members of “the militia” who had gotten in trouble and his old friend Colby was chastising him for his involvement. 

My research revealed an interesting detail from the Militia Act of 1792.  One of the purposes of the militia, according to the act, was to suppress combinations too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.  What else could you call the CFR but a combination too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings?  I didn’t hate the word “militia” anymore.  I didn’t love it but I could definitely see its usefulness.

Trouble was, so could the government.  The feds formed fake militia units.  Oliver North tried it but no one took him seriously.  Then the Trochmanns in Noxon, Montana started their infamous “Militia of Montana.”  This one was a very effective FBI front.  The Trochmanns obtained thousands of names of men who called and wrote, asking how they could start their own militia units around the country.  John Trochmann, in a monthly six-hour meeting, turned all the new names over to an FBI agent in Missoula named Mike Houck.  I actually moved to Noxon to help these rats and did so for about six months until I learned the truth of what they were doing.  I supplied machine guns, ammunition, radios and money to them, which must have perplexed Houck and Co.  Two years later, after I’d retrieved all the weapons and denounced the Trochmanns online and in the Liberty Bell magazine, Houck paid me a visit.  He pretended to be investigating a tire disposal franchise that I and others around the country had purchased from a crook in New York.  As he and the other agent were leaving, he turned and said he’d only come along because he’d read my book and wanted to meet me.  I said, “What was your name?”  “Mike.”  “Mike Houck?”  He nodded.  He said he’d like to start a dialog.  “With me?”  “Well, I can’t promise it would do any good, but we could try to talk things over…”  I said, “Well, I’d have to have full disclosure.”  He said that he couldn’t do that.  I said, “That’s okay – I couldn’t either.”  He said my book was very scary.  I agreed, but said that his outfit was a bunch of stone killers and I knew they blew up Oklahoma City and pinned it on the militia to destroy it, which worked.  He said, “I understand the problem, I’m interested in solutions.”  I told him to read my book again, because that’s the solution.

Houck said that everyone in the FBI knows that I started the militia.  I said, “Tell me something I don’t know.”  Then he said that he wouldn’t want anything to happen to my children, then five and three.  I kinda lost interest in the conversation at that point and they left.

So, now the Missouri lawmen are sorry they released this “report” that smears the resentful ones and the concerned ones as potential terrorists.  Do these dopes know what a terrorist is?  Let me tell you, since I was actually in the anti-terrorist business back in the 1970s, in Rhodesia.  The guys I was fighting were the real deal.  For example, any of their fellow Africans whom they accused of helping us had his lips, his nose, his ears and his dick cut off and then his wife had to cook them and eat them.  Or he had his legs chopped off, or both.  Happened every day.   Terrorists deal in terror.  We have yet to experience terrorism in this country.  9-11 was not terrorism, it was Shock and Awe.  Can’t we see the connection between 9-11 and what Bush did to the Moslems right afterward?  First he shocked and awed us so we’d let him shock and awe them.  There’s no “terror” in the airports and there’s no “attempted terror” in the airports.  Why do you suppose that is?  There was no “terror” before 9-11 and there’s been none since.  No smoking guns in the form of mushroom clouds.  The only terror is what Bush has committed against the Moslems and what continues in Guantanamo Bay, Baghram and dozens of our torture centers around the world, including navy prison ships, under Obama.  That’s terror, but we’re doing it, not the Moslems.  What we have here is fear, not terror, or terrorism.  We have a general fear of what our government is planning to do to us, because we keep getting these stupid reports, which have the stink of the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center all over them.  CIA, ADL, FBI, NSA, US Army, FEMA – all one big happy family.

Back to the militia.  The militia thing is dead.  I’m sorry I started it.  Even though it’s now the bane of the government pukes who claim to fear it, it doesn’t mean anything.  What does it stand for?  “Terror?”  Please.  “My cold dead fingers?”  Please.  The militia, whatever you think it was, died pitifully on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City.  Tim McVeigh of the US Army, attached to the CIA’s Special Forces, pretended to have exploded a bullshit bomb and took the blame as a member of “the militia.”  That was his assignment and he acted out his part to the end, when he apparently got a fake lethal injection at Terre Haute federal prison.  There was no autopsy and no one knows what happened to his “body,” which was given to “his friends” after “the execution.”  His co-conspirator, Terry Nichols, now says that they were both run by the FBI’s Larry Potts, the engineer of Ruby Ridge and Waco.  According to that, what I said to Mike Houck was right on the money. 

Okay.  So where do we go from here?   There’s only one place to go and that’s to Manhattan, to 58 E. 68th Street, corner of Park Avenue and 68th.  Harold Pratt House, home of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Nothing is going to get better in this sorry country until that building is destroyed.  Its members are the most evil and destructive people on this earth.  The CFR founders and their successors have fomented every single war and depression since World War I, not to mention every Communist party since 1917.  Don’t tell me that there are more important people or groups.  If you think that’s so, then get them.  But no single group has achieved the consistent level of mass murder and destruction that this malignant club has since (and somewhat before) its founding.  I don’t need to write again what we should do to these guys.

We need a simple program to follow to get out of this mess.  The first thing is to destroy the CFR.  The Federal Reserve Company has to follow.  All public debt generated by the Federal Reserve and its Wall Street co-conspirators must be repudiated.  The Federal Reserve Note must be replaced by the debt-free US Note, issued by the Treasury Department.  That is really the only legitimate function of the federal government, to provide debt-free currency.

Someone has to lead this country out of the black hole of destruction created by the Council on Foreign Relations.  We must suppress this combination that is too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.